Diary of the Watterson � Episode 29

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Morning, Silver High

“Like seriously?! Your secret admirer is Aaron?” Ursula gasped.

“Yeah, I caught him slipping the letter in my locker yesterday” Monica said.

“Gosh!, I didn’t know he could write such romantic poems. Looks can be deceiving” Ursula laughed.

“Yeah” Monica just said rather frowning.

“What’s up girl? You seem not to be in your good mood” Ursula said as they walked to their classroom.

“Today will be my third day at work, yunno as an apprentice and guess who’ll be my mentor. Jackson!!” Monica said.

“Really?! You’re lucky, his dimple is cute plus he’s a cool guy. Almost every girl wants to date him” Ursula smiled.

“Yeah but I feel like Skye doesn’t like him” Monica said.

Ursula’s mood immediately changed.

“Here we go again. Do you perhaps like Skye?” Ursula asked.

“Well it’s not like that. I mean he’s a good friend but,,,”

“If he’s just a friend then why do you care about his opinion that much!” Ursula snapped.

“You have to decide. Do you like him or not,,, gosh!” Ursula rolled eyes and walked away.

Monica stopped on her tracks and just looked at Ursula.

“What’s wrong with her lately?” Monica wondered.

“Uhh, excuse me” Someone spoke from behind.

Monica turned and gasped. A blonde really pretty girl with the cutest voice was speaking at her.

“Wow!, you’re cute!” Monica blurted out.

The girl just chuckled. Monica cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a le#bian but you’re pretty” Monica smiled.

“Thanks. I’m Sophia and I’m new here, can you show me around?” She said.

“Sure! Come let’s go!” Monica said.

“I’m Monica by the way…” She said.

“I know. I watched you during the show” She replied.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett walked out of her room, dressed for work. She was wearing a tight fitting black gown that ended at the middle of her thigh with a black jacket ontop. She packed her hair in a bun and her makeup gave her this authoritative yet elegant look.

“Good morning grandma” Scarlett smiled widely.

She looked at Raymond and frowned. She’s still mad at him for kidnapping her from work.

“Morning” She grumbled

“Good morning Scarlett, you look really gorgeous today. Right Raymond” Emelda turned to Raymond.

Raymond wasn’t even paying attention to them. He was busy in his phone. Emelda frowned and kicked his leg under the table.

“Right Raymond?” She repeated herself, while smiling. A threatening smile.

“Yes! Ouch.. Yes, she looks,,, gorgeous” Raymond hesitated to say.

“Well why don’t you pull out a chair for your lovely wife” Emelda smiled.

“But grandma,,”

Emelda didnt hesitate to kick his leg, this time harder.

“Ouch! Okay!” Raymond quickly stood and pulled out a chair for Scarlett while frowning.

Scarlett couldn’t hold back herself. She laughed out loud while sitting down.

The maids served them food and they ate while chatting with Raymond taking part in the discussion for the first time.

“Need to start going” Scarlett said.

“I’ll drop you off” Raymond said.

Emelda gave him “that’s my grandson” smile. Scarlett looked at Emelda and slowly nodded. She wasn’t ready to go to work with a swollen leg.

They both stood up and walked out of the house.

“Ouch! Ouch! Yes,, she’s gorgeous” Scarlett teased Raymond while laughing.

“Stop it!” Raymond frowned, his hands in his pockets as usual.

“Ouch! Okay!” Scarlett continued teasing him while laughing.

“Stop it!”

Raymond turned back and glared at her. Scarlett smiled at his angry face.

“Grandma’s baby” She said.

Raymond grabbed her left wrist and pulled her closer. She crashed on his chest. He then trapped her by holding her waist. Scarlett gasped…

“Just one more word from you”

Raymond leaned closer to her ear

“And watch as I’ll devour your lips right here, right now” Raymond whispered.

Scarlett eyes widened. She quickly looked away as a blush slowly crept up her cheek.

Raymond smirked. Right now she looked just like a helpless little baby. Different from the feisty Scarlett he always sees, looks somehow cute on her. Somehow..

“You see,, you’re just a chicken” Raymond said and released her. He continued walking to his car. Scarlett just quietly followed behind.

The maids who were watching it dramatically fanned themselves.

? Gosh! I wish I was ma’am Scarlett.
? I could have spoken just for him to kiss me!

The drive to Scarlett’s company was silent. Raymond stopped the car in front of her company.

“We’re here..” Raymond said.

Scarlett just nodded. Raymond nearly laughed..

“Wait I was joking. You can speak…” Raymond said.

