Diary of the Watterson � Episode 24

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel




Donovan’s mansion

Raymond got down his car. He was wearing a black singlet with black jeans, obviously back from his mission.

“Welcome back boss” The guards greeted.

“Has my grandmother arrive?” Raymond asked.

“Yes boss, She’s resting in her room” The guard replied.

Raymond nodded and began walking to the entrance of his house. His phone suddenly began ringing. He brought it out and rolled his eyes when he saw it was Scarlett.

Raymond ignored the call but the call came up again. Raymond furrowed his brows, staring at his phone.

On second thoughts, he picked up the call.

“Hello?” He said with a brow raised.

“Help me…I’m being chased by,,,ahh!!” He heard Scarlett scream.

“Hello? Hello?” Raymond said and looked at his phone before hanging up.

“What again?.” Raymond sighed as he opened back his car.

“This girl really has a talent to be in trouble” Raymond sighed and ignited his engine.

“I’m doing this because of Lucy” Raymond said inwardly and drove off..

He connected his Bluetooth and made a call

“Don?” The man said.

“I need you to localize a phone as soon as possible” Raymond said.

? ? ? ? ?

“Let me go!! What do you want?!” Scarlett screamed, trying to break free from his grip but it was impossible..

The man was masked so she couldn’t recognize him. He pushed Scarlett down making her sprain her ankle.

“Ouch…” Scarlett winced.

“Maybe I should just k�ll you right here and right now” He said bringing out a gun.

Scarlett slowly shifted back in fear. She tried to stand but she couldn’t, he leg hurt so bad..

As the made tried to pull the trigger, another bullet from nowhere hit his gun making it fall.

The masked man immediately began looking around in search of who could have hit him. His eyes then landed on Raymond who was standing by the entrance, staring at him.

“Don…Don Ray?” He said trying to act all bold.

Raymond kept back his gun and walked to him with his hands in his pocket.

“You know you can’t k�ll me no matter how much you try, now you wanna get to me through my wife,, nice.” Raymond smiled.

The masked man immediately picked up his gun and aimed at Scarlett who jolted in fear.

“Don’t come closer or else…”

“Or else what? You’ll sh00t her? Go ahead but I doubt you’ll leave this area alive” Raymond said.

The man tightened his grip on his gun, not knowing what to do.

“Who’s your boss?.” Raymond asked.

He looked down. Raymond sighed.

“I’ll give you a chance to live.. Go give your boss this” Raymond handed him a letter.

He took it and looked at Raymond before running away. Raymond watched him as he left. He know directed his gaze to Scarlett.

She was still sitting on the floor, staring at Raymond like she’s seen a ghost.

“You really have a talent of getting into trouble. Next time you get into trouble, don’t call me.” Raymond said.

She still kept quiet, staring at him. She tried to stand again but her ankle was swollen and hurt a lot.

Raymond looked at her ankle and rolled his eyes. He squatted in front of her and slowly removed her heels before looking back at her.

“Why are staring at me like that?” Raymond frowned.

“Who are you?.” Scarlett said

“The less you know, the better it is for you….” Raymond smirked and lifted her up, carrying her in a bridal style.

He walked to his car and placed her on the passenger seat before going to the driver’s seat. He buckled his seatbelt and drove off.

The drive was silent with no one talking to the other. They got home in few minutes.

Raymond got down the car and carried her into the house. The maids just stared at them with wide eyes.

? What happened?
? Don’t they look good together?
? It’s just for 2 months. And it’s remaining a month and a week for them.

Raymond placed her on her bed and began leaving.

“Uhm can you call Nadia in for me?” Scarlett spoke.

Raymond just left and shut the door close.

“This grumpy fo�l” Scarlett frowned.

She tried to stand but couldn’t. Scarlett groaned and laid down on the bed. A knock came up on the door.

“Ma’am, it’s me Nadia. Boss said you asked for me..” Nadia spoke.

“Oh, he actually did it?” Scarlett thought.

“Come in..” Scarlett said.

The door opened and Nadia walked in with a smile on her lips. She gasped when she saw Scarlett foot.

“Ma’am! What happened?” Nadia rushed to her.

Scarlett began narrating what happened as Nadia massaged her with a balm.

“That happened? Looks like boss’s enemies are on it again.” Nadia said


“We’ll I don’t if its true but rumors says that boss is a dangerous person” Nadia said.

“A what?…”

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Good evening Mel!” Monica smiled when she saw Melody coming in.

“Hey Moni, is Angelo upstairs?” Melody asked

“Yeah, its late what you doing here?” Monica asked.

“I forgot something while cleaning his room. Need to get it, by the way you rocked the show.. Congrats babe” Melody smiled.

“Thanks Mel” Monica smiled.

