Just For Love � Episode 18

Love made her

(Love made her)

#Chapter 18

�Azeemah Salami?

(Zeemah writes)

Mara’s POV

“Kelly Yates and Tamara Weston”

“Why, Kelly?”

“I want Bryan!”

Kelly looked at me with a smile and i quickly faked a smile too.
We both walked to the front of the class, collected our practical rule and walked back to our seats.

“Bryan Shaw Laura Jingle”
Damn! This girl have always had a crush on Bryan.
All the females in the class have a crush on Bryan and i know how happy this lucky girl will be.
Bryan sighed and stood up..

Everyone watched as he walked with the girl to the front of the classroom.
They collected their practical rule and walked back to their seats.

“I wish we were paired together” Bryan said.
I smiled… feeling so happy he’s starting to want my company.
“Me too” I said.
“But it’s fine…that gurl isn’t that bad” He said and waved to Laura,who blushed and waved back happily.
She turned to her friends and they began their gossip.

She’s quite beautiful with a thick brown hair which is long to her shoulders,her nose isn’t very pointed,her eyes is the most beautiful part of her face,it’s pure blue and it made her fair skin stood out…I’ve always gotten jealous of her eyes..

I held myself from hissing…

“Now I’m done with calling out the pairs,you can all check your practical and discuss it with your partner…I will be expecting the results on Monday” Mr Tommy said and walked out of the classroom.

Everyone started discussing with their partner.
Laura has jumped to Bryan’s seat, smiling happily as Bryan told her how they were gonna do it their practical.
“So, your house or mine?” She asked gleefully.
I felt my heart ripping….is this girl crazy!
Well…they are practical mate..

“My house … I’m gonna text you my address” Bryan said.

“Hey! He’s my boyfriend okay, don’t try to pull up any naughty act while at his place” Ellen snapped at Laura who nodded,her stupid smile faded away.

Yeah… that’s good!

“Tammy… won’t we discuss our practical?” I heard Kelly asked.
“Oh..I’m sorry” I said and turned to him.
“So…we were asked to knit a cotton sweater and a cap” he said and my eyes widened.

“What the hell! I don’t know how to knit” I said.
“Well … I do, and I’m gonna teach you” he said.
“Awwwn, thanks Kelly…so your house or mine?” I asked.
“Yours” he said a bit too hurriedly.
“Ohhkay…till Saturday then” I said and turned back to face Bryan.

Laura has gone back to her seat,she kept looking back at interval.
“Bryan what were you asked to make?” I asked.
“A pillow case and bed spread” he said.
“Wow! Can you do that?” I asked.
“No but Laura said she can,her mum is a seamstress” He said.
I nodded and felt like hitting Laura’s head with the bottom of my pen.

“What were you asked to make?” He asked.
“Knit a cotton sweater and cap” I said.
“You don’t know how to knit” Bryan said.
“Yeah…but Kelly is gonna teach me” I said.
“Okay” he said.

“Yes! Kelly,the novel you borrowed me was awesome,I’ve ordered mine also” I said and unzipped my backpack.
I brought out the one he borrowed me and stretched it to him.
“Thanks” I said..he nodded and started opening the pages.

“Bryan,have you ordered the novel?” I asked.
“Yes! I ordered it and read it thrice..it’s so interesting and i had to borrow Kim..you know she’s a novel freak like me” He said and i nodded.
“Yeah…my greetings to Kim,I’ve missed her” I said.
“Okay, check out this game…I just downloaded it” he said and gave me his iPod.


“Ellen what were you asked to make?” I asked.
“I don’t think i need to tell you that” She said.
“Okay” I said slowly and sadly.
Bryan patted my hand..
I smiled and looked up at him…
Just his eyes alone reassured me, looking at this handsome face alone healed all my pains.

Bryan..I love you! Why don’t you get that!

“Hey! Why are you two looking at yourselves like a couple” We heard a thick voice said.
Mrs Hampton ?
Everyone turned to look at us and my cheeks forcefully went red on it’s own.

