A Night With Him � Episode 88


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 88


Irene’s legs shook and cold sweat broke out of her forehead.
She was shocked Carrle could attempt to ki*ll her despite how nice she has been to her.
She.. would have died with her baby if this bodyguard hadn’t come to her rescue.
She would have died with her baby if Harold hadn’t once helped this bodyguard.

How can Carrle be so evil to poison her drinks.
She didn’t remember doing anything to wrong her and even if she had, killing her should never be an option.
Should she just leave this place already?
She’s not safe here like the bodyguard had said and he won’t be around to protect her all the time.
She already got the necklace..she should leave but she can’t!

There are so many things she needs to find out.
She really needs to see Ethan brought to book and not only Ethan but Carrle also.
She just attempted murdering her and her baby and she’s even involved in the plan to ki*ll Harold.
Then she must know about Ethan’s past deeds.
Who knows if Carrle is also involved in hurting and killing people with Ethan.

Irene sighed and started dragging her feet back into the house.
She’s still shaken by the piece of information.
What if she had taken the juice like she used to.. No.

The bodyguard hadn’t even given her the chance to thank him before leaving.
He saved her life.
His life is along the line if Carrle should find out what he did.

She really needs to be done with all these,so she can hand them over to the police.
It’s wearing her out already.

“Hey” Ethan said suddenly and she almost jumped.
“What? Did i startle you?”
“Not really” Irene said.
“What’s wrong? You are looking quite bothered” Ethan said.
“I’m fine” Irene said.
“You sure?” Ethan looked doubtful.
“I guess it’s just morning sickness.. Carrle left already?” She asked.
“Yes, will you be fine to meet our accomplices today? I can invite them over tomorrow” Ethan said.
“Uh..I’ll be very fine to meet them today,i am ready to.” Irene smiled.
“Okay,i should call them then” Ethan said.
“Great!” Irene said.
“I should take a little rest before meeting them” She said, stopping in front of her door.

“As you wish” Ethan smiled and kissed her cheeks before walking away.
She walked into her room and closed the door behind her.

What if Carrle have installed another camera in her room…she wouldn’t have known.

She grabbed her phone from the table and walked into the bathroom.
She needs to call Tom.
She almost got poisoned…what if Carrle is to poison her meal or water next?
She’s not safe here like the bodyguard had said!

?Irene what’s up?
“Tom,i almost got poisoned”
“What!” Tom exclaimed. “How?”
“A bodyguard..told me Carrle injected every of my juice with a slow but efficient poison that’ll start by killing my cells and..
“Stop” Tom sighed.
“Irene,you’re in great danger, you already got the necklace,i think you should pull out” Tom said.

He knows Harold would never forgive him if anything happens to Irene.

“No, I’m not pulling out,until we’re done with all this” Irene said.
“What if the bodyguard had not told you that? You would have ended up gulping the juice and Mr Harold would never forgive me if anything happens to you”
“I’m thankful the bodyguard had come to my rescue but i can’t pull out now,we started it,we should end it”
“It doesn’t matter, just leave that house Irene. Please” Tom said.
“Tom,i can’t leave just like that. Ethan will continue hurting people without anyone to bring him to book!”
“I’m sure Cory would have gathered enough evidence to bring him to book” Tom assured her.

“No, if i should leave, he’ll succeed with his plan to ki*ll Harold and I’ll never forgive myself for it.” Irene said.
“Cory is going to take actions before Ethan makes a move”
“We can’t be so sure. And im so sure there are some secrets waiting to be revealed, I’m yet to meet the so called accomplices,I’m yet to know what Ethan’s next move is, I’m yet to know so many things. I really need to stay” Irene said and Tom sighed.
“Tom,I’ll be fine and extra careful from now. I promise” Irene said.
“What if Carrle attempts to poison your meal next? She’s gonna make another move..a stronger one once she notices you’re not taking the juice any more” Tom said, worriedly.

