The young assassin – Episode 5




Jones was placed in front of one powerbike and they zoomed off with Jones on the powerbike.


“how the bleep did you lose him” Diego asked. Diego is the head of the Amasaman NIC office.

“sir his car is parked here and he is no where to be found,i think he outsmarted us”one of the disguised mad men answered into the earphone.

“we are sending in the forensic men to take his prints on the car” Diego said

“No need because he already cleared them with a granade gas” the same man replied

“what the f**k,then how did he escape after using the granade gas” Diego asked

“I think he planned all this,he left a smoke defier behind so I think he left with one”the man replied Diego.

“Disembark now” Diego ordered


“boss we have him already” he said into the phone and ended the call without waiting for a reply


Jones woke up in a bright and well furnished room, he gasped at the realisation. He wanted to shout that where is he, but stopped because he wanted to be brave and also he was in a comfortable environment.

The automatic door opened and mad max entered and sat infront of Jones.

“you!!!why the bleep are you keeping me here in a comfortable environment when you want to interrogate,or you don’t watch action movies again” Jones tried to joke after remembering mad max

“hihihihihi,that’s a good one kid, you just reminded me me about my younger days. I spent my younger days fighting for the bad cause because the bad cause provides a lot of money” Mad max started explaining.

“my master used to tell us that loyalty and goodness towards people are just to make us weak,and in this life the weak ones are always being ruled by the people that they are loyal to” Mad max continued

“but growing up,I knew it was all lies. Loyalty to the wicked is the one that of makes you weak and feeble. I got setted up by the organisation I worked for with my life if not the quick intervention of someone,I would have been in jail now” Mad max explained to Jones

“cut the cheese bro,did you bring me here to narrate your past to me to make me emotional before interrogating me?” Jones asked

“And mind you,you better ki*ll me because even if you toture me,you ain’t gonna get sh*t outta my mouth” Jones added

“I like your courage you are just like your brother Jonas and I bet you are going to work for the good cause with us soon” Mad max laughed.

“what the f**k is funny,and where is my goddamn brother” Jones asked with a serious tone.

“chill bro, your brother is fit as a fiddle,but I guess it’s time to meet someone” Mad max replied

“I ain’t meeting no one when they ain’t my brother” Jones replied with a confident tone.

“f**k you,get the bleep up let’s go we gat no time or didnt the BAVLIN teach you that time is precious” Mad max bluttered

“What the f**k is BABLIN and what do they teach” Jones tried to feign ignorance

“please get up because I am loosing my cool,am just leaving you behind because my boss want you alive” mad max with a devil smirk

“f**k you” Jones said and stood up to leave with mad max. He had a strong feeling that where ever mad max is taking him to is connected to where Jonas is or maybe is the same place.

Mad max directed Jones toward a black range rover jeep and they entered. Jones felt the present of a third party and searched everywhere with his eyes but couldn’t see anyone.

“I know this scent,is the scent of a dead person” Jones shouted at mad max

“How the f**k did an amateur like you killed them” he said emotionally and deep down he knew he can’t win this man if he really killed Agent dax and Agent sniper.

“I will say that’s because am a better planner and the strongest assassin on this earth” Mad max bluffed and laughed sensing Jones fear.

“Jones, am not gonna ki*ll you now till my master tell me to get rid of you” Mad max laughed more loudly

Jones searched for a weapon in the car with his eyes but got none,he continued searching till he heard max voice

“Don’t bother searching for a weapon because you can’t defeat me,and if I ki*ll you I can beg for forgiveness but you will be long gone” Mad max laughed but this time not that loud

He honked in front of a magnificent gate in the bush. The door automatically opened and he drove in and pulled over behind a Mercedes AMG Benz. They both stepped out and walked towards the gate.

“mad max,11334,the presidents guard” Mad max said in the voice scanner in front of the door.

“Voice recognised,place your eye in the retina scanning box” a loud robotic voice said to mad max and he obeyed

“retina scan confirmed,place your thumb on the finger print sensor”the voice said again and he obeyed

“welcome mr Maxwell”the voice welcomed him and the door opened widely for them to enter.

The familiar smell passed through Jones nostrill but this time around it was more than the first one.

