Diary of the Watterson � Episode 26

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Donovan’s mansion**

The maids and guards present just shook their heads as they tried not to laugh loud.

Raymond and Scarlett kept rolling on mud till one point Raymond pinned both her hand down, with him on top.

“Enough…” He said seriously.

Scarlett stopped struggling as she began staring at him, his face was so close to hers.

Now that she looks more closer at him she noticed he had this mole just under his left eye and his face doesn’t look as ugly as she thought.

Raymond sneered and stood up from her. He immediately walked in the house without turning back. Scarlett sat up and watched him leave she looked at her self and sighed.

“Gosh!, Scarlett you’re really crazy!” She said to herself before entering the house.

The maids and guards finally burst out in laughter.


Raymond ran his hand in his hair as the water washed away the mud from his hair down his abs.

He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling as what happened earlier resurfaced in his mind. He shook his head.

“Upon all the women they could have set me up with, it had to be this psycho” Raymond sighed.

A slight smile formed on his lips when he remembered the face she made when he insulted her but the smile quickly vanished away.

“Since she’s slowly loosening her guard over guess I’ll go for my second plan then, make her fall for me so I can get closer to her family through her” Raymond said to himself while closing the shower

“Do not hurt Scarlett” Lucy’s words echoed in his mind.

“Breaking her heart doesn’t mean I’ve hurt her physically so it’s cool” Raymond shrugged and walked out of the bathroom.

He wore a short with a singlet before settling down in front of his laptop, working.


Scarlett walked into the kitchen. She already took her bath and now was dressed in a flare up yellow gown.

She walked into the kitchen and smiled when she saw Emelda making tea.

“Grandma” Scarlett smiled, coming to her.

“How’s your day Scar?” She smiled, turning to her.

“Uhh,, well full of ups and downs” Scarlett said slowly.

“That’s nice. I couldn’t help but notice that you and my grandson aren’t in good terms… Any worries?” Emelda asked.

“Does she know we’re married on contract? Should I tell her?” Scarlett thought.

Seeing the look on Emelda’s face, she decided not to tell her. Earlier she seemed so happy that her grandson is married.

“Umm, yeah.. We had a couple fight” Scarlett said and bit her lips.

“Oh that’s really bad!, though it’s common but you two aren’t supposed to hold grudges for long… It can harm your marriage” Emelda said, holding Scarlett’s shoulder.

“I see…” Scarlett said awkwardly.

“Here.. Go give him this cup of tea and then solve your problems dear” Emelda handed the tray to Scarlett.

Scarlett took it and nodded then reluctantly began heading to Raymond’s room. She knocked on his door but got no response

Knowing who Raymond is, she just opened his door. Raymond looked up from his laptop with that usual passive look on his face

“What do you want?.” Raymond asked.

“Your grandmother said I should bring this to you” Scarlett placed the tray in front of him.

“Tell me… Does she know we are married for just two months?” Scarlett asked, crossing her arm under her chest.

“No, she doesn’t know. I don’t want to see her sad.” Raymond said and paused.

“Her and Lucy are my only happiness” He muttered.

For the first time, Scarlett felt pity for him. Raymond looked at her and continued what he was doing.

“You can leave” Raymond said with his eyes glued on the screen of his laptop.

Scarlett drew out the chair next to him and sat down.

“I’m bored..” Scarlett said and began looking at what he was doing.

He continued what he was doing as Scarlett watched keenly.

“Think you should invest in poor places” Scarlett spoke.

Raymond looked at her with a raised brow.

“Well that’s my opinion. Rather than investing in the same area, I think you should invest in poor places coz there there isn’t a lot of industries there so you can easily monopolise the area and by that your sales will increase” Scarlett said.

“You’re…right?” Raymond admitted though it was like a question.

“You’re not the only CEO around here” Scarlett smirked and stood up.

She began looking round his room. Last time she came in here, she didn’t have the time to acknowledge the room since Raymond nearly k�lled her.

Thinking of that…

“You haven’t said sorry for almost k�lling me last time” Scarlett turned to him.

