The Reality of Life Harshness

(The Reality of Life Harshness)
By: Vickie Dora
“Notice: Before reading this story, make sure you have read the first part titled PARTIAL OBEDIENCE for better understanding.”


Episode 1



Oh my God, this place looks familiar. Wait a minute I cant be in my village, I thought I travelled to the state and.oh my God, hope all those things were not just a dream I gasp and thought to myself, as I see myself walking in the middle of a rusty forest, filled with pines and palm trees.

Hey Elizabeth, how are you doing a voice said as I turn swiftly to look at it, but ended up seeing nothing, only the trees and perhaps birds on it

I thought I heard a voice, I said as a cold shiver ran down my spine. No I cant be dreaming, reveal yourself, stop hiding I yelled, panicking

Im right here beside you, you just stared at me right now the voice said and I turned to look at its direction. In front of me is a big Oak tree, with its branches almost reaching the ground.

On one of the branches is a big owl with its eyes as big as an ostrich egg; gosh that was an exaggeration though.

Wait.were you the one that called me I asked the bird still not sure if Im normal, for Christ sake can a bird talk

YesI am the one it replied in a croaky voice, I almost peed on my pant!!!! I screamed

Shut up young lady, dont disturb the meeting of the elders the owl warned staring angrily at me, as I hear the sound of rustling leaf and footsteps coming my way. I can see numbers of different weird animals laughing and speaking strange words as they attempt touching me.

Noo..get your hands off me, someone please take me out of here, help!!! I screamed and tried to escape, but their grip on me was so strong.

The owl kept on laughing its lungs out, as the tree shakes vigorously.

You are going nowhere. It said. As the animals tried ripping me of my clothes, I saw a young man standing beside the oak, as the owl climbed his shoulder. His face seems hidden as it was hard for me to see him due to the animals who covered me.


Help me, no no!!. Wake up Elizabeth, wake up I heard a voice say

Who are you, what.., Wake up I heard it say again, as everything started getting burr and the owl stated changing to a human figure, everything was becoming an illusion except the man and the owl who seem to have changed to my grandmother

Nena, nena what are you doing I called

Welcome back Elizabeth, its been a long time she grinning, laughing heartedly. Her staff immediate turned to a big viper as it flings itself on my neck

Haa!!! I screamed and black out


Hhaaa, what the f**k is wrong with you, are you crazy Cassandra, my Black American roommate yelled, slapping my butt out of the bed

Ohmy neck, my neck I coughed rolling out of the bed

What is damn wrong with you girl, why did you scream. Gosh, I have been tryna wake you up for the past 5 minutes but you kept on rolling from side to side, and the last thing was to just scream your lungs out like a pregnant woman who is in labour she yelled

Hey, stop that, you are babbling I said still coughing

Whatever babe, just get your a$$ out of that bed and go take your bath, we are damn late for lecture, and Im not waiting for you this time she said, strolling out of the room

What the f**k, oh my God I screamed, checking the time. I will be damn late for lectures and that wicked lecturer wont take it likely with me, I thought as I find my way to the bathroom.

I cant believe I have been dreaming all along, that was scary anyway, but who was the figure I saw, well a dream is a dream, I cant let that affect this morning lecture, Mr. Huston is damn not gonna let me in if I go late to his lecture.

For those who dont know me, well Im Elizabeth Adigwe, in short form, Im Eliza. Daughter of my mother, anyway Im now 19years, Surprised? Well yes, you should be. Its been two years since I came to the state, things has been going well until this stupid dream erupt, anyway I wont allow it to spoil my mood this morning.

Jeezz, Cassandra can be so annoying at times, she didnt even wait for me, gosh Im gonna ki*ll her when I get to class


Getting to school, I could see student moving here and there as always, some are just coming while some seem to be leaving.

I ran down the hallway towards the direction of my class, I caught a glimpse of students already filled to the brim, and Mr. Hudsons voice echoes due to the silence.

No one dares miss his class, he is one of the strict lecturers we have in Light View university, he is a no nonsense man. He is white anyway, but doesnt act like one.

So today we will be talking aboutmmmm he said while I stood at the doorpost and coughed

huhhhhmm, good day Mr. Hu

How can I help you, miss he asked interrupting my greeting

Mm, Im a student sir and I came here for todays lecture I smiled showing my 32 teeth

What does your time say miss mm

Elizabeth sir I said

Ok miss Elizabeth, what does your time says

Its 8:05 sir

When did I asked you all to be here he asked in a husky voice

8:00am sir I replied politely

Well you are late and you know the rule, so get out of my class he said and face the projector

As I was saying class..

But sirIm so.

Get.Out!!! he yelled, as I hurried out. I caught the glimpse of Cassandra giving me a thumb up, through the window, laughing mockingly. Well its not her fault, first to do no dey pain I said in my mothers language.

I strolled down the hallway and sits on the bench I saw, just to relax a little.

Haa gosh, after all the stress of running down here, in order not to miss this class, look at where I still find myself I signed



Hey, girl whats up Cassandra said smiling

Hmmm I signed

Are you okay she asked sitting beside me on the bench

Do I look like Im ok, I couldnt meet up the time, and I am starving I yelled silently

Hey chill babe, dont tell me that you have being sitting here for the past one hour she said

What did I just say now I asked why she rolled her eyes

Why did you stay long anyway, was his lecture that long I asked

Well we all know Mr. Hudson she replied

God, now I have missed a lot, why couldnt you wake me up earlier I mumbled

I tried my best, but we all know that you sleep like a log

Whatever, Im starving lets go eat something I said, getting up

Yes me too, dont worry about missing the lecture, I grabbed the whole teaching and Im fully loaded, so I will see you through she smiled heartedly

Really Miss Cassie, well I cant believe that, not even in my dream I said and walked away





Like i said earlier, we should be expecting new characters, but the major ones will still hold their position.


I need your comments


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora



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