Mafia Queen – Chapter 34



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 34

Damien was on the highest floor of their company building when he heard the sound of his phone buzz.

His eyes quickly wavered away from his computer screen to his phone.

When he looked at the notification on the lock screen, he saw that it was from Marie. She was updating him on the topics she and Daniella talked about today.


Celebrity news.

New hair.

Honestly, he was relieved. He would have rather them talk about those topics than of the topic of other men.

+ Good work.

He typed back a reply and abruply threw his phone back into his pocket.

A few hours later, when night approached, he tiredly leant back onto his chair and stretched out his arms.

He was done for the day, although the day had already finished hours ago for his other employees. It was already 11 pm and he was the only one left in the building besides the security guards and cleaners.

Quickly, he got up from his chair and turned his computer off before grabbing his blazer and heading to the ground floor.

When he finally got home, he sighed tiredly as he opened the door. The house was already dead silent; he knew that Daniella would be asleep.

An unconscious smile formed on his lips. He thought about how nice it was going be to when he would lie down next to his wife. He liked the thought of seeing her everyday after work, knowing everything that she did. It gave him a sense of control.

When he came into the bedroom, he saw Daniella’s body lying peacefully in their bed, sound asleep. He casually walked over and leant over her to see her chest slowing rising and falling which brought a smile to his face.

He then swiftly made his way over to their bathroom, hopped into the shower and a few minutes later, he came out refreshed. A steamy towel wrapped around his waist, hair dripping wet and a thin trail of water droplets falling around him.

He quickly put on his night wear and headed into the kitchen to fetch a quick drink before going back into the bedroom and lying in the bed with her and turning over to face her back.
It was all surreal to him. He remembered the first time he saw her at the networking party and being immediately captivated by her.

She was just so alluring. Everything about her captured his every attention. He remembered thinking that at that moment, he would give all of him to her.

Deep in thought, his finger lightly traced her back before he slowly wrapped his arms around her torso and cuddled up closer to her with his face nestling in her shoulder.

He liked it like this. He wanted things to stay this way.




“Good morning,” he said to Daniella as she entered the kitchen.

He glanced at her but noticed she was a little off by the way she flinched when he said her name.

“Good morning,” she replied, not making eye contact.

It had already been a few months since they started living together so he thought that she would be used to him by now.

Why did she suddenly seem wary?

“Did you sleep well last night?” he asked, sitting down in front of her at the kitchen table.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” she replied, grabbing a piece of toast and layering a slab of butter on.

“You seem jumpy this morning,” he said nonchalantly, also grabbing the knife after her.

“I feel fine. Maybe you’re the one who’s lacking sleep,” she said jokingly.

He smirked at her a little before letting it drop and staying silent. He knew something was definitely off.

If he could deduce anything, it probably happened yesterday.

Could it be when they fought and he didn’t let her see her parents?

“I’m glad you’re not angry at me anymore,” he said, trying to ease his way into the topic.

“Why would I be?” she asked just casually munching on the piece of toast.

“You seemed really discontent about yesterday.”

She glanced at him and shrugged,

“I was, but I’m fine now.”

“Really?” he stared at her suspiciously,

“So you don’t want to see your parent’s anymore?”

“Of course I do,” she retorted.

“But I realise that asking you isn’t going to get me anywhere.”

He hummed but inwardly thought that she was being very passive about the whole ordeal.

‘Yesterday, she seemed to hate the idea that I kept her from seeing her parents but now she suddenly came to terms with it? Either she did some hard self-reflecting or something else happened.’

After breakfast, Damien texted Marie telling her to meet up at a nearby cafe.

He quickly left the condo straight after he told Daniella that he was going out for work and waited patiently at the cafe.

There, he saw her from the glass window with her usual dramatic attire that he had forbidden her to wear in front of Daniella.


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