The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By:Vickie Dora�

Episode 22
�Wait a minute, are you telling me now that this guy is Kamina�s cousin and he believes she is responsible for the act� Tony asked

�You heard me right� Dominick replied while Dave nodded

They are actually in Cassie�s ward except Eric and Maria who are in his apartment, setting the place for the night�s vigil

�Then, she should be taken to court, she tried murdering someone,,,,,�Tony sparked

�Seems like you didn�t hear what he said, Kamina is right here in the hospital, we can�t arrest her on sick bed� Cassie chipped in

�I don�t care, even in her dream land she will riot in jail, what she did was outrageous� Tony seethed.

�Well let�s wait for Eric to hear this first; he will take the first step. About Louis, are you sure she is really dead�.� Dominick asked Dave who responded by nodding his head.

�Hmmm, that�s bad, but�..wait a minute guys,,, I think I remember something, yes, yes, its coming� Cassie said, sitting up on her bed

�W,,,hat,,, what�s coming� Tony asked
�Remember the dream I told you about?�

�Yes, what dream� Dominick chipped in

�About that demon, telling me that he will start with the person who tried to ki*ll Eliza� she muttered

�oh,,,so are you saying Louis did? But he said that Kamina confessed that it was her doing� Dominick said
�You are getting it wrong bro, perhaps they both did it. Louis was just unfortunate to have gotten killed in place of Kamina� Tony replied

�That�s bad,,,,this demon is really fulfilling his promise, we need to act fast� he said

�W�ait, what demon are you all talking about,,,I mean,,,,I don�t get it� Dave muttered, perplexed

�Oh, you don�t know, anyway, since you are also Eliza�s friend, you need to be careful, there is this strange man that is really to claim our lives, just because we didn�t release her body to him. We were given just seven days, and we are having just five days left� Dominick explained

�Erm, really, I�m still confused here�but why?� he shuttered

�Well, we are holding a prayer vigil this night, you can come to Eric�s apartment, so that you won�t be killed too, he promised to deal with all her friends� Tony chipped in

�That�s weird, are you saying that someone is after my life now, I didn�t offend anyone� Dave snapped
�It doesn�t matter if you did or not, as long as you are her friend and you know about it now, you will be on his list�.

Every one of them were present in the room, trying their best to pray fervently against the wish of Oruka. Cassie was discharge that day, while Dave went along with them from the hospital. He couldn�t afford to lose his life now and Louis death is a proof.

�Brethren let�s pray so that the plan of the devil will be destroy. The devil is going round looking for who to devour, but his plan shall not manifest in our lives. Break the bound that binds Eliza and Oruka together, whatsoever cause that her been place on her will be revoked.

For whatsoever is bind on earth shall be bind in heaven and whatsoever is lose on earth shall be lose in heaven� Maria muttered praying with all her might, as the others nodded to what she said, trying their best not to fall asleep.

Casssie who has been the victim of Oruka�s magic didn�t give sleep a residing space. Others like Tony and Dave who hasn�t really been attending church, find it hard to pray, their eyes were already heavy, feeling dizzy and yawning.

Exactly mid-night, the atmosphere of the room changed, giving it this freezing temperature as a sudden wind gush into the room, filling it with sand from nowhere, lifting papers into the air. The windswept them off their feet and landed them on the floor, except Anna and Maria who were still standing on their feet, praying fervently in tongues.

They stood their ground to face the approaching Oruka who look a bit different and fearful this time. The wind stopped abruptly, as he came into the picture, his face well revealed with an annoying smirk plastered on his face.

The others struggled to get on their feet as, holding their wrist and back in pain due to how they landed. Oruka eyes was filled with rage, as flames engulf out of it, clothed in black with a big python round his neck as it hiss loudly.

Stepping forward, he stared at Anna and Maria, who paid no attention to him but were aware of his presence. He turned to stare at the others who were shaking to their bones but tried to hide their fear by shouting �holy ghost fire�.

�Haahhaaaa� he laughed loudly �You all are bunch of bones, little rats� he spats in a husky voice
�I am going to ki*ll you all in one sec� he seethed angrily

�No weapon formed against us shall prosper and any tongue that rise against us in judgement shall be condemn, for at the mention of the name of Jesus every kneel must bow and every will confess that he is the Lord.

In the name of Jesus, I command you demon from the pit of hell, bow!!!� Anna commanded as the others responded with a loud Amen. Oruka staggered a bit but regain his strength gotten from the snake, as it roams round his body.

�No, no, no, I will not bow, who do you think you are to command me, Oruka, the oracle, prince of Oruka kingdom, I will not bow� he shouted and waved his hand in the air, causing big bats to fly into the house. They aim at the others who took to their heels, running into different direction.

�Oh no no, this is not happening, what, what was that� he asked Tony, shuddering as they hid in a cabinet

�I don�t know, are we really gonna die here, I�m damn scared� Tony muttered, trying to peep if he could get a glimpse of the bats.

�Those bats are deadly, look at their teeth� Dave whispered, as a tear rolled down his eyes, I can�t just die in the hands of someone I didn�t wrong, he thought

�Your Power is useless, Oruka. The bible says that the earth if of the lord and its fullness thereof and they that dwell therein. I command this strange wind and bats get out of this house immediately� Maria command and everything became normal.

This made Oruka to be angrier; he commanded his snake to strike them all but it got stuck in the ground unable to move forward as it hissed loudly. Smoke started gushing out from its belly and it caught up fire which burnt it up.

After these strange occurrences, no one knows where the fire came from to ki*ll the snake; Maria started singing a worship song as Anna joined her to sing it. The others came out from their hiding after noticing the absence of the bats; they hastily went to stand beside Maria as they also join in the worship.

Oruka couldn�t take it any longer; he was already burning up due to the spiritual fire coming out of their mouth as they sang. He vanished into thin air, as his voice echoes in the whole room.

�I will be back, this is just the beginning� he muttered and left
�Thank you Jesus, thank you..� they all gave thanks to God





Love y’all�

Vickie Dora ?


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