A Night With Him � Episode 89


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 89


“Get me my pistol and one of you should throw her in the back of my limo” Ethan said angrily.
“Please wait…” Christiana who has been standing behind the door walked into the living room.
“I did it..” She said and there was silence.

Everyone turned to her and Irene’s mouth fell open.
Her eyes glistened with tears, knowing Christiana hadn’t done anything,she was trying to save her.

“Mrs Irene told me how much she loved my voice whenever i sing to her,i was about to record myself singing so she’ll listen to it anytime I’m not around to sing to her because she told me how much she missed my songs while i was off for a day. We were about doing that before you came in to get her Mr Ethan and i guess she was so excited to meet the guests that she forgot to exit the app” Christiana said, sounding so convincing that Irene almost believed her herself.
“Yes..yes,that’s it” Irene quickly said, wiping her tears.

Ethan looked remorseful as he dropped to his knees before her.
Christiana picked Irene’s phone.
“Irene..I’m sorry” Ethan said, touching her arm but she jerked his hand away.
“I can’t believe you still do not trust me” She said, looking angry as she got to her feet.
“Irene, please I’m so sorry. I thought Alex was right when you didn’t say anything to defend yourself . I thought you wanted to betray me” Ethan said, looking at her pleadingly.

Alex was shocked to see Ethan act like a dummy before Irene.
This lady is a witch! She has enchanted Ethan the way she did to Harold.
This is just unbelievable.

“I couldn’t defend myself because i was still so shocked that our accomplices turned out to be Alex and Marie but you didn’t even give me time to recover from the shock before ordering them to throw me in the back of your limo. What were you going to do to me?” Irene asked.
Her body still reeling from the shock that the accomplices turned out to be Alex and Marie.

Although she has always being suspicious of Alex from day one but she was still so shocked to find out he was the spy and not only him but Marie also.
Marie whom Mrs Nola detested.
They’ve both been working for Harold for years..how long have they been working for Ethan?

There are hundreds of Alex in the world Tom’s words rang in her ears.
Of course there are hundreds and even thousands of Alex in the world, why did it turn out to be the one they knew,the one Harold trusted so much.

And Carrle had tried to hide his identity,that simply means she knows about it all.
She’s aware of everything.
How could Carrle also do this to Harold.
Breaking his heart wasn’t enough,they ended up planting spies in his house!
And now,they are planning to ki*ll him when he didn’t even wrong them in any way.
Why are people so cruel.

Ethan dismissed the bodyguards around them so they could have some privacy while they talk.
“If Christiana hadn’t spoken up,what would you have done to me? Would you have killed me?” Irene asked.
“I thought you were going to betray me, I’m so sorry Irene. Please” Ethan pleaded.
“You should know i will never betray you, i told you how much i hate Harold now”
“I know that also but who wouldn’t have thought you were trying to record our conversation after seeing your phone screen, you would have thought the same if you were in my shoes. Just forgive me Irene, please” Ethan said.

“It’s fine Ethan,i know you trusted me,your anger got the better part of you” Irene said.
“Exactly!” Ethan said.
He knew she would never betray him,he was only clouded with anger then.
“But if i had really done that, would you have killed me?” Irene asked and she almost shook in fear when Ethan nodded.
“I don’t spare betrayals,i make them die a slow and painful death” He said.
“Of course” Irene hid her fears behind her smile.

Ethan would have killed her if Christiana hadn’t lied!
She would have been tortured to death.
The thought alone made her shiver.

“Are you cold?” Ethan asked.
“A bit” She lied.
“Should i order them to turn on the heater” Ethan asked.
“No, it’s fine. I’m fine” Irene said.

She glanced at Alex and Marie who were standing before her.
They both looked like they didn’t care what she thought about them.
One should really be careful, these two people could have easily poisoned Harold and no one would ever suspect them.

“Looks like, you’re still shocked to find out Alex and Marie are involved” Ethan said.
“Not anymore,i don’t care the people involved,all i wanted was to meet them and I’m glad i have. Nice to meet you Alex, Marie” Irene said and they shook hands.
Irene’s trying hard to look like she was fine with them but she’s deeply bothered.

