A Night With Him � Episode 90


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 90


?Irene, wow” Tom sighed as she received the call.
“You’ve listened to it right?” She asked.

His call came in few minutes after she forwarded the recording to him.

“Yes i have and i forwarded it to Cory immediately”
“Good” Irene smiled.
“Irene,you almost got caught and Ethan would have killed you if Christiana hadn’t spoken up,my heart was in my throat when i listened to the recording. Damn” Tom breathed out.
“I never thought they’ll find out about it,i planned to tuck my phone in my pocket but seeing Alex and Marie completely disorganized me,I was shocked and couldn’t even control my shaky legs” Irene sighed.

“Why were you shocked? You’ve always suspected Alex”
“Yeah right but i think i had a bit of trust for him even with how suspicious i was of him,i didn’t really expect him to betray Harold with the way Harold trusted and loved him…and of course i could have handled him being the spy because I’ve always suspected him but Marie! Like, damn..i couldn’t breath for some seconds when Ethan introduced them to me” Irene said,she still couldn’t place a finger on why Harold has to be betrayed by them, he treats every of his workers like family.

“I’m surprised about Marie’s involvement also, I’ve never suspected her even though she acts all bitchy around the house but Alex..i guess his involvement didn’t take me by surprise..I’ve been having doubts about him being the spy after Mrs Nola confirmed Carrle does not have a brother named Alex,my mind went straight to him”

“Same here but i think i still wished he wasn’t the one,i can’t even believe i trusted him a bit, of course i knew there was something unusual about him but,i just didn’t think he’ll…do that” Irene said,she sat on the toilet sit and toyed with the tissue paper.
“Irene,you shouldn’t trust anyone and even if you hadn’t expected Alex and Marie to be the spies,you should have put up an act rather than letting your emotions get the best part of you. Remember you told me,if you succeed at this plan, you’ll think of becoming an undercover detective,as a detective you must be ready to take everything that comes at you boldly,with no emotion,even if you find yourself in a dire situation,you should raise your shoulders high and bravely scale through it. That’s what strong people do,i know you’re a very strong woman Irene, to have gotten halfway with the plan even with the risks that came with it.” Tom said and Irene smiled.

“But..we’ll still work on your emotions,you tend to get emotional so easily and that might ruin our plan at some point” Tom noted.
“Okay T, I’ll try to work on it” Irene said.
“But kudos to you for getting to record that damn conversation, that’s enough evidence on its own”
“Well..it’s not me. Christiana did,i didn’t even know she slid my phone beside me on the couch.”
“If you hadn’t been there,we would never have gotten that piece of evidence. All thanks to you…and Christiana for helping us out”

“T,do you know she’s aware of the calls i do make in the bathroom” Irene said.
“Yeah, though she doesn’t know what it’s all about but she said she’ll always have my back and that almost made me tear up”
“Woah..im not so surprised about her knowing of the calls, she’s your personal maid and get to be with you almost all the time,she would have noticed of course but i think she’s a very wise and observant person. You should keep her close to you all the time,she might help us further in that damn house” Tom said and Irene laughed.

“I hope you’ve started tending to your meals yourself?” He asked.
“Christiana offered to help me, she’ll be the one to make my meals and serve me,she promised to be extra careful and not allow anyone mess with my meals” Irene smiled.
“Woah! That lady is terrific, what a great personal maid you have. I’m glad there’s someone who can always keep your company and help you out in the house. I would love to meet her after all this is over” Tom said.

“Of course you will because i’ll be taking her with me” Irene said.
“Ohh…seems you’ve really grown to like her”
“Yeah,I’ve gotten so fond of her” Irene said.

“About the poisoned packs of juice,can i have one of them so i can send it to the lab and if it’s really confirmed that there’s poison in there,it’ll add to our list of evidences”

“Ow! What to do…” Irene sighed with a frown.
“What’s wrong?” Tom asked.
“I ordered Christiana to empty them in the sink already,i was afraid anyone might just drink it without knowing it’s poisoned”
“Ohh…that was a wise move from you. It’s fine,we have a witness to confirm she indeed poisoned your juice. The bodyguard” Tom said.
“Ohh yeah” Irene said, relieved.
“Have you tried to make him contact me?”
“No, I’ll have to approach him when he’s not around Ethan”
“Okay and please be careful about it” Tom said.
“I will be,and please is there a way you can make Harold stop Alex from being his personal bodyguard, he might…hurt him without anyone knowing” Irene said worriedly.

“Mr Harold won’t even listen to me,he trusts Alex so much. Alex can’t possibly hurt Mr Harold because their plan is to poison him,. But I’ll try to be watching him closely and make sure Mr Harold comes to no harm,trust me” Tom said.
“Thanks Tom and you won’t even believe that b***h called Harold a weak a$$” Irene groaned.
Tom laughed. “I heard that right, i know you wanted to pull her hair out of her scalp at that moment”
“Exactly” Irene laughed.

