Diary of the Watterson � Episode 18

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Phoebe rolled eyes and left the area.

She was heading to the restroom when two girls blocked her way. Phoebe paused and swallowed hard.

“Who bought the dress you’re wearing?”

“How do you know Ethan? You two f*cked right?” The other girl fired.

“What?! No…” Phoebe exclaimed.

“You better… Ethan is mine!” Emma said.

“Yeah and don’t even think of talking to my Philip” Ella said.

Meet Emma and Ella, Phoebe’s twin cousin. They attend the same college though different department from Phoebe.

“Okay” Phoebe said, looking down.

“Good..” Emma smirked and pushed Phoebe out of the way. She almost fell if not for the wall..

Phoebe closed her eyes tightly..

“When will all these suffering end?” Phoebe thought.


“Hey! Mr Secret!” Melody blocked Angelo’s way and smiled..

“What?” Angelo frowned.

“You didn’t tell me you were also in the arts department” Melody said.

“Coz it’s non of your business” Angelo said

“Wow..why are you so moody today?” Melody frowned.

“Wait, is it because I found out your little secret? That you do compose lyrics?” Melody asked.

Angelo rolled eyes and made to leave but she held his hand. He looked at her hand and then at her..

“C’mon,, don’t tell me you’re mad just because of a little insignificant thing like that. Okay, I promise I won’t tell anyone” Melody said.

Angelo looked back at his hand she was holding before looking at her.

“Okay” He said, stylishly removing his hand from hers. Somehow, he felt uncomfortable..

“Cool! Let’s go grab something to eat. The bills are on you” Melody began pushing him to the cafeteria.

Angelo laughed sacarstically.

“What a polite way of asking something” Angelo mocked as they went to the cafeteria.

? ? ? ? ?

Mond’s Corporation**

“Sir, you have a visitor” His secretary said

“Let the person in..” Raymond said, hoping it’s not Luna coz he’s still really mad at her.

The door opened and Lucy peeped in.

“Ray” She smiled before walking in..

“Lucy” Raymond said.

She smiled and sat down on his thigh. Raymond stared at her in confusion.

“You’re not longer a baby… Get off me or push you down” Raymond said.

“I know but I’m still your baby..” Lucy poked his nose.

Raymond rolled eyes and looked elsewhere, fighting back a smile..

“I saw that! You wanted to smile..” Lucy poked his cheek.

Raymond just frowned. Lucy laughed and stood up from him before sitting on the seat opposite his.

“So.. I was with your wife yesterday” Lucy said.

“You know that woman?” Raymond said…

“You forget a lot,, don’t you remember she’s my best friend right from when we were in elementary school?” Lucy said..


“So I saw her yesterday and she’s pretty nice and pretty too plus she has this authoritative aura,, just the type of woman for you” Lucy said.

“Don’t go that way Lucy. Me and that sh*t called love we’re done! Besides, I’m just using her to get what I want..” Raymond said.

“But she’s not involved to what happened to us” Lucy said.

“Yeah, but I can use her to get my revenge” Raymond said.

Lucy sighed, trying to convince him is like pouring water on a leather bag.. Completely useless!

“Just don’t harm her, coz if you do I’ll hate you… I’m serious about it” Lucy said

Raymond just nodded and faced his work..

“By the way grandma is coming soon..” Lucy said.

“Oh f*ck,, that bag of problem…” Raymond sighed.

“That’s rude..” Lucy chuckled..

? ? ? ? ?

Deluxe Restaurant, 4pm**

“Remains Stephanie” Arnold said when she saw Monica walk in the restaurant.

“Hey dad, mom..” Monica smiled and sat down next to Angelo who had his head buried in his phone.

Well they all came here for the family outing they planned..

The door to the restaurant opened and Stephanie walked in with Scarlett.

“Scar also came…” Monica said excitedly.

“Scar!” Julia smiled.

“You guys were planning a family thing and you didn’t invite me, how thoughtful” Scarlett smirked.

They all sat down and began ordering what they felt like eating. This family is an eating machine so don’t be surprised if they order the whole menu.

“So how are things going with your husband” Monica asked.

Scarlett looked at Stephanie before looking at Monica.