“There’s no need for introduction,we know ourselves already” Marie said.
“Of course” Irene feigned a smile.

They all sat down and Ethan ordered the cooks to serve them drinks.
Irene didn’t take a sip out of the drink she was served, she only looked at Alex and Marie keenly.

“So,you wanted to discuss the plan with them right?” Ethan asked Irene.
“Uh.. yeah. So how are you both gonna go about the poisoning,are you going to add it in his meal?” Irene asked.
“You don’t have to know that, we’ve planned everything out with Mr Ethan” Alex said,not trusting Irene a bit.
“C’mon, we’re colleagues now and Ethan introduced you guys to me so we could iron everything out smoothly” Irene said.
“I think it’s unnecessary for you to know about how we’re gonna go about the plan, yeah,we are now colleagues but you shouldn’t press us for details,you know we’re going to be poisoning that weak a$$,you don’t have to know how we’ll go about it” Marie said and Irene felt like dragging her hair for calling Harold a weak a$$.

“And why are you finding it hard to discuss the details with me! Didn’t you discussed it with Ethan and Carrle? What problem do you have with discussing it with me also” Irene half yelled.
“We do not trust you!” Alex retorted.
“Who cares if you trust me or not. Ethan trusts me and that’s all that matters” Irene said.
“Will you both start giving her the details of the plan now! I told you she’s trustworthy! Don’t get on my nerves” Ethan warned.
“We’re sorry boss” Marie and Alex said in unison.
“Will you do the talking?” Marie asked Alex.
“You should” Alex said, lifting his drink to his lips.

He watched Irene closely.

“Whenever Mr Ethan gives us the go ahead to take down Harold, I’ll poison his dinner and he’s going to die in his sleep” Marie said and Irene hands shook around the glass cup.
She tried not to show her agitation as she stared at Marie.

“Why does it have to be dinner and not lunch or breakfast?” Irene asked.
“So no one would come to his rescue, everyone would be asleep by the time he starts writhing in pain and he wouldn’t even be able to call for help because of the effect the poison would have had on him” Marie said and Irene remembered what Harold told her about Helena’s death.
Helena was poisoned overnight and no one had heard her call for help till the next morning when they decided to check on her and it was too late,she had given up by the time they got to the hospital.

Till now,they were yet to apprehend Helena’s murderer, could that be the reason they want to use that method on Harold also so it’ll be difficult for the cops to apprehend them.
The way they are planning to ki*ll Harold sounds so similar to Helena’s.
Could it be that they…
Could they have a hand in Helena’s death?
No, Carrle had given birth to Ivory,the day Helena died,she probably have not met Ethan by then and they probably have not planted spies in Harold’s house then.

“Okay..so, you’re just going to poison his dinner once Ethan gives you the go ahead but how are you going to do that? Mrs Nola doesn’t allow any of you into the kitchen not to talk of allowing you dish Harold’s meal” Irene said.
“That foolish woman who always thought she’s smart” Marie laughed.
“Im going to add the poison when no one has arrived the dining room , certainly Mrs Nola would go into the kitchen to bring more meals.. I’ll quickly do it before she gets back in the dining room” Marie said.

“What if he does not end up eating the meal you poisoned and changes his mind to eat another?” Irene asked, wishing her phone was actually recording all this.
“Who said I’m going to poison his meal… no, I’m going for his favorite wine, it’s always uncorked and he can’t do without taking it” Marie said, sounding so confident that her plan is going to work out.
Looks like she really has everything planned out.

“Great, you really have everything planned out. I hope it works out” Irene said.
“It will” Marie said.
Irene noticed how keenly Alex was observing her.
“But why don’t we use pistol..that’ll be faster than poison” Irene quickly suggested. She needed them to feel she was really in.
“It’s going to raise suspicion and the cops would investigate it thoroughly,the bullet might turn out to be our Achilles heel” Marie said.
“Ohh…that’s right. So let’s stick to the poison then” Irene smiled.
“Let’s toast to our plan” Ethan said and they all lifted their glass cups.
“We should leave now,i won’t want Mr Harold to notice our absence in the house” Alex said.
“Ohh..you should leave then” Ethan said and Alex and Marie rose to their feet.
They bowed to Ethan.