Melody winked and went upstairs to Angelo’s room. She knocked on it but no respond, she knocked again.

“Angelo?” Melody called, slightly opening the door.

She couldn’t see him. She shrugged and walked in his room. She could hear the shower running.

“Oh he’s having his shower. Let me get it fast before he comes out.” Melody thought.

She began searching for her necklace on the floor. It was the one her father gave her and she can’t misplace it for anything in the world.

“Where is it?” Melody mumbled, looking for it.

She saw it glimmer under the table.

“Got you” Melody smiled and picked it.

“What you doing here again? Came to steal something?” He spoke

Melody made to stand up but she hit her head on the table.

“F*ck…” She rubbed her head.

Melody stood and turned to Angelo. She gasped when she saw him in only in towel which hung carelessly on his waist.

Melody quickly turned her back on him.

“I’m sorry… I came to get something I mistakenly dropped here” Melody said.

Angelo smirked and crossed his arm.

“Why act like a shy kid? Are you afraid you’ll get blinded by my beauty?” Angelo teased her.

Melody scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“I bet Andrew is more muscular than you” Melody smirked. Angelo’s face immediately changed.

Still without turning, she began walking to the exit. She turned the door knob and pulled it slightly open but Angelo placed his hand on the door, shutting it back.

“Andrew here, Andrew there… I’m getting sick and tired of hearing his name.” Angelo spoke.

Angelo turned Melody to face him making her gasp. She stared at his face, slowly getting uncomfortable at the closeness.

Angelo lifted her head up through her chin. His hair was still wet, making his hair stick onto his face giving him this hot look.

“Tell me, do you like him?” Angelo asked.

“I…I…” Melody stuttered for the first time.

Angelo dipped his hand in her hand, pulling her closer.

“Are you a witch? What did you do to me?.” Angelo whispered.

“An.. Angelo” Melody placed her hand on his bare chest to push him away but her strength was gone.

Angelo brushed his nose on hers, his lips slightly parted. He then brushed his lips on hers, Melody’s eyes shut down instantly.

As he made to claim her lips.


“Angie! Can I get your charger? Mine isn’t working” Stephanie’s voice was heard.

“D�mn” Angelo cursed.

Melody opened back her eyes and opened the door. She rushed out of the room without turning back.

Stephanie watched as Melody ran away before looking at Angelo who was almost naked.

“Did I interrupt something?” Stephanie asked.

“No… Don’t you see we were planting flowers” Angelo rolled eyes and closed back his door.

Stephanie stood there, utterly confused.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett tied up her hair in a pony tail as she came downstairs barefooted wearing only a huge tee. Today was a no work for her so she’ll spend it at home.

“I’m starving…” She pouted as her tummy made funny noises. Well her ankle got better due to the massage and the balm.

? Good morning ma’am
? You look more pretty today ma’am

Scarlett just smiled in reply before walking in the dining table. She stopped on her track when she saw three people sitting there. Raymond, Lucy and an old lady.

“Uhh…” Scarlett didn’t know what to say.

“Scar! You’re awake!” Lucy smiled.

“Lucy?” Scarlett said.

“What are you doing here?” Scarlett asked.

“Oh, I came to see my baby” Lucy said and pinched Raymond’s cheek. He just rolled eyes, surprising Scarlett.

“Don’t tell you two are-”

“Not what you think. Raymond is actually my brother… Don’t you remember the guy who usually came to pick me up when we were in highschool until you told me you had a crush on him” Lucy said.

Raymond and Scarlett’s eyes widened.

“It’s him?”

“It’s her?”

Raymond and Scarlett chorused. Lucy smiled and nodded.. Scarlett blushed of embarrassment.

“So she’s the flat �ss girl you wanted me to date?” Raymond said pointing at Scarlett.

“Hey!” Scarlett snapped.

“Yeah she is”

“Thank God I refused” Raymond said.

“Great!, now you’re married to her…” Lucy mocked.

The old lady just laughed silently, watching them fight just like before.

“My manners… Good morning..” Scarlett paused.

“You can call me grandma Emelda” She said.

“Okay.” Scarlett smiled.

“Just look at how beautiful she became and now well endowed with shapes” Emelda smiled.

“Come sit next to your husband my daughter” She said.

“Thanks grandma” Scarlett smiled obediently.

“No grandma…” Raymond frowned.

Emelda hit him with her walking stick.

“Shh!!” She hushed him.

Scarlett smiled while looking at Raymond. Raymond glared at her for behind that smile he can see mockery.

Emelda and Lucy winked at each other, ready to execute their plans.


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  1. I can't stop laughing. This episode is very funny ??, from Angie and Melody to Scarlett and Raymond. But what is Lucy and grandma Emelda planning
    Next please

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