A Night With Him � Episode 81


Zeemah writes

Chapter 81


“A..re we sleeping on the same bed?” Irene asked Ethan as she walked out of the bathroom in her pajamas.
It’s night already.

“I…can sleep on the couch” Ethan said.
“No,it’s fine. My room’s gonna be ready tomorrow right?” She asked.
“Of course” Ethan said.

His room is nothing like Harold’s, Ethan’s room is so flashy and colourful, the curtains,rug, furnitures, bedspread,the wall and every other thing in the room is blinked brightly.
She so much prefers Harold’s room to this, his room is so cool,clean, cozy and it gives one an unbeatable sense of warmth.

She got on the bed beside Ethan and covered her body with the blanket.
There was silence for a moment.
“Is there any thing you want me to do for you Irene,I’ll gladly do it” Ethan said.
“Really?” Irene asked slowly, turning on the bedside lamp.
“Yeah” Ethan said, he was totally smitten with her.
“Is that a promise?” Irene asked.
“Yes,I’ll do anything for you Irene, anything for you to love me..just mention it” Ethan said.
“Okay…but i can’t seem to think of anything i want now, perhaps i can use this whole night to think about it” Irene said.
“As you wish, my lady” Ethan smiled to himself.

“Goodnight Ethan” She said.
“Goodnight lovie” Ethan said.

?Next Morning?

Irene sat in the living room after breakfast, watching the documentaries that was being screened with Ethan.
Bodyguards were all over them and Irene felt so uncomfortable.

“Can you please make half of them stay outside,I’m almost choked” Irene said to Ethan.
“Of course, Hardin make half of them stay outside, Irene’s feeling choked,it’s not good for our baby” Ethan said to the head of the bodyguards.
“Okay boss” Hardin bowed before carrying out the order.

Carrle walked into the living room,dressed in a short purple velvet gown which showed off her great figure,with an elegant dark fur hat,high-heeled black shoes and an alligator bag.
She looked beautiful.
“Where to?” Ethan asked.
“Tanya’s fashion store, i need to get some new wears” She said.
“Ohh.. okay, say hi to her for me” Ethan said.
“Alright and i think you should tune in to news” Carrle said, pointing to the TV before walking off with her escorts.

“Hey, change the channel” Ethan said to one of his bodyguards who quickly did so..

?Doctor Donovan,the head doctor of Start up hospital was found dead in his house,in the pool of his own blood.

“OMG!” Irene sat up in shock as she watched the pictures of the dead man.
He was stabbed severally on the chest.
“OMG” She said, breathing heavily.
She turned to look at Ethan whose face held no emotion,he sipped his wine and picked his phone.
Irene was surprised he didn’t show any sign of shock or pity.

“Ethan, they found the head doctor of Start up hospital murdered in his house” Irene repeated.
Ethan shrugged “Yeah,i saw the news”

He had thought he was sitting with Carrle.

“OMG! Really?” Ethan feigned shock.
“This is so sad” He said pitifully, shaking his head .
Even the blind could tell he was faking it.
Irene sighed and turned back to the TV.
Could it be that Ethan has no emotion, he was not even moved by the news a bit.

?His door was found broken and his furnitures destroyed…….

“You shouldn’t watch this because of our baby” Ethan said.
“No,it’s fine” Irene said.
“Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded.
“So,what do you think about Start up hospital?” Ethan asked.
“Think? What do you mean?” Irene asked.
“I mean…it’s also a suitable hospital where we could have conducted the test” Ethan said..
“We did it ATC already” Irene said.
“Ohh..yeah!” Ethan smiled.

“And i hope you like your room?” He asked.
“I love it! Totally” Irene smiled and Ethan couldn’t hide his grin.
“I’m glad you do” He said.
“You’re welcome into my room anytime though” He said and she nodded.
“I want to know more about your family” He said, sitting up and facing her.
“Okay.. i have a brother, he’s Damien” Irene said, carefully watching his expression.
“Really? You have a brother?” Ethan asked like he knew nothing about Damien.

