A Night With Him � Episode 82


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 82


‘im in deep sh*t’!’ she said inwardly.

She sighed and sat up on the fluffy bed.
She looked round the room, Ethan really did a great job in making it look spectacular, it was the most beautiful room she has ever seen.
And how he knew one of her best colours was scarlet was still surprising to her.
She rarely tell anyone.

She stood up knowing she needs to tell Tom there’s a camera installed in her room.
She must have been so dumb to think Ethan would trust her easily.
He’s a smart and sneaky man.
Though she knows his love for her is genuine,she could feel it but he hadn’t allowed the love cloud his judgement.
He isn’t a weak man who can be easily tamed.
She’s not here to tame him though but to get what belongs to Harold.

Helena’s necklace.

Harold might look happy on the outside but she knows he feels incomplete without the necklace.
And he was always constantly thinking about it.
if there’s anything i wish for most,it’s to get back Helena’s necklace He had said to her.

And with all he had done for her and her family, helping him get back the necklace he so much cherished shouldn’t be too much.
She loves him so much and would do anything to make him feel happy and complete.

While she’s here for the necklace, she’ll make sure to get all Ethan’s bad deeds and also the spy who keeps supplying him information about them.
If she’s successful with her plan then Ethan will be heading to prison in one week.
She’s not sure it’ll be easy though,now she gat a steady camera on her.

She just got into the room this morning and she’s glad she hasn’t done anything suspicious.
Tom was so wise to suggest she makes call in the bathroom.

What if he has a camera installed in the bathroom also.

She walked into the bathroom and looked around carefully,the search for another camera went on for minutes and she was glad she didn’t find one.
She splashed water on her face and grabbed a towel which she wiped her face with.

She searched her pocket for her phone to call Tom and realized she left in the room.
She stepped back into her room and screamed as she saw Ethan sitting on her bed.
“OMG! Did i startle you?” He asked gently.
“Ahh” Irene sighed in relief.
“You startled me” She said, walking closer to him.

She picked her phone beside him on the bed.

“You didn’t ask about my business meeting” Ethan smiled and something suddenly came to Irene’s mind.
She closed her eyes tightly and tried hard to remember the night her father had died.
She bursted into tears and Ethan quickly got to his feet.

“What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.
Irene continued crying and Ethan sat her down, he gazed down at her worriedly.
“What’s wrong darling?” He asked and Irene sniffed.
“I can’t believe you could do this” She said, wiping her tears with her palm.
“What?” Ethan asked,so scared she might have found out something unpleasant about him.
“How could you install a camera in my room, you claim to love me but you don’t even trust me a bit and to think i was starting to love you” Irene said and sniffed as drops of tears fell from her eyes.
“OMG” Ethan sighed.
“I’m so sorry” He said, crouching before her.
He was so touched by her tears that his heart ache,this is so unusual of him.

And did she just said she’s starting to love him?
Gosh..his heart felt like bursting.

“Irene, I’m so sorry. Its not me actually. Carrle suggested it, trust me,i have no hand in this. I trust you Irene”
“I swear”
“Then why did you allow her do it?” Irene asked.
“Carrle is obstinate, she does whatever she wants, i couldn’t have stopped her even if i wanted to but…how did you find out about the camera?” Ethan asked.

“I..i was searching for my bracelet when i sighted it by the bedside lamp”
“I hope the love you’re starting to have for me hasn’t diminished yet cause thought i didn’t trust you?” Ethan asked hopefully.
“It almost did” Irene.
“Gosh!” Ethan sighed.
“But now I’m sure you trust me and have no hand in it” Irene said.
” I’m going to order them to remove it right now.”
“Please do” Irene said.
” Hardin” Ethan called.
“Yes boss” Hardin opened the door and walked in.
He bowed.

“Disconnect the CCTV by the bedside lamp immediately” Ethan ordered.
“Okay boss” Hardin bowed before carrying out the order.
“Are you sure that’s the only one in my room” Irene asked.
“Yeah,she installed just one” Ethan said.

Hardin was done disconnecting it in minutes,he walked out of the room and went to thrash it.

