The Young Assassin -Episode 3

The Young Assasin

Episode 3


Jonas aimed at the president’s car immediately the sixth car crossed the marked zone, he calculated and fired three quick shots from the barret m28 in his hands. The first shot went straight into the driver’s skull and the other shots entered into the bodies of the soldier’s flanging the president. Jonas fired another shot at the same position but was surprise to see the bullet bounce back to him, if not for his swiftness the bullet would have entered his shoulder. He quickly out is M16 pistol and a revolver and laid low anticipating what ever will come. He also did this to make them them think that the reverse hooligrom got him but the soldiers didn’t buy it bullet started raining in his direction, he quickly got up and rolled to another direction to avert the bullet but surprisingly the bullets followed him there.

“Jones do you copy “Jonas asked Jones on the headset but there was no reply, he tried for three times but got the same responds then he rolled from the roof top but as he was about to land on the floor, he remembered that he is being watched so he paused. Immediately he paused,Vbullets started raining in that direction again.

“what the bleep, this means am f****ng stuck his” he soliloquized

mad max end

Maxwell is a young is a young trained undercover agent from Russia boss. He was nicknamed mad max by his fellow trainees because he always wear max when he is on a mission.

“control room do you copy” max asked the computer operators

“loud and clear” they replied

“Is he still on the rooftop” he asked further

“yes he is probably planning how to escape because he has inserted his guns back to it’s sheath” the computer operators answered

“keep close eyes on him he is very tricky “he said and connected to the soldiers

“we are going up to the rooftop now he is helpless now so we” he couldn’t complete his words as sounds of a barret m28 sniper riffle filled the atmosphere and bullet were directed to their direction. They were all on bulletproof vests but few died while alot got injured. Maxwell was lucky to escape the bullets but was unlucky as a blinding gas landed in front of him, his mask without a smoke difier couldn’t control the gas as he fell to his knees feeling a peppery sensation in his eyes, all the rest of the soldier’s also fell on their knees.

The twins end

Jonas on seeing what’s happening laid low more carefully this around quickly brought out his m16 pistol from it’s sheath and pointed it at the possible ways of getting into the rooftop.

jones quickly climbed up the rooftop jones. Jonas quickly gun at Jones but retreated after seeing Jones.

“let’s get out of here because battalions will be soon be here for us” Jones said and brought out a long hard rope with magnetic clip at end he fastened the rope around his waist and held Jonas close to himself and with a full speed, he jumped from the rooftop while landing he threw the rope around a metallic pole which aided them in landing easily.

They quickly took to their heels towards the street.

“there” jones pointed at a cab waiting for them. They ran towards the cab and the driver zoomed off.

Mad max end

“bleep it” max cursed under his breath.

” sir max, they are on the Ashaiman road” the computer operators said to max

“Don’t be stupid ,they aint amateur, there is no way we are going to meet them there” max slammed them angrily.
with that he went to where their cars were parked and zoomed off leaving the rest of the soldiers there.

Monday morning
“good morning class” Mrs Bananas greeted

“Good morning madam “the class replied

“today we will focus on IUPAC nomenclature, who can tell us something about IUPAC NOMENCLATURE “The teacher ask

“NOMENCLATURE means naming something while IUPAC means International Union Of pure And Applied Chemistry…�..”Jones and Jonas answered the question to the satisfaction of everybody including the teacher.

“what are your names” Mrs Banabas asked

“Jones and Jonas “Jones answered almost immediately

“You can sit “she said


“can I join you guys for today “Eva asked walking up to Jones, Jonas and Jeff.

“you are free to Come only when you can buy breakfast for the four of us” Jonas joked

“I can even buy the whole eatery for you guys, you and food sha” she joked with the Nigerian English she learnt from a movie she watched on Netflix

“now de3 u speak pidgin” Jonas said in TWI accent

Inside the eatery

They ordered for jellof rice with chicken and juices(They set-up table as if they were doing a birthday ceremony). In the middle of the meal, Jones watch began to blink signifying danger.

“hey guys get up let’s leave “Jonas shouted while springing up

“Now everybody get out and run far away from this building, it’s for your own safety “Jones warned while directing people out.

“why the bleep should we leave all these food here “Jeff ask angrily

“just do it I will explain later “Jones said dragging him outside. As they stepped out




  1. Pls can u change the setting of the story. I mean posting the 2 episode per day pls and will be glad if my wish is granted

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