Just For Love � Episode 17

Love made her

(Love made her)


�Azeemah Salami?

(Zeemah writes)

Mara’s POV

I sat up on my bed and my heart jumped to my mouth when i saw Quilah sitting beside me on the bed.

I shivered in fear and managed to scream.
I closed my eyes and screamed so loud in a deafening manner.

“Mara what’s wrong?” I heard and started opening my eyes little by little till i opened it completely.

I saw mum and Liam standing beside me,and Quilah gone!
I sighed in relief and looked at Liam.

“What’s wrong?…why did you scream like that?” Liam asked.
“I had a scary dream” I said breathing heavily.
“Yeah” I said…. Quilah is back… what the hell!
“Would you like to narrate the dream?” Mum asked.
I shook my head “No”

“Are you sure you are okay?” Liam asked.
“I’m fine” I said.
“Should we leave?” Mum asked.
“I’m leaving with you guys..I can’t stay here alone” I said and began to stand up.

I got up to find mum and Liam looking at me weirdly.
“What?” I asked.
“This behavior of yours is totally off” Mum said.
“I just told you i had a scary dream” I said..mum can be so pressing.
“Yeah I know,but you rarely dream not to talk of having a scary dream” She said.

“The novel you ordered,was it scary?” Liam asked.
“Hell no…it’s so interesting,the novel has nothing to do with the dream… Having a scary dream is normal and part of life” I said to clear their suspicion.
“Okay,let’s go to the living room” Mum said and i quickly jumped to their front.

I don’t want Quilah dragging my hair from the back.

?Solely written by Azeemah .S.?

We got to the living room and Mum played her Kdrama to continue watching.
I kept breathing heavily..

“Tam what’s wrong?” Liam asked in a whisper.
“Nothing…it was just a dream” I said.
“You are not behaving like it’s just a dream. Is there anything else?” He asked.

Damn! Liam is just so inquisitive.

“Nothing else…I’m only reacting to the scariness of the dream” I said.
“Okay” he said and continued watching the movie.

What the hell have i gotten myself into..
I’m so dead!

I can’t sleep alone in that room tonight.

“Liam” I called.
“Huh?” He asked.
“I’m sleeping in your room tonight” I said.
“Okay” he said.

I’m so scared!!


“Wow…it’s late,Liam come with me to prepare dinner” Mum said.
“I will come with you” I said and jumped up..
I can’t stay alone in the living room.

“Thanks Tam” Liam smiled.
“Okay,come baby” Mum said,took my hand and we walked to the kitchen together.

“Grab your apron and cap” She said after grabbing hers.
I grabbed mine and quickly put it on.
We washed and dried our hands.

“Mara” Mum called.
“Yes mum”
“Are you sure you are okay?” She asked.
“Yes mum…I am” I said.
“You know you can confide in me huh? If anything is bothering you..feel free to tell mum okay?” Mum said and i nodded starting to get teary..

I hugged mum tight and she hugged me back..

I wish i could tell her everything…
But i can’t! I just can’t!

I sniffed and forced a smile…I disengaged from the hug.

“So Mum,what are we making for dinner ?” I asked.
“You decide” She said.
I raised my brows in thinking..


“Let’s make casserole” I said.
“Casserole?” She asked.


“I want more” Liam said with a mouthful.
We were done making Casserole.
I’ve went to serve Max and James theirs and here we are at the dining room eating ours.

“But you still have some casserole left in that plate” Mum said.
“Yeah…but I’m gonna be needing more” He said.

I can’t eat as much as i want…I’m not happy. I’m scared!

“Mara,you aren’t eating” Mum said.
“I will” I said and began eating.
“Make sure you finish it,you were the one who said we should make it for dinner” Mum said and i nodded.
“If you can’t finish it,just pass it to me okay?” Liam said with a grin.
I eyed him and concentrated on my meal.


Mum and I sat on the couch in the living room after dinner..
Liam is washing the dishes in the kitchen.
“Mum please,let’s watch US drama” I said.
“Please Mum, you’ve been watching Kdrama for long,just give me the chance tonight” I said.

“Okay, make use of the television in Liam’s room” She said.
“No! I want to make use of this” I said.
“But I’m watching a movie” She said.
“Please Mum” I pleaded.

Mum gave in after a lot of persuasion.
I happily inserted a US drama into the DVD player.
I took the remote control and went back to sit beside mum.