“That’s the reason we should finish up before she notices”
“Trust me,I’ll be fine Tom and extra careful. I’ll make sure i see to everything I’ll be eating in the house myself”
“I’m going to inform Cory about it immediately and that bodyguard, can you get him to contact me?” Tom asked.
“I’m not sure, he looks like he wouldn’t like to get caught talking to me, so getting him to contact you will be a bit hard but I’ll know how to go about it, I’ll try”
“I really need to talk to him to keep protecting you, cause we can never tell Carrle’s next move is and did the bodyguard told you the reason he revealed Carrle’s evil act to you?”

“Harold asked him to protect me” Irene said.
“Yeah..i guess Harold once helped him so he couldn’t refuse when Harold asked him to protect me” Irene said and smiled.
Harold had saved her.
“Woah..seems Mr Harold who knows nothing of the plan even helped us out. Well..his kindness did, it really pays to be kind” Tom said, he has always respected Harold for his kind acts.

“Yes..if not for Harold,i can’t even imagine what would have happened now” Irene sighed.
“Just try to get the bodyguard to contact me okay? Looks like we’ll be needing his help also”
“Okay T, and you won’t believe there’s a camera in almost every part of the house, Carrle saw the moment Tiana handed the necklace to me and she confronted her this morning”

“Wow. Carrle is really watching you. It shows she doesn’t trust you a bit”
“I know she doesn’t trust me, Ethan told me that also but now that i know there’s camera in almost every part of the house,I’ll be very cautious”
“You should be please, we can’t afford getting caught before the result is out”

“She left for Mexico today though”
“Yeah, and I’m going to meet our accomplices today”
“Great! But i really want you to be careful Irene, please”

“I’ll be careful trust me, gotta go now” Irene said, hearing the door of her room open.

She walked into her room and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Christiana holding a glass cup of strawberry juice in a tray.
No one could have tell that juice is poisoned.
“Here is your juice ma’am” Christiana smiled.
“Tiana, starting now..i won’t be taking strawberry juice in this house anymore, go to the kitchen now,empty every strawberry juice you see in there into the sink” Irene said, knowing even if she avoids drinking it,any other person can consume it without knowing it’s poisoned.
“Wh..why? What’s going on ma’am?” Christiana asked.
“Just do as i said Tiana”
“Okay ma’am,I’ll do so now” Christiana said and quickly went to carry out Irene’s order.
She knew something must have happened for Irene to order her to do that.

The cooks watched her as she emptied the packs of juice into the sink.

“Christiana, what are you doing?” The head of the cooks asked.
“What my boss ordered me to do” Christiana said.
“How could she order you to do this, they spent money to purchase the juice and she ordered you to waste them?”
“There’s a reason behind every action” Tiana said.
“I still do not see the reason someone would waste all these”
“You should go question her yourself, you’ll get an answer”

“She has really gone proud since she was appointed as a personal maid” One of the cooks said and the others nodded in agreement.
“Christiana, everything that has to do with what I’ll be eating in this house, I’ll be the one to handle it myself” Irene said.
“Ma’am did i do anything wrong? I’m so sorry if i wronged you” Christiana pleaded.
“You didn’t do anything Tiana,im just being careful”
“Careful?” Christiana asked.
“Yeah…” Irene said not sure if she could tell Christiana that she was almost poisoned.
She seems like someone she can trust and she hadn’t even broken her promise to her even when Carrle was at the verge of sacking her.
She had kept to her words! without minding the consequences.
Christiana seems like a trustworthy person.

“Tiana,those drinks i ordered you to dispose of were…” Irene paused with a sigh ” poisoned”
“What!” Christiana screamed.
“Really?” She asked and Irene nodded.
“By Madam Carrle right?” Christiana asked in a whisper.
“How did you know?” Irene asked.
“She’s obviously the only one capable of such evil act..what are you going to do now ma’am?” Christiana asked worriedly.