Irene felt relieved and a smile lit up her lips.
“Thanks Ethan, i hope Carrle wouldn’t be mad at you”
“I don’t care, it’s my house and she should be fine with whatever i do in it. I’ll do anything to make you happy Irene”
Irene almost felt bad using his feelings for her as an advantage but Ethan is a bad person also,she shouldn’t feel pity for him.
It’s something he could have done also.

“How was your business meeting?” She asked.
“Great” he smiled .
“The transaction was successful” He added.

“What’s happening here?” They heard Carrle shout.
Ethan got on his feet,so did Irene.
The door opened and Carrle walked in.
“That thing just told me she has become a personal maid to Irene, how did that happen? Hey, you can’t just make decisions. You need to consult me first” Carrle yelled at Irene.
“Carrle,i gave her the go ahead,she asked me before doing it” Ethan said.
” I don’t care, she’ll need to consult me first before making any move in this house. This is my house” Carrle stated clearly.
“You have tons of personal maids,why can’t i have one?” Irene asked.
“Really?” Carrle asked getting pissed off.
“Yeah” Irene said.

“Ethan,come to the room right now” Carrle said before walking out and banging the door..
“I’ll be back Irene” Ethan said to Irene who nodded.

She walked into the bathroom immediately he left and placed a call across Tom.

?Tom,i found the camera like you said. By my bedside lamp!
?I knew it! Damn.
?But it’s gone now” Irene smiled.
?What? How? Did you disconnect it yourself. Damn, they are going to be suspicious.
?I didn’t. Ethan did.
?What! How?
?I actually performed some drama” Irene laughed.
?Go ahead and fill me in” Tom said interestingly.
?Wow!” Tom laughed after Irene narrated the ordeal to him.
?What a wise move. Now he’s going to trust you cause he now knows how hurt you were knowing he doesn’t trust you. You’ve gained his trust now,things will be more easy.

?Okay,so our first problem is solved,which is trust. What’s next?” Irene asked.
?Swinging into action” Tom said.
?The first thing i want to do is get the necklace,do i have to go through Carrle’s jewelry box?
?Yes because we’re not sure where it might be, if Carrle really took it,it should be in her jewelry box and if it isn’t, you’ll have to search Ethan’s room also. Irene,you need to be very careful. If you’re caught, Ethan might not spare you.

?Okay” Irene sighed.
?I just have to sneak into her room right?
?Do not dare! You’ll be caught. Carrle’s as smart as Ethan, she doesn’t trust you a bit and believe me,she already have people watching you” Tom said.
?What should i do then?” Irene asked.
?You can politely ask her to show you her collection of jewelries, you’ll say it in a way that really shows you admire every jewelry she puts on.
? Okay” Irene smiled.

She had made no mistake in making Tom know of her plans,they had both sat together to plan it out,the day he brought her luggage to her house.
He was more interested in revealing Ethan’s bad deeds though while she’s interested in the necklace and the spy!
They had concluded not to inform Harold cause he’s never going to allow her do it.

?Thank you Tom.
?Com’on, i should thank you for sacrificing to bring Ethan to book. Not everyone can do that.
?What about Cory?” She asked.
They had included Tom’s friend also,who’s a trustworthy police and detective just waiting for evidence to bring Ethan into book.
Ethan has almost all the cops wrapped around his finger but not Cory.
She had planted the tape recorder Cory had given her in Ethan’s room, it’s automatically connected to Cory’s laptop,he’s going to hear everything that’s being discussed in the room and file the important details.

?He’s ever ready,just waiting for evidence.
?Cool, but are you sure i can garner enough evidence in just six days. We have six days left Tom.
?Of course you can,once you’re done getting the necklace, we’ll proceed with the next plan. We shouldn’t rush or they’ll suspect.
?Okay. How’s Harold?” She asked worriedly.
?Hey, you need to stop asking about him and focus. You’re going to get back to him after you’re done. You’re doing this for him,do not let him distract you okay?”
?Okay Tom.

