Just For Love � Episode 19

Love made her

(Love made her)

#Chapter 19

� Azeemah Salami?

(Zeemah writes )

Bryan’s POV

Mara, Laura and i stood in the infirmary as the nurse attended to Kelly who is laying unconscious on the bed.
My back is stinging in pain and i had to keep rubbing it through my shirt.

Kelly’s shirt has been pulled off and seeing the scars and wound made my heart heavy.
He has hurt so much!
He’s in pains yet he kept mute about it!
Is he being maltreated?
He never talked about his family.

I can’t wait for him to be awake… there is a lot to ask him.
I watched Laura as she stood beside Mara.
I hadn’t known she was this nice.
Someone i just got to know to today received strokes for me, cried for me and now worried about my friend.
She has a very caring heart and i don’t regret being paired with her.

I would like to know her better.

“Seriously,we have to report this to the school board! Mr Curt’s punishment was extreme and above the law of the school” Laura said.
“Yeah…decree 25 of Makers high school says that “Do not punish students extremely..punish them according to their offense” Mara said.

“Yeah,and decree 12 of Makers high school says any offense involving sport activities; the punishment is just to run round the field forty times and not more than that! But Mr Curt flogged us” Laura said.

“I’m the leader of the volleyball practice,so my punishment has to be extreme…we can’t report this to the school board if we don’t want this matter to go further” i said.
“But Mr Curt’s punishment was over the extreme,just imagine.. Kelly is laying there unconscious after Mr Curt flogged him” Mara said.

“Kelly Yates isn’t unconscious because of Mr Curt’s strokes..he has been nursing this deep wound on his chest without medical care,the wound has contacted some bacteria and it spread all over his body,that was what made him unconscious,but I’ve treated the wound and I’ve given him antibiotics and also placed him on drip. If he isn’t conscious in the next two hours,he’s gonna be transferred to the hospital” The nurse said,picked her little tray and left.

We rushed to Kelly on the bed…
He’s breathing fine but his eyes is shut.
Mara held his hand and started crying.

“Kelly,why couldn’t you tell us about all this? Just open your eyes and explain how you got this scars and wound ” Mara cried.

I felt guilty…yeah,cause I’m always seeing little wounds on his arm but never asked him about it.

I held his second hand and prayed earnestly for him to wake up.
I don’t want him transferred to the hospital.

Time is ticking fast…?
One and half hour had gone and Kelly isn’t yet to open his eyes.
The nurses were starting to prepare how to transfer him to the hospital.

Our gazes were fixed on his closed eyes..
“Kelly they are about transferring you to the hospital… won’t you open your eyes” Mara said in tears.

She’s just so emotional…

I saw Kelly batted an eyelid…I quickly called Mara’s attention to it.
She and Laura also watched him bat an eyelid and he did that slowly till his eyes opened..

“He’s awake!” Mara shouted..
I noticed his grip tightened on my hand as he struggled to recollect what happened.
Two nurses walked into the ward and started another roll of treatment on him.

? Solely written by Azeemah Salami?

We watched in anticipation as he kept opening and closing his eyes..
It’s so obvious he’s in pains…
I felt damn sorry for him!


“He’s weak right now and needs to rest,none of you should disturb him…he’s gonna go to sleep now and he’ll be stronger once he wakes up…we’ve treated him and he will be fine okay?” One of the nurses said and we nodded.
They both walked away.

“Kelly how are you feeling?” Mara asked.
“We were told not to disturb him…let him sleep” I said.
She nodded and stood back…we watched Kelly worriedly as he closed his eyes and started to sleep.


School is over but Kelly isn’t awake yet.

“Wow… time is far spent” I said.
“Yeah…I can’t believe we missed some subjects today” Mara said.
“I’m gonna ask my friends for the notes,then we are gonna copy it” Laura.
“Ohh…that will be nice” Mara said.

“Laura, school is over.. won’t you leave for home?” I asked.
She shook her head…”No…I will be here with you guys till Kelly is awake”
“Wow!” Mara exclaimed.
“Won’t your parents be worried?” I asked.
“Actually it’s a parent…I lost my dad to leukemia when i was a kid so I’m just with my mum now” She said.