Bryan laughed…”You all should face your work,she’s my best friend and there is no crime in staring into her beautiful face”


“So sweet”

“He seems in love with her”

“They are so cute”

“No! I own Bryan”

“I really hope they are just friends”…. The class chorused.

I think my cheeks had turned purple.
I placed my head on the desk..

? Solely written by Azeemah .S. ?

“Quit blushing Mara…it made your cheeks look like wholesale tomatoes” Bryan whispered to me.
I smiled…and raised up my head.
I suddenly met Kelly piercing gaze…I gave him a questioning look and he took his gaze away.

“Good morning class, so let’s move to today’s topic” Mrs Hampton said.

?Lunch break?

“That practical is gonna be hell” I said and threw one fries in my mouth.
“Yeah… knitting is not very simple” Kelly said.
“You are lucky to be paired with a friend..” Bryan said.
“I wish the big headed Mr Tommy can just change that pairing…I don’t really like Jessie” Ellen said.

“You can go talk to Mr Tommy that you want a change of your pair,you know he likes you” I said.
“Hey! I was not talking to you,you can see i was referring to Bryan and Kelly” She said.
“Hey! Who said i was talking to you,i was talking to Bryan” I defended making her face dropped… she’s the one i was talking to but i gotta defend myself.
Bryan and Kelly tried to hold themselves from laughing.

I continued my eating my fries…
I raised up my head to see Jessie standing beside our table with her tray of lunch.
What’s she trying to do?

“Hi partner” She said to Ellen who smiled.
“Can i sit?” She asked.
“Of course” Ellen said shifting out a chair.
“But she isn’t the only one in this table..you should ask the rest of us if you can sit” I said.
“She doesn’t need permission from you or anyone to sit…this isn’t your table” Ellen yelled.
“You don’t have to yell over trival matters…it’s gonna make you age faster” I said.
“Whatever” She scoffed.

I looked at Bryan who was busy with iPod leaving his lunch untouched.

“Bryan why aren’t you eating?” I asked.
“Nothing” he said with a smile.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Should i eat it then” I teased.

I laughed when he grabbed it closer to him..
He started eating..

I craved for ice cream when i saw a student running off with a cup of ice cream..
“I’m coming guys” I said and stood up.
“Hi, please i need ice cream” I said to the woman.
“Awwn…I’m sorry,the last one was just ordered, they’ve gone to get the supplies…if they return before lunch break is over,then I’m gonna serve you” She said to my disappointment.

“Okay” I shrugged and turned back,i began walking back to my seat.
I hissed as the cafeteria light were off.
I’ve not finished my fries.

I walked out of the cafeteria alone and headed to the garden.
I don’t know,i suddenly had a change of mood.

I sat down on one of the benches and stared into space..
I was thinking about nothing in particular when i felt pain in my stomach.
I tapped my feet on the grass and laid flat on my stomach.
I started crying as the pain was increasing.


“Mara i’ve been searching everywhere for you. Are you okay?” I heard Bryan asked.
I opened my eyes and saw him crouched beside me.
I nodded and managed to sit up.

“Please help me call Ellen” I said.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Just help me call Ellen” I snapped…I didn’t mean to snap at him but i can’t help it.
“Okay…I’m coming” he said and walked out of the garden.

I should have known before i left home in the morning…I was busy thinking about Quilah.

Bryan returned alone…
“Where’s she?” I asked.
“She..she doesn’t want to come” he said.
“Aaaargh” I groaned in pain, and held on to my stomach.
“OMG Mara what’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.
I’ve begun tearing up again..

This is just too painful!

“C..cr.. cramps” I managed.
“Ahh sorry,get up let’s go to the school infirmary” he said but i shook my head.
“Why don’t you wanna go?” He asked.
“My skirt is all stained… just help me call Ellen.. please” I cried.

“Okay but are you sure you will be fine” he said and stood.
He ran out of the garden…

He returned few minutes later with Laura.

