Dax and the team members gathered in the control room this time around with Jamal in their midst.

“We’ve gotten the bavlin where we need them. We’ve gain access to their credentials with this mission that seemed unnecessary” Dax started explaining

“So we will be attacking them this night because when we delay, they will know that we’ have their informations” He added

“ain’t we forgetting something” Jonas asked Confusing everybody

“What of their branch in the states and their kenyan drug associates” Jonas added

“The bavlin are very wise, there’s no information about the others in their credentials but we will find a way to strike them there too” Dax explained

“Jamal you will have to tell the NIC about this and follow their plan” Dax said to Jamal and he got up and walked out after bidding everybody goodbye.

“Now the plan is simple as usual, the bavlin attacked first and we take advantage of the attack and lunch our own attack to render them useless” Dax explained the plan to them and all of them went back to working on their various laptops.

Everybody was busy surveying the bavlin office and it’s neighbouring houses.

“This house looks complicated, isn’t that supposed to be a bakery?” Jonas asked showing everybody something on the laptop.

” yea they’ve disguised it with a baking shop” Jones answered showing everybody a blueprint of all the entrances in the house.

“Here is where they pass to enter the main office. This small house you see is very big and spacious. It contain almost all the facilities in the headquarters in United States” Jones added

“Wow we’ve got a very tough fight today” Jonas said


“Agent Ben what happened inside the house” The chairman asked Ben after he gained consciousness

“Immediately I enetered the room through the back door, they released a granade gas which came in direct contact with me, if not for the Granade gum i would have been in the room and probably even die” Ben explained to the chairman

“Woww I think there’s a mole in this organization” The chairman announced

“How” Ben pretended

“It’s like they knew all our plan before we attacked them” The chairman explained

“Naaa I think they changed their plan on the battle field” Ben suggested


“How did you get that information” Forlan asked Jamal suspiciously

“sir we don’t have time let’s go ahead with the plan” Jamal said

“f**k it and tell me how you got that information or I throw in in the cell without interrogation” Forlan threatened

“What the f**k!!, just like that? I think I now know why you couldn’t make progress with the mad max cloned phone and the bug in it” Jamal expressed his disappointment

“So this is how you treat someone who is willing to help fight for the nation” Jamal added

“Enough of the bullshit, so you expect me to accept that when you know there is a mole in this organization” Forlan tried explaining to Jamal

“Wow, after everything I’ve done I look like a mole. woww this is how the NIC honour people?” Jamal also said

“wow I guess I have to do this mission on my own ” Jamal added and turned to leave but two junior agents stepped in front of him with handcuff.

“I have nothing to do than arrest you” Forlan said in disappointment and the agents handcuffed Jamal and took him away.

“Stephen, work on the location and the house he gave you, we will be attacking without his consent” Forlan said to Jamal and walked away to gather the agents for the mission.


Unlike the other missions, Dax explained the full details of the mission to everybody in the gathering and also answered all the doubtful questions they had.

“Have you heard from Jamal” Dax asked sniper

“Not get and I wonder wats taking him long” Sniper answered

“I think forlan have detained him” Mad max chipped in

“why are you saying that” Dax asked

“Forlan is a cunning guy, he won’t accept the information without knowing where it came from. And I don’t think Jamal will give him the excuse you gave him” Mad max replied

“I’ve been considering that fact” Dax put in

“Sniper please forged mad max profile into the NIC system and let it look like he copied the link of the bug they planted on mad max phone” Dax said to sniper and left the room to the training room and Jonas followed him

“Boss, why don’t we give Ben bombs to plant it everywhere inside their office to avoid the stress of fighting the bavlin and probably the NIC” Jonas asked

“Don’t tell me you are lazy kiddo” Dax joked

“I’ve considered that fact but there is a lot of disadvantages we will face. Ben is not an armateur and he working with us is on purpose. He might inform the chairman and the executives and allow the bomb to ki*ll the junior agents” Dax started explaining

“And more over we will need sniper and Jones to access their system and pull out any necessary information for the next missions ” he added and started his workout.


“Sir I think I know how mad max got the information” Stephen called the attention of Forlan

“How” Forlan asked walking towards him

“He extracted the link to mad max cloned phone and bug from my computer and trailed him with it. So I think he got the information from there” Stephen said

“And why did you allow him to extract the link!!” Forlan yelled at stephen

“He did it the time I wasn’t at work and and he didn’t find it difficult to access the database because he is a staff here” Stephen explained and Forlan stood up and walk towards the cell.

“Bring him out” Forlan ordered one of the marshalls and he opened the cell and dragged Jamal out

“Why the f**k did you extract the link!” Forlan

“because you were not capable to generate any positive outcome with it So I thought it wise to work on it” Jamal joked

“And how the hell did you know we’ve cloned mad max phone” Forlan pressed

“Where do I work, so you mean if something is going on under my nose I should be oblivious of it. What’s the first attribute of a soldier?” Jamal joked again

“Bleep you Jamal, you have to be following my orders. You can’t be f****ng my rules” Forlan complained

“I should be following your bleeping orders when its not taking us forward. I will follow your order and do this sh*t my way too” Jamal answered

“Then I guess you will have to go to jail for misconduct” Forlan said

“And I don’t mind, as long as I have evidence that you have been going against the working ethics” Jamal threatened jokingly

“so what are you insinuating?” Forlan asked

“And why are you locking me up?” Jamal also asked

“Woww I love your courage” Forlan complemented

“No courage no glory” Jamal joked again and walked away

“Where is my phone” Jamal asked the marshall

“Here” He went to where they keep the phones and brought his out.

“did anyone ask for my phone?” Jamal aksed

“no” the marshall replied he walked away

“Am out” Jamal said into the phone and walked to Forlan’s table

“Make sure you work on the information” Jamal said to Forlan and walked out


All the team members arranged all their tools and weapons in the weapons room while Jones and sniper also saved their data on their server and also packed their accessories into their bag.

“Did you unclone my phone from the fools” Jamal asked sniper

“We don’t have to unclone it now, we haveto do it after the mission. we have to let them know that you went there” Sniper explained to Jamal as they all walked towards their van and zoomed off.


“Agents we are going to the location now, we have to start the mission this night just like Jamal warned. The bavlin might change their location if we delay” Forlan started explaining

“Today we will be going to the location with three hackers so that After invading the house they will access their system and collect all the necessary information for us” Forlan explained the whole operation to them and They all set out to the mission.



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