“That’s why i want to be tending to whatever I’ll be eating myself” Irene said.
“Ohh…Now i understand but do not bother ma’am,I’m going to handle everything smoothly. I’m a very good cook and starting now,I’ll be the one to prepare your meals,stay in the kitchen till it’s done and serve it to you myself. Trust me,I’ll be very careful and i won’t allow anyone mess with it” Christiana said and Irene was touched.
“Thank you so much Christiana” She said.
“You shouldn’t thank me, I’m only doing my job as your personal maid. But..how did you know madam Carrle had the packs of juice poisoned?” Christiana asked curiously.

“A..bodyguard told me”
“Really? Do you know his name? How does he look like?” Carrle asked, knowing the bodyguards are all loyal to Carrle.
“No but he has jet-black hair and deep blue eyes, he’s tall and not so thin with a faint scar on his jaw ” Irene described him.
“Ohh…that’s Ryan” Christiana smiled and Irene noticed the faint blush on her cheeks .
“Uhh..You like him?” Irene asked.
“Huh?” Christiana blinked.
“You like him” Irene teased and laughed when Christiana turned away shyly.


?Boss, i think that lady might not be who she made you believe she is. She loves Mr Harold so much to leave him,not to talk of wanting to be involved in the plan to hurt him.
She might have an ulterior motive, you should not trust her” Alex said to Ethan over the phone.

?Alex, she hates Harold already! She hates him so much now. She doesn’t have any ulterior motive,I’ve watched her since she arrived and didn’t notice any suspicious move from her,she only wants to get back at Harold for hurting her. I trust her”
“But boss,i still think…
“Just shut up and start coming over with Marie, you’ll see for yourself when you get here” Ethan said.
“Okay boss, we’ll be there soon. Does Madam Carrle knows about this?” Alex asked.
“She knows nothing about this and you dare not say anything to her okay?”
“Okay boss,i still think we shouldn’t trust Irene so easily” Alex insisted.

“Don’t get on my nerves Alex..
“I’m sorry boss, we’ll start coming over immediately” Alex said and Ethan disconnected the call.


“Irene,they are here” Ethan said, walking into Irene’s room.
She was having a funny conversation with Christiana and eating the cookies Christiana had baked for her.
“Really? They are here” Irene said, getting on her feet.
“Yeah,you might be quite surprised though” Ethan warned .
“Ohh” Irene said and she couldn’t place a finger on why her heart was beating fast as she followed Ethan to the living room.

She quickly clicked on the sound recorder app on her phone.

They got to the living room and Irene saw Marie and Alex.
“Ohh..Harold sent you here?” She asked, surprised Ethan had allowed them in.
“No, these are our accomplices,the ones who’ll help our plan go smoothly, they’ve been working with me for so long. Alex and Marie..meet Irene” Ethan smiled and Irene felt like her soul left her body.
Her knees went weak and she collapsed on the cold floor with her phone flying out of her hand.

“OMG are you okay?” Ethan rushed to her.
Alex gaze moved to her phone that had slid to his feet.
He almost kicked the phone away from his feet but stopped when his eyes caught the screen.

Damn it!

“Boss, this goddamn lady planned to record our conversation!” Alex said, picking up the phone.
“What!” Ethan asked, moving away from Irene who was still shocked to the bone.
He grabbed the phone from Alex and on glancing at the screen,he turned to Irene angrily.

“I told you we couldn’t trust her boss” Alex said.
“How dare you?” Ethan asked slowly, approaching Irene with a deadly glare.
The trust he had for her vanished immediately and his eyes turned cold.
“I..i i..” Irene stammered with tears in her eyes.
She wasn’t prepared for this,she had thought it’s going to go well like every of her plan.
Now,she’s exposed. She should have just left when Tom told her to.

“Get me my pistol and one of you should throw her in the back of my limo” Ethan said angrily.
“Please wait…” Christiana who has been standing behind the door walked into the living room.
“I did it..” She said.



  1. Damnnnnn……. I pray whatever Christiana says would be able to save Irene
    I'm more than tensed right now
    Next please

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