“So sorry about that” Mara and i said.
“It’s okay… it’s long gone” She said.
“Let’s go pick our backpacks” Mara said.
“You guys should go…I will stay with Kelly” I said.
“Okay,Laura come on” Mara said and she and Laura both walked out of the infirmary.

I sighed and turned back to Kelly..

He’s awake! Smiling..

?Mara’s POV?

We picked our backpacks and also picked Kelly’s and Bryan’s.
Actually i was holding Bryan’s and backing mine while Laura was holding Kelly’s and backing hers.

She said goodbye to her friends and we walked back to the infirmary.

Ellen wasn’t in class and she’s lucky she isn’t!

We entered the infirmary and smiled on seeing Kelly awake..
He’s sitting up and discussing with Bryan.

The nurse was right,she said he’s gonna be stronger and he is!

“Thank goodness you are awake Kelly,how are you feeling?” I asked as i passed Bryan’s backpack to him.
Laura dropped Kelly’s beside the bed.
“I’m feeling far better” he said and smiled.

“I hope the pain has lessened?” Laura asked.
“Yeah.. thanks” he said.
“Thanks everyone for caring for me,you all made me feel loved” He said and we smiled.
“It’s nothing Kelly” we chorused.

“But i wanna ask…how did you came about this scars and wound on your chest?” I asked curiously..
I’ve been so worried about that since he was laying unconscious.

He sighed…”I don’t want to talk about that”
“Are you being maltreated?..we can go report at the human rights institute” Bryan said.
“Of course no! I’m not being maltreated,i live with my parents and they take very good care of me” Kelly said.

“You are living with your parents? Yet you have scars and wounds…I actually thought you were being maltreated cause this is just too much” Laura said.
“The scars are from my childhood days,i was always playing rough with my friends then and the wound..I..i hit my chest on the bedside table..I was planning on going to the hospital after school to treat it” he said.
“How come you hit your chest on your bed side table?” I asked.
“It was unknowingly” he said and we all sighed knowing he doesn’t wanna tell the truth.

“Those scars on your chest are not from childhood days,it’s obvious they are recent cause they are still fresh” Bryan said and i nodded in agreement.
“And it’s not possible to hit your chest on your bedside table and have such a deep wound”Laura said and i nodded again in agreement.
“Kelly..just open up to us,we will help you if we can” I said.

“Believe me! The scars are from my childhood days and the wound is from my bedside table” He said and turned his gaze to the drip connected to his hand.
The drip is almost finished…

“Kelly we can’t believe you cause we know you aren’t telling the truth.. please how did you get these scars and wounds…who punished you this way?” Bryan asked starting to get pissed.
“Believe me or not…I’m sorry but I’m ready to say anything” he said.

“But Kelly..” I was saying before the nurse walked in.

“Ohh…he’s awake,why didn’t one of you come to call me?” She asked and started disconnecting the finished drip from his hand.
“How are you feeling now?” She asked Kelly.
“Much better” he said.
“Next time, don’t ever try to cover up a wound cause it causes a lot of damage to the body” The nurse said.
Kelly nodded “Thanks ma’am”

“So,now you are free to go home…come collect your medications at the desk and you have to come back tomorrow so you can have a change of the band aid” She said.
“Okay ma’am” he said.
“Alright, don’t forget to come to collect your medications before leaving okay?” She said.
“Okay ma’am”
She packed the waste and thrashed it before walking out of the ward.

“Let’s go home” Kelly said and stood on his feet.
He started buttoning his shirt,then wore his shoes.

“Kelly, avoiding our questions won’t help anything” Bryan said what’s exactly on my mind.
“I’m not avoiding anything…I’ve answered all your questions..let’s just leave,i need to go rest at home” He said and picked his backpack…
He hung it round his shoulders and walked out of the ward, ahead of us.

Why isn’t he opening up?
Is what he’s facing that bad!
I just hope nothing hurts him again.


We got to the parking lot after following Kelly to get his medications.
I also went to pick up my skirt…
I had washed it and also dried it.
The school is deserted…there were little or no students in the school, making everywhere dead silent.
Our voices echoed as we talk..