“Where’s Ellen?” I asked in pain.
“She doesn’t want to come…i begged her but she refused to come so i called on Laura, she’s with the things you will need..let me head back to class..Be fine okay?” He said and pecked my cheeks.

My pains disappeared for a moment,then returned the moment he left the garden.
“Hi I’m Laura” She said.
“I don’t need introductions” I said.
She smiled…”Sorry…I know how you are feeling right now,let me help you up” She said and began helping me up.

Why is she pretending to be nice huh?
I wish it was Ellen !
But she’s just being cruel!


I sat alone in the class,with my head placed on the desk.
I cried in pain as i battled with my stomach.

It’s sport time, everyone is on the field.
I’m seeing a little part of the field from the window.
I’m grateful for Laura’s help,she seems nice.
She gave me her skirt and told me she’s gonna wear her sport outfit home.

I raised up my head when i heard footsteps..
Its Kelly.
“Mara sorry huh?” He said and i nodded.
He sat on his seat which is beside mine.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on the field?” I asked.
“Not when you are in pains” he said with care which aroused a different type of feeling.

“Thanks but don’t worry about me…just go and continue your sport” I said.
“No…i want to stay here with you” he said.
I smiled and stared at him..

“Thanks Kelly” I said.
“It’s nothing” He said…”i hope the pain has relieved you a bit?”
“Yeah it has…I feel better” I said.

We turned to the front of the classroom when we heard another set of footsteps.
It’s Bryan and Laura.
Bryan smiled as they walked up to us.
I smiled back.

“Tamara are you okay now?” Laura asked.
“Yeah.. thanks I’m fine” I said.
“Sorry i couldn’t stay with you…Mr Curt didn’t allow me out of the field..I had to sneak here with Laura” he said and held my hand.
“Mr Curt is gonna punish you if he finds out” I said worriedly.
“He isn’t gonna find out” he said.
I smiled..”I hope so”
“Thank God Kelly has been keeping you company before i arrived” Bryan said..
I looked at Kelly but noticed his face expression had changed.
What’s wrong with him?

Bryan sat beside me…
“Okay, which song do you want me to sing for you?” He asked.
“Till i met you by Fallen angels” I said happily.
“I think i will go back to the field” Laura said and walked away.
“Okay Laura, thanks for your help” Bryan said.
“You are welcome” she said.

Bryan cleared his throat…
I laughed…

He started singing and all i could do was laugh.

Bryan has such a terrible voice…


Everyone returned to the class after sport.
Some had changed back to their school uniform.

I saw Ellen barging towards us…

“So you were here with her right?..you left the field for someone who is incapable of calculating her menstrual cycle” Ellen said so loud that everyone turned to look at me.

I placed my head on the desk in embarrassment.
How could Ellen do this to me..
This is gonna be topic of the school for a whole week.

“Ellen are you crazy…what the hell is wrong with you?” Bryan asked angrily.
Murmurs were starting to take over the class and i can’t feel more embarrassed than this.

“You wanna know what the hell is wrong with me right? I will be right back” She said and walked out of the classroom.
“Mara I’m sorry” Bryan said.
“You are sorry for what?” I asked not able to raise up my head.
I know the students are waiting to send daggers at me.

“I’m sorry on her behalf” He said.
“Mara but you said you guys are friends,how could she do this to you?” Kelly asked.
I felt tears well up in my eyes…

I heard Bryan gasp..I raised up my head and traced his gaze..
I saw Ellen walking in with Mr Curt.


“Bryan Shaw,i was told you sneaked away from the field while sport is going on..come with me to serve your punishment” Mr Curt said.
Oh no! Mr Curt punishment is hell!

“Mr Curt..he cam…”
“Shut up!” He barked interrupting me.
“Now Bryan Shaw, come with me” he said.
Bryan stood up,gave Ellen a long stare before walking out of the classroom with Mr Curt.