?And i think i should wait till it’s tomorrow before approaching Carrle,she’s a bit pissed now.
?And make sure to approach her when she’s in a great mood.
?I gotta go.
?Okay boss” Irene teased and they both laughed.
?Bye detective Irene.

She smiled as she walked out of the bathroom.
She’s not yet done with her education,if they succeed in this plan,then she’s going to work towards becoming an undercover detective.
She had always loved looking into things.

She sat on the bed and invited Christiana in.

“Can i get a glass of strawberry juice please” She said.
“Right away ma’am” Tiana bowed, happy to carry out Irene’s order..
Irene smiled as she watched her leave.
She couldn’t tell the reason she’s drawn to her, maybe it’s because her story is quite touching.


“Just shut up Ethan! How could you allow her have a personal maid without seeking my permission first! And i can’t believe you dared disconnect the camera. Are you insane?” Carrle raged.
“You really need to chill Carl! You should be happy she’s feeling more at home, that means she’s never going to return to Harold” Ethan said and Carrle’s anger was abated.

“Okay, I’m fine with the personal maid shitty stuff, i have ten myself but how dare you disconnect the camera,that lady is not to be trusted,we need to keep watching her” Carrle said.
“You can tell the bodyguards to do that but she was so hurt when she found out we were keeping a tab on her, she felt we didn’t trust her and that made her uncomfortable, if we keep making her feel uncomfortable,she might return to him and you’ll lose your chance!” Ethan said.

Carrle blinked reasonably. “I never thought of that”
“That’s why you have me,who think from every angle” Ethan winked and she smiled.
“But seriously there’s nothing suspicious about her, the camera was on her since morning and she didn’t do anything suspicious” Ethan said.
“Yeah but she might be waiting to fully settle in” Carrle said.
“I don’t think so” Ethan said.
“Whatever” She rolled her eyes, dropping her bag on the bed.

“When do you think i can approach Harold?” She asked.
“Alex told me he’s not going to be at any of his companies for days, he’s still nursing the wound of Irene walking out of his life. I would have loved to visit him at the office and taunt him with it though” Ethan laughed.
“And i can’t possibly go to his house. His parents and that little witch is there and they hate me” Carrle groaned.
“You’re going there for Harold,not them. And aren’t you going to be visiting your daughter soon? You should use that opportunity” Ethan said.
“Wow, you’re such a great thinker.” Carrle kissed him.

“I hope you made Doc Donovan drop the money before killing him?” Carrle asked in a whisper.
“Of course, i gave the same money to Doc Cyril and you won’t believe the tough looking man melted at the sight of money” Ethan laughed hard.
“OMG! Really?” Carrle joined in the laughter.
“Yes, he agreed to do it without hesitating”
“Wow! We shouldn’t trust people’s looks after all” Carrle said.
“Trust me, he looked like someone who can’t be moved by anything and to think he had even rejected the friendship i stretched to him” Ethan laughed.

“I’m sure he doesn’t know he’s going to die soon” Carrle said.
“Of course he doesn’t know, once the result is out and the baby is confirmed mine, he’ll be gone. I can’t have anyone leaking my secrets to the media though he’s not a blabbermouth like Donovan but i just have to do it” Ethan said.

“Of course, you need to check out the sexy wears i got from Tanya’s store,I’m so sure Harold will be unable to resist me this time” Carrle grinned.



  1. Woah I knew Irene wasn't that stupid she's lost someone important to her before so she won't risk same thing again good job Detective Irene
    And Zeemah I can't just wait for these two fools to be behind bars ya know *evil smirks* hehe,,,,,,,,,,,just imagine the look on Ethan's face when he'd hear the news
    Doc Cyril: According to the test result?The Father is Harold
    Me: *Evil laughs*

  2. Irene should just be extra careful.
    Carrle won't cease to amaze me, so she still thinks she can get to seduce Harold. Ok oo let's see how it goes
    Next please

  3. Like husband, like wife. Ethan and Carlyle, you deserve each other.

    You will be disappointed, go to jail and die miserably. Your conversations shall be recorded and used again you, evil couple.

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