Even the cars in the parking lot are not more than five.
Rollins is standing beside Bryan’s car and i also saw Kelly’s driver standing beside Kelly’s white Lamborghini.

I guess Laura’s car should be among the remaining three cars in the lot.
I guessed right cause she waved to a man whom i guessed to be her driver..
He’s standing beside a red Lexus..
Wow! Laura is living big.
“Thanks for today Laura,i will return your skirt tomorrow” I said.
“No problem Tamara” she said nicely.

Is she forming to be nice?…well…who knows ?

We all exchanged goodbyes…
I got into Bryan’s car, Kelly got into his and Laura into hers.

The drivers drove off and i can’t wait to be home.
I need to go change this soaking….?


?Kelly’s POV?

I entered the living room and met mum and dad quarrelling….they didn’t acknowledged my presence like always.

I stood and watched them quarrel until they were about throwing things at each other.

“Will you f****ng stop!” I thundered making them stop dead in their tracks.
This is actually the first time I’m doing this..
I had never yell at my parents to stop fighting…instead i will be crying and trying to separate them which ended up giving me the scars on my chest.

“Why the hell do you have to fight always!
Why the hell do you have to throw things,hurt yourselves and hurt me also.
Dad,do you derive pleasure in hitting mum!
What you’re doing is against the law!
Why did you both get married at the first place!
Why did you give birth to me!
What you both are doing is unfair!
I can’t even invite my friends home!” I yelled in tears, having shallow breathings.

They both stood dumbfounded as they watch me.
I un-bottened my shirt and revealed the scars and wound they gave me.
They gasp and rushed to me.

“Don’t freaking touch me!” I yelled making them shift back.
“I was unconscious for more than an hour at school today,i wasn’t able to tell my friends how i got the scars and wound…I had to lie!” I said softly and rested my arm on the novel shelf, i was starting to get weak.

“I’m so sorry Kel,your mother caused it” Dad said.
“No,your father caused it”
“Your mother did!”
“Your father did!”
“I didn’t!”
“You did!”
“I didn’t!”
“You freaking did!”
“I freaking didn’t…you are the devil!”
“You are the devil’s advocate!”

I shook my hand and picked up my backpack,i hung my shirt on my shoulder and made my way to my room.
I noticed they are starting to follow me .
“Don’t! I repeat..none of you should follow me!” I yelled.
“What happened to your back?” Mum asked.
“Why do you care to know! You both doesn’t care about me so just let me be!” I snapped and started climbing the stairs to my room.

“Have you seen what you caused?…Kelly now yells at you!”
“He yelled at you too!”
“No! He yelled at you”
“You are crazy”
“You are mentally derailed!”
“To hell with you!”
“You too”

I shut the door of my room close behind me.
I dropped my backpack and sat on the bed.

My back is aching seriously…I need someone who will just apply soothing balm on it for me.
I’m gonna go meet my driver once I’m done freshening up.

And; my heart is aching…
I don’t know if it’s from the wound on my chest or..o..r..Mara.
I don’t know how I’m feeling for her…

Well…it’s just normal feelings as friends.
I hope so.

? Mara’s POV?

“Thanks for the ride Bryan and also thanks for today” I said as i alighted from Bryan’s car.
“It’s nothing Mara…bye” he said.
“Bye” I said and waved till Rollins drove away.
I knocked on the gate and James unlocked it.

?Solely written by Azeemah Salami?

I walked in and greeted him…
“Is mum and Liam in?” I asked.
“Yeah,they are just coming back from the company” he said.
“Who drove?” I asked.
“Your mum did” he said and i smiled knowingly..
I wonder why Liam hates driving…he drives before.
I walked inside the house and shut the door behind me.

I met only Liam in the living room..
“Hi Liam” I said tiredly and dropped on the couch beside him.
“Don’t act tired,you are still gonna prepare the pasta and chicken you promised me” He said.

“I’m not acting tired Liam…I’m really tired and in pain” I said.
“In pain? What happened?” He asked worriedly dropping his phone.
“I got flogged by Mr Curt today and the pain I’m feeling on my back is terrible” I said.

“Really? Let me see” he said and stood up.
I un-bottened my shirt and showed him my bare back.

