Alexander Episode 29

Arrange Marriage To A Celebrity


(Arrange Marriage To A Celebrity)

Episode 29

By Jenny love


?? Ryan ??

I drove into Amanda’s compound

Wow she’s rich ,there are beautiful disgner flowers around the little field

Beautiful garden and a nice bungalow.

I love this clean environment .

I went to the door bell and rang it .

Ding dong ….

Who’s there ….. wait a minute.

Amanda’s voice I guess.

I waited a few minutes and the door opened

Who…… Are……


She shouted and closed the door.

What the hell … .

I rang the bell again and this time a little boy opened it.

He stared at me and for sometime and then asked.

Are you a ghost sir ??

Ghost noo where is your …….. Aunt ????

She’s not my Aunt she’s my mom.

Oh your…. You r r .mom??

Yeah come in sir.

Sirrr don’t call me that do I look old to you.??

Yeah come in .

Ok .

I went in and saw Amanda looking as if she’s seen a ghost.

Amanda I called.

Is it really you you?

Of course it’s me and I need you and Kim’s help� so badly.

Ooookk I can’t believe this Ryan the new York sweet heart is here now staring at me and talking to me .

His Even asking for a favour from me

Wow am going to faint.

How does Alexander cope with you in the same house ?

Please how can I get to Kim please.

She will be here a…….


She’s here .

Why are you guys screaming so loud gosh .

Ryan is this you for real please tell me am not dreaming please please please.

Ok ok ok your not dreaming and please stop shouting please I need you help guys.

You need our help what could the most famous singer want from us ?

I need to get Alexander to forgive me I did something bad .

Awwwww so lovely.

You can’t do it .

What do you mean I can’t do it just say it .

Ok but u will need some help here .





?� Alexander ?

I have been in my room all day� I couldn’t go out because my eyes are so red and puffy .

I haven’t had my breakfast and it’s late already .

Knock knock..

I heard a knock on the door.

Whose there.


I heard a little voice.

Who could that be� ?

I opened the door and saw Damian.

Standing and looking so cute.

Hi Auntie how have you been .

He said and walked around me ,

How did you get here where is Amanda ??????

She’s outside .

Let’s go you need to see something.

What’s that??

I just said let’s go outside you will see it .


Ladies first he said and bowed like a gentle man .

Hahhahah funny boy.

I went out and he followed suit.

I got out and saw every where have been decorated beautifully.

Wow it’s so beautiful and where are all the guards.

Who did this and it’s not my birthday.

Who did this dam…….

I turned and couldn’t fine Damian anywhere where could he have gone I walked to the garden and saw all the guards on bikini and make up on .

What the hell……

Dj Damian said and a perfect by Ed Sheeran began playing.

Ryan came out with bikini and a very havy makeup .

They started dancing and I can’t help but laugh so loud.


Can’t believe he did this hahahah

Kim was the dj

Amanda the make up artists .


The song ended and he walked towards me and knelt down.

Am so� sorry� Alexander please forgive me please.

I look at him shocked.

Alex .

I look forward and saw Amanda and Kim.

Looking at me with expectations.

I looked at him and smiled.

Ryan you did the unexpected children dream,

I used to say if my husband offend me in any way even if the crime is as big as the world if he would dance in a bikini and a make up,

on I will forgive him no matter but I never expected you the new York sweet heart and the top celebraty .

An Arrogant pickcock like you to do this wow .

I forgive you .

You what…..

I forgive Ryan.

Wow thank you so much Alex. He said and hugs me tight.

Thanks Alex. I love you…..

What… Y.oouu what???

I said i. Lo….. ..







Hah sorry for the promise and fail e no go happened again

Love you……????


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