The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 21
The street was quiet and no one passed by at that moment. Out of fright she tried to move backward when she sees a strange man with a hood, coming from behind a tree towards her, surprisingly he was having no shadow despite the hot sun shining to the ground. The shadow move immediately the man came closer to it; that explains all.

That was the man�s shadow but they were totally in different direction, this is impossible, she thought screaming her lungs out as the man made to attack her. She opened the door of her car and hurried inside, shutting the doors as the man came closer and glance at her from the window; his facial expression shows that he wasn�t an ordinary being but a ghost with sharp fangs, pale white skin and bloody lips.

He took of his hood and laughed hilariously at her, hitting the window of her car as blood gushed down from his mouth.

�Haaaarrrrgggg� she screamed in fright and reach for her phone to call Kamina, but it seem switched off, unable to bulge. He stopped hitting the window and looked down at her with her eyes already filled with tears.

No one seem to hear her scream, and everyone from a far distance seem to be going about in their normal activities, not nothing her plight

�Haaahahaah� he laughs �In your next life, you won�t try to ki*ll her� he muttered. Immediately, the car engine ignited itself, with its gear setting its position

�No, no, no, please don�t ki*ll me please� she begged, but it was no more there. She tried switching off the engine but it didn�t bulge. A big tree was ahead of her, and that is its destination, it zooms hard and drove into the tree hitting it hard as the wheel screen broke out.

The car revised itself for the second time and ran into the tree again. This time Kamina got out of the mall only to see the strange game going on outside as the car revised and ran back into the tree.

�F**k, what�s Louis up too, does she wanna get herself killed, Louis!!!!!!� She creamed running towards the same as many passerby starts coming closer. The car continued its act six times before stopping, as many people marvel at what was wrong with the driver, hitting the tree with full force.

Kamina was already panicking as her eyes were filled with tears, she dropped the goods with her and ran towards the car, but a heavy wind blew her off, taking leaves into the air as it passes by, and everything became normal after the wind left. Kamina got up from the floor alongside other people who were close to her. Blood was already gushing out from the bottom of the driver�s seat as they got closer.
Some men tried to open the car, and they found the body of no other person but Louis, cover with bruises from the wheel screen glass, as it stuck into her flesh, tearing her stomach open as her inner organ pour out. It was a disgusting sight to the people there as they call for an ambulance to take her away.

Kamina was already at the point of coma, as she sees the body of her best friend taken away. It looks like a dream to her. Taking a few step forward, she collapse on the floor as she was rushed to the hospital. No one knows the cause of the strange event

***She might be mad***some said
***Perhaps she is drunk***others say
But the raging word on everyone�s lips was that she is dead, yea *Louis is dead*
Dave drove out of Kamina�s compound immediately after his rift with her. He drove to the mall to get something from his dad before heading home, but sighted the chaos going on, on the road in front of the mall. Getting down from his car, he walked towards the scenes and noticed Louis car, damaged beyond recognition.

�Wait, this is Louis� car isn�t it� he thought, having a closer look of it, but the police men available there prevented him from going closer to it. Confused at the sudden event, he asked some passerby the cause of what happened and they told him in details what happened.

He was still confused not able to comprehended the old women full story but manage to trace the ambulance with carried Louis body and Kamina in her unconscious state. He was told by the women that a girl died while the other fainted.

He has a strong feeling that it will either be Louis or Kamina, because they left some minute ago with that same car. Louis body was taken to a mortuary while Kamina was rushed to the hospital nearby the mortuary.

He caught a glimpse of the bracelet she was putting on and that made him recognize the fainted one as Kamina.

Rushing into the doctor�s office, he demanded to see her, to satisfy his curiosity, stating that they are cousins, but wasn�t allowed in. In frustration he left the office, and sighted Dominick taking a different route towards a ward

�Hey wait, you there!� he called running to meet up with him. Dominick stopped abruptly after sighting Dave coming to him. He scoffs

�Wait a minute how did this guy know that this was the hospital I was talking about, was he stalking me� he thought

�Hey, we meet again, what are you doing here� Dave asked

�I should be asking you that. How did you find you way here� Doiminck asked

�Oh, is this where Eliza is, oh my God, what a coincidence.

My cousin,,,,,,Kamina was actually rushed in just now and her friend is dead, I followed the ambulance and found out that she was really the one. I was not stalking you if that�s what you are thinking. But since I�m here now, can I see Elizabeth�

�Kamina�.what happened to her� Dominick asked

�Ermm,,,,I actually went to her house to confront her about,,,hmm,,,never mind,,,,,but what is really wrong with Elizabeth� Dave asked

�Huff, so Kamina is your cousin. That�s weird, and Louis is dead?�

�So you know the both of them�
�Yea, don�t mind my language but they are bitches� Dominick muttered
�Anyway, you can�t see Eliza, she is in coma, so end of question, I�m leaving� Dominick said trying to leave

�So she really poisoned her� Dave whispered but Dominick heard it and came back

�Hey, how did you know that she was poisoned, wait, you went to confront Kamina about what??� Dominick asked

�Hmm, she poisoned Elizabeth, she confirmed it, but she left� Dave muttered sadly






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