“Mum,you will find it more interesting than those Kdrama(s) Bryan gave me,he said it’s interesting” I said and watched as the Movie came into life.

We started watching it and i could tell Mum was enjoying it,so as i.

“This isn’t the kdrama we were watching” I heard Liam said.
I paused the movie and watch him sat down on the couch.
“It’s US drama” I said.
“Mum! Why did you allow her?” He asked mum with a frown.

I chuckled and stuck out my tongue.

“Let her watch her US drama tonight, we’ve being watching Kdrama” Mum said.
“But you could have just told her to make use of the television in your room or mine” He said.
“Let her be and moreover I’m enjoying this movie…it’s getting interesting” Mum said making me grin more.
“Also watch it” I said to Liam who shot me a glare.

I chuckled and played the movie..we continued watching it.



“It’s bedtime…” Mum said and grabbed the remote control from my hand.
She turned off the television and DVD player..I frowned.
“You will continue it tomorrow,once you are back from school” She said.

“Liam turn off the lights” Mum said standing up.

I suddenly remembered Quilah and clinged to Liam who shrug me off making me land back on the couch.
“Ouch..You are so wicked!” I said poking my finger at him.
He laughed and stuck out his tongue at me.
“My turn” he said.
I smirked….”You are so childish”
“Thanks for the compliment baby sis” He said.

“I’m not a baby!” I said.
“Okay…kid sis” he teased and i felt like knocking off his head.
“I’m not a kid!” I yelled.

“Enough of this drama…now up to your rooms” Mum said.
I stood up and followed Liam…
Mum walked at my back,we were about climbing the stairs when Mum switched off the lights..

I found myself screaming loud…

Mum quickly switched on the lights…
“Mara what’s wrong?”She asked worriedly.
“Why the scream?” Liam asked.
“I’m sorry,I got scared” I said regretting why the hell i screamed.
“But this isn’t the first time we are switching off the lights” Mum said.
“Yeah i know…I’m sorry” I said.
Liam sighed….”Tam are you sure you are okay?” He asked.
“I’m okay” I said.

“Okay…you both should go up to your room before i switch off the lights” Mum said.
Liam took my hand and we both climbed the stairs.
We got to the door of his room..
He opened it and we stepped in.

“Tam your hand is trembling…. what’s wrong?” He asked leading me to the bed.
I sat and he sat down beside me.
“There is nothing wrong” I said.
“There’s something wrong Tam, you’ve been acting skittish since you said you had a scary dream, it’s just a dream but you are acting out of proportion like something else happened” He said.

“Seriously…I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong with me…this is the first time im having a scary dream.. that’s the reason I’m behaving like this” I lied..
“Okay,but you know you can tell me anything right?” He asked and i nodded .

“Tam if i found out that you are keeping something away from me,i won’t forgive you again” Liam said seriously making me feel bad.

I wish i can tell them everything…
But i can’t! I just can’t.

“I’m not keeping anything away from you Liam.. trust me it’s just a dream” I said with a fake smile.
“Don’t smile if you don’t want to,you don’t have to fake your smile. You should know i know your real smile” He said.

Damn! He caught me.

He laid flat on the bed and picked his phone.

“Make use of Maya’s pajamas in the wardrobe” He said and i grinned.

Maya is one of his ex-girl friends whom he always sneak into his room whenever mum is around.
He would buy me pizza to keep my mouth shut and i would..
I remembered when he broke up with her.
Maya gave me $500 to beg Liam but once Liam is done with someone… that’s the end.
More ladies have come and gone.

What a Playboy bro i have.

“Why are you grinning?” He asked making me jump out of my thoughts.
I smiled..
“Why are you smiling?” He asked making me chuckle.
“Why are you chuckling?” He asked making me giggle.
“Why are you giggling?” He asked making me laugh.
He hit my head with his hand.

“You are starting to get naughty” He said with a smirk.
I laughed.
“So i was right!” He exclaimed..”I need a stronger object to hit your head” he said starting to get up .

“No…no i was thinking about Maya” I said and he sat down and rolled his eyes.
“Do you miss her?” I asked.
“No…I don’t miss anyone,you know that” he said.
“Like you are most handsome guy?” I asked.
“Nay..I’m not but i should be counted among the handsome guys” He said with pride.