“What!” He exclaimed.
“Yeah” I said.
“Tam…there are several signs of strokes on your back…is Mr Curt going crazy or what!” Liam yelled.
“What’s going on?” I heard Mum asked coming down from the stairs.
“Hi mum” I said.
“Welcome Mara…how was school?” She asked.

“Mum you need to see Tam’s back!” Liam yelled.
“What happened to her ba…What!” Mum exclaimed on sighting my back.
“Gosh! What happened?” She asked.

I started narrating everything right from where i was in pain in the garden.
I finished narrating, leaving out Ellen’s part,Liam was already pacing in anger.

“You mean that bald headed Mr Curt flogged you because of that?” He asked and i nodded, trying to hold my laughter.
Liam is so abusive.
“He’s gonna go completely crazy after I’m done with him…Mum I’m going to Tam’s school right now … That bald headed needs to be sacked” Liam said and rushed up to his room.
He’s going to grab a Jacket and cap.

I’m not allowing him leave!

“Mum, please don’t allow Liam leave,he’s going to beat up Mr Curt” I said and stood up from the couch.
“But what Mr Curt did is totally wrong…Liam needs to pull off two of his teeth” Mum said…I know she’s also pissed cause she doesn’t allow Liam to go fight.

“Mum… please I’m okay,just stop him.. please” I pleaded.
“I’m not stopping him! That your bald headed teacher needs to go more bald” Mum said angrily.

I sighted Liam rushing down the stairs and quickly went to stand by the door.
He has put on a black jacket with a black cap, black shorts and black trainers.

If i allow Liam out in that all- black outfit,then Mr Curt should be considered incapacitated.
Liam wears black completely whenever he’s seriously angered and that spells doom.

Liam’s anger can’t be underrated..

“Tam move away from the door” he said in a calm angry voice.
“Please Liam, don’t go fight him..i will report him myself once i get to school tomorrow” I said, regretting why i showed him my back at the first place.

“Move away Tam…I will make Mr Curt regret why he did your back like that” he said.
“I was the one who jumped on Bryan’s back” I said.
“And so?..does that give the reason for you to be flogged like an animal?,he flogged you like an animal and I’m also gonna treat him like an animal” He said.
“Please Liam…I beg of you, don’t go.. please” I said starting to tear up.

“Mara move away from the door…I don’t want to hurt you” He warned.
“Mum please, tell Liam not to go” I said but she just stood and stared at us.
Liam started dragging the door knob with me..
I started crying and held on tightly to the door knob.
“Liam please” I cried.
I know he’s gonna succeed at dragging the door knob from me.

“Mum please talk to him” I cried but mum sat down without saying anything.
“Liam please…I beg of you” I cried louder holding onto my stomach in pain.

He stopped dragging the door knob with me and watched me as i cried.
My tears weakens and softens his heart.
Liam hates to see me cry.

He pulled me closer to him and hugged me tightly..
I hugged him back and continued crying on his shoulder.

“I won’t go again…I promise” he said and kissed my hair.
I sniffled,then smiled..


“But the next time Mr Curt tries this..I’m gonna make sure he uses his ear as a pendant” Liam threatened as he pulled up my shirt to check my back again.
“I don’t like this” he said bitterly..
I nodded…”it will soon clear off”

“Sorry huh? Is the pain stinging?” He asked.
“No it’s not” I lied.
“You don’t have to lie” he said and led me to a couch.
Damn! He knows so much about me.
I sat down and he sat beside me.

“Sorry” Mum said to me.
I nodded.
“Should i help you apply balm to it?” Liam asked.
“No… she’s gonna freshen up first,then take pain reliever,you will help her apply balm after that..Mara come with me” Mum said and i stood up.
“Liam you can see how tired Mara is…so go into the kitchen and make lunch okay?” Mum said.

“Of course i will…just For Tam” He said and i smiled.
Mum helped me with my backpack and we both started walking to the stairs..

“Sorry Tam…I love you” Liam said after us.
I smiled….”I love you too”


I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.
Mum was sitting on my bed,she has helped me pick out an outfit.
I’m already putting on my undies,so all i need now is to get into that white tank top and black skirt.

