Alexander – Episode 30


(Arrange Marriage To A Celebrity)

By Jenny love

Episode 30



?? Alexa ??

You….u what???

I asked Ryan

�I..I….I said I lo love emmm.


Alexa I correct him.

I love calling you Alex.

Ok what ever what where you saying.

Alex. I have been stupid and selfish All this while.

I have been the pain in a$$, and I have been too busy getting back at you to realized I have been cashing some feelings for you.

I know our marriage was an� arranged marriage but I want us to make it work am not saying this because of what happened last night but because I just realized one thing and that’s my feelings for you .

He said and my eyes watered .

I .i.i.i I don’t know what to say.

Am speechless Ryan everything is happening so fast and I don’t know what to say.

Alex don’t say anything I know it’s not easy right now but please don’t stay quiet for too long.


Ok I said and hugged him.


Awwwwwww lovely view I must confence Amanda said .

Hahaha Damian laughed and we all looked at him .

What funny little man??? Ryan asked.

Look at your a$$ uncle dey are shinning in your bikini hahahhahahahahhahah he said and Burst out laughing badly.


My my … My a$$ Ryan stuttered with his chicks flushed red as he ran in inside making everyone to laugh out loud.

I can’t believe his putting on that.

We all went inside ate and drank till everyone left .

I went to my room and everywhere was empty , what the hell…..

Who did this?? where are my things??

I went to Ryans room and saw him sitting on the bed with a wine in his hands he has changed into a p j max Ready for bed I guess.

Ryan I can’t find all my stuff and….. I stop talking when I saw my clothes in his closet.

This will be your room from today.

Alex. We are� married we should sleep in the same bedroom right??

R.i..ght. I will just go and take my bath I said and went into the bathroom closing the door behind me.


?Ryan ?

I washed her walk into bathroom closing the door behind her.

I layed on the bed and haerd the shower running few minutes later she came out with her night dress .

Gosh look heavenly.

I washed as she walked to the bed and lay upright .

Good night, She said.

Good night i said and pulled her close and hugged her from behind .



I have a question.

What is that, I said and snuggle close to her closing my eyes and inhaling her nice saint.

What happened to you and RoRa she asked and I stopped moving.

I don’t want to talk about it please.

Please what really happened.

Ok she cheated on me with my cousin.


Yes now go to bed no More questions.

Ok night.

Night I said and kissed her lips.





I woke up and saw Ryan staring at me and smiling.

Why are you staring at me like that ?

I was just admiring what God gave me.

What’s that?

The must beautiful and lovely wife anyman can ask of.

You are so unpredictable I said as I tried leaving the bed only to be pulled back .


I made breakfast for you.

Oh Ryan you are so lovely I said and smiled.

He brought the tray of food and opened it .

Scrambled eggs and bread .

I felt a rotten feelings in my stomach and needed to throw up.

I rushed to the bathroom and threw up badly my mouth felt sore.

Ryan was watching me , he handed me a hand towel.

Are you ok ?? Or we should visit the doctor I don’t like this .

It’s fine am ok just th……

I ran back inside and threw up again ewwwww that’s so , I don’t like the feeling.

Alex are you sure your ok?

Am fine you worry too much.



Minutes later……..


I went to school with the car Ryan just bought recently I have told him I don’t want any new car again but he has been sturrbon.

Everyone stared at the car and started filming it.

??????wow whose car is this

??????so lovely

??????I love this car

??????it looks expensive

??????nice car

?????? it’s the latest car

??????It’s Alexa oh my gosh

?????? Ryan must have bought it for her wow she’s so lucky.

I heard� different comment as I walk� pass by I just wish..

Alexa Alexa

I heard Kim’s voice and turn only to be hugged by my crazy friends.

Wow you are getting fat girl what’s the secret.

Yeah she adding badly.

Stop it girls am just added wights nothing more stop thinking negative.






That was the last thing I herd before passing out.





Wow what could be wrong with



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