The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 12

�Mmmmm, a guy at the other end, ordered me to serve you this drink, he said his name is Eric and he will join you soon� she said still smiling as she put forth the drink which was on a tray to her

�Eric???� she asked
�Yes ma�am. Please take it ma�am, I need to attend to other people� The waitress said

�Should I take the drink� she thought. Gosh I wish Cassie is here to advice me, but that idiot,,,,gosh,,,,well its just a harmless drink though and it�s from my boyfriend, or who else knows me here, she thought to herself and collected the drink

�Thanks so much, and please tell him to meet me here� she said to the waitress

�You are welcome ma�am, and I will do just that� the waitress said and went her way
She took a few sips from the drink and dropped it on a side stool close to her. Not up to five minutes, someone walked pass and mistakenly hit his leg on the stool, making the cup to fall as it breaks and the drink spattered on the floor

�Damn�.I�m sorry for spilling your�..Eliza??� Eric called as he stared at her in shock. He wasn�t expecting her anyway, gosh she looks hot, he thought and smiled

�Eric??? Where have you been, we have been searching for you� Eliza asked as she hugs him

�Yea, Cassie is also here� she replied and breaks the hug
�Oh.. but you told me that you are not coming� he asked, taking his sit beside her

�Well, thanks to crazy Cassie, she dragged me here� Eliza said rolling her eyes

�Sorry about the drink anyway, and I was actually busy doing something earlier, I was at the other end of the hall, perhaps the crowd prevented you from seeing me� he said and signal to a waitress to clear up the mess

�Hunhh, you are late anyway, I sent someone to get you too. You sent the drink to me and ended up spilling it� she said framing annoyance
�Drink? What drink?� he asked. Perplexed

�The one you just spilled or�wait a minute didn�t you send that waitress� She asked

�What waitress? I think you are mistaking here, I didn�t send anyone to you, I knew you were not coming so, I can�t possibly send you a drink� he said staring at her

�Oh,,,,well,, I don�t know what to say actually, a waitress came to me and gave me this drink, stating that it�s from you. She even mentioned your name, but who do you think sent it� she asked already getting worried

�I don�t know, maybe someone tried to play a prank or so, perhaps Tony, I saw him a while ago� he said trying to calm her

�Humm, fine, or perhaps some guys who are tryna get my attention, most of them have been staring at me lately, almost ripping me off my dress with their eyes� she laughed while he frown

�I�m really gonna pluck out the eyes of any guy who stares at you that way, you are mine and no one else� he stated

�What� she said amidst laughter �Are you that jealous, come on, they were just staring okay, it�s not like they are gonna take me away�

�Well I don�t care, all I know is that they should stay away. And I think I forgot something� you look hot tonight� he whispered, winking t her

�Hot???� she yelped, with eyes wide open as her cheek became red, he laughed

�Come on can�t I say that, you are blushing already. Lets� go to the front, there is a special seat for us there, I also wanna introduce you to some of my friends� he muttered

�Isn�t the noise too much over there� she asked while he shrugged
�Well, you have to get use to it, this is school life dear� he muttered, dragging her away, before she could even resist
Dave was filled with rage when the car came to a halt just when they were halfway to the venue.

�Damn� he yelled hitting the starring wheel
“Why do we stop” she asked in a confuse state

“Hmm, we ran out of gas, should have taken the other car. I wasn’t in my right mind, gosh” he muttered
“So what are we gonna do now, we are late already, and I�m sure she will be there already, and Kamina will be�”

“Let me call Kamina” he said bringing out his phone
“What are you doing, are you gonna ask her about it, jeez give me that” she said and collected the phone while he rolled his eyes

“Can you just let me end first, I just wanna know if she is at the venue” he stated
“Well I think you should call Elizabeth instead”

“I did, but it was not going through” he said already getting frustrated
“When, I thought we are both in this car” she stated

“Yea, but your mind was not here, you were just staring at me all through. Even when I asked you a question you couldn’t answer because you were lost” he yelled while she flinched
“I’m,,,sorry, I just,,,,my mind was not actually here when you asked” she said quietly