“So you seriously expect that word to come out from me?” Raymond said, working on his laptop.

Scarlett rolled eyes and fell on his bed.

“So comfortable” She muttered.

Emelda who had been peeping from the door ever since smiled. She slowly closed back the door and left them.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

Stephanie sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes. Today was free day so she spent it, sleeping but now she got tired of sleeping.

Her stomach rumbled as she pouted before getting up from bed. She went downstairs and nodded when the maids greeted her.

A smile crept on her lips when she saw a bowl of strawberries in the cupboard.

Stephanie stretched her hand to get the bowl but unfortunately, she wasn’t thag tall to reach it. She stood on her toes bug still couldn’t get it.

Suddenly an arm grabbed the bowl. She turned back and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw it was Nathan.

“Here Miss” He said.

Stephanie slowly collected the bowl from him, looking down.

“Thanks” She mumbled

“Are you not yet ready to face me about what happened that night?” Nathan spoke.

“Uh… Uhm,,”

“Miss Stephanie, I’m sorry for what happened last night. I was so drunk that night and was out of my sense. Sorry if it seemed like I took advantage of you, sorry for taking your yunno…your pride” Nathan said, his eyes not leaving her face.

“It’s… It’s okay” Stephanie said and made to leave but he blocked her way with his arms.

“Stephanie, tell me. Do you believe in love at first sight?” He spoke softly, his gaze getting more intense.

Stephanie looked at him and opened her mouth to speak but closed it back when nothing came out. She jolted when she fel his hand on her cheek.

“I think that’s what happened to me” He said.

“I know I’m not rich.. I don’t feature as the man of your dreams but just give me a chance and I promise you won’t regret it” He said, coming closer to her.

“I… I love you”

Stephanie closed her eyes tightly as she shifted away but the sink was a major hindrance. When she couldn’t take it, she pushed him away and slapped him across the cheek.

“Don’t try this again on me or else you’re fired!” Stephanie yelled and rushed off the area.

Nathan rubbed his cheek as he watched her leave.

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University, 6pm**

“Thanks Mel! Don’t know what I could have done without you” Andrew said and rubbed her cheek. Melody just smiled.

Well they stayed back to study and didn’t even see the time fly by.

“Gosh! Already 6pm?” Andrew said as they packed their things.

“Good thing I don’t work today” Melody said.

“Uh Mel, I bought something for you… Here” Andrew brought out a bracelet with a heart shape on it.

He took her wrist and wore it on her. Melody looked at it and blushed lightly.

“Thanks.” She muttered.

“It looks good on you” He said and carried her bag pack for her.

They walked out of the school. Melody stopped by the roof and sighed when she saw it was raining heavily.

“Come, I’ll give you a ride home” Andrew opened his umbrella.

They both walked away under the umbrella.. Seem like Melody forgot something..


Angelo sighed in disappointment. He looked up at the sky, the rain had already drenched him completely and he was sure of catching cold.

He brought out a red box and opened it. A beautiful bracelet could be seen in it..

The rain slowly dropped on the bracelet. He closed it back..

“She’s not gonna come” A voice.

Angelo turned to where the voice was coming and saw Avery coming to him under an umbrella.

“I saw her leave earlier with Andrew. Looks like she likes him more” Avery said.

Angelo looked down.

“Why don’t you just forget about her. She doesn’t feel the same way about you. You’ll always have someone who loves you a lot..” Avery said.

“You have me Angelo.. I love you, I’m sorry I was too scared in telling you ” Avery said.

“Huh?” Angelo furrowed his brows.

Avery dropped down the umbrella and hugged him tightly, taking Angelo aback.

“Just give me a chance and you won’t regret it.. Please?” Avery said.

She broke the kiss and cupped his cheek before kissing him. Angelo’s eyes widened.

She continued kissing him for a while. Angelo got back to his senses and gently pulld her away from him.

“I’m sorry,,, I can’t” Angelo whispered.

He released her and left under the rain.

“Angelo!!” She screamed his name but he didn’t turn back

She sat on the grass and looked down. Tears escaped her eyes as the rain poured on her.



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