“What of Miguel Sydney,you know there’s still a debate going on about him being the most handsome guy on earth” I said.
“Yeah…that guy is damn handsome…I’ve not seen anyone as handsome as him. I want to get married to someone as beautiful as his wife” Liam said with a grin.
“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah… I’ll be going to Mexico soon, then im gonna make sure im close to Fallen angels..you know they are both beautiful so their families will surely have beautiful breeds,then I’m gonna select the one i love…you know I’m handsome so it’s not gonna be difficult for me” he said.

“In your dream” I laughed…
“So you don’t trust me to do that?” He asked.
“I do but even if you go to Mexico,you may not be allowed to have access to Fallen angels.. don’t you know how famous they are..they are always surrounded with hefty bodyguards” I said.

“Yeah..I know but i have my plans” he said.
“Really? … Are you serious about this?” I asked.
“Yes i am… trust me” he said seriously.
“Wow…that means I’m also gonna be relative to fallen angels,go on … I’m in complete support of you” I said happily.
“Thanks sis” he smiled.

“I hope you know they are having concert here in Paris in few weeks” I said.
“Yeah I’m aware…I’m going to get my ticket tomorrow” he said.
“We’ve gone to got ours” I said.
“You and Bryan right?”
“With Kelly and Ellen” I said.

“Who is Kelly?” He asked.
“He’s our new friend,he’s so nice and cool” I said.
“Oh..you mean that guy i saw with you guys?”
“Exactly! He’s the one” I smiled.
“Okay.” Liam said.

I sighted the drawing Bryan gave to Liam… it’s pasted on the wall just beside his bed..
It’s so perfect and beautiful.
“He’s so good” I said.
“Who?” Liam asked.
I suddenly realized i said that aloud.
I scratched my hair and he traced my gaze to the drawing on the wall.

He smiled “Yeah Bryan is so good..I cherish this drawing more than anything” He said.
I nodded.
“Do you like Bryan?” He asked making my cheeks turn red instantly..
My heart accelerated at the mere mention of his name and i suddenly began thinking about him.

Liam laughed…”I know you like Bryan” he said.
“No i don’t” I lied with my cheeks getting hotter.
“You are not good at lieing” he said.

“Aren’t you both sleeping yet?” We heard mum yelled from the door.
“We are already sleeping” Liam said.
I smiled and walked to the wardrobe.
I pulled it open and saw various outfits..
Liam is a fashion icon… his dressing is always perfect and hot..
That’s one of the things that attract ladies to him.

I picked Maya’s yellow pajamas which was folded neatly on the top board.
I closed the wardrobe and walked to the bathroom.

Liam’s bathroom is completely different from mine.
It’s bigger,more beautiful and neat.
Everything is in cool blue and white.
I placed the pajamas on the bathroom cabinet,then picked a toothbrush and paste.

I strolled to the sink, turned on the faucet and started brushing..


I finished brushing,rinsed the brush then my mouth.
I turned off the faucet and walked back to drop the toothbrush and paste.
I started pulling off my clothe…
I picked the blue shower cap and wore it over my hair.


I finished showering and saw two towels, blue and white,hanged on the towel hanger.
I picked the blue and wrapped it around my body.
I started drying my body…

I pulled on the pajamas,it’s a bit big but i like it..
It’s so free and silky.
I removed the shower cap and threw it in the cabinet.

I spread the towel on the hanger,then picked my clothes.
I threw it alongside with Liam’s laundry.

I sighed and walked out of the bathroom..

I jumped on the bed beside Liam and drew his hair.
“You are so troublesome” He said and made to drag my pointed nose.
I shifted my head back and he ended up dragging my mouth.

We both laughed.

“I’m going to have my night bath” He said and stood up from the bed.
He walked to the wardrobe, opened it and picked his blue pajamas.
He winked at me before strolling into the bathroom.

I picked his phone and turned it on, revealing the lock screen wallpaper …Mum,dad, Liam and i..I could remember it was when we went to Castillo park…I missed Dad?

I unlocked it to play games but i came across his chat with a girl..Oona.
I don’t feel like reading it cause i already know what it’s about but i had to satisfy my curiosity.
Liam is gonna be pissed,he doesn’t like me going through his chats.

?Oona: Liam why are you doing this to me?

?Liam: What??

?Oona: I love you Liam,you can’t leave me?

?Liam: When we started this relationship,i told you its just for fun. I don’t love you.

?Oona: Yeah…you did but i fell in love with you… Please Liam,i will give you more of my body.