“Uhm, let’s not ruin this family moment. I’ll tell you guys another time” Scarlett said.

They began chatting happily and Monica exclaimed when their meals arrived.

“Steph!, less I forgot.. I have hired a new bodyguard for you, that’s what you asked me in the morning right?” Arnold said, chewing on his meal.

“Thanks dad. Where is he?” Stephanie asked.

“There he is…” Arnold said, pointing at a man who’s just arriving.

Stephanie turned to see who it was and froze completely. Never in her wildest dreams will she have imaged them meeting again..

“You?” Stephanie muttered.

With beautiful sparkly eyes, blonde long hair which he tied up. Perfect cheek bones and a well built body evidence by his biceps. The man walked to them and stood.

“Good day miss Stephanie” He greeted politely and smiled charmingly

“Ahh!! He’s so handsome…” Monica gushed.

“Monica! Manners please…” Julia said.

“Nice meeting you Nathan, hope you’re as competent as they told me” Arnold said.

He simply nodded and looked at Stephanie. Stephanie turned around, quickly avoiding his gaze..feeling so uncomfortable.

“Uhm, i need to use the restroom” Stephanie stood up and rushed out of the area.

“I’m Monica.. Can you guard me instead” Monica said.


Nathan just smiled.


“No! No! No! How do I face him?” Stephanie paced round the restroom.

Those long blonde hair, that face. She can’t forget it even in her dreams.. That’s the man, the man she had a night stand with…

“He’s now my bodyguard. F*ck you fate!!” Stephanie ranted.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion, 7pm**

“Sir, ma’am is not yet back..” The maid said.

“Like I care” He said and went to his room.

He undressed and entered the shower, allowing the cold water run down his body. He stared up as flashbacks began coming into his head.


“I love you Ray..” She smiled, a smile so pure and innocent.

“I love you more Aurora. You and our future baby” Raymond smiled and kissed her stomach.

He lifted her up from the ground and twirled her around. Her giggles and laughters were heard.

He placed her down and cupped her cheek before kissing her tenderly and softly.


Raymond folded his fists as the flashback swiped another.


“Aurora!! I’m back home..” Raymond said, entering the house.

He went upstairs to their room and what he saw made his heart bleed and break.

She was lying there on the ground, blood everywhere on her thigh and her face was badly bruised..in fact she looked tattered

“Aurora!!!” Raymond rushed to her and lifted her head, placing it on his thigh

“Who did this to you!! Who?!” Raymond cried..

“It was..”


Raymond hit his fists on the wall as he glared at no one in particular.

“I’m gonna ki*ll you,, I swear” Raymond spatted, tears streaming from his eyes…

? ? ? ? ?

It was 8pm when Scarlett got home. Since she ate a lot, she went straight to her room.

“Gosh!, I’m so tired..” She sighed

She groaned as the warm water met with her body. She took her bath while humming a song.

After her bath, she wore her pajamas which was an oversized shirt with bum short.


Scarlett paused and looked up when she heard someone scream.

“That’s strange..” Scarlett thought.

What followed next was shattering sound of glasses, then the scream erupted again.

Without thinking, Scarlett got down her bed and rushed out of the room. She opened the door next to her room and rushed in to see it was Raymond’s room.

The room was barely litted with bottles of alcohol loitering here and there. Scarlett looked around to see broken vases, broken pictures, broken mirror..in fact the room was in a mess.

Just infront of her, Raymond stood with his head down. He was shirtless and both his hands were bleeding, looks like he used them to destroy those objects.

“Raymond..” Scarlett called.

Raymond looked up and Scarlett gasped to see her was in tears.

“You took everything away from me” Raymond muttered.

“Raymond…” Scarlett called, walking closer to him. She stretched her hands to touch his bleeding hands.


Scarlett choked on the rest of her words when Raymond grabbed her by the neck, pinning her on the wall..

“Let me..” Scarlett managed to say and tried to free herself but he just tightened his grip on her neck, staining her neck with his blood.

“You took everything away from me!! Everything that kept me alive!! Everything!!!” Raymond yelled.


Her vision slowly became blurry. She slowly stopped struggling as her eyes shut down.



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