Mad max fired a dart bullet into Ben’s body from behind, Ben fell to the ground unconsciously. The terrified president turned back to see his head of security standing with a gun in his hand.

“Guy’s evacuate this bunker sharp, we will also go up and search for him. He must not escape” Forlan said to his agent’s as they started searching for Dax.

Mad max walked over to Ben’s body and squeezed a paper in his folded hand and walked over to where the president was.



“What the f**k, so with all these number of agents we lost just three people people in a chase. Three Common thugs” Forlan poured out his anger on the agents.

“Sir I swear these guys are very trained. They are even trained more than mad max” Jamal said to Forlan.

“we came in contact with one of them who was also bent on saving you guy’s and I must recommend they are far trained than our agency” Jamal said

“how the f**k can you say that. We are the NIC for a reason, we are trained undercover soldiers” Forlan barked at Jamal in frustration

“sir am saying the truth, and I think they work with mad max so we should apprehend mad max and interrogate him about them” Jamal suggested

“I’ve been looking in that direction. Since they came to our rescue. I will call him right away” Forlan said and walked away


Dax and all the team members gathered after their supper to have a brief meeting.

“What happened yesterday was very bad for us although I knew something like that will happen” Dax started

“Now that they couldn’t get us in the chase, they will call Mad max in for questioning because he is the biggest suspect who could be associated with us” Dax continued

“unless you let the president tell them we are his personal body guards,which I won’t allow” Dax said referring to mad max

“once you go in for questioning this time around, they will clone your phone because you are a major suspect. Immediately you leave the building and about to board a cub, bring out your phone and switch it off” Dax said to mad max

“So what do we do next, concerning the mission” Jonas asked

“We wait till Ben takes the bait then we send him as an undercover to the organization” Dax said

“What!!!!. You know the bavlins right? They will fish him out real quick” Jones replied

“And do you think he will be willing to work with us?” Dax asked confusing the twins. Mad max who doesn’t who much about the organization except for it’s drug associates in Kenya kept mute

“What do you mean” Jones asked

But before Dax could answer him a phone rang disrupting his answer.

“I will get my a$$ moving” Mad max replied dropping the call

“They are already calling me” Mad max said to the team

“Remember the plan” Dax said to him


“Thank you for honouring our invite for questioning” Forlan appreciated

“It’s my pleasure” Mad max replied smiling

“May we proceed” Forlan asked and mad max nodded.

“First of all yesterday at cape coast you came with a team of people different from the presidents team for the rescue. Who are these people” Forlan asked

“I came to the mission alone. I didn’t want to risk the life of the others” Mad max replied with a smile

“And how did you plan to pull this off alone” Forlan asked

“I made them all forcused on surveillance for me” Mad max replied

“So how did you inform Stephen about opening the jammed bunker when you were trapped inside with us” Forlan asked again

“Don’t be a dummy” mad max laughed making Forlan annoyed but tried to bottle up his anger

“So you mean your hackers couldn’t identify the voice as a cloned one. Then you have to sack them” Mad max laughed heavily this time around making Forlan more angrier this time.

“Shut the f**k up” Forlan banged his fist on the table

“So who cloned your voice and how were they able to contact Stephen” Forlan asked

“My team and I gave them his contact” Mad max answered forming a bone face

“You are the only outsider who have access to our uniform so how did the three people that came to our rescue got the uniform” Forlan asked

“Am I supposed to answer that question. I thought you have been working on the moles in your agency” Mad max replied

“You mean we’ve got mole in this agency, impossible!!” Forlan replied

“Am not hear for questions concerning your agency,ask me what concern me so I could get the hell outta here I’ve got a lot to work on” Mad max said to him

“We are done with the questioning, you will hear from us soon” Forlan replied

“And get the hell outta my mission, this is your last warning and I mean it. Whenever we crash again I will put a bullet into your forehead myself and trust me” mad max angrily said snatching his phone out of Stephens hand.

“Hope you cloned and planted the bug in his phone” Forlan

“yes sir and I connected his location to our system so we can monitor his movement” Stephen replied


He came out of the agency and walked straight to the street. He waved down a cub and entered.

“Take me to the airport” Mad max said to the driver and dialed a number on his phone.

“meet me at the airport am on my way there” he said into the phone and ended the call immediately. He switched off his phone and inserted it in his pocket.

“Can I use your phone pls” Mad max said to the driver

“Yes” The driver replied handing over how phone to mad max

He dialed the same number and swiped the call button

“Don’t come anywhere it’s a trap for someone” He said immediately the call was answered.

“please take me to Amasaman” He ordered the driver handing over his phone to him. The driver stared at him suspiciously but waved the thought off.


“What happened to the phone” Forlan asked Stephen

“He switched it off immediately after the call” Stephen replied

“And who did he call” Forlan asked

“The person’s end is heavily encrypted just like him, to be able to get the person we must bug his phone too” Stephen replied

“And what was the conversation” Forlan asked again

“He want him to meet him at the airport” Stephen replied.


“Have you disconnected the mother******” Mad max asked sniper in the control room.

“we don’t have to disconnect him we have to scare him with it and make him back off from you” Sniper replied

“He is sending a group of agent to go and patrol the airport in search for you” Sniper explained

” you go there immediately with Jonas and ki*ll all the agents that he will be sending there to make him back off from you and the mission with fear” Sniper explained

“Roger that boss” He replied sniper and gathered all the tools they will need for the mission.

They sat on the Double jenching motor and zoomed off to the airport





  1. Why is NIC & Forlan not appreciating de works of Max but rather,trying to pin him down?
    Innocent agents are just going to die in vain at de airport for no apparent reasons!!!

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