“Id�ot…” Scarlett muttered and opened the door of his car. She hurriedly walked in the company.

Raymond smirked and drove away..

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

Ethan walked out of the restroom and was whistling a song while going back to class when he heard cries.

He immediately stopped as that picked his curiousity. Next thing he heard was Melody’s voice. That made him to sneak to where the voice was coming from.

He saw Melody trying to comfort Phoebe who kept sobbing non stop.

“Shh!, it’s okay.. You’ll be fine” Melody said.

“No it’s not! For how long will I continue receiving this Ill treatment! Tell me, don’t I deserve to be loved my family! Just look! Look!” Phoebe cried loudly. She pulled up the long sleeve she wore today.

Ethan’s eyes widened when he saw bruises all over her arms. He tried walking to them but stopped on his tracks when hr remembered that he promised not to bug her for the rest of the week.

“My mom is gone! Dad is gone too! I’m all alone in this f*cked up world!” Phoebe cried.

“No,, you’ve got me… You’re like a sister to me you know that” Melody said, fighting back her tears.

Phoebe hugged Melody tightly, still crying. Ethan leaned on the wall and closed his eyes.

“What could she possibly be going through” Ethan thought

He looked back at them and sighed before walking away.

Wondering what happened? Well this is what happened.

Flashback ?

“Bye s*xy” Ethan winked at Phoebe and drove off.

Phoebe rolled and smiled before entering the house, it was almost 7pm. She quickly halted on her tracks when she saw her aunt sitting on the couch while manicuring her nails, watching her favorite show

“Good…good evening aunt” Phoebe greeted, fear evident from her voice

Elena turned and looked at Phoebe with a disgusted look on her face.

“Come here and manicure my nails” She said.

Phoebe rushed to do her nails as she said.

“If you make a mistake you’re finished” She warned and continued watching her show

Phoebe cautiously did her toe nails without any mistake when the door opened and Ella and Emma walked in, slamming the door really.

The loud sound produced by the door startled Phoebe and she mistakenly smeared the polish on Elena’s toe.

“B*tch!!” Elena slapped her soundly.

Phoebe fell on the floor, holding her cheek. She didnt even have the time to stand up when Emma grabbed her hair, slapping her.

“You b*tch! Wh�re! I told you never to talk to my Ethan but you defy my orders!! I’ll k�ll you!!” Emma yelled.

“You’re hurting me” Phoebe winced.

“What happened?” Elena asked.

Emma slapped Phoebe before releasing her.

“This sl�t here deliberately went to the cinema with my Ethan, a guy I’ve been crushing on for two good years. She’s a sl�t!, I saw the two of them have s*x” Emma said.

“What?… That’s not true” Phoebe shook her head.

“Really?! You’re calling my daughter a liar? Huh!” Elena slapped her.

Phoebe covered her nose, blood was already coming out of it.

“Hand me the chain” Elena said

Ella happily went to get it.

“No! Please aunt, I’m sorry…” Phoebe began crying while shifting away.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson… Bast�rd!!, you should have just d�e with your parents! You’re nothing buy bad luck!! Just d�e!!!” Elena began whipping Phoebe with the chains

“No!!! Ahh!!!” Phoebe kept screaming in pains.

Flashback ends?

Ethan walked to Angelo with a worried look on his face. Well Angelo was sitting by the school park, listening to music.

“What’s wrong bro?” Angelo asked.

“It’s Phoebe. I think she’s-”

“Help!! She’s gonna k�ll my sister!!!” Someone scream

Some students began rushing to where the scream came from. Angelo and Ethan curiously followed behind.

Angelo and Ethan gasped at they saw.

“You two are just evil just like the first letter of your name. I h�te you both” Melody yelled, beating up Emma with a stick

Blood was already coming out of Emma’s nose but she didnt even care. Anger, deep anger was what she felt at the moment

“Stop! Please!!” Ella screamed.

She went to pull Melody away from Emma buy the next thing she knew, Melody swung the stick to get head.

Ella passed out..

Angelo immediately stepped in when he felt it was getting out of control. He forcefully took the stick away from her and threw it away before pulling her out of the crowd.

“Let me go! I must end them!” Melody screamed.

Angelo released her when he got to a calm place.

“You could have just let me finish them. Maybe with it my friend will be happy!!” Melody yelled, releasing the tears she’s been holding since.

Melody looked down and began sobbing loudly, her shoulders shook as she cried.


Melody hugged him tightly, still crying…



  1. Though Emma and Ella deserves more than what Melody did to them, but I think she will be putting Phoebe in deeper trouble
    Next and longer episode please

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