Mafia Queen – Chapter 30



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 30

“You’re wasting my time,” he murmured.

“Okay, fine. I won’t pry anymore,” she sighed.

Damien looked back and sat back down calmly.

She clicked her tongue,

“What a lovely husband you are. I can already tell how this relationship is gonna turn out,” she huffed.

He huffed,

“I didn’t realize the contract asked for a snarky attitude.”

“That’s just me. You can just tell me how to act in front of her,” she said nonchalantly.

“She likes standing on her own feet so don’t offer to buy her too many things. But don’t rely on her too much like her stupid ex,” he grimaced thinking about her dating the douchebag.

“Just study the file I gave you and make sure she seems comfortable and happy. And remember to always report–”

“Report back to you, I know,” she interrupted.

“You must be an insecure little husband if you’re willing to buy her some friends.”

He blinked calmly,

“Say what you want. I’m doing this for her.”

She shrugged and suddenly stood up,

“Whatever, if I see the numbers in my bank going up, then I won’t question your weird fetish.”

He watched in displeasure as she strutted off from the cafe with her high purple velvet stilettos, short denim skirt and cheetah fur coat. She was exactly the kind of girl he hated.




And now he was looking at he hated from his dining room.

She had a complete 180 makeover.

Her platinum blonde turned into a chocolate brown.

All her makeup was wiped off, minus the eyelash extensions, and instead of her usual fashion statement, she instead wore a simple clean T-shirt and skinny jeans.

He admittedly made a double-take when he saw her because she looked completely different to what she looked like the first time he saw her.

His phone suddenly buzzed and he looked down to see her message pop up.

>> the girl wants to watch a movie

He rose an eyebrow.

He thought it would be a good opportunity to take her out for a date.

>> What movie?

>> h0rror

He hummed in satisfaction and folded his arms together before quickly searching up any horror movies currently airing around their area.

>> Go away now.

Marie glanced at him quickly from the couch and rolled her eyes but he made sure to give her a knowing look.

“Well, I better be off,” she said to Daniella.

Damien saw Daniella look sad but still walked her ‘friend’ over to the door way before she closed it.

Before he saw her go into the bedroom, he decided to call out to her.

“Daniella, just a second,” he said.

Daniella stopped in her tracks and turned around with a raised eyebrow.


He quickly got up from his seat and walked over to her while holding up his phone. When he got up to her, he lifted it up to her and showed her the session times for movies.

“Why don’t we watch a movie later tonight?” he suggested.

He saw the look of interest on Daniella’s face as she glanced at the screen that had the latest horror movie that was released.

“‘All of Us are D��d 2,” she murmured while reading the description.

“Oh, I’ve watched the first part of this.”

“Want to go?” he asked.

He watched her expression carefully.

She looked to be thinking about it heavily and after a few seconds he thankfully received an approving nod.

“It sounds interesting…” she replied.

He smiled and suddenly put his arm around her shoulder,

“Let’s go then.”

He felt excited for once.

She never accepted anything of his but now she finally did.

He would be lying if he didn’t credit this to Marie but who knew that a simple friend of hers could help his relationship with Daniella?

“Right now?” she said shocked.

“I already booked the tickets anyway,” he replied, grabbing his keys and pushing them out the door.

Once they got done, they went into the underground garage where his car was waiting.

He saw her face looking impressed and couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in him.

He then opened the door for her to get inside and she thanked him before seating himself on the driver’s side.

“Like the car?” he asked, turning on the engine.

She held onto the seatbelt and nodded while glancing around.

He found it cute how she reacted so nervously inside.

As they rode along the silent road, he could tell she was somewhat nervous with him.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve went on a date with someone,” he suddenly said.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her head whip towards him.

“You mean you haven’t even had a girlfriend before?” she gasped.

“Is it weird?” he asked sheepishly.

She wore a thin line on her lips but turned back towards the front.

“Not weird, just surprising. I didn’t think you were the type to never have a girlfriend.”

He smirked a little,

“So you thought I was a playboy?”

“Maybe,” she replied bluntly.

He chuckled deeply, inwardly feeling a little hurt.

Did he really look like he had millions of girls before?

Did she think he would just play with her feelings?

“You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt I could love in my life,” he said, trying to help how she might have thought he wasn’t serious about her.

“How could you know when you’ve never tried with any other girls?” she retorted.

It backfired on him somehow.

“I really do like you Daniella” he said.

“Still,” she continued,

“isn’t ruining my dad’s family and threatening me to marry you a bit much for your first love?” she said bluntly.


He unconsciously furrowed his brow and gripped more tightly onto the steering wheel.

Was she still mad about that?

Weren’t they fine right now?

Why was she still holding a grudge on him about that?

“I did that because I wanted to be with you,” he replied.

From the side of his eyes, he saw how she folded her arms and heard her small sigh escape her lips.

“I know it’s your first time liking someone but that’s not how you do it,” she replied.

He kept silence after her reply, he just didn’t feel like arguing when they were supposed to be on a date but somehow the mood was ruined for him.

Now he didn’t want to go on the date, he just wanted to go home.

Why was she always trying to start a fight with him?

What exactly was he doing wrong?

“Sometimes I don’t get you,” he mumbled.

“What?” she asked, not hearing what he said.

“I thought we were working out so well,” he spoke, mostly to himself.

With all these thoughts clouding his head he couldn’t hear whatever she said, if she did say anything afterwards.

The car was silent and so was the movie afterwards.




  1. Danielle I know u didn't expect diz buh pls give him a chance, try to understand him u will see DAT his intentions are clean. I accepl he did every wrongly buh wat could he do. If u were in his shoes u might do de same

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