(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora 🌻

Episode 37

“So that’s how it all happened” Eliza concluded her story
“Hmm, so you mean Debbie has been into the job for a long time and deceived me into sending you both to her, ehhn, I thought she was trying to help, please my daughters, forgive me for my ignorance, please” Juliet pleaded
“Mum, it’s ok. You sending us to the city was for our good, can you see how things turn around for our good” Maria said
“Yes Juliet, if you haven’t sent them to the city, I wouldn’t have meet my children” Grace said
“Your children as how” Juliet asked
“Maria and Eric, they are the twins I gave birth to 18 years ago”
“I don’t still get you, did you give birth, I mean…you know that we lost contact since high school days, so I know nothing about it”
“Oh yes, that’s right, you got married and left, well it’s a long story though but Smith here is the husband of my children and things were kind of complicated” Grace muttered
“How” Juliet asked while Grace narrated the whole event of the past to her
“Hmmm, after I had a rift with my husband, I came back to Dorma here, since I have nowhere to go.
As you can see, I’m managing my parents old mud house and doing petty job for a living, in order to feed my children.
I got to know Maria through Eliza, since they were friends in School, but I did not know that she is your child because no one told me about it, and when I tried asking about you, all I heard was that you left and even Smith left too.
No wonder I love Maria so much, just look at what fate has done, who would ever believe that I can see you again or ever been with your own blood
“Yes Juliet, but now that everything is settled, we are back together and we will be getting married soon” Smith smiled holding Grace closer
“Oh my God, I’m so happy for you both” I cooed
“Yes Juliet, the devil used Debbie to separate us before, but thank God for our children, they brought us back together.
And we won’t leave you behind, you are going to the city with us, you and your children will never see poverty any longer” Grace said
“Oh my God, did I just hear city” Samson said rushing inside the house
“Samson, what’s the meaning of this, can’t you see we have visitors and where are you coming from
“Hanhhaa, mum did junior not tell you what I told him, good morning sirs and Ma” he greeted Grace and the others while the nodded in response
“And what did he tell you” she asked referring to junior
“Mmm sorry mummy, I forgot to tell you that he was going to collect his note from precious” junior said while Samson glared hard at him
“Hmm precious, you and that girl again, you and that……”
“Juliet….leave the young man alone “Grace said while Samson frown a little but brighten up, seeing his sister and her friend.
“Haa my big sisters” he called as he hug them both
“My dear long time friends, I’m so happy for the good news you brought to me this hour, I…don’t just know what to say…” Juliet muttered with tears of joy in her eyes
“Just thank God for everything mummy, like you do tell me” junior said while she smiled
“I’m sorry, there is nothing I can offer now, I wish I have drinks to offer you…….”
“Come on stop that thing Juliet, what we need to eat now is that delicious plantain meal you and your mother do prepare then, she we were still young. Remember that we do sneak from school just to have a taste of it, in your mum’s shop, my her soul rest in peace”
“Don’t worry about the ingredients, we brought everything with us, I will tell the guards to bring it in, so that you can prepare it for us” Grace smiled while Smith chuckled
“Yes oo, and I remember you and Smith being the best couple then in school then, oh those days were the best, let me visit the kitchen oo” Juliet said as that all had a fun time
“Jack I’m scared, I don’t think I can do this” Natasha said shivering, as she watches Jack bringing out some drugs he bought from a chemist
“Babe come on don’t you trust me” he asked
“I do, but I’m scared I don’t want any complications”
“Hmm, look at me, do you love me” he asked looking straight into her eyes
“Yes I do, I…. just”.
“You just what, you still love your ex?” he asked, searching her eyes for answers.
“No that’s not what I mean….” she shuttered
“Hmm Natasha, why did you leave your ex if I may ask” he said leaning closer to her
“We did not break up, I just do not call him and he doesn’t call me either, he doesn’t care about me so I…”
“Does he give you what I give you” he said kissing her neck
“No!” she moaned, as he trailed his hands down her cleavage
“Does he love you like I love you?”
“Noo” she moaned harder
“Is his styles better that mine”
“He hasn’t touch me for once”
“What’s his name” he asked as he fondled her br**st
“Hmm, was that why you left him for me, because he couldn’t satisfy you”
“Hmm, baby girl, I can give you all what you ask for, money, s*x, just name it. But I need you to trust me; and take these drugs. We can’t have a happy life with that baby in your stomach okay.
You are too young to become a mother, do let’s just get that thing out, I promise you, you will be safe okay” he assured while she nodded nervously
“Now kiss me, and let’s make love before you take it, are you ready for that” he asked
“Yes” she smiled as they set out for a hot romance section
“Jackkkk, jack” Natasha yelled, groaning
“Babe, what is it, what….” He called running out into the room from the bathroom
“I’m. In.” she screamed, holding her stomach
“Oh my God, I guess the drug is working but…jeez you are bleeding” he gasped nervously
“Oh no, why have you done to me” she yelled as she sees lots of blood tickling down her legs
“Ok ok…, take off your pants, let me…”
“Do what, get your hands off me, you idiot, haaaaahaaaa, mummy!!!” She whirls
“Shhh, don’t shout, ok just get it off, let me clean you up and take you to the hospital” he said as he starts cleaning blood stains, but the blood did not stop gushing out of her.
“Haaa, I’m dying” Natasha whispered, as strength starts leaving her
“No no no, babe please stay with me, don’t leave ok, j..ust open you eyes and…oh my God… Natasha!!” Jack called nervously as he tried changing her already stained cloth.
But to his surprise, the door flung open immediately as group of police officers steps in
“Your hands in the air, step back away from her” shouted their leader




Jack is doomed

But what will be Natasha’s fate


Love y’all 💞

Vickie Dora 🌻


  1. Thank God for the reunion between Grace and Juliet, wish them all happy ending
    As for Jack,he will definitely rot in jail,he is more than doomed

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