? Liam: I’m done with you… don’t you get that?

?Oona: please Liam, you can’t do this to me.

?Liam: (Message seen)

?Oona: ???

Liam is a heartbreaker.

I exit the WhatsApp and scrolled through the applications..
I clicked on the game app and saw different games.
I selected Criminal case…I love this game a lot.
Actually…I love any detective game,movie and novel.

I began playing it…
I was solving cases, investigating crimes, going to the next level, upgrading my representative in the game and enjoying every bit of it.

“What’s this fatty doing with my phone?” I heard Liam asked.
He laid beside me on the bed and peered into the phone.
“I’m not fat anymore!” I snapped.
“Yeah i know,you are now looking more beautiful than most of my girlfriends” he said.
I smiled….”Of course”.

“Criminal case? You love dull games a lot” He said.
“It’s not dull” I said.
“It is” he said.
“If it is,then how come you have it on your phone?” I asked and he shrugged.
“I didn’t know it was dull till i downloaded it and played it” he said.
“Whatever” I scoffed…”it’s not dull to me”.

I yawned and exited the game…
“It’s past bedtime” I said and shifted closer to a pillow.
I placed my head on it.

“Good night Liam” I said.
“Night Tam” he pecked my forehead.
“Make sure you dream about Bryan” he said.

I shot him a glare…
He chuckled.

I closed my eyes and yawned, wishing desperately to dream about Bryan.
I slept off….

Next Morning ?

“Wake up,sleepy head” I heard Liam said from my sleep.
He shook me.
“Leave me alone” I said sleepily.
“It’s 8’o clock” He said making me jump out of bed.
“Really?” I said,my eyes getting clearer.

He’s putting on a pair of blue shorts which is the same as his top..his blonde hair is packed in a short ponytail.. he’s wearing blue trainers with long white socks.
There are signs of sweat on his face and muscles and i know he’s just coming back from his early morning workout.

“I was only joking” he laughed.
I picked a pillow and threw it directly at his head.
It didn’t have any effect cause it’s as soft as silk.

I’m gonna get back at him!

I stood up and stretched…

“Come, follow me to my room” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“I need to dress up for school and i can’t stay alone in that room” I said.
“Tam..when did you began getting scared?” He asked.
“That scary dream keeps replaying in my head” I lied.

“Ahh.. okay, hold on..let me pull off this socks and trainers” He said and began pulling it off.
“Be fast,i have to go dress for school” I said.
“It’s because of you i won’t even bath..you know i bath right after im back from my workout” He said.
“Yeah i know,you will bath in my bathroom once I’m done bathing” I said.

“In that small bathroom of yours? Hell no!” He said making me feel like hitting him.
“Let’s go” he said and took my hand.
We both walked out of his room..

“Go in first” I said when we got to the door of my room.
He opened the door and walked in.
I walked in behind him expecting to see Quilah on the bed but nothing was there.

Liam sat on the bed.

? Solely written by Azeemah .S.?

“Why are you standing there, won’t you get on with bathing and dressing for school” He said.
I walked to the wardrobe, opened it and started picking out my school uniform.

I closed it after i was done,then opened the drawer and selected my undies.i held it together with my school uniform.

“Your password?” Liam asked and I turned to see him holding my phone.
Damn! How will i tell him it’s Bryan i used for my password after denying that i don’t like him.

“Bring it,I’m gonna unlock it for you” I said.
“Are you hiding your password from me?” He asked.
“What?” He asked.
“I’m not hiding it from you” I said.
“Then why don’t you wanna tell me?” He asked.
“Okay…it’s B..ryan” I managed to say and quickly turned away..

“I thought as much” He laughed.
I turned back at him and he winked.

Liam is damn cute! I can see the reason he keeps breaking girls heart.
If i were as beautiful and fit as him…I won’t have gone through hell.

I picked my body towel together with my school uniform and undies…I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.


I finished dressing up in the bathroom..
I walked back to my room…

I stood in fear when i didn’t find Liam on the room.
Thoughts of Quilah came running through my head.

“Liam!” I screamed in fear.
I heard his laughter behind me.
I turned,then flinched when i saw Liam hiding right beside the wardrobe.

He laughed…”Damn! Tam,you thought i was gone and you started screaming your head off”
“Liam…you are crazy” I said and picked my school shoe from the shoe rack.
I was about hitting him with it.

