The young assassin – Episode 2

The Young Assasin

Episode 2


Jonas was the first to open his eyes tied to a chair firmly, he looked at and saw Jones also tied the same way he was tied.

“This one is already awake ooo” one of the guys announced.

“you look like a strong man, but sorry because all your strength will be turned into manure for plants soon” McCarty said.

“plants will hate manure the but will rather love yours most” Jonas laughed touching the knife in the pocket under his belt.

“you look courageous too, it would have been nice working with you” McCarty added

“I don’t work with armatures like you who can’t detect a simple knife on his victim’s body” Jonas answered cutting the rope behind him. And Jones was also awake listening to the conversation going on.

“Even if you have knife on you as you say, do u think you will leave here alive?” McCarty asked.

“And what the bleep makes you my match when you can’t detect a knife on your victim’s body”cJonas asked again this time he was done cutting the rope but laid low.

“Come check him if he got anything on him” McCarty ordered one of his boys and stepped back got the search to go.

Jonas examined the guys body and located the revolver under his shirt, immediately the guy reached in front of Jonas, Jonas sprung up taking everybody by surprise and slited the guys throat with the knife and removed the revolver swiftly. It happened too fast so everybody including Jones were surprised. Jonas fired two shot at two people and they dropped immediately. using the guy he killed with knife as his shield. One thing about BAVLIN agents is that they don’t waste bullet, one suit for one life that’s their slogan. He fired three other shots and three people also dropped dead. Then he aimed at the last man McCarty also aimed at Jonas and Jones with two different guns in his hands.

“Drop your gun before I bust your brain open”, Jonas threatened but McCarty seemed unmoved by the treat.

Jonas pushed the dead guy away still pointing the gun at McCarty.

“Even if I won’t get you i can sh00t the fool tied there” McCarty also threatened pointing at Jones.

“And what the bleep make you think like that” Jones replied from where he was tied.

Jonas threw his gun away calling McCarty for a fist fight, McCarty also threw his gun away and made a kungfu pose. Jonas seeing McCarty’s foolishness quickly flunged his knife at McCarty but McCarty quickly bent and dodged the knife but was unlucky as a flying kick sent him to the ground groaning in pain. A punch went straight into his belly immediately he got up with a straight uppercut to his jaw, he fell down again. Jonas picked his knife and untied Jones where he was.

“Let’s go the police are on their way “Jonas announced to his into brother

“should we leave him alive” Jones asked

“definitely “Jonas said and quickly rushed out without touching the shocked McCarty.

Since Jonas had blood stains all over him, they took the bush road to avoid eyes but they were not fortunate as they met alot of people at the dormitory but quickly went to their room. Jones went and fetched water to wash Jonas cloths while Jonas went to bath.

“hey where did you guys go “Jeff asked sitting beside Jones on the block

“that fool came and abducted us to the bush but someone came and helped us and killing McCarty’s men” Jones lied

“wow so why does Jonas have blood all over him “Jeff quizzes

“one of the guy’s went to stab Jonas but a bullet entered his back and he fell on Jonas with blood all over him.

They continued their conversation till Jonas came back from the bathroom.

Evening Prep time

Jonas and Jones came to prep late that night, and headed to their seat avoiding the gazes of the people that saw Jonas with blood all over him.

“bro so how do we go about this mission and return to the states as quick as possible “Jones asked Jonas immediately they settled down on Jonas seat.

“the president does not always come out of the presidential villa so we wait till a day he comes out then we abduct him there, if possible but if we can’t abduct him then we ki*ll him “Jonas explained

“so when will we get this chance “Jones asked
“aren’t you supposed to work on that” Jonas quizzes

“how” Jones asked

“you need to do a quick search on the president and all his family members to see the chance we have” Jonas said

“but you know it will be difficult and will also consume alot of time to when i work with the smart watch “Jonas said

“that’s why we need to find a way and get to the computer room” Jonas added

They had different conversations tilI Jones went to his seat to start work in his watch.

“Are you bored and already” Eva asked immediately Jones left for his seat in but got no reply.

“can i sit down” she added

Jonas shifted for her to sit down.

They had alot of conversation ranging from religious, relationship, political and so on till it was prep over.

“that’s my number you can call me tonight “Eva wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to Jonas.

“but we don’t use phone here “Jonas said

“And what’s that supposed to be “Eva asked pointing at the smart watch on Jones hand.

“errrm errm the battery will die 2minutes in the call “Jonas pressed

“hearing your voice for 2minutes will do the enough for me “Eva added

“okay bye” Jonas dismissed her and walked up to Jones and Jeff waiting for him

“guy’s lets go “he said to them and they started
walking away.

“but you are a lucky guy ooo” Jeff said referring Jonas.

“why are you saying that” Jonas asked

Do you know the number boys she have bounced to start acting nice to you

“i don’t care and i don’t like her” Jonas brothers said

“Her dad is a member of parliament and very close to president of the nation ,rumours even have it that her dad sold greater portion of his property Just to campaign for the president” Jeff added

“then her dad must be soo close to the president” Jones interrupted

“yh yh, that’s why you need to accept her. There is alot of money for us to spend if you accept” Jeff laughed

“I don’t like her or her money but I will start acting nice to her” Jonas said

Jonas became friends with Eva knife and through her he was able to get quick answers that helped Jones in tracking the president of but the only day the president will come out is the sixth of march.

4th march 2023
Jonas and Jones lied to Jeff claiming they are going home for medical check up

In their room

“so how do we go about it” Jones asked

“you are still undergoing training on the usage of gun so can’t go there with me, so got will stay and served as my eye” Jonas explained

“But I can help with the little knowledge I have” Jones lamented
“We ain’t against any ordinary person ooo but a president, the of soldiers and armed men surrounding him are well trained so you take them out with this mirror training you have” Jonas said with a tone of finality
“I will be on a rooftop around the venue, and probably with a immediately their car reach my marked zone, I will open fire on them and come down to check whether he is dead” Jonas explained the plan to Jones.

6th march 2023

“they are 10 minutes closer to your marked point” Jones alerted Jonas

“copy that ma blood” Jonas appreciated.

There are seven cars conveying the president, and the president was in the last car which was the suggestion of his soldiers

“Hope they are in view now” Jones asked Jonas through the earpiece

“yes but am confused here” Jonas said. “which car carries the president” he added

“the last one” Jones replied

Jonas aimed at the presidents car as the 6th car crossed the marked zone.



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