Written by: Vickie Dora

Episode 39


I stood holding Eric�s hand as we watch Natasha�s coffin being place in her grave, with tears streaming out of the eyes of many. Her mother couldn�t control herself, she tried holding onto the coffin but was stopped and held by some guards. Her father, the king, also looks depressed, being their only child.

I sighted Regina at the last end, a bit far from the group of people, and she was also in tears. Eric also looks sad but there was no tear in his eyes.

After all rites were being performed, the crowd started dispatching one after the other, remaining I and Eric, who kept on staring at the grave.

�Eric, let�s leave, people are leaving already� I said still holding his arm

�Hmm, you can go wait for me in the car, I still want to be here for some time, I will meet you there� he said

�Ok, take your time� I said, tapping his shoulder



After my encounter with Jack, I felt devastated and almost lose my mind. He disgraced me publicly and made me a laughing stock.

Thank God he is now arrested; at least he will pay for his sins, just like I�m paying for mine now.

Yea, my life time on earth is numbered; I was diagnosed with HIV which will soon grow to Aids.

I found out while I was taken to the hospital by a Good Samaritan who took me in, and was treated after he brutally raped me.

Now I feel hurt seeing my only friend laid in a grave, I feel sad because I am the one behind her death.

Yes, I shouldn�t have taken her to the club that day and everything wouldn�t have happened. I shouldn�t have drugged her so that Felix could have his way with her, I did all those out of jealously, now see where it took her to.

I believe I will join her soon, I thought as more tears stream down my eyes. I walked closer to her grave after I made sure everyone was gone except Eric.

I noticed that he was also crying when I came closer. He cleaned the tears on his face after being obvious of my presence.

�I�m a bad friend, I introduced her to all this, I forced her to cheat on you since you couldn�t satisfy her, and I was also jealous of her beauty and everything she own that I don�t� I said looking at the grave, why he turns to stare at me

�Hmmmm� he sighed not saying anything

�Now I�m paying for my sins, I might now live long to see next year� I said

�What do you mean by that, do you wanna ki*ll yourself? Look Regina, I know that you are bad, just like you said, but killing yourself is not what you should do if you are depressed� he advised

�It�s not about me killing myself, I�m dead in my body already, I have AIDS� I mumbled shedding tears

�Hmm, that�s bad. Just ask God to forgive your sins Regina, and you will be saved.

Even if you die now, you will still enjoy eternal life in God�s kingdom. You still have the opportunity that Natasha doesn�t� he assured

�Thank you�� I whispered

�It�s ok, I need to go now. Take care of yourself� he said and taps me a little before leaving. I couldn�t hold by my tears any longer, it came rushing down like a stream of water

�Oh noooooo, life is harsh� I screamed aloud, falling on my knees in front of the grave as I await my fate�.



I went to wait for Eric to finish his whatsoever, standing by his car and also checking out the environment.


It’s been a while I came to the cemetery for burial, if I’m not mistaking, my grandma’s burial was the last one I attended.

“What is Eric still doing over there, I mumbled inaudibly, as I sighted Regina going to meet him.

What does that b***h want, hmm; her second is dead hopes she learns from her mistake” I scoffed

“Really, what is the mistake of the dead girl” a voice said as I turned to see the fellow.

He was a guy with good body structure, a nice fair skin, dreamy eyes, lovely lips and gosh he looks so handsome, but he looks like a player though

“Who are you, and what do you want” I asked rather harshly

“Chill girl I mean no harm, just felt like talking to a pretty girl who seem to be bored” he smirked

“I’m not alone, I came with someone and can you please answer my first question, what do you want” I muttered folding my hands

“Hmm” he sighed “Can you be at least friendly, well your boyfriend seem to be busy with another girl, so I came here to keep you company” he smiled, referring to Eric

“What boyfriend, and how do you know that I am referring to him” I said looking at Eric who seem engrossed in the discussion he is having with Regina, I felt a bit jealous though

