Mafia Queen – Chapter 37



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 37

Daniella rolled onto her side and curled up into a foetus position.

She was staring out the window aimlessly on the couch. It had been three days after he destroyed her home.

Her eyes were stinging from crying all day, her hair was greasy and she was wearing the same clothes as she did three days ago.

She couldn’t believe that Damien had the audacity to actually destroy her childhood home. Every memory from when she was born was in that house. All her greatest family pieces were created there.

Now it’s all gone.

While thinking about it, she suddenly heard the door open and in came the culprit of her current misery.

“I’m back,” he said aloud.

Daniella didn’t bother to even look at him.

She didn’t want to have any contact with him right now.

“Daniella?” he called out.

She heard his footsteps come around to the couch and suddenly the seat dipped near her.

“Have you been crying?” he asked gently.

She felt his hand on her hip but was too upset to push him away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

She was too tired and too frustrated to answer him.

Didn’t he know that he was the one who caused all of this?

“Leave me alone,” she murmured.

“Wait, I have something I want to discuss with you,” he replied.

She didn’t want to hear what he had say at the very moment.

The only thing she wanted to talk about was if it was about getting her old home back but she knew that was never gonna happen.

She felt his arms then lift her up so she was sitting upright on the couch facing him.

She could see her reflection in the window behind him. She was a mangled mess and couldn’t help but frown at her state.

She felt his hand smooth over her hair and tug at her shirt.

“Didn’t you wear these yesterday? And when was the last time you showered?” he asked concerned.

She felt angry at his misdirected concern and folded her arms.

“If this is what you wanted to talk about then go away,” she rebuffed aggressively.

She watched as Damien looked apologetic and laid his hand on her thigh.

“Okay, sorry, sorry. It’s about something else.”

She glanced at the hand on her thigh and raised an eyebrow.

“What is it?” she asked impatiently.

“Well,” he started, lightly caressing her thigh,

“we’ve been together for quite a while now,” he said.

Daniella was starting to feel uncomfortable as she felt his hand slowly creep up her thigh.

“Only a few months,” she retorted, looking at his hand weirdly.

“I recently congratulated one of my employees on the birth of his child,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow at him disinterested.


“So, I have just been seeing some of my colleagues have already started having children lately and it made me start thinking about what it would be like,” he stated nonchalantly.

“What are you talking about?” she asked suspiciously.

He gently rested his hand on her hip and leaned in closer.

“Don’t you want to see what being a mother feels like? he asked suggestively.

Daniella froze inwardly.

The hand on her thigh, the talk of children, the gentle tone. She felt her blood run cold.

“Wait,” she warned while slowly backing away,

“you aren’t suggesting we have children, do you?” she asked fearfully.




  1. I swear Daniella can endure things ooo, I would have stab him at night while he�s asleep. He�s very stupid and obsessed ????

  2. Damn!! This guy is pure devil.
    How dare he?
    Like, who put it in his brain that women are to be remotes??!!!??????

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