I pulled off my towel and mum passed me the black skirt..
I pulled it on,then the white tank top followed.
I removed the shower cap from my hair and made to brush it.

“Mara… didn’t you calculate your menstrual cycle,you were always marking it on your table calendar so what went wrong this time?” Mum asked.
“Mum…I’ve been occupied lately” I said.
“But you’ve always being occupied other times too and you were always marking your date in the calendar… you know your cramps are terrible” She said and i nodded.

“I will try to always mark it mum..I totally forgot” I said.
“Yeah it happens,are you feeling alright now?”
“Yes mum” I smiled and started brushing my hair.
“Once you are done eating…you take the pain reliever okay?”
“Yes sweet mum” I said making her smile.
“Wow…my mum is the most beautiful woman on earth once she smiles” I said making her smile wider.

“Mum help me pack my hair” I said and picked a black hair band.
“Make the hair band two” she said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Okay” I picked another hair band.
I sat on the dressing chair facing the mirror..
Mum took it and started packing my hair…
It felt so good…I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of mum’s hand on my hair.

“I’m done” she said few minutes later.
I opened my eyes and i was wowed.
My hair was packed in two high ponytails,then it was plaited at the tip..it dropped to my shoulders looking so simple and beautiful..
I love it!

“Thanks Mum…I love it” I said and stood up bouncing in front of the mirror..I smiled as my ponytails bounced with me.

“You still behave childish” Mum said.
“No i don’t…i just love the hair,this is what I’m gonna be packing to school” I said.
“It’s an old style..my mum always make it for me anytime I’m going out.. people loved it then and almost all the ladies started packing two ponytails but now it has fade off…new styles are trending” She said.

“Wow! I love it more cause i love old things..it makes me imagine myself in the 1970s… I’m making it to school tomorrow” I said.
“Okay, once you are done come to my room for the soothing balm” Mum said.

“I’m done let me follow you” I said and picked my phone.
I slipped into my slippers and we both walked out of my room.


I was descending the stairs after Mum gave me the soothing balm.
I thought Liam is preparing lunch,why am i not perceiving any aroma.

I walked inside the kitchen and met no one.
There was not also sign of cooking or anything..
I walked back to the living room and met it empty also..

Where the hell is Liam!

“Liam” I called loudly..but there was no response.
“Liam” I called again…same thing!

Oh my God…i hope he hasn’t gone to meet Mr Curt.
“Liam” I called, starting to get afraid that my thoughts are true..

“Boom ?” I heard and landed on the couch in fear.
I heard a familiar laughter which is Liam’s.
He stood in front of me..

“Liam I’ve told you to stop scaring me!” I yelled.
“Why do you also have to get scared at little things…I just said ‘Boom’ and you already landed on the couch” he smirked.
“Whatever” I said,a little bit glad he didn’t go to meet Mr Curt.

He sat down beside me…and took the soothing balm from me.
“Lay flat on my legs,let me apply it for you” he said.
“I got to the kitchen now and i couldn’t find the lunch you were asked to prepare…have you dished it out on the dining table?” I asked.
He smiled…

“Why are you smiling?” I asked.
“Mhmm..I’ve not made lunch” He said.
“What! And you are smiling..what the hell were you doing?” I asked.
“Nothing,i just didn’t feel like making lunch…you know how much i hate cooking” He said.
“But you said you will make it fir me” I said.

“I’m sorry, should i order pizza for you?”
“I don’t want pizza!” I said pissed off.
“I don’t want!”
“I don’t want!”
“But i said I’m sorry”
“Leave me alone!”

“What’s going on Litam?” Mum asked walking into living room…
“Mum can you believe Liam has not made lunch” I said.
“What! I actually came downstairs for lunch… Liam what were you doing?” Mum asked advancing towards Liam.

He stood up and shifted back, giving that annoying smile.
“You are smiling” Mum said and made to hit him.

He ran round the living room with Mum running after him…
I laughed as they ran round the table.

Liam was about escaping when i blocked his way.
Mum caught up with him and we both began hitting him, laughing hysterically…


� Azeemah Salami?


  1. Kelly should open up to his friends
    I like the love in Tamara's family
    But Mr Curt needs to be reported to the school board
    Next please

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