Mafia Queen – Chapter 41



Written By : Pamela James

�Youngicee stories


Chapter 41

Daniella widened her eyes in shock.

“You are going against Damien Mason?” she asked in shock.

“You know him?” he asked.

“Kinda,” she mumbled uncomfortably.

“That’s why you can trust me to handle a situation such as yours,” he reassured.

“Is that why you’re here?” she asked still in a state of surprise.

“Correct,” he said.

“I’m here to discuss some legal issues that have arose recently. I’ve been meaning to find evidence of foul play in his company. Although, it can be hard with someone as stubborn and meticulous as he is,” he muttered annoyed.

She stayed silent, wondering if this was the first bit of luck she’s had in a while.

A lawyer whose fighting against her enemy, Damien.

She thought that this was a perfect opportunity.

“Actually,” she started confidently,

“I’m here because of something Damien did as well.”

He looked on in surprise, then suddenly turning eager to listen.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, and since I know that you are are against him. I want to ask something,” she asked.

He rose an eyebrow and folded his arms curiously,

“I’m listening.”

“Are you good at handling divorce cases?” she asked.

It seemed that it took a few seconds for him to register what she was saying.

“Divorce cases?” he said aloud then looked over at her questionably.

“Are you speaking on behalf of yourself?”

She nodded.

“You’re married?” he asked in surprise.

“Unfortunately,” she mumbled.

He looked on with a calculating gaze.

“I have handled cases having to do with the split of large amounts of wealth and assets between partners,” he murmured.

“I just want a divorce,” she said.

“And maybe a restraining order.”

“I assume you two are not on the best of terms. Was he like this from the beginning?”

“I guess he was. But it wasn’t a marriage based on love to begin with. He threatened me to marry him,” she sighed.

He looked on at her with wide eyes.

“Threatened you? Not even an arranged marriage?” he asked.

“Not even that. We met a few months ago and he found a way to threaten me into marrying him,” she explained.

“How did he do that?” he asked, still outwardly looking on in shock.

She smiled painfully and looked up at him.

“He shut down my dad’s company.”

Daniella carefully looked at his reaction as he started to piece the puzzles together.

“So, if I am assuming correctly,” he started,

“Your current husband had threatened you to marry him by purposefully ruining your father’s company?” he asked incredulously.

“You assumed correctly,” she chuckled bitterly.

He stared at her with wide eyes before sighing and rubbing his eyes.

“To whom, may I ask?”

“Huh?” she asked in surprise.

“Who is this person who threatened you,” he asked,

“Who is your husband?”

She stared at him for a few seconds, contemplating on whether or not she was going to go through with this with a person she just met, and also the fact that she still didn’t know his name.

But she thought, in her situation, anyone who was willing to take Damien down was a saint.

After a minute of silence, she slowly breathed in, then steadily let go.

“Damien Mason” she said.

She waited for his reaction.

Ever so slowly, she watched as his eyes gaped open and his face looked onto her with a dim expression.

“You are Damien’s wife?” he asked softly.

She didn’t know whether his reaction was out of regret, anger or just plain surprise.

“Unwillingly,” she muttered.

He paused for a minute before scrambling around his pocket for a pen and pulled out a mini notebook.

“This is great,” he suddenly exclaimed before whipping his head towards her and fixing his words.

“Not your situation, I mean, but the fact that we are both against Damien,” he explained.

He began writing furiously and jotted down note into the notebook before staring at her with large eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I just completely forgot to ask for your name,” he said dumbfounded at himself.

She blinked,

“Oh, it’s Daniella Jason–”

“She means Daniella Damien” Damien suddenly butted in from behind.



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