Diary of the Watterson � Episode 37

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Donovan’s mansion

Scarlett gulped down nothing…

“Uhm Ray.,, Uhm” Scarlett stammered and bit her lips.

That caused Raymond to look at her lips. He brought his hand to her lips and caressed it, sending shivers down Scarlett’s body.

“It’s funny to see how you know I’m just messing with you but still, you get angry” Raymond said and smiled.

“The only Olivia I know is my cousin and she’s not in the country, just wanted to know how you’ll react and to answer to your request I was actually meaning to ask you to be my date so yeah, I’ll go with you” Raymond smiled slightly.

“Now answer my question… Should I show you I’m not castrated?” Raymond smirked.

Scarlett took in her lips and looked away. She shook her head like a kid.

Raymond shook his head and cupped her cheek. He brought his face closer and kissed ger forehead before getting out of the pool. Scarlett stood too.

Raymond looked at her and couldn’t help but smile at how shy she was.

“Piggy back?”

Scarlett immediately looked up to him in surprise. She nodded with a smile and climbed his back.

“Think I’ll start teasing her like this…maybe with that she can keep quiet for few hours” Raymond thought.

? ? ? ? ?

The Wyatt mansion**

The car stopped in front of the huge and luxurious mansion. The driver got down the car and opened the door to the passenger’s seat.

Phoebe came down the car and couldn’t help but gape at how beautiful the mansion was. The driver led them in the mansion.

Phoebe just couldn’t get her eyes off the various sculptures in the mansion, it was just too beautiful.

“S*xy…” A voice called.

She looked up and saw Ethan standing at the rails upstairs, winking at her. Phoebe smiled and went upstairs to him.

“You look so f**king hot and tasty” Ethan said and licked her lips while checking her out.

“I’ll take that as a simple compliment” Phoebe said.

“Welcome to the house I grew up in though I don’t longer live in here” Ethan said and hung his hand around Phoebe’s shoulder.

“You don’t longer live here? Why?” Phoebe asked.

“Well yeah, I live alone. Prefer having my own personal space, you don’t expect me to f**k all my b*tches in my parent’s house” Ethan said.

Phoebe shook her head and hit his chest.

“S*x, f**k… That’s all what you think about” Phoebe rolled her eyes.

“What, I can’t help it… But I’ll stop f**king around if you accept to be my girlfriend” Ethan whispered to her.

Phoebe looked at his face and rolled her eyes.

“Very funny” She scoffed.

Ethan chuckled and held her hand, pulling her away.

“Come let me show you around, starting with my room” Ethan winked.

“Your room? If you try anything funny imma k�ll you dude” Phoebe said.

? ? ? ? ?

“Gosh!, I love this gown but I don’t know if the color will fit my skin color” Stephanie pouted, checking out an expensive gown.

The girls present in the shop couldn’t stop staring at her direction or more precisely, at Nathan. He decides to tie his hair in a messy bun and he wore a shirt which showed off his biceps.

They all kept drooling over him, some of them flirted with him through their eyes and body language.

“You should try it out miss” Nathan said.

“That’s right” Stephanie said. She took out the gown and went to the dressing room.

Nathan sat down to read a magazine while waiting for her. A lady walked to him, she gently tapped his shoulder.

Nathan looked up to see a lady smiling at him while biting her lips.

“Hello pretty boy, uhm you see i was just wondering if we could know each other you know-”

“I’m on duty and I’m not interested” Nathan cuts in.

The lady scoffed and walked away. Few minutes later, Stephanie came out of the dressing room. Nathan looked up at her and smiled.

“Looks good on you” Nathan said.

“Just good? I h�te it…” Stephanie walked back to try out another dress.

Nathan just chuckled and continued reading the magazine.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Jackson!” Julia exclaimed when Jackson walked in the living room.

“Hello everyone” He smiled handsomely. He was puting on a white shirt with a black jacket and black jeans on top of white sneakers.

“What is he doing here?” Monica rolled her eyes.

“What? Jackson has the right to come and go here when he wants okay?” Julia said.

“Whatever..” Monica scoffed.

“What you guys doing? ” Jackson said and sat down in Between them.

