Diary of the Watterson � Episode 28

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Silver High

“So now that you know all what happened during all those years we were away, time to know yours” Jackson smiled out his dimples.

The other girls who were present in the cafeteria literally drooled over him, wishing there were at Monica’s place and that he was smiling instead at them.

“I didn’t even ask you anything. I was busy eating my noodles when you began explaining yoir life to me” Monica said, still eating her noodles.

“You’re always a fun killer” Jackson said.

“Then leave me eat in peace” Monica shrugged.

“Nah… I missed you a lot when I was away” Jackson said.

“How many times do I have to tell you that-”

“Yeah I know.. You hate me and you don’t wanna see me and blah blah blah” Jackson said.

“But if you really did you won’t be sitting here, listening to me” Jackson smirked.

Monica gasped and scoffed, looking away.

Jackson just chuckled and continued eating his meal.

Not far away from their table is Skye. He sat on another table, eating his lunch while glaring daggers at Jackson.

“If you like her, why acting like a chicken? Go get her before she falls back again for him” Tara said, sitting down in front of him.

“But,,how?” Skye asked.

“You’re a man so find a way… Coz I won’t let Monica steal away my long time love” Tara said.

Skye looked at them again and sighed, faced his meal…

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

Stephanie was busy rushing to the tailoring room with some files in her hand that she didn’t see where she was stepping.

She tripped on the stairs and gasped when she realized she was falling. Stephanie closed her eyes, expecting to land heavily on the ground.

Suddenly, someone caught her by the waist making her head crash on his chest. Stephanie slowly opened her eyes and looked up. Her breath immediately hitched.

“Ray,,, Raymond?” She stuttered.

Raymond released her and dipped back his hands in his pocket.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Uh…yeah,, yeah!”

“Okay, I came to pick up your sister” Raymond said, shocking Stephanie.

“She’s in her office. Over there” Stephanie directed.

“Thanks” Raymond left for Scarlett’s office.

Stephanie just stared at him leave and she placed her hand on her chest.

“It’s still beating… For him, God!!” She cursed herself inwardly.

Raymond didn’t even bother to knock. He just walked in her office.

“Who the hell is that?!” Scarlett ranted, looking up.

“You?” She said, surprised to see him here.

“I came to pick you up for lunch” He said.

Scarlett placed the pen she was writing with and then looked at him.

“Raymond tell me. Are you suffering from amnesia” She asked seriously.

“Nope! But you said I’m boring and rude and arrogant and cold and annoying… Now I’m trying to change, isn’t it good? C’mon let’s go” Raymond said.

“I’m not leaving..” Scarlett said.

Raymond rolled his eyes.

“Here we go again.. Did I forget to tell you that I’m also crazy?” Raymond said, taking slow strides towards her.

He turned her chair so that it faced.

“Let’s go!” Raymond said.

“But,, I have a lot of work to do” Scarlett said.

“Your sister will help you and beside you can continue once you’re back” Raymond said.

“I don’t wanna go” Scarlett pouted.

“Okay, cool”

Raymond immediately lifted her up, placing her on his shoulder. He began marching to the exit of her office.

“Ray! Ray! Raymond! Put me down! Hey put me down!” Scarlett kicked her foot in the air.

Raymond paid deaf ears as he carried her to the exit of the company. Her workers just watched them in bewilderment.

Raymond placed her in his car and locked the door before going to the driver’s seat.

“This is kidnapping!!!” Scarlett yelled.

“Well you can go tell the police that you were been kidnapped by your husband. Let’s see how he’ll believe you” Raymond smirked as he buckled his seat belt.

Scarlett just looked out of the window while frowning. Raymond ignited the car’s engine and drove off.

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

It was over for the day so every students were slowly deserting the classroom.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home” Andrew smiled, taking Melody’s hand.

“Uhh, I don’t really know” Melody said.

“C’mon, don’t be shy. We’re friends right? Here let me help you with your backpack” Andrew took her back and held her hand. They began walking out of the classroom.

