Mafia Queen – Chapter 45



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 45

“Anyways, why don’t we talk about something more cheerful?” he suddenly suggested.

Daniella looked at him confused.

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well, for starters, we haven’t met for that long so it’s only natural that we try to get to know each other. Especially since I feel that we will have to work together for a while,” he explained

She found it reasonable and it was true. They did only meet each other for the first time a few months ago and suddenly it was like they were best friends going on a roadtrip.

“Alright. So what do you wanna know?”

She watched him as he hummed along to the tune of the radio.

“Why don’t we start off with the basics. What’s your birthday?” he asked.

She smiled amused.

“Alright. Well, I was born on September 22nd, 2002,” she answered.

“Wow, what a coincidence. I was born on June 22nd 1993.”

She glanced at him surprised herself.

“That is a coincidence. And you’re only twenty seven years old? You’re pretty young for a lawyer,” she said in awe.

He chuckled and shook his head.

“My dad is a lawyer too and I often went to his law firm after school. So I had a slight advantage over the other kids,” he explained.

“Oh, I see, a rich kid from birth,” she joked.

He smirked playfully and winked.

“I wish. My mom was very frugal so we didn’t really have a very ‘luxurious’ life.”

“Then what does she think about your expensive car?” she questioned curious.

“I’m guessing she’d probably hit me,” he grinned.

“Guessing? She doesn’t know you bought it?” she chuckled.

He smiled softly and kept looking forward into the road.

“She passed away a few years ago due to cancer.”

Daniella glanced up at Ryan in surprise.

“I’m sorry,” she said apologetically.

“Don’t be sorry, she lived a good life,” he reassured.

“I hope.”

Daniella chuckled awkwardly.

She hoped she didn’t offend him by bringing her up.

“So anyways,” he said changing the topic,

“as gloomy as that sounded, it really isn’t as bad as you think. Her death has taught me a lot of life lessons. I mean, I can still hear her whiny voice in the corner of my brain telling me not to spend on that extra pair of shoes or something, you know?”

Daniella chuckled a little lighter than before.

“Now I know how to save my money,” he concluded.

“I’m proud. You don’t really see rich parents teach their children that,” she commented.

He shrugged and smiled,

“It also meant that I didn’t turn out spoiled so, thank god for that,” he added.

“Your parents brought you up well. You turned into a very kind gentlemen who helps girls run away from their husbands.”

He looked at her offended while she tried not to laugh.

“I know that was supposed to be a compliment but I can’t help but feel horrible when I hear it. It was for good reason!” he defended.

“I know, I know,” she chuckled. “I couldn’t help it.”

He smirked and shook his head lightly before rounding the corner down a street and onto a quiet suburb far from the sky scraping towers.

“What a peaceful neighbourhood,” she murmured.

“Isn’t it?” he replied.

“It’s where I grew up before my dad became a lawyer.”

Daniella looked outside the window peacefully and smiled.

“This reminds me of my own family home,” she said with a sad smile.

She suddenly remembered a wrecking ball and frowned.

“Really? What was it like?” he asked.

“My house wasn’t that big for a family that owned a company but it was the comfiest home I’ve ever been in.”

Ryan glanced over at her and grinned.

“That’s great! Why don’t I take you there instead?” he suggested enthusiastically.

Daniella chuckled and shook her head dismissively.

“Unfortunately, it was destroyed.”

Ryan’s expression suddenly fell and she saw him glance at her from the corner of his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said solemnly.

She grinned brightly at him, feeling guilty at making the atmosphere suddenly gloomy.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s just a house. It’s all in the past,” she reassured.

Even if she said that, the mood was still a little heavy.

“Where are your parents living now?” he asked.

“My dad was in the hospital for a couple of months but when he got out, Damien bought my mom and him a house in another state. He wouldn’t tell me where they lived so I haven’t been able to contact them,” she explained depressed.

“He never told you where they were?” he said surprised.

“Whenever I tried to ask about it, he would either change the subject or ignore me completely. I guess he thought that if I found out, I would run away to them.”

When she looked over at him, she saw how Ryan’s jaw was clenched as well as his grip on the steering wheel.

“Look Daniella, I’m going to make sure he never finds his way back into your life,” he said with gritted teeth.

She widened her eyes at him but couldn’t say anything.

It was the kindest thing she’s heard in a while but even if it did give her some relief, she couldn’t help but doubt anyone who could overpower Damien.




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