Life is harsh


(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 34

I believe now is the time to tell her about my feelings, I thought as we walk hand in hand together towards the beach. We are actually on our second date, yea, I and Maria.

She has been through a lot this few day but thank God all is settled, at least I can spend more time with her.

�How do you feel about getting to know your real mom after so many years of not meeting her� I asked while she smiled

�I�m so happy, who won�t be. Not just my mum, I met my real dad, I always have this thought that the man I live within my village is my dad but thank God he is not� she said
�Really why do you say that� I asked, baffled

�Well�..he � is a drunkard, he doesn�t even care about me; thank God he is not my real father. It�s just that I want my mum and dad to get back together, it seems like mum is giving dad a tough time, and he is sorry for his deeds though� she said sadly

�Yea, that�s every child�s wish, to see his/her parent happy and in unity. But you can make that happen though, you can bring them back together, with prayer and patience� I said
�Yea�thanks, Mr. Counselor� she laughed while I chuckled
�Hmmm, Maria� I called and stopped abruptly, pulling her closer to face me as we stood facing each other, just few miles away from the sea

�What is it� she asked softly
�Hmmm �.mmm..I actually wanna confess something to you and also to ask something� I replied
�You�..can�go on�., hope it�s not something bad, because you look serious� she grinned

�Haaha, no it�s not bad, it�s just that I love you so much and will mm like you to be my girlfriend, please don�t say No� I said hurriedly.
She was quiet for some time, seems like she was taken aback by my request or is it that she doesn�t feel the same way�.no I won�t accept a bad thought

�It�s ok if you don�t wanna��
�Shh� she said, placing her finger on my lips
�I will give you my answer now, and that�s ����yessss� she said jumping on me. Oh my God I wasn�t expecting that
�Thank you so much, you don�t know how happy I am now. I feel���

�Hey, you don�t need to say much word� she said breaking the hug
�I feel the same way for you too, but I wasn�t sure about it at first, but after speaking with my mum some days ago, she explained my feelings to me and told me why I feel that way around you.

I wasn�t expecting you to ask me out but, it�s just like a dream come true. I love you too Joshua and I�m ready to date you as long as we do not partake in what will destroy our lives in the nearest future� she said softly

�Understand you perfectly, and I�m not perfect okay, but I will try to be the best boyfriend ever. And anything I take things to far, try to bring me back to the present world, you also understand right��?� I said, while she blush

�Yes you are right� she giggled as I pecked her on the lips taking her unaware, while she widen her eyes in shock
�W�ha�t� I asked laughing at her expression

�W�ell that�s my first kiss you just stole and you will have to pay for it� she said looking serious with her hands on her waist akimbo
�What!! but it was just a peck, what if it�s a kiss� I laughed

�I don�t care, all I know is that you took me unaware and you will pay for it by allowing me to baptize you with this sand� she said pointing to the sands on the shore
�Wait�� they baptize with water not sand��

�Well I will baptize you with sand, and that�s gonna be now. So stand still Mr.Comedian, for thy baptism is near� she said bending down to take two handfuls of sands in her hand.
This girl can�t be serious; I thought as I take two feet backward. Looking at her expression, she is really gonna pour that sand on me

�Hey don�t do this�..hey�.haahaaahhaaa� I laughed and took to my heels while she ran behind, shouting and giggling with the sands still in her hand
�Jesus, Maria I hate �.sands�..I�m, sorry�..� I screamed, laughing heartedly

�Beg me� she yelled, as the race continued. Gosh this girl is really from the village, mehnn those girl are athletes, I exclaimed, breathing heavily.

She seems to be far off though, thank God I escaped her wrath, after running about a mile. Geez, it was just a peck, what if I had kissed her, I can�t believe this, I said breathlessly, holding my stomach. She is just too funny.

I was just sitting alone in the garden having different thought going on in my mind, when a hand touch my shoulder jerking me out of my thoughts. I turned to see the fellow and it was Eric

�Hey, why are you out here all alone?� he asked handling me a can of soft drink, while he sips from his
�Nothing actually, I just feel like being alone and I�m enjoying the sight of the butterflies over there, they are colourful� I muttered
�Really, or you have something going on in your mind� he mumbled

�What�s wrong Elizabeth, ever since the day you came back from the station, you haven�t been yourself. I mean, I know how you used to be, your vibes and so on are gone, you are just trying to hide those emotions under a fa�ade but I believe that you are not feeling ok, please tell me what the problem is� he asked with so much concern written on his face

�Hmmm, I called my mum yesterday with the new phone your dad got me, and she doesn�t sound fine. My mum is suffering over there with my brothers, I felt touched hearing my brothers� voice after a long time� I said almost breaking into tears

�Hey it�s ok� cooed �Hmm, you can tell dad about it, we can bring your mum over here or perhaps you go see her first, I can take you there if you want.
I believe you miss your family and you will be with them very soon, but is that really the cause of you being moody all the time, I don�t think so� he said

�No I�m fine it�s just that�.�
�It�s just that�what�

�It just that�what� I asked
�I don�t…..know, I don�t wanna say�this� she said already in tears

�Hey, look at me� I said, turning her face to face me �You can tell me anything, I promise to keep it as a secret. Is it about Felix, did he hurt you?� I asked softly, cleaning the tears off her eyes
�I�m I�m traumatized� she said, sobbing
�Hmm, It�s ok� I cooed trying to pet her �Just say it, and you will be free� I assured

�Yes�..yes, he touched me, but he didn�t hurt me. But I feel hurt emotionally� she cried explaining her experience. I suddenly feel anger welling up inside me, but I tried to suppress it. And whereas the crazy dude is dead, what�s the need of getting angry, I thought

�Mmm, it�s ok. Try to forget about it, I know that it will be hard but�..�
�But what, it�s not easy to let go, I feel somehow knowing that he touched me that way, I can�t��
�Hey calm down�I know that��� I interrupted

�No you don�t Eric; you don�t know how lonely I feel. Take a look at Maria, she is happy with her family, I�m not jealous of her but I feel frustrated with my own kind of life, why can�t I be happy� she said as she cries between words

�I feel your pain, but you have me to love you. You will always have the support of everyone, just give us a chance and let go of your pains so that you can be free� I said
I slammed my lips on hers preventing her from speaking, it might cool her nerves, I thought as I break it and looked into her eyes

�I�m sorry for doing that, I just�.� I muttered softly, while her eyes flickered
�No I get you, I think I feel better now� she whispered turning to face the other side, while I smiled
“Hmm, really? Do you want more?” I asked while she blushed

“What!!! What if someone sees us here and whereas you have no right to do that with me, I’m not your girlfriend” she mumbled, and I chuckled
“But we can make it possible, right” I grinned
“Hey don’t joke with me, I’m still a bit hurt though” she said folding her hands

“Come on, just forget about what happened in the past, it’s gone already, everything will be fine” I assured
“Yea thanks” she said cleaning stain of tears on her face
“Thanks for what, the kiss or advice” I smirked
“Hey stop that” she blushed again
“Ok thanks for the both, she whispered
“You are welcome, dear” I mouthed




One word for Josh/Maria

Did Eric do the right thing?


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?



  1. Lovey dovey Maria and Josh, I'm happy for them
    Eliza should let the past remain in the past, move on and give love and happiness a chance. I know she knows Eric is in love with her, and she loves him too
    Next please

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