(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 35

I have been in my study all day, checking and going through some documents and so on. The court hasn’t come to the end of Debbie’s case but I don’t care about that, all I know is that she riot in Jail, come what may.

I just wanna move on now, even if she tries not to sign the divorce letter, it won’t stop me from loving who I want to love, after all we will just have to divide the properties.

And I will only divide the ones she knows of, my other properties are hidden from her knowledge, she thought she is wise thinking I will tell her about all the properties I own.

All I need to work on is how to get Grace to trust me back; she has been hard on me this days. Gosh.
Immediately the door opened and she stepped in. I’m just thinking about her and she is here

“Hey” she called softly
“How are you doing” I asked
“I’m fine, are you busy now or should I just come back” she asked, about taking her leave

“No no no, I’m not, you can sit down” I said, dragging a sit forward for her to sit
“Hmm thanks. Mmm…ahh.Smith” she called
“Yes darling”

“I think I’m ready to give you a chance” she said looking downward
“A chance??? For what?” I asked, perplexed

” Hunhh, are you kidding me right now” she scoff ” Anyway, I’m out of here” she said getting on her feet
“No no, please wait” I said, running to hold her

“I did not mean it that way, I jus…t …I don’t know say, I’m speechless. You mean that you are ready to forgive me and we can get back together” I asked and she nodded with a smile

“Oh my God, thank you Grace, thank you for everything. Thanks for giving me back you heart and the blessed children you gave to me, you are sure a darling” I said hugging her
“It’s ok, I hope you are happy now. But one more thing” she said breaking the hug

“What is that?” I asked, hoping it�s not something bad

“I need you to pay for the number of times we have not been together, let’s spend some time together, alone”
“You mean a honeymoon” I asked grinning

“Hey that’s not what I meant though but if that’s what you call it” she shrugged

“Ok, just choose any where you want to go and your wish will be fulfilled. But can I ask for a favour; pleasssss” I pleaded

“And that is?” she asked
“Mmmm III…mmmmm, let’s make another�you know babies…” I grinned, winking at her
“Whatttttt!!!! Babiesss


“Babies, that’s impossible”. I scoff
“If you wanna settle down with me then you have to do the right thing, I can’t make the same mistake I made 18 years ago”

“Do which right thing? He asked
“Go see my parents first and pay my bride price” I snapped

“Your parents? He asked, perplexed
“I don’t know what you are talking about, your parents are dead, if I’m not mistaking” he said and arch his brow

“Yea my real parents are late, but I have foster parents. They picked me from the street and made me who I am today, that was after I left the village to the city” I replied softly
“Hmmm, sweetheart, I will do all that you request for, just don’t leave me at all.

I want you to always stand by me not matter what; and I promise to support you in all aspects of life” He said, cupping my chin in his hand and raised it up to face him

“Are you gonna promise me that” he asked looking straight into my eyes, gosh this is my weak point

“I should be the one asking that, but yes I will, if you are ready to take responsibilities” I said while he smiled and brought his lips closer to mine. But I shifted my face to the other side and it landed on my cheek

“I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable, it’s just that….” He said immediately, feeling perhaps guilty or hurt

“No it’s o..ok, I…just came…here to tell you my mind. I need to leave now” I said and hurried out before the room start getting intense

“Oh my God, I should have given in to him, I just…gosh what’s wrong with me, I thought hitting my forehead.

I’m sure that he is aroused already, hhmmmm, he is gonna find it hard calming himself. Should I just go back in there, I asked no one in particular
No, he won’t let go of me, his devil is already awaken, I said and walked down the hallway, but bump into Eric, and almost fall

“Oh mum, sorry, I didn’t see you coming” he said trying to pull me up
“Oh it’s ok, I was also at fault, I should have watch well, I’m fine thanks dear” I said and ruffled his hair

“Hey mum, I’m not a kid, stop doing that” he laughed while I chuckled
“I wished I could do that when you were a kid, I couldn’t watch you and your sister grow up” I said sadly

“Mum, it’s ok. We all know why you did what you did, everything happens for a reason, okay” he assured
“Ok, my baby is now a grown up man” I said patting his shoulder, while he laughed

“Well mum, I’m going to see dad. See you later” he pecked my cheek
“Oh no, your dad is kinda busy now and he needs some time alone, perhaps you check his later” I said
“Ok if you say so” he shrugged

“Now I will have to spend the whole day with you, common tell me something about your teenage life mum, how did you meet dad” he asked putting his arm round my neck as we both walk down the stairs.

*Jack resident*

Ever since the day I had a quarrel with Natasha, Jack has been snubbing me. He doesn’t care about me or go crazy for me any longer; what has that idiot girl of a friend done to him.

Yes we almost fought at a birthday party three days after the night club party. She later found out that I am behind what happened at the club.

She called me a b***h for allowing Felix make out with her in her tipsy state, I wonder how she got to know, but it’s none of my business anyway.
I know that my boyfriend also has eyes for her, so I did everything to get her outta my way, since she has her Eric who also doesn’t love her, mtwwcheew stupid girl.
My friendship with her was only to get her money, since her father is a king and is also rich.

A week and some days after we fought, I also find out from one of my girls that she has been making out with my guy, Jack. I was filled with rage after watching one of the videos they showed me.

I tried confronting Jack about it but he denied it, saying the videos are fake that my friends are only trying to frame him up. I couldn�t do more than that because I don’t wanna be thrown out by him. I still need the money he is giving me.

So I went directly to Natasha’s house to confront her but finds out that she was already two weeks pregnant. It seems like a dream come true to me because my plan was to make her suffer.

But she brags of being pregnant for my one and only Jack, telling me how he slept with her that same night after the club.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I asked Jack about it and he confirmed sleeping with her, but denied getting her pregnant, now the only question I have in mind is who is the father of her pregnancy, Jack or Felix.

What if its Jack, will he leave me for her, why can’t I be as lucky as her, having all the goodies to myself, I thought as tears flow freely from my eyes

Jack who had been in the room with me for a while now hasn’t even raised his head up to look at me. He seem engrossed in what he is doing with his phone

“Babe” I called softly
“What” he mumbled
“What have I done wrong to deserve this attitude from you, you are hurting me” I said

“Hnnuhh” he scoffed
“Hurting you as how” he asked still looking at his phone
“You are just…” His phone rang interrupting me.

“Let me pick this call” he said ant left the bedroom to the living room.
Jack has never done that before, he always picked his calls whenever he is with me

I decided to tiptoed and follow him, to eavesdrop on his conversation.
?Hey babe what’s up, he whispered, while the person at the other end replied. The voice sounds like that of Natasha

?Hey dear, come on. I told you that I’m not ready to father any child, try to abort it and we will move on with our life.

?The baby is gonna be an hindrance and I don’t want that okay,…don’t..come on listen.
I will give you any amount you want, trust me. I love the styles you give me and it will be hard to get it again with that thing in your stomach.

?So are you gonna do it……..yes that’s my baby. I will be expecting you tomorrow, Regina will be going to meet her mum I guess, so we will have to whole day.

Hope your parents are no longer grounding you. Ok I need more styles when you come, love you muah. He ended the call and then to leave only to see me at his back, he was shocked
I slapped him immediately, throwing his phone away with rage





I can sense trouble coming for someone.


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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