The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 26

On getting to the shrine the next day, they went with a keg of fuel and matches ready to burn down the shrine to the ground. They met a dreaded priest, who is known to be Ojidile. He was feared by all in the village due to his mysterious powers and countless virgin�s sacrifices he has made.

Juliet immediately recognized him as the man who came with her elders to threaten her long before Eliza went to the state. Mr. Patrick immediately recognize him, he has been working with his mother Nena long before she died

�Dad, who is he� Dave whispered to his dad hearing
�He is the keeper of the shrine, also a priest� he replied

�Wait, if the shrine has a priest, then what is Eliza needed for� Dave wondered

�Perhaps for the useless prophecy to be fulfilled, Oruka actually needed her for his bride� He muttered

As the others walk closer to the shrine, singing a prayer song, Nena immediately appeared from the back of the shrine, grinning mischievously. Everyone except Elizabeth was shocked

�Nena, what are you doing here, I thought you were dead� Mr. Patrick muttered in fright, seeing his mother
�Like I told Eliza earlier, the grave cannot stop me from fulfilling the prophesy� she snapped as her eyes went wild

�What are you all doing in my shrine� she roared thunderously as she sighted some able men among the missionaries, holding a keg of fuel and matches

�We are sent by the almighty God to burn up this shrine, not you or your dogs can stop us� the leader of the missionaries said, as the others nodded

�If you don�t leave here this minute, I will cause the earth to swallow you up� Ojidile seethed and hit his staff on the floor. Suddenly there was a great earthquake as the ground begun to shake. The onlookers who came to watch the show at the shrine ran for their lives, they believe that Ojidile is dreaded and his words always come to pass, none of them want to face his wrath.

A heavy wind from an unknown direction begun to blow hard, causing some paper in their hands to fly away. Dorothy was already shaken to her knees, she wasn�t expecting this anyway, and she only wanted to tour Africa without asking for their real mission.

Maria immediately raised a worship song which others joined to sing. Despite the heavy Earthquake, the ground refused to open and every one of them stood their ground singing and praying at the same time, as they exchanged powers with Ojidile.

�The earth is of the Lord and its fullness thereof. I speak to you, o ye ground, cease from this earthquake for you are of the lord and not of the devil� The leader of the missionaries shouted and immediately everything went back to normal.

This baffled Nena, she tried using her powers on them but it became fruitless, it was like a shield was covering them and strange fire kept coming out of their mouth. Right before her eyes Ojidile was swallowed up by the ground, and a ball of spiritual fire rolled down towards her and hit her with force. Only those with spiritual eyes could see this.

Nena started screaming out as she rubbed and scratch her body. She started disappearing as her body becomes dust and with the last scream she vanished into thin air.

There was a loud shout of victory as they all started praising God for granting them victory, the men with the fuel wasted no time but lit up the shrine and set it ablaze.

The news about the recent event spread round the village like a wild fire, the onlookers who didn�t run away managed to watch the whole scene. The news got to the king and he sent for the missionaries immediately.
They were baffled at as why the king will send for them, but they decided to honour his request for the presence in the palace.

They were all expecting a harsh welcome, but to their surprise the king welcomed them warm heartedly. He settled down and explained to them how the village has being suffering in the hands of Ojidile, not even him or his elders could stop him from his mischievous acts, he said.

�We have visited so many places to consult some gods who will help us bring Ojidile and his incarnate down but couldn�t find anyone as stronger as he is. It baffled me when the news of what happened earlier got to me, I had to send for you all, please we need to know the god you serve so that we can also have that power you use in defeating Ojidile� The king stated, as his chiefs nodded in approval

�Your highness, my king��we are the children of the most high God, we worship no form of earthly gods except the God who created the heaven and Earth.

Only him can save you and if you want to be saved, you have to accept Jesus Christ, his only begotten son as your lord and personal savior.

He came to die for the sins of everyone, giving us access to God who is the father. When you accept him into your life, problem will be far away from you and you shall have power over devil and his incarnate, and have eternal life� The leader of the missionaries proclaimed as he told everyone present in the palace more about Christ and his miraculous signs and wonders, also his love for mankind.

�Haa, I am ready to accept this Christ as my savior, I want to be free from the bondage of the devil� the king said as he chiefs also agreed.

Everyone present, accepted Christ that same day and they were prayed for�.A church was established in Oruka, after that miraculous event�the deed has been done

*A week later*

I was in my room, preparing for Louis burial. Yea, Louis is dead for sure�well no one could fathom what really killed her, and why the car misbehaved�but I know for sure that Oruka did it.

Cassie told me that she and Kamina both planned to ki*ll me by poisoning me. Hmmmm, only God knows my offences to her�guess she was lucky to have escaped the wrath of Oruka, Louis was just unfortunate.

There came a knock on my door, as I walk briskly to open it, yea it was lock from the inside. Turning the knob open, I was welcomed by a mesmerizing smile.

�Awwwnnn sweetheart� I muttered blushing hard as I hugged him
�Missed me right� Eric muttered and returned the hug. It�s been a week now since we arrived the state; ever since then Cassie hasn�t allowed anyone to come check on me, not even my boyfriend.

She claimed that she doesn�t want them to pester me, so she has to let them out so as to let me recover well. She didn�t allow me to do anything, like cooking, washing, or sweeping at all, she did everything herself and even tried feeding me, gosh Cassie is so caring but can be very annoying.

�Cassie has decided to free you from bondage right, I missed you so much this few days that I couldn�t see you� he muttered and placed a soft kiss on my lips which I reciprocated

�Hey, let�s go in, you don�t want Cassie to catch us here doing this� he muttered while I chuckled as we both enter fully into the room.

�The burial is starting soon, we don�t wanna be late right?� he asked while I rolled my eyes.

�She tried killing me, and now we are attending her funeral� I snapped as he sits on the bed

�She didn�t really did it, Kamina is the real culprit here� he said
�But they are friends, they both planned it� I scoffs, and went back to the mirror

�Hmmm, but we are Christian Elizabeth, remember that we can�t hold grudge against the dead� he said softly

�That was just the same statement you made about Natasha� I resorted
�Huu, come on, let not start this, Natasha is dead, she is gone, same as Louis�.please darling, just let go of everything, okay� he said and came closer to hug me, patting my hair, while I sob on his shoulder

�I just don�t wanna lose you to anyone, I love you so much� I muttered, remembering what Ralph told me about forgiving Eric, I wonder what he had done in my absence too, but I can�t bring myself to ask him what I don�t know

�Shh�I love you too, okay��.� he whispered



The battle has been won…

Happy new year Eve….


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Happy New Year sweet Vickie. Pray for more insights, strength and wisdom. Expecting interesting stories in this year

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