“If you hit me with that…I’m gonna leave your room” He said making me stop halfway.
I sulked before dropping the shoe.
I sat on the chair facing my dressing table.
I started applying body lotion,after i was done with that. I picked an hair brush, applied little hair lotion on my hair and started brushing it.

“Should i pack it in a ponytail or just leave it?” I asked Liam.
“However you like it” he said.
“Don’t you know how your girlfriends do theirs” I teased.
“I knew you were starting to get naughty right from yesterday night” He said
I laughed.
“Okay…just leave it,let if flow down your back..it’s more beautiful and sexy that way” He said and i smiled.
“Okay” I said and let down my hair.

“Pass me my shoe Liam” I said.
He dropped a pair of blue school shoes beside me.
“So you expect me to wear these…pass me the black one” I said.
“Wear these…try to be looking different everyday,you can’t just be wearing those black shoes, when you have various of beautiful school shoes” He said.

I smiled…”Awwn… that’s true…I love you Liam” I said and started slipping my pop-socked feet into the pair of blue I smiled…”Awwn… that’s true…I love you Liam” I said and started slipping my pop-socked feet into the pair of blue shoes.
“I’ve heard that severally” he said.
“From your girlfriends right?” I asked.
He shot me a look.

I stood up from the chair and positioned myself right in front of the mirror.

Wow!…I’m looking more beautiful.
I picked my backpack and hung it round my shoulders making me look great.
I smiled…”how do i look,do i look better than your girlfriends?” I asked.
“Why do you keep talking about girlfri__ wait… don’t tell me you went through my chats?” He asked already coming closer to me.

Thank God I’m fully dressed….Time to run!
“Yeah…I went through it” I said and ran out of my room laughing hysterically as Liam chased me.

I quickly ran down the stairs…then into the kitchen to meet mum..

I know I’m safe with her..

“What’s making you ru.” Mum was saying when Liam ran into the kitchen.
I stood at her back and laughed.
“What happened?” Mum asked?.
“I went through his chats” I whispered to Mum.
She nodded and smiled…
“You shouldn’t have done that” she said.
“I didn’t mean to,i just came across it” I said.
“Apologize” she said.

“I’m sorry Liam…I’m gonna make the most delicious pasta and Chicken for you once I’m back from school” I said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes” I said coming out from mum’s back.
“Okay you are spared…I need to go bath,take your iPhonehone” he said.

I smiled and stretched my hand to collect it.
He hit it on my hand hardly.
“That’s for going through my chats and you dare not make the pasta and chicken once you are back from school” He said,then dropped my phone on the fridge before walking away.

I smirked behind him..
“So wicked!” I said and turned back to Mum.
“Take your breakfast” She said pointing to a tray containing croissants and hot chocolate.

I grinned…”Thanks Mum”

? ?

I finished eating my breakfast,then sat down waiting for Bryan to come pick me.


“Good morning class” Mr Tommy said.
“Good morning Mr Tommy” we chorused.

Bryan came to pick me and had admired the way i let down my hair and also my shoes.
When we walked into the class..the students admired my shoes asking various questions about where i bought it..I felt so high.
I told them my mum ordered it from B&M.
Most of them said they are gonna get the same..they kept snapping it.

I love you Liam ?

I saw another wound on Kelly’s arm but decided not to ask about it.
Why does he keep getting wounded?
Is he probably involved in some dangerous business?
I hope not!

“So class,we are in the second week of Grade 8 and in your scheme of work,the second week involves practical…I’m gonna pair you in twos and you will come forward to collect what your practical contains,you are gonna do it over the weekend and submit it on Monday” He said and everyone was silent.

He began the pairing..and i was praying earnestly to be paired with Bryan

“Ally Silver and John Tom” he called and a girl and a boy stood up and walked to the front of the classroom.
They collected their practical rule and walked back to their seat.
He kept calling names…

“Felia Daniels and Eric Hunter” They also went forward to collect their practical rule.
“Sabrina Martin and Ravin Luther”…..

“Jessie Baird and Ellen Blaise” He called and both Jessie and Ellen walked to the front of the class to collect their practical rule.
Why is Jessie smiling??

“Kelly Yates and Tamara Weston” he called and i felt my heart shatter.

Why, Kelly?

I want Bryan!!



  1. I know Jessie is smiling because she sees her pairing with Ellen will give her the opportunity to get Ellen to reveal whatever she knows about Mara's body change and beauty
    Next please

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