Mafia Queen – Chapter 32



Written By : Pamela James

�Youngicee stories


Chapter 32

Daniella clicked her tongue,

“My last relationship was with this jerk a$$ who only used me for my money. Other than that, nothing.”

Marie rolled her eyes,

“Well, at least you dumped his stupid a$$. Thank god you found out before you went any further with him. But, other than that douchebag, any other romances,” she smiled suggestively.

Daniella laughed,

“In case you forgot, I got married a few months ago.”

Marie widened her eyes and suddenly sighed frustratingly.

“Oh, that’s right,” she groaned,

“I forgot you had a husband.”

Daniella chuckled,

“Then who did you think Damien was?”

“Your father,” she said deadpan.

Daniella laughed aloud and fell to her side on the couch.

“Well, actually, that wouldn’t be so bad for you,” Marie continued,

“Because then you could call him daddy.”

Marie winked and Daniella gagged.

“That sounds disgusting. Never say that again.”

Marie inwardly shuddered with her and nodded her head in agreement.

“You’re right. That word should never be used with him. Never.”

“Anyways, let’s move on before I puke out those macarons,” Daniella continued,

“Tell me more about that guy.”

Marie hummed, before taking out her phone and swiping along before showing Daniella a picture of the two together.

Daniella widened her eyes,

“You look so pretty there! Where were you guys?”

“He took me out to some restaurant to meet his family. He’s actually more serious than I thought.”

She glanced in her direction,

“How was his family?”

Marie sighed,

“They were completely fine. Perfectly normal actually. Nothing was wrong with them. But…”

“But what?”

She kissed her teeth and folded her arms,

“I don’t know, they were too normal for me. I think he expected some streamlined relationship where we meet, date for a few years, get married, have kids and grow old together or some shi– stuff.”

Daniella looked at her surprised,

“That’s not what you want?”

“Hell no. I want a life of adventure. Something boring isn’t for me, which is why I don’t even think about marriage when I’m with someone,” she replied disgusted.

“That’s funny. I actually would want a normal lifestyle. Just meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with before settling down and having a family.”

“That’s fine. But sometimes I just think, where’s the thrill in that? Going by the books, doing what everyone expects of you. But I don’t judge, everyone wants something different.”

Daniella nodded,

“I guess so. I think I just like stability and knowing what’s going to happen.”

“Then I guess you actually like this married lifestyle right now, right?” Marie assumed.

Daniella widened her eyes,


Daniella thought about it before painting a thin line on her lips.

“I don’t think this is what I wanted. It wasn’t at all ‘normal’ from the start.”

Marie raised an eyebrow,

“I thought you wanted to get married?”

Daniella shrugged,

“I did. But to be honest, I married younger than what I expected.”

“That’s… actually surprising. And interesting,” she said perplexed.

“Really?” she said while giggling at Marie surprised face,


“Well, it’s just that, I thought you were just one of those girls who wanted to marry the guys he liked straight away.”

Daniella looked distraught and laughed.

“No way. I like to see how people are before thinking of even spending the rest of your life together. Besides, this wasn’t a love-based marriage.”

Marie stared in complete shock.

“What?!” she shouted standing up from the couch.

Daniella stared at her worried,

“Are you ok?”

Marie slowly sat back down with her mouth gaped wide open.

“Then what the hell are you doing with him? He’s egotistical, a jerk, ob$essive, rud�, psych0tic– I could go on,” Marie ranted, listing out all the things she hated about him.

Daniella looked at Marie amused.

“I know.”

Marie stared back in shock,

“Then either he’s just some really lucky guy to have a girl who can put up with his bullshi– crappy attitude, or– or, or what else could there possibly be? Who would ever stay with someone who just keeps you inside all day?”

Daniella smiled,

“Thanks Marie. But there were actually a lot of circumstances that lead us to be like this.”


“Well, he promised to take care of my dad who was in hospital if I was with him so we got married,” she said offhandedly.

Marie squinted at her suspiciously.

Daniella remained silent and just decided to not say anything.

“Wait a minute..”

Daniella glanced up at her with a nervous smile.

“Don’t tell me…” Marie asked seriously,

“Did he threaten you?”



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