“Bryan…I’m coming with you” I said and stood up.
“No..no don’t come with me” he said.
“I’m coming with you” I insisted already getting out of my seat.
“Mara don’t come with me,i will be fine” He said.
“I have to come with you,we are serving the punishment together…it’s because of me you are about to be punished” I cried.
“Kelly, don’t allow her come with me, she’s in pains” Bryan said to Kelly before finally walking our with Mr Curt.

Kelly stood up and led me back to my seat.
“Just let me go with him okay?” I said starting to tear up again.
“No you can’t Mara…you can’t” Kelly.
“Ellen you are so cruel…you are not fit to be among humans” I yelled in anger as I made to hit her.

I felt someone held my hand,i turned to see it’s Laura.
I dragged my hand from her grip.
“Mara…it’s okay,let her be” She said to me.
“Do you know how severe Mr Curt’s punishment is… Bryan is gonna run round that wide field for more than fourty times after that he’s gonna get whipped by Mr Curt,me Curt is gonna add to the punishment cause Bryan is the leader of the volleyball practice… Bryan is gonna be in pains just because of this fool and you’re telling me not to hit her” I cried.
Makers high school is a British military school,we get punished according to how our offense is ..

I sank on my seat when the terrible pain returned..
I cried and looked outside the window waiting to see Bryan.
I gripped my stomach as the pain increased drastically..

Sometimes i just wonder why I’m a female!

I sniffled and placed my head on the desk.
“Sorry” Kelly and Laura said to me.
I nodded with my head still on the desk.

I raised up my head few minutes later..I noticed Laura was stood beside me after Kelly gave her a sign.

What’s that for?… Anyways i don’t care.
“Laura please move,you are obstructing my view to the window” I said.
I need to see if Bryan has started his punishment.

“Huh?” She asked.
“Move” I said.
“Mara…look at this” Kelly said and i turned to face him.
“What?” I asked.
He smiled..
“What?” I asked again.
I turned back to Laura who hasn’t move.
“Laura move” I said but she didn’t..
I pushed her and my gaze went straight to the window.

I saw Bryan sweating profusely as he ran round the garden.
Mr Curt kept hitting him anytime he slowed down.
Other students also watched,i noticed Ellen concentrated on her phone.
I held myself from beating her badly.

Bryan fell down on his chest,Mr Curt slashed his back with a whip.
I started crying as i watched how he struggled to stand up and started running.

I stood up and walked closer to the window.

“Bryan I’m sorry” I called loudly to his hearing.
He stopped running and turned to look at me.
He smiled but i saw pain beneath that smile.
“Don’t be sorry Mara…I’m perfectly fine,stop crying okay?” he said and continued running before Mr Curt could get to him.

I cried as i held on to the window…
Bryan,he’s still going to get flogged after this.


“Now,lay on the field with your back up” Mr Curt ordered after Bryan finished running.

“Mara,just go and sit..I know you won’t be able to watch Bryan get flogged” Kelly said to me.
He’s also standing beside me,with Laura.
“Let me be, please” I snapped and turned my attention back to Bryan.

He’s laying on the grass,his direction was towards us.
Mr Curt got his whip ready and i saw how tired Bryan is.
He’s looking at me with a smile..
“I’m sorry” I muttered.
“I’m fine” I read his lips.

I gripped the window steel as a stroke of whip landed on his back.
“It’s not painful” I read his lips.

It’s damn painful!
Bryan stop trying to be strong! That thing is damn painful.

I didn’t know I’ve started weeping until Laura passed me an handkerchief.
I collected it and wiped my face, blowing my runny nose into it.

“You are a leader in sport and yet you sneaked out of the field,what example do you want to give your followers” Mr Curt said and kept flogging Bryan who is starting to groan in pain.

It felt like i was the one,who was getting flogged.
Every stroke that landed on Bryan’s back affected me and also brought tears to my eyes.

I started crying loud when i saw tears dropping out of Bryan’s eyes.
He has held on for long…now the pain is unbearable..

He isn’t gonna take the pain alone.

I pushed a student out of the way as i ran out of the classroom and headed to the field.

I got there when Mr Curt was about landing another stroke on Bryan’s back.
I moved fast enough and laid on his back.