“I saw you with him during the burial service, why is he not with you anyway” he asked

“It’s none of your business” I resorted while he chuckled

“I’m Dave, and you are?” He asked putting forth his hand for a handshake which I declined

“Hmm, I’m Elizabeth”

“Wow nice name, do you mind if I call you Betty darling” he grinned

“I will prefer Eliza” I said boiling with anger as I stared at Eric afar of

“Perhaps he is just having a discussion with her, don’t pass your anger on me, hahaaahaa” he laughed

“Stop that, it’s annoying. I’m not jealous okay”

“I never mentioned jealously”

“What are you doing here anyway, Mr. Dave” I asked sarcastically

“Well I came for the burial, a friend invited me. And you? Are you related to the deceased” he asked delving his hands into his pockets

“I’m not related to her, just know her that’s all”

“Okay�. so can I have the contact of the most beautiful girl I have set my eyes on” he said

“And what do you mean by that” I scoff

“What I mean is that you are beautiful and I wanna be your friend, so let’s get to know each other better” he said giving me his phone. I thought for a while before typing my number into it, he doesn’t seem like someone who will harm me though, I thought

“So that’s it” I smiled, showing out his dimples

“Fine, I will save it as Betty Love?” he mumbled

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes while he chuckled again

�Seems like your boyfriend is coming, I don’t want to be roasted alive, so let me take my leave now. I will call you later, bye” he said as he hurried away

“He is not my boyfriend” I said but he was gone already.

“Hunhh, but I have these feelings for Eric, why can’t I just date him. Is it that I just like him as a friend, I thought. What about this Dave guy, he seem cute too, I shrugged as I felt a light tap on my shoulder bringing me out of my thoughts

“Are you alright” Eric asked with a concern look

“Oh yes, I….mmm I’m fine” I mumbled

“You seem lost in thought, but it’s good anyway since you are fine, come on let’s go” he said as he unlocked the car and got in

“Dad called just now, we will be leaving the country tomorrow, the three of us” he said and ignite the engine

“The three of us, wait, isn’t that so sudden I mean…..” I said not finding what to say

“You mean what….we will resume school soon, so there is no point waiting until then. We can leave early so that you both can get use to the environment” he said driving out

“Oh ok, but I haven’t gotten a passport and you know the necessary things”

“Don’t worry about all those, Dad has settled it” he said turning to stare at me

“What??” I asked confused as at why he was staring that way

“Nothing, just staring” he sighed

“Fine but don’t get us killed, focus on the road” I laughed while he chuckled

“I saw you with someone, who is he” he asked

“Well he is my new found friend” I said smirking while he shrugged

“It’s ok, I can see that he is handsome but he looks like a flirt, and he is not as handsome as I as I am” he said grinning while I scoff

“Whatever, he is cute and I like him”

“Ok” he replied sadly, as no one spoke again till the end of the journey. Eric is a nice guy, should I just accept his proposal, I can’t think straight now, I think it’s best we remain friends, I don’t think I’m ready to date anyone now, I thought.



“She is so beautiful, I want her to myself” I growled

“How can you make that possible, she is having this wall surrounding her spiritually” said my agent

“I know how to get her, haahaahaa” I laughed, I will use a human who is close to her, don’t worry about that” I smiled

“If you say so, your majesty but make sure no man deflower her before you get her, you alone must break her hymen or your lineage will be destroyed and you don’t want that do you?”

“No, life will not just be harsh for her; its reality will be hard……..



The story continues…..


This is the end of the first part of the book. The next part is titled PARTIAL SUBMISSION, which will be coming up soon. Let’s put down our thoughts about this part of the story as we awaits the other.

PARTIAL SUBMISSION will deal with Eliza’s spiritual life and troubles. New characters will come in while the others will remain the minor cast.

It’s gonna be filled with exchange of supernatural powers…

It’s gonna be a blast…


Love y’all

Vickie Dora



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