Diary of the Watterson � Episode 19

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Donovan’s Mansion, morning**

“Miss, miss…miss!”

Scarlett opened her eyes but all she could see are blurry things. She closed back her eyes and opened it, blinking severally.

“Thank goodness you’re awake miss” The maid said.

“What happened” Scarlett said.

She frowned when she felt her throat was dry and aching. The maid noticed her struggle and handed her a glass of water.

Scarlett’s eyes widened when she suddenly remembered what happened. She looked around to see she was in her room.

“What happened?”

“I went to your room to see if you needed something since you came back without eating. That’s where I began hearing strange noises coming from boss’s room. I thought of leaving but stopped when I heard you struggling. Without thinking, I rushed to his room and saw you passed out.. I struggled with him till he finally released you, he slept off on the floor too. I took you to your room and treated your bruises” The maid narrated.

Scarlett rubbed her neck which was still red.

“Thanks so much, can’t believe I almost died” Scarlett said .

“That bas***d! He nearly killed me, I wanted to be sympathetic for once and this is what I get? I’ll make sure he..”

“Ma’am, one advice I’ll give to you. Never you step foot in boss’s room when he’s in that state” The maid interrupted her thoughts..

“I don’t really know much about him but the old maids who have been working here for years said that he used to be carefree person but after the death of his wife and unborn baby, he became that.. No one here knows the reason for their death” She said.

“Oh..” Scarlett muttered.

“I’ll leave you ma’am, you need some privacy” The maid stood up.

“What’s your name?”

“Nadia ma’am..” She smiled.

“Nadia, thanks a lot for saving me. I owe you one” Scarlett smiled.

Nadia bowed with a smile and left. Scarlett stood up from her bed and went to shower, today is gonna be a hectic day for her..

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Bye mom,, dad” Stephanie pecked them and left the house..

She stopped when she saw her driver, Nathan waiting for her by the car. Nathan looked up at her and smiled.

“Good day boss” He greeted.

“Thanks” Stephanie replied and made to enter.

“Boss…” He called.

Stephanie slowly turned to face him, hoping he won’t bring up the topic of last time.

“Nothing boss.” He said.

Stephanie nodded and entered the car, hearing a sigh of relief. Nathan entered too and ignited the car’s engine, driving off.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett finished dressing up for work. She picked up her handbag and her phone then walked out of her room..

Coincidentally, Raymond was also coming out of her room. He noticed he was wearing a black turtle neck top due to yesterday.

Scarlett stared at him and the frowned, glaring at him…

“So you can’t say a simple sorry. All you know is to stare at me like you were lost..” Scarlett said.

Raymond dipped his hands in his pocket and began descending the stairs.

“I didn’t give you an invitation card to intrude my room. You called that upon yourself” Raymond said, entering the dining room.

Scarlett folded her fists tightly in anger. She marched downstairs and left the house, not bothering to have breakfast.

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

Scarlett came out of the car with a moody face. She walked in the company and paused when she saw Nathan discussing with a group of the female workers.

? Can you go on a date with me Friday night?
? No!, me..

Nathan smiled awkwardly as he watched the ladies debate. Well, they can’t help it when he has this killer smile..

Nathan smiled politely when he noticed Scarlett.

“Good morning ma’am” He greeted.

“Morning ma’am!!” The female workers chorused.

“Morning everyone. Nathan, is my sister here?” Scarlett asked with a straight face.

“Yes ma’am, she arrive not long ago.” Nathan replied.

Scarlett nodded and went her way.

? That’s weird, Miss Scarlett is rarely moody. What could have happened?
? None of our business.

“Sis!” Stephanie said when Scarlett walked in the atelier.

“Morning” Scarlett said and immediately went to adorn the dresses Stephanie already sewed.

“What’s wrong?” Stephanie asked, sitting down.

“One word… I h�t� this marriage.” Scarlett muttered.

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

“…And then you lift up the left leg slightly and then the right. Keep doing it and that’s how we do a waist jiggle” Melody said, showing it to them.

“Wow!, thanks. I tried doing it but I messed up..” A girl said.

“Thanks Mel” The other said.

Melody smiled slightly. She felt an arm round her neck.

“Looks like you love dancing a lot” Andrew said.