The stroke hit me and damn! The pain was terrible.

“Mara get up! Go to the class…I’m fine!” Bryan yelled at me.
“I’m not going to the class!.. Mr Curt hit me,you’ve flogged him enough,he sneaked out of the field because of me” I said still nursing the pain the stroke of the whip gave me.
“Mr Curt, don’t flog her,just continue with me..she’s out of her mind” Bryan said.

“She’s on your back and i can’t hit you without hitting her first” Mr Curt said.
“Mara get off my back!” Bryan yelled.
“I’m not getting off…Mr Curt flog me!” I yelled.
“Mr Curt don’t flog her” Bryan said rolling me off his back.
I quickly climbed back on his back and the next stroke hit me again.

Mr Curt continued the flogging and i was starting to cry in pain..
Bryan kept yelling for me to get off his back but i ignored and held on to him tightly.

I felt the weight of someone on my back,i turned and saw it was Laura.
Her blue eyes welled with tears!
What the hell!

“Laura get off…he’s gonna hit you” I said.
“Yeah…he has flogged you enough,let him flog me” she said.
“No Laura get off” I said.
“Both of you should get off my back” Bryan said.

“What’s all these?” Mr Curt yelled..
“I sneaked out of the field with Bryan,so please flog me too” Laura said..
I tried rolling her off my back but she held on to me tightly.
“Really?..you mean,you also sneaked out of the field?” Mr Curt asked.
“Yes” Laura said.
“Good!” He said and landed a stroke of whip on her back.

She screamed in pain as Mr Curt kept on hitting her.
“Laura i told you to get off my back!”

“Mr Curt,i also sneaked out of the field” We heard Kelly said and turned to his direction.
“Really?” Mr Curt asked.
“Yeah” he said and laid on the grass beside Bryan.
“I’m done with you guys” He said to us and started hitting Kelly..

Bryan jumped on Kelly’s back and ended up being flogged,i jumped on Bryan’s back and ended up being flogged.
Laura jumped on my back and ended up being flogged also..

We made four layers as we ended up jumping on each other’s back anytime Mr Curt wants to flog any of us.


We all sat on the grass,in pain after Mr Curt left.
“Mara are you okay?” Bryan asked.
I nodded.
“Why did you get on my back…I told you not to” he said.
“But you were being flogged because of me” I said and tightened my eyes i felt pains on my back.
“Thanks bestie” He said and hugged me.
I smiled.

He sighed and turned to Kelly.
“Kelly are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m fine” Kelly said weakly.
“You shouldn’t have told Mr Curt, that you also sneaked out of the field” Bryan said to him.
“I can’t watch you being punished” He said..
“Thanks buddy” he said and hugged Kelly.

He turned to Laura..
“Laura are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m fine” she smiled but i caught her held on to her back.
She’s in pains…so as everyone.
“I’m surprised you also joined this stubborn people” He said pointing to Kelly and i.
We hit his head and he let out an “Ow!”

Laura laughed…
“It’s nothing..I just felt it’s nice to help my partner” She said.
“Thanks Laura” he said and hugged her.
She blushed terribly making me want to hit her but i restrained myself.

“Let’s go to the class” Bryan said and we all stood up.

I saw Kelly sway but he quickly stood back on his feet.
Is he okay?

We were starting to walk to the class when Laura screamed.

We turned and saw Kelly laying unconscious on the floor.

We rushed to him..

“Kelly” we shouted and shook him but he didn’t respond.


“Someone should come help” Laura shouted.
“Kelly” I said worriedly and shook him..
Just then his button opened and i sighted a very deep wound and various scars on his chest.


� Azeemah Salami



  1. Their behavior shows how true friends react to each other, and I really love it. I think Laura will be a good replacement for Ellen in this their friendship. Ellen is stone-hearted, jealous and callous,if she could do this to someone she claims she loves
    Sorry Kelly, you must have been affected by the injuries you always sustained from your parents constant fights. Get well soon
    Next please

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