A Night With Him � Episode 83


Zeemah writes

Chapter 83


Harold stayed at the office until nearly eight o’clock in the night,poring over files, answering emails,and filling things.
He realised he was avoiding going home.
He had deeply engrossed himself in his work just to forget Irene.

But could she really do that to him?
He’s still finding it hard to believe even though it seems real.
Irene had left him…for Ethan.
Because of some stupid revenge?
He never knew her to be someone like that, could it be that she changed overnight.

He really missed her and his heart ache for her every seconds, he’s trying to hate her for what she did to him but he just couldn’t.
She kept coming to his head even while he was working.
How could she hurt him this much.
What he’s feeling now is beyond heartbreak.

The two women he loved in his life had been robbed off him by the same man!
And he couldn’t do anything than just sit and nurse his heartbreak.
Well…what could he have done?
Nothing, because the ladies chose to be with him.
They chose Ethan over him.

Do women like deceptive,tricky,evil, unfavorable and unpleasant men??
Cause he just doesn’t seem to understand why Ethan keeps getting chosen.

She had said she doesn’t even care if the baby was his.
That simply means,if the baby is even confirmed as his, she’s still going to remain with Ethan.
And if the baby belongs to Ethan,he’s going to lose her forever.

Why does he keep hoping she’ll be back to him.
He had hoped Carrle will be back to him but she remained with Ethan for years.

He shut his laptop,grabbed his jacket and strode out of the door.
Alex and Robbins followed him immediately.

There were just few staff left in the company.
Robbins and Alex hadn’t disturbed Harold cause they knew how troubled and heartbroken he is.

His driver got his car ready when he saw him approaching and the car door was opened for him, he got in and picked the laptop that’s meant for the car alone.
He opened it and switched it on.
He needed something to divert his thoughts to, he can’t just keep thinking of Irene when she’s in a man’s house.

The same man that had taken his first wife from him.

Though he hadn’t been this hurt during Carrle’s own.
But he had put so much trust into Irene.
He doubt if he’ll be able to go to the hospital when the result is ready.
Whatever the result is,he doesn’t care.

“Mr Harold,your phone is ringing” Robbins tapped Harold who seems to have dwelled in his own thought.
“Ohh..f**k!” Harold swore, he hadn’t even heard his phone ring.
Robbins passed it to him.

It was his Mum.

?Where are you?” Her tiny stern voice filled his ear.
?I’m not seventeen any longer Mum.
?I know,i only want to be sure you’re not somewhere drinking or thinking of committing suicide.
?C’mon, i wouldn’t do that.
?I just want you to know that we your family would never leave you, any other person can but we’ll always be here for you. I love you my baby boy” Mrs Marshall said and Harold was close to tears by the time she was done.

He couldn’t speak,he only tried not to cry.

?You know what? Just get married to me,I’m never gonna leave you,you don’t have to propose,i said yes! already” Mrs Marshall said and Harold bursted out laughing.
Drops of tears fell from his eyes and he quickly wiped them off.
?Thanks Mum. I love you so much.
?I love you more son.
?I’ll be home soon.
?Alright, Bye.

He dropped his phone and sighed softly.
His mum just lifted his spirit,he felt good.

He closed his laptop and passed it to Robbins.


“Mum” Harold hugged Mrs Marshall tightly as he walked into the living room.
She was waiting for him after putting Ivory to bed.
She kissed him on both cheeks and led him to the dining room.

This is one of the few times him Mum dishes out meal for him.
Almost all the workers were asleep.
Harold ate hungrily and he was almost done with the portion Mrs Marshall dished for him,she dished more for him.
She know he probably sat in his office working and ate nothing all day.

“Please my bodyguards and driver needs to eat too” Harold said and Mrs Marshall nodded…
She called on a maid to take their meal to them and watched Harold eat.

“How’s Ivory?” He asked.
“She’s asleep already and she waited to see you home but i guess she couldn’t wait any longer” Mrs Marshall said and Harold nodded.
“How’s Allysia too?” He asked.
He doesn’t see much of her these days.
“She said she’s going to see you tomorrow morning”

“Do you want more?” Mrs Marshall asked and he shook his head.
“I’m fine” He said, lifting the glass cup of his favorite wine to his lips.
“How was work?” Mrs Neave asked.
“Great. I was able to cover the things I’ve missed, though my employees weren’t expecting me that soon, you know i told Alex to inform my companies that i won’t be around for a while”
“Ohh…yeah” Mrs Marshall nodded.

Harold moved on to desert and she watched him interestingly.
She has always been proud to have such a good-looking and goal driven son.
She wonder which lady in her right sense would actually leave him for Ethan.
Harold’s looks alone could make one drool,he’s a top notch business man, hardworking,incredibly wealthy! Companies could ki*ll to partner with Harold.
She couldn’t even count the amount of classy women that had made friends with her because they wanted Harold for their daughters.