“We’re watching a movie” Julia smiled.

“Cool. Where’s Angie and Steph?” Jackson said looking upstairs.

“He left not long ago with his girlfriend” Julia replied.

“What?! Angelo has a girlfriend?!” Jackson exclaimed.

“Well not really but oh well… It’s in the making” Julia winked.

“Oh okay, my man is growing up” Jackson smiled.

He looked at Monica and she was just watching TV while eating her popcorn. Jackson smirked and snatched her bowl of popcorn, dashing away.

“Give that back jerk!” Monica ran after him upstairs.

Jackson ran into Monica’s room and stopped. He looked round the place, nothing changed. Its still the same like few years back.

“G�at!, get out of my room” Monica said and took back her popcorn.

Jackson pulled her by the arm and pinned her against the wall. He stared download at her, his two full bangs covering his eyes.

“Yesterday, what happened during your date with that dude” Jackson suddenly asked.

Monica furrowed her brows, looking at him.

“So far I’m concerned its non of your business” Monica said.

“Did he,,, try to get closer to you?” Jackson asked seriously.

“What if he did, are you jealous?” Monica said.

“Yes…. So?”

? ? ? ? ?

“You really shouldn’t have” Melody said, checking out all the bags she had in hand.

Well Angelo literally kidnapped her so that they could go shopping for her clothes and body oil with shoes, bags etc including some few things for Boris and Mrs Parker.

“Well I don’t mind” Angelo smiled, carrying part of the bags too.

They got to a nearby bench and Angelo placed the bag he was carrying to bring out something from one of them.

“Here, I kinds figured out you didn’t have one so” Angelo said.

Melody placed the bags she was carrying too on the bench before collecting the box. She opened it and gasped when she saw a brand new phone.

“Uhh, Angelo you shouldnt have. Here taken it back” Melody said , handing it back to him. She felt really uncomfortable.

“Not it’s yours, I want you to have it” Angelo said.

“But… I don’t want it to seem like I’m here because of your money” Melody muttered.

Angelo chuckled.

“It’s fine, I know you’re not like that so have it please…” Angelo said.

Melody smiled and turned it on. She checked it out and raised her brow when she saw a number registered as “my bunny”

“My bunny?…. Seriously?” Melody said, already understanding it was Angelo’s number.

Angelo just smiled widely. Melody chuckled and hugged him tightly.

“Thanks for everything Angel.. I promise I’ll pay you back for everything you’ve done for me” She said.

“Well you can pay me back by agreeing to be my girlfriend” Angelo said.

Melody laughed and shook her head. She looked up at Angelo who took that opportunity to peck her lips.

“Hey you stole that… ” Melody frowned.

She began chasing Angelo round the park.

Meanwhile, directly opposite them stood Avery and Chloe. Avery was glaring daggers at them while Chloe just frowned and shook her head.

“I can’t stand this” Avery muttered.

“Relax friend, remember we have a plan. If plan A doesn’t work plan B and C will work, trust me” Chloe smirked.

? ? ? ? ?

The Brooklyn**

Laughters could be heard in Ethan’s car as he stopped the car in front of Phoebe’s house.

“I really love your parents. It’s funny to think they thought we were dating” Phoebe chuckled.

“Don’t you wanna make it a reality?” Ethan smirked.

Phoebe smirked and rolled her eyes.

“I don’t date f*ck boys” Phoebe said and got down his car.

“Thanks for the ride and also for the day” Phoebe winked and walked to her house.

Ethan licked his lips as he stared at her @ss. He made to drive off but on second thoughts, he decided to wait for awhile before leaving.

Somehow, he doesn’t like Phoebe’s family, not even a little bit and when he doesn’t like… He doesn’t trust too.

Ethan leaned on the sea of his car and closed his eyes. It hasn’t even made up to two minutes when.

“No! Aunt don’t do this!!!” Someone screamed.

Ethan immediately looked up



  1. Phoebe's aunt and her children are just jealous of her,I would like it if Ethan can take her away from there
    Raymond will fall in love with Scarlett before he knows it
    Avery and Chloe better be careful
    Next please

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