“It was nice meeting you, Bye” Irene waved at them as they turned to leave.
“Woah,that was great. Great plan,great details” Irene smiled,turning to Ethan after they left.
“Yeah,i work with smart people” Ethan smiled.
“I can’t just wait for the plan to be carried out” Irene said.
“We can carry out the plan before the result is out, i own the baby anyway” Ethan said.
“No,we shouldn’t do that. Let’s just wait till the result is out and looks like you’re so sure you own the baby” Irene said.
“Of course,im sure i do” Ethan smiled.

Irene suddenly gasped.
“What?” Ethan asked.
“Is there a camera in the living room? Carrle is going to see everything” Irene panicked.
“Just chill..i ordered Ben to disconnect the camera in the living room before Alex and Marie arrived.” Ethan said and Irene sighed in relief.
“I should go tell him to reconnect it and not say anything to Carrle.” Ethan said.
“You should do that, i’ll be in my room,i need to take a rest” Irene said and Ethan nodded.
She kissed him on his cheeks and he was all smiles when he left the living room.

Christiana jumped into the living room and pointed out Irene’s phone to her.
She had dropped it behind a throw pillow on the couch Irene was sitting before leaving the sitting room.
She knew Irene needed to record whatever conversation they want to have and had stylishly dropped the phone there before Ethan dismissed them.

Irene picked her phone and almost screamed in excitement after she discovered the whole conversation was recorded,she stopped the recording and threw her arms in the air happily.
She jumped into Christina’s arms happily, almost knocking her over.

“Be careful,your baby” Christiana laughed.
“Let’s go to my room” Irene grabbed her hand and pulled her towards her room.

They walked in and she closed the door behind them.

“Christiana how else can i thank you?” Irene asked, deeply touched.
Christiana had saved her today! and not only that,she had made the recording a success!
That recording is a very concrete evidence.

“You can thank me by taking a lotttt of rest” Christiana said and Irene pulled her into a tight hug. “Thank you”.
“It’s fine ma’am” Christiana said.
“How did you quickly made that up? I almost believed it myself” Irene said and Christiana laughed.
“I also did not know how it came rushing into my mouth..all i thought of at that moment was to save you because i definitely know what Mr Ethan is going to do to you” Christiana said.

“Thank you so much” Irene said and Christiana nodded.
“I know you have a reason for doing that,i know you have a reason for being in this house,i know of the calls you do make in the bathroom” Christiana said.
“You know of the calls i make in the bathroom” Irene asked
“Of course,I’m mostly in your room. I know you have a reason for doing all that but whatever the reason is, I’ll always have your back, you’ve been very kind to me and this is the least i can do for you” Christiana said.

“Tiana,thank you” Irene hugged her again.
“Is there anything you’ll like me to do for you?” Christiana asked.
“Nothing..for now” Irene said.
“I should excuse you now,I’ll be by the door. You should call me when you need me” Christiana said and Irene nodded.

Christiana is just like an angel sent to her from above.
She didn’t regret making her her personal maid.

Irene picked her phone and played the recording.
She laughed, Alex was foolish enough not to stop the recording when he discovered it, he had only shouted like a buffalo.
Irene smiled as she forwarded the recording to Tom after she finished listening to it.

Another evidence to the list.

Okay, everything is really going as planned and after today,she has just three days left.
She can’t wait.



  1. This is unbelievable! Clean lies from tiana that is convincing enough to make a deaf man hear…irene should be extra careful.

  2. Big thank you to Tiana. Irene should delete the recording after sending it to Tom. I will advice Irene to leave that house now.The evidence she got is enough. I don't want any unexpected occurrence
    Next please

  3. Hmmm, that was too close. Thanks to Tiana. Irene is sometimes careless or just naive for my liking.

    Whar a dumb detective ! Fainting for unexpecting meeting Alex and Marie.

  4. Tiana Even I don't know how to thank u enough ?we Love U for always been there for Irene n not making her regret saving u the other day ?

    I jx hope no more complications till Ethan,carrel n their accomplians brought before the Court ?

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