“Fine can I have my phone now, we are running outta time” he mumbled while she handed him the phone. He put a call through Kamina, but he ended up sighing again

“She is not picking, damn” he groan while she said nothing. Surprised at her unusual silence he decided to apologize for yelling
“I’m sorry I yelled, I was also outta control, we need to work together in order to save Eliza from danger” he said softly while she nodded

“Fine, I will just go get gas from a gas station nearby, just wait in the car” he said getting down, opening the truck. He took a keg and set out into the darkness
“Hnnn” she sighed

“I almost messed up. I can’t believe he noticed me staring. I can’t help the fact that I like him. But who will like a nerd like me, no guy has ever looked at my face despite being the friend to the well known Kamina. Wake up Dorothy, Dave will never fall for you no matter how hard you crush on him, I think he likes someone else, who else if not Eliza…..

�Damn, I can�t believe I left my cash in the car. Now this will be a double journey for me� Dave whined as he headed back to the car. On his way, down the other street, he noticed some hefty men, dragging a lifeless body out of the woods, and laid it on the main road.

�Jesus Christ� he muttered out of fright, walking briskly to hid himself from their sight, shivering to his bones. The men look like kidnappers, perhaps they killed their victim� he thought. After a while, they left without a trace. Amused at their sudden disappearance, he ran out for safety.

Getting to the car, he found Dorothy sleeping like a log of wood.

�Gosh this is not the time to sleep, wake up, wake up� he taps her rather roughly while she fluttered her eyes and gaze at him, before regaining consciousness

�Hey, did you get the fuel� she asked
�No, we need to leave here, come on let�s get outta here� he beckoned in low voice
��What, but I thought��

�No question girl if you don�t wanna lose your life. I saw some kidnappers on my way here, and they seem to be coming this way� he said, hurriedly, as she stared weirdly at him with eyes popped out

�Oh, you think I�m making up a silly story, fine, you can have the whole car to yourself� he said slamming the door as he heads towards the other street that leads into the woods
�Oh no, wait for me, I never said you were joking, hey� she called and went after him

�What about your car, they might take it� she muttered panting really hard as she manage to catch her breathe
�Forget about it, better gone than my life� he shrugs, walking faster

�Can you please wait up, you are really walking fast. Why are we heading towards the wood anyway, isn�t it dangerous� she shouted

�Keep your voice down if you wanna come with me and the woods is just the best place to hide for now, if we go the other way, they ,might see us, gosh I should have taken the other route� he mumbled

In no time, they got into the wood; Dorothy mistakenly stepped on a small rat and screamed immediately she heard its squeaky sound. Her scream was followed by a growling sound which seems to come from a wild animal.

�Keep your voice low, do you wanna get us killed� Dave whispered with gritted teeth. The approaching footsteps of the animal made Dorothy shiver, almost jumping out of her skin. She couldn�t believe the fact that she will come in contact with a wild animal that isn�t in a zoo, in her life time.

�Oh my God, what is this� she muttered, shaking seriously as she sighted the huge mischievous beast, which seems oblivious of their presence. Dave immediately placed his hand over her mouth to prevent her from making any sound as they hid behind a big oak tree.
�Shhh, that�s a jaguar, just be still� he muttered trying to keep calm, but his inner self was saying otherwise.

After a while, the beast walked steadily, grunting as it made its way out if their sight. They both breathe a sigh of relief seeing it leave

�Huhnn, is it gone,,,,,oh,,,,thank God� Dorothy muttered, unable to move a feet

�Hey are you there�come on, we need to leave before it comes back� Dave beckoned

�No�.I�.I�m scared, let�s go back, its better getting kidnapped than to be killed and eaten by a beast� she muttered already crying

�Hey, the animal went the same way we came, we should just keep on moving, we might burst out at the other main road if we follow this route� he assured while she nodded.

Unknown to them the jaguar heard their whispering sound, and came back for its prey, it sighted them and growled with all its might, ready to pounce on them

�Oh no,�run!!!!!� Dave shouted, while Dorothy screamed as they stumbled into the woods��


From wahala to danger…




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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