“Hmm…are you really serious about making me your husband?” Harold teased, seeing the admiration in his mother’s eyes as she gazed at him.
“Of course, i already said yes on the phone” Mrs Marshall winked, waving her wedding ring in his face.
“My husband is going to ki*ll you” She added with a smile and he laughed.
“I know right”

“You should go to bed Mum” Harold said.
“Once you’re done” Mrs Marshall said.
“I bet Dad is waiting for you already” Harold said.
“He is, I’m glad some movies kept him busy or he would have come get me”
“Ohh…i was wondering why he hasn’t come to get you”

“Arrrgh,I’m so full” Harold sighed.
“You tend to eat more when i serve you” Mrs Marshall noted proudly.
“Ohh…your husband wants you already” Harold said, seeing Mr Marshall’s personal bodyguard approach the dining room.

“Hello Mr Harold” He greeted.
“Hi James” Harold said.
“Ma’am, Mr Marshall wa..”
“I’ll be right there” Mrs Marshall cut him short.
“Alright ma’am” he turned and walked away.

“I’m also done eating” Harold stood up and stretched.
He hadn’t even freshened up before having dinner.

They both walked up the stairs and he kissed his Mum goodnight when they got to the door of her room.
He walked into Ivory’s room after that and gently stroke her hair, he covered her properly with her blanket and kissed her on her cheek.
He smiled as she stirred.

“Sleeping beauty,sweet dreams” He said before walking out of her room,he had tried not to glance at the adjoining door connecting Ivory’s room to Irene’s.
He doesn’t want to think about her anymore, he wants to have a good night sleep and go to work tomorrow morning like nothing has happened.

He dropped his jacket on the couch in his room, pulled his shoes, loosened the buttons of his shirt before walking into the bathroom.
He fell straight into bed after freshening up and changing into his pajamas.


“She won’t even pick our calls” Mrs Neave said to Damien as he ate his breakfast.
“She doesn’t want to be distracted..i guess” Damien said,even though he longed to hear from his sister.
“Irene is just so stubborn, i hope she doesn’t get hurt” Mrs Neave said worriedly.
Damien was worried also but he didn’t voice it out.
He knew how dangerous Ethan is.

“She’ll be fine, Mum” He assured her.
He downed a glass cup of water after eating and kissed her goodbye.
“Have a nice day” Mrs Neave said after him.
“You too Mum” Damien said before walking out of the door.

He met Blaine waiting outside the gate.
“Hey buddy” they greeted eachother with smiles.
They both waited for the car that conveyed Damien to school with Ivory and Allysia. Blaine wanted to see Allysia before going to school, he does that every morning.

“You should come to our school instead of waiting to see Allysia every morning” Damien teased and Blaine punched him playfully.
“How’s Irene?” Blaine asked.
“She’s fine, though not around for now,she’s dealing with some shitty stuff” Damien said.
“Does it involve Mr Harold?” Blaine asked.
“Of course”
Blaine smiled “silly couple fights”
“I hope that’s what it is this time but it looks pretty serious” Damien said.
“Uh..” Blaine sighed.
“They would solve it out” Damien said.

“Their car is approaching” Blaine smiled.


Mrs Neave heard a knock on the door while cooking lunch, she quickly went to get it and she wasn’t surprised to find Harold standing there.
“I know she’s not home but is she home?” Harold asked and Mrs Neave sighed.
She invited him in.

“Irene left with Ethan, Harold” She said, sitting beside him on the couch.
“She told me,i know but did she really left me for him?” Harold smiled, shaking his head.
“I was shocked also” Mrs Neave said,she wanted to tell him that Irene might be planning something but what if she’s not, she doesn’t want to give the poor man false hope.

“Is Irene really revengeful?” He asked.
“Yes but she dropped the act long ago” Mrs Neave said.
“She picked it up again! I know i hurt her but..she shouldn’t have hurt me this much and i can’t even get her out of my head” He breathed out.
“I’m so sorry about that Harold, i have a feeling Irene’s coming back to you,she will” Mrs Neave said.

“I still do not want to believe she can do that to me” Harold said.
“Me neither,but I’ll advise you wait till the result is out” Mrs Neave said and Harold shrugged.
He doesn’t even care about the outcome of the result any longer.

“Do you want some pizza rolls?” She asked.
“Perhaps they’ll..” Mrs Neave was saying when her phone started ringing.
She picked it from the table.

“It’s Irene, she’s the one calling” She said to Harold and he knew she wouldn’t even speak to him.
But his heart ached to hear her soothing voice.

Mrs Neave placed the call on loudspeaker.

?Hey Mum” She said and Harold’s body system reacted shamelessly to her voice.

?Irene, Harold’s here” Mrs Neave said and silence followed from the other end before they both heard a disconnecting sound.




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