(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 38


“What, what is all these officers, this is an harassment, how will you just bang into my house without being invited” Jack asked with rage but immediately kept quiet as a gun was pointed to him

“Shut up mister, you are under arrest for an illegal drug trafficking and exploitation of young girls, cuff him” he ordered

What, I don’t do drugs, what are you…..”
“Help me….” Natasha groans breathlessly

“Officer Jade, take care of that girl and let’s take her to the hospital. You and you, cuff this criminal and move him to the van” he said pointing to two other officers

“Yes sir” they answered in unison
“Oh my God it’s the princess” officer Jade exclaimed as she tried covering Natasha up, to prevent her body from being exposed

“Jeez, you will surely be locked up for this malicious acts, you tried abusing the princess of this land, idiot” the leader spat.

“Move him away”
Jack was taken to the police station to await further judgement. While Natasha was taken to the hospital


“Doctor, let me see my daughter, let me…..heeiii” Natasha’s mother wailed while her husband tried calming her down

“Doctor let’s see her, at least even if she doesn’t make it, let just see her first” her father exclaimed

“Ok your highness, you can come with me, but firstly I will like to tell you that your daughter took excessive expired drugs which led to the abortion of the baby in her womb and also affected her seriously, we are trying our best to see how to save her.

“Ok let’s see her”…
“Oh my God Natasha, why have you done this to yourself” her mother cried holding her hand, as she tried mumbling some inaudible words, while her father just shakes his head seeing his daughter in that bad state.

“I’m really disappointed in you Natasha, I just� oh God” he said still shaking his head as a drop of tears came down his eyes

“I..m…sorry..” she manage to say
“Oh my Natasha…….” Her mother wailed

” M.u……m, I’m�.sor..ry” she said breathing her last breathe

“Heii, Natasha, Natasha look at me, doctor!! Doctor!!” her mother called as the doctor came running in, checking her pulse and heartbeat

�Doctor, tell us; what is wrong with her” her father asked nervously. Placing his stethoscope on her chest, he felt her heartbeat, and feels her pulse. Shaking his head, the doctor muttered some words and faced them

“I’m sorry your highness, but the princess is gone
“What!!!!! Gone where, no!!!!!! N

aahh!!” her mother wailed as her body become stiff and cold……

Natasha death came as a shock to me; I couldn�t believe my sight seeing her corpse the other day. Yea, while the others where in Eliza�s house, I took permission to leave and went back to the palace.

At first when we got there, she was not around, but I decided to go back after some hours.

Immediately I got there, I found out that Natasha is not yet back and behold she was rushed to the hospital, even the king and queen are there presently, said the maid who narrated the event to me.

I wasted no time but drive down to the described hospital, but to my surprise she was gone already. My plan was to settle down and discuss with her, telling her that I don�t really like her so that she can free to date someone else since I have been keeping her in the dark for a while.
But seeing her dead corpse made me feel guilty of not being there for her, I felt like I should have been a good boyfriend to her, but I also do not have feelings for her, just don�t know why I dated her in the first place.

Well today is her funeral, and I need to be there in time, to break up with her properly since I couldn�t do it while she was alive, I thought as the door to my room opened as Eliza stepped in

�Hey, the pretty girl is here� I said staring at her through the mirror, as I knotted my tie

�Yeah that�s me� she smiled coming to hug me from behind

�You look so happy today, what�s the secret� I asked turning to face her

�Well why won�t I be happy. My family are here with me now in the city, my brothers are now going to the best school in town, my mum now own a supermarket of her own, earning her own income; and your dad has promised to send me and Maria to the states to further our education, who won�t be happy, with all these good things happening� she smiled

�Yea you are right, being happy makes you look beautiful� I said and puts on my coat, while she blushed

�Hmmm, but you don�t seem happy, why are you sad� she asked

�I�m not sad, do I look like I�m sad� I asked with arched brows

�Hmm, I�m not sad okay� I said touching her cheek

�Okay�if you say so� I said, rolling my eyes as I watch him puts on his shoes
�Are you going for her burial� I asked with a hint of jealously

�Yea, I was once her boyfriend so�i�.just need to be there, just to give her the last respect right?� he smiled sadly

�Are you coming with me, we can go there together� he asked

�No I�m not coming with you, she is not my friend anyway� I replied a bit harshly, while he chuckled

�You are acting like a jealous freak� he laughed
�I�m not jealous, I �.. just�

�You just what, come on. Have you ever had a rift with Natasha when she was alive?�

�Not really, it�s just that we are not in good time. She is so bossy, arrogant and feels like she is on top of the world; I mean�.i just��

�Hey calm down okay, she is dead now, so you just need to let go of all the hatred you have for her. She can be very proud, but she also has this soft heart which many people doesn�t know about� he said

�Are you siding her now, do you still love her�

�I�m not siding with her, come on, she�s dead already, I�m just saying that we should forgive her and let it be bye gone� he said holding my hand

�Hmm, but remember that she cheated on you, that�s why she got pregnant and�.�

�That�s because I did not give her much attention as a boyfriend should, why because I did not love her. Well that�s my fault anyway, I shouldn�t have dated her in the first place� he said and sits on the bed

�Hmm ok, If you say so, I have forgiven her� I mumbled while he smiled

�So are you ready to go with me, I want you to go with me to her funeral� he beckoned

�Fine��.i will just go dress up� I said standing to leave, but stopped when I heard him laughing

�What!!! Why are you laughing� I muttered

�Well I just remember the question you asked earlier, about me still loving Natasha� he said

�So? What�s wrong with the question� I asked

�It�s not about the question, it�s about your expression when you asked it, you sounded jealous� he laughed holding his nose

�Hey, stop that, I�m not jealous, I�m not even your girlfriend, why will I be� I said taking a step forward, but he held me back

�We are not together because you did not allow it. Take a look at my parent, they are back together and will get married soon. Take a look at Maria and Josh, they have made their relationship known to everyone and are really happy together. Why can’t we just start ours, I love you so much and I know that you do too� he said

�Hmmm Eric�.i�mm, I will just get dress, I don�t want us to be late� I said almost breathlessly

�Ok..just take your time, I will be in the car�� he said and released his grip on my hand

Oh gosh, I love Eric so much, but I just can�t date him yet, I need to heal first and there is still a battle ahead to be tackled, I thought and head out of the room, with his gaze on me.




Actually, this novel is having two parts. PARTIAL OBEDIENCE is the first part while the other is PARTIAL SUBMISSION

we have just one more chapter to go for the part, then we’ll continue the story.

You might be wondering why I haven’t bring to book, Eliza’s spiritual problems….

Well we will get to solve it in the next part….thanks for following up


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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