Melody looked at Angelo as they left the classroom. Their gaze locked but Angelo slowly looked away.

Melody sighed as she left the classroom.

“I’ll be going since I know you’ll sneak up on Phoebe like you always do” Angelo said once he was through packing his things.

“You guessed right” Ethan chuckled.

Phoebe tried walking by him but Ethan caught her wrist. She rolled eyes when she already knew who it was.

“S*xy… Is it me ot your �ss grew more big” Ethan said, licking his lips.

“What do you want again” Phoebe said and turned to him.

“I wanna take you out right now. I promise I won’t bug you for the rest of the week afterwards” Ethan said.

“Promise? You’re serious about it right?” Phoebe raised a brow.

“Yeah, come let’s go!” Ethan pulled her out of the class.

Avery sighed when she saw she was the last person in class. She slowly finished packing her things and stood up.

“I see he rejected your affection… Poor Avery” A voice said from behind.

Avery turned to see it was Chloe. She completely forgot about her.

“How does heartbeat taste. Welcome to the crew Avery” Chloe smirked.

Avery stood up to leave.

“Don’t you wanna make Melody pay for destroying yoir relationship with Angelo. A poor nobody just came in and ruined everything” Chloe said.

Avery tightened her grip on her bag.

“If you are interested, i can tell you a genius plan that I made” Chloe shrugged.

Avery slowly looked at Chloe sideways.

? ? ? ? ?


“It’s weird seeing you not talk talk about naughty things” Phoebe said.

Ethan bought two bowls of popcorn with drinks. They began walking to their seats.

“Well it’s because you only know the naughty me. Ever wondered why a serious guy like Angelo always hang out with someone like me? It’s because deep down I’m a sweet and cute soul but not to forget that I love p**sy” Ethan said.

“I was expecting that” Phoebe shook her head.

They both settled down on their seats and the not long after, the movie began. The title of the movie LOVE ME TILL THE END.

Phoebe watched with great interest, stuffing her face with popcorn while sipping her drink.

Ethan just watched her expression. He chuckled and faced the movie.

Time went on and it got to the sad part. Phoebe pouted and hugged Ethan’s arm. Ethan looked at her expression and almost laughed.

“This is so sad…” Phoebe pouted. She continued stuffing her face with popcorn.

Ethan watched the movie with great interest till it was over.

“Was so nice” Ethan smiled and looked at her.

He saw Phoebe, sleeping peacefully. Her head swayed and landed on his shoulder. He slowly brought out his phone and took a picture of her then a picture of them.

He kept his phone back and rubbed her cheek with a smile on his lips. He tapped her nose eforr rubbing her lips gently.

Phoebe wasn’t in a deep sleep so she easily woke up. She lifted her head up and looked at Ethan, their face was so close to each other.

Ethan just stared at her lips, licking his lips. Phoebe furrowed her brows.

“Stop staring at me like that” She said and shifted away, rubbing her eyes.

“It’s not my fault when you entice me this much” Ethan said and bit his lips while smiling.

Phoebe looked at him from head to toe and chuckled. She stood up from her seat.

“C’mon let’s go. You’ll drop me home, it’s an order” Phoebe said.

Ethan smiled.

“Yes ma’am” He said and stood up. The both left the cinema unknown to them that two pairs of angry eyes were glaring at them.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

“I won’t take long, just 2 minutes will do” Monica told her driver and rushed in school.

She completely forgot to take her textbook home and they gave them some homework to do.

She ran to were her locker was buy stopped when she saw someone slipping a red envelope in her locker.


The guy looked at him and she could recognize his face. It was a nerd from her class, with big round lenses.

The guy immediately took to his heels and dashed off the area. Monica made to run after him but he was already gone.

She went and took the letter then looked at it.




  1. At last Monica get the person who has been dropping love letters in her locker
    Ethan is so funny. I don't expect Avery to join force with Chloe to do something bad to Melody because it was not her fault Angie fell in love with her
    And Raymond is like a chameleon who changes anytime. Scarlett should just enjoy this his sweet side before he changes again
    Next please

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