Mafia Queen – chapter 43



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 43

He put his hands to his hip with a look of disapproval.

“You don’t need to know,” he replied.

She squinted her eyes at him suspiciously.

“Why? Is it something bad?” she fuelled.

He huffed and crossed his arms.

“No, it has nothing to do with you and stop changing the subject.”

To her, this wasn’t right. If he didn’t want her contacting Ryan, she needed to know why. If not, then it was fair game.

This was another reason why she was always frustrated with Damien, he never gave her a reason.

“I don’t see why you get to keep secrets and I’m always stuck here knowing nothing,” she remarked.

“So if you’re out here doing things without me knowing, then why can’t I just have a simple phone number with you knowing about it?”

He frowned deeply.

“Why are you so adamant on wanting to see him? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with the shitface,” he swore.

“That’s only in your head. I’m just saying that you get to do whatever you want without me knowing and here I am not even allowed to have a friend to call. You already chased away my ‘bought’ friend anyway.”

“He is, in no way ever going to be your friend,” he said distastefully.

She sighed,

“And there you go again, dictating who becomes my friend or not.”

He flinched and stepped back.

“He isn’t a good person, Daniella. Just trust me,” he stressed.

“He just wants your trust and your money before dumping you off.”

Daniella made a thin line on her lips.

“He doesn’t look like that sort of person. I mean he came all the way here just to discuss something that you clearly did wrong so he isn’t half-hearted person,” she reasoned.

He furrowed his eyebrows together before scowling.

“So you two did talk about something,” he observed.

Daniella widened her eyes before cursing inwardly.

Her and her big mouth.

“What did he tell you? Whatever he said, you shouldn’t believe him.”

Daniella looked at him suspiciously.

“All he said that he was sorting out some legal issues against you, something about your company committing foul play,” she murmured.

Daniella watched as he looked at her calculating.

His gaze looked distrustful.

“Is that really all he said?” he asked insistently.

“Yes, I swear this time,” she promised.

He stayed silent for a few seconds, looking like he was thinking hard about something before sighing and walking over to his desk.

He casually sat down in the chair and leaned his head against his arms resting on the glass table.

“You better be telling the truth,” he said.

Daniella frowned and thought about how he was being a hypocrite himself.

“What about you?” she retorted.

He looked up at her tiredly.

“What about me?” he asked.

“Can’t you at least tell me the truth about this whole legal case thing?”

He gave her a dull glance before going onto his desk top and typing something into it.

“It’s nothing you need to concern yourself about,” he dismissed.

Daniella frowned and crossed her arms.

“I don’t find it fair that I truthfully tell you everything and you keep things from me,” she argued.

He stopped typing halfway and pushed back his chair to face her.

“Aren’t you are the one who kept secret about what you talked about with that fvcker? Who knows what else you two talked about or even did in this office,” he huffed, keeping his gaze on the computer screen.

“That’s because I knew that you would get mad at me if you found out we talked more than what I knew you wouldn’t like,” she proclaimed.

“Do you do this with everyone? Make promises and then break them?” he fired.

“And I only make you do that because I want to keep you safe.”

Daniella clicked her tongue annoyed.

“Excuse me, but I think I know how to keep myself safe. And I don’t want to seem like an a$$ all up herself by not engaging with a person actively conversing with me,” she rebutted.

Damien rolled his eyes.

“Then it’s the same for me,” he said.

“I’m not telling you these things about my legal issues because I didn’t want to cause a scene with you because I knew you would react badly.”

Daniella froze and stopped herself from saying any more.

“If it’s enough to make me react negatively then you should have definitely told me,” she huffed.

She didn’t know whether to trust that he was genuinely being considerate or if it was because he just didn’t want her knowing his shady business.

“Daniella, it’s not even something to do with the business. It’s just some personal matters that guy is making a big deal of.”

Daniella raised an eyebrow.

“Then you’re not doing something illegal?”She asked.

He snapped his eyes towards her before raising an eyebrow.

“Do you really not trust me?”

She stood there silently.

He quietly stood up from his chair and slowly walked over to her.

When he got to her, he cupped her face and gently moved it so she was facing up at him.

“I’m not keeping it from you because it’s illegal,” he started softly,

“I’m keeping this from you because it’s just banter and I don’t want to stress you out.”

Daniella kept silent.

In actuality, it wasn’t the fact that he was doing something illegal that bothered her.

She just didn’t know where to put her trust.

Could she trust Damien’s words and believe he is really just trying to not to worry her?

Or was Ryan telling the truth and Damien was a pathological liar?

Or maybe it was both.

Damien might really not have something fishy going on in his business.

But Ryan was still truthful in that Damien was abusing his power when he married her.

“Damien–” she started.

But before she could utter a sentence, Damien ever so lightly placed his lips on Daniella’s head.

“Trust me, okay?” he said in a whisper.

Daniella widened her eyes.

‘Trust me’?

She had tried to make this relationship seem normal but she should have realised that it was never normal to begin with.

“Damien, how can I trust you when you don’t even trust me?” she replied tiredly.

Daniella saw a flash of hurt pass by his eyes.

“I know it may seem unfair but I swear I do this only because I love you,” he said sweetly.

Daniella pursed her lips uncomfortably and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Just don’t worry about what that guy anymore. And I promise I’ll try to reason with you more often. Just hand over his business card, alright?”

Daniella was conflicted.

Damien still didn’t tell her what was going on but promised it was nothing big.

Maybe it wasn’t the fact that he lied that bothered her anyway. It’s the moments when he does those outrageous things to her that keeps her second guessing.

“Fine,” she finally sighed.

She slowly handed over the business card to him and he smiled at her.

He then walked over to the shredder on his desk before sliding it through and watching it turn into thinly sliced pieces of cardboard.

To her surprise, he went even further and grabbed the scraps of the shredder and threw them all into the fireplace running on the farther side.

“Alright, now thats over with,” he said happily,

“why don’t we down for lunch? We have a cafeteria on the second floor.”

Daniella just nodded before following him outside the office. But not before checking her phone that she was hiding behind her back the entire time.

On the screen you could see that a new photo was recently added.


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