“I’m a bit worried about something though” Tom said.
“What’s that?” Irene asked cautiously.
“Don’t you think the cooks will inform Carrle about the packs of juice that was emptied?”
“And if she confronts me about it,I’m gonna pull her hair,punch out two of her front teeth,slam her head on the wall,hit her countlessly on the face…just joking but i really wish i can do all that” Irene sighed and Tom laughed.
“I’m just going to tell her the packs of juice exceeded their expiry date ” Irene said.
“She will find out and if she realises you lied, she’ll start suspecting you knew about the poisoned and that might endanger the bodyguard”
“Damn! What do you think i should do then?” Irene asked.
“I don’t know and that’s what I’m worried about but she’ll be back in two days right?, i would have come up with a plan before then”

“Okay Tom, thanks so much for everything, im really grateful” Irene said.
“There you go again” Tom groaned.
“C’mon,this wouldn’t have been possible without you”
“I gotta go now,call me immediately if anything comes up okay?”
“Okay Tom, Bye”

Irene got to her feet, slid her phone in her pocket and walked to the sink,she turned on the faucet and splashed some water on her face.
She met Christiana standing beside her bed as she walked into her room.

“Tiana” She smiled.
“Why are you not sitting?” She asked.
“I just got into your room,i want to ask if you want anything”
“I think I’ll take water” Irene said.
“Okay ma’am” Christiana said, before walking out.

Irene sat on her couch and unlocked her phone.
She clicked on gallery and started scrolling through the pictures she took with Harold.
She does that everyday.
She knows she should stop because staring at his pictures keep making her yearn to see him.
“Such a cutie” She commented with a smile and laughed after viewing the one they both look funny in. Harold had stuck out his tongue and widened his eyes while she had curved her ten fingers and rolled her eyes at the camera,with her scattered hair,she looked like a maniac.
She laughed again before viewing other pictures.

“Is this not Harold Marshall?” She heard Christiana gasped behind her, almost startling her.
“Ah..you almost startled me,when did you come in?” Irene asked, turning to her but Christiana still looked stunned staring at the picture of her and Harold .
Irene gently collected the water from her before she spills it.

“Yes,it’s Harold” She said.
“Woah! Harold Marshall!” Christiana nearly screamed. “The wealthiest man in San Francisco,i really admire him for his humility and kindness,i once applied for the position of a maid in his house but obviously i got there late and another person was employed,i felt so sad because i needed to pay Sabrina’s fees but Harold Marshall compensated me by sending one of his bodyguards to give me some cash for my effort,i didn’t even get to see him to thank him properly” Christiana said and Irene smiled.
“You know him? Or you only got to take a picture with him?” Christiana asked, looking intrigued.
“I’ll be getting married to him soon” Irene smiled proudly and Christiana screamed this time.
“OMG! Really?!”
“Yes” Irene said.

“Then..what are you doing here?” Christiana asked.
“I’m here for a reason and I’ll be leaving soon” Irene said.
“Please take me along with you ma’am, i promise to work very hard” Christiana pleaded, quickly getting on her knees before Irene.
“Get up, get up” Irene urged.
“I planned to take you along with me though” Irene said.
“Huh?!” Christiana screamed in excitement before laying flat on the floor,her legs were in the air as she giggled happily.

“C’mon” Irene laughed.
“Thank you so much ma’am,i can’t believe I’ll finally get to work in Harold Marshall’s mansion..oh my God and did you said you’ll be getting married to him?” Christiana asked almost breathlessly.
“Yes, once i succeed in what I’m here for,I’ll leave and take you with me” Irene said.
“You’re here on a mission?” Tiana asked in a whisper and Irene nodded.
“Ohh..” Christiana sighed. “Whenever you need my help,I’ll gladly help you out,if anything seems too difficult, just let me know, we’ll work it out together” Christiana said.

“Thanks Tiana” Irene said.
Christiana nodded, the excitement of working in Harold’s mansion was all over her face.
She was looking like one of her wishes just came true.
Irene smiled as she sipped her water.

“I need to go talk with Ethan about something” Irene said, getting on her feet. She keeps having this feeling that he might know something about Helena’s death.
And he had mentioned Alex and Carrle after he told her where the necklace was and the Alex had turned out to be Harold’s bodyguard who has been working with him for years.
Something definitely seems odd.

“Okay ma’am,do you mind if i..if i scroll through your pictures?” Christiana asked shyly.
“Here” Irene handed her phone to her before walking out of her room.


“Oh..i see you’re about taking a nap,i should go back then” Irene said after walking into Ethan’s room and seeing he was about to sleep.
“No..no, you can come in Irene” Ethan said, sitting up on the bed.
She went to sit beside him.

“I want to talk to you about Alex and Marie,do you think they’re capable enough to carry out the plan?” Irene asked.
“Of course they are, i can beat my chest to it”
“Have they been working for you for long?” Irene asked.
“Yeah, even before Carrle gave birth to Ivory and got married to me” Ethan said.
“What!” Irene exclaimed and quickly got a hold of herself.
“I mean wow..they must be good” Irene smiled.
“Of course they are or i wouldn’t have trusted them with this”

“Well..how would you trust them with this when they’ve not carried out a similar plan?” Irene asked, trying to get him to reveal the oddness of this whole thing.
And she needed to clear her doubts too.
“They’ve carried out a similar plan to this and it was successful,so that’s why I’m trusting them with this also” Ethan said.
“Ohh..which operation was that? Was it poisoning also?” Irene asked, dreading to hear what she was thinking.

“I’m home” They both heard before the door opened.
Carrle walked in and glanced at Irene fiercely before turning to Ethan.

“Who asked Ben to disconnect the CCTV from 10:28am to 12:31pm?” She asked through clenched teeth and even the blind could tell she was furious.



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