“have your seat” Max said to Jones and walked away to call his master

“Agent dax!!!!! What the f**k,naaaa this is not” Jones shouted very loud surprised by the sight before him.

“How the f**k did you get out of that burning fire” Jones asked without greeting

“Is that what Lord Bavlin have been teaching you, to question you superior without greeting them” Agent dax said to Jones mimicking Lord Bavlin.

“my bad, Good evening Mr ghost,how did you…” Jones stopped after remembering something.

“What about Agent sniper”He asked

“right here,kiddo”Agent sniper replied coming out from the kitchen.

“Your brother the young Assasin is out to get us something” he added.



After month of training young Jonas, Agent dax decided to test Jonas in a fist fight.

The two agents stand facing each other, agent dax was the first to make his pose and Jonas reciprocated with his pose. With a full speed, agent dax rushed towards Jonas with a punch to his face but he bent quickly and dodged the punch,he didn’t even rest when another punch was directed towards his belly swiftly, he shove it away and also attacked almost immediately but dax caught his punch and twisted his fist. Jonas tried to kick dax but dax released his hand and caught the leg and tossed him him backward but Jonas quickly did a back flip and landed on the ground.

dax rushed Jonas with a punch again but Jonas dodged the punch and swiftly sent one to dax rib side dax didn’t bend to the pain but rather striked again,Jonas dodged it well but wasn’t lucky as a knee kick sent him to the ground making his nose bleed badly.

It was a very good fight for Jonas although he couldn’t defeat dax but did very well than any student who have gone through that test.

“From today onwards you are going to be a young assasin in this organization” Dax said to Jonas as they walked off the training field

In other to qualify to be an assassin in the Bavlin organization you have to be old and strong just like agent dax dax but here is Jonas the young Assasin ever to come1out of the Bavlin organization


“I guess it’s time we go because they are already on their way here” Agent dax said standing up from his sitting place

“why so soon, aren’t we waiting Jonas again?” Jones asked surprised at the sudden change of mind.

“we will meet him on the way” Agent sniper replied instead.

“naaaa i think you guys ain’t the real dax and sniper and you guys ain’t clone either so who the heck are you guys” Jones bursted at them.

“f**k it kiddo,we ain’t got no time,the Bavlin are already close we can’t fight them like this because we’ve got no plan and all our weapons have been transported to our new house by Jonas” Agent dax said to Jones in a hurrying voice while loading his revolver.

“Take this” sniper handed him a berret m16 pistol.

They all stood up and made their way towards the door but stopped on hearing a voice.

“Somepeople are trynna break into the first gate so protect yourself” the robotic voice warned them.

“Damn it, we have to call Jones now” Dax said and brought out his samsung s22 revolutinal.

“We are doomed, they have sabotaged all gadgets in this building” Dax said loudly

“That means they can hack into the electronic door due to the vulnerability” he added

“how did they even find us,because we only passed through blindspots before coming here” Jones asked

“Don’t be dumb,every Bavlin agent has a c16 video and audio bug planted under their skin through which they are being watched by superiors of the organisation” dax explained

“so they tracked us through you” he added

“They have successfully broken into your first gate” the robotic voice came again

“There is an underground tunnel this side let’s take that passage out of here” Dax said and they all went toward that direction.


“How many minutes do you want to spend opening the it goddamn door” Ben (The bavlin’s best young agent after Jonas) shouted at the hacker through the earphones in his hear.

“f**k! they are leaving through an underground tunnel behind the house,they ain’t out yet” the hacker said to Ben

“guys disembark to the back of the house they are escaping through an underground tunnel” Ben switched the communicator to general and announed to the boys. With a full speed he also rushed towards the backyard of the house.


Dax was the first to come out of the tunnel, and helped drag Jones out who also helped sniper and lastly mad max. Immediately they all came out of the tunnel, they heard a loud voice

“You are already outnumbered try anything silly and you die” Ben announced to them taking them by surprise except Dax who is used to suprises.

“Drop your weapons before you all die here” Immediately Ben finished his statement someone fired a shot.




  1. Oh no,dis isn't gud,dey can't be captured like dat oo,something needs to be done…..
    Gud job writer,let's keep cruising!!!

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