Melody looked at his arm with a frown on her face and then at him..

“Don’t you know it’s inappropriate to hold a lady you just met like this… People can think we’re dating.” Melody said.

“A lady? Where’s the lady coz I’m not seeing her” Andrew said pretending to be searching for her.

Melody hit his stomach making him laugh and groan at the same time.

“Was just kidding” Andrew laughed.

Melody rolled eyes and began walking away. Andrew rushed to her and held her hand as they walked back to class.

“Come on pretty face,,,” Andrew smiled.

Angelo who was just coming with Ethan stopped on his tracks when he saw them going to class. His gaze was focused on the hand he was holding.

Ethan noticed it and smiled..

“Wow!, Andrew and Melody kinda look good together” Ethan said

“Whatever,,, let’s go to class” Angelo said and began walking away.

Ethan smirked and followed behind.

Angelo and Ethan got to class and went straight to their seats. As usual, the girls couldn’t help but drool over them.

They both took their seats but not without Angelo looking at Andrew and Melody.

Almost immediately, the lecture walked in. This time it was Miss Finckliner, a stern looking woman..


“Everyone turn in your homework” She interrupted.

“Class president, collect all the homework” She said…

Angelo nodded and stood then did as per ordered. The door opened and Phoebe walked in, looking pale and weak.

“Miss Phoebe Brooklyn, you’re late!” She said.

“Miss I’m sorry.. I-”

“Shh!, one penalty point” She said.

Phoebe sighed and slowly walked to her seat. Ethan’s gaze didn’t leave her till she settled next to Avery.

“She looks strange today” He thought.

“What’s up? You look kinda pale” Avery said.

“It’s nothing, I’m just tired” Phoebe smiled.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Be careful before you fall..” Julia said.

“Almost done mom..” Monica finished and turned to face them.

“Anyone to help me down?”

“I’ll do so..” Skye said and walked to her.

He lifted her up by the waist and placed her down. She smiled at him.

“Thanks Skye”

Ursula who was busy blowing air in the balloons stared at them. Lately, she couldn’t help but notice the look in Skye’s eyes when he stares at Monica.

“Skye! I need a little help here…” Ursula said.

“Coming!” Skye went to her and helped her with the balloons.

Ash who was observing what was happening sighed and walked to Monica.

“How is the birthday girl?” Ash asked.

“So fine! Can’t wait for tonight, thanks for the surprise visit guys” Monica said.

“You’re welcome…” Ursula replied while Skye just winked…

“Just wait for your gifts tonight” Ash winked and went to help the maids with the decorations.

Monica smiled as she watched them, having friends who care like this means so much to her.

Suddenly someone covered her eyes from behind. She smiled as recognized the scent..

“Happy birthday troublesome sis” Angelo said and hugged her, pecking her cheek.

“Thanks grumpy brother” Monica smiled.

Angelo released her and brought out a small packet from his pocket before handing it to her.

She took it and opened then smiled. It was beautiful necklace made of gold with their family picture inside the heart shaped medal.

“Thanks bro” Monica hugged him tightly..

“Where’s the birthday girl!!” Stephanie said, coming downstairs.

“Big sis!!”

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett smiled at her reflection once she was through with her makeup.

“Absolutely gorgeous” Scarlett smiled and stood up.

She was wearing a tight fitting red gown that ended at the middle of her thigh and her hair was packed up in a bun, she looked irresistible.

Scarlett took Monica’s gift which was wrapped and then walked out of her room.

? You look so gorgeous ma’am
? Boss doesn’t know what he’s missing
? I wish I had half of your beauty ma’am

Scarlett chuckled.

“Thanks everyone” She smiled.

Scarlett went out of the house and met Raymond. He was wearing shorts with a white singlet that showcased his muscles.

Since today was Sunday, he usually spends it at home, gardening.

Ever since the incident, they never spared each other a glance till now. Raymond cleaned his hands and walked to her.

He looked at her from head to toe then back to her face, his right hand in his pocket.

“Where are you heading to?” Raymond asked.

Scarlett rolled eyes and made to leave but he pulled her back in front of him.

Without warning, he cupped her cheek with his right hand, rubbing her ear then traced his hand to her forehead.

“Where are you heading to?”



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