‘yes! You fool! You had even invited him to your house to threaten him’ Irene raged in her mind.
“Yes, i do and i guess you saw my Mum yesterday” Irene said.
“I did but it seems she doesn’t like me, i hope your brother is going to like me though” Ethan said.
‘he hates you like sh*t!’
“He’s going to” Irene smiled.
“I can’t wait to meet him”
“How about your family?” Irene asked.
“They are somewhere in the countryside” Ethan said flatly.
“Countryside?” Irene asked.
“Yeah,they actually wanted to remain them, i urged them to come to San Francisco but they preferred the countryside”
“Ohh, so do you have siblings?” Irene asked.
“Yes, two younger sisters,one of them is married and the last is still in high school”
“Wow. What about your parents?” Irene asked.

Ethan was so happy… could she be asking about his family because she’s starting to love him.

“They are both fine, in the countryside” He said.
“That’s cool” Irene said.

Ethan glanced at his wrist watch.
“You going out?” Irene asked.
“Yes but not yet, to meet some business partners” Ethan said.
Well.. Doc Cyril is also a business partner,isn’t he?
“Okay, you won’t be staying long right? I enjoy your company” Irene said and Ethan’s heart almost bursted.
“I promise i won’t stay long, I’m going to leave immediately the business meeting is over!” Ethan said earnestly.
“Thank you” Irene smiled, resting her head on his shoulder and this time his heart tore open.

He was so elated and didn’t even waste time in caressing her hair.
“OMG! OMG!” His heart screamed.
She’s starting to fall for him!
This is so unbelievable.
His sweetness paid off.


Christiana placed some slices of strawberry cake on the table before Irene.
“Tiana, how are you?” Irene smiled and she could see Tiana hesitate in answering her.
“Ohh .. Ethan, it’s fine if Tiana is free with me right?” Irene asked.
“Of course, you can make her your personal maid if you want” Ethan smiled,still caressing her hair.
“Of course” He said.

“A personal maid earn more than a non personal maid right?” Irene asked.
“Yes,thrice the pay of a non personal maid” Ethan said.
“Alright,she’s my personal maid starting from now” Irene said.
“As you wish darling” Ethan said.
“Thank you so much ma’am!” Christiana screamed happily and Irene laughed.

“Hey! You’re going to block my ears!” Ethan yelled at Christiana.
“I’m so sorry sir” Christiana bowed immediately.
“You don’t have to yell, it’s quite stressful” Irene said calmly to Ethan, looking into his eyes.
He almost melted.

“Okay, I’m going to stop yelling” He said.
“Good” Irene smiled.
“Go get your things from the workers quarters, you’ll be staying in the house now,the small room beside Irene’s” Ethan said.
“Thank you so much” Christiana said with tears in her eyes.
“It’s okay, Tiana” Irene said.
“Thank you ” Christiana said once more, bowed before going to get her things.


“I’ll get going” Ethan said, walking into the living room,dressed up.
“You look good” Irene commented.
“Thank you” Ethan was flattered.
“You should take good care of her while I’m gone” Ethan said to Christiana,who nodded.
She was standing beside Irene which is part of her work now and she was so excited.

Ethan left with his bodyguards and Irene told Christiana to sit.
“Huh?” Tiana asked.
“Sit. Everyone of you should have your seat, rest and have fun” Irene said and the workers hesitated.
“I’m not against it, the people against it are out and if you feel you don’t want to have a little fun till they are back,then you can keep standing” Irene said and got to her feet.

The workers around dropped on the chair, sighing tiredly.
Irene smiled and made to walk to her room.
“You don’t have to come with me Tiana” She said.
“I’m your personal maid now ma’am” Tiana said.
“I know, I’m going to call you when i need you. Have fun with others” Irene said.
“Thank you ma’am” Tiana smiled and Irene nodded.


“You want me to manipulate the result? I’m sorry i can’t do that” Doc Cyril said to Ethan.
“I have a huge reward for you if you accept to do that”
“I just can’t, that’s unethical” Cyril stated.
Ethan smiled and signalled his bodyguard to give him the brief case filled with money.
He placed it on the table before Cyril.
“A whole lot of money is in there, it’s so much that i don’t even know the amount and trust me,this money is going to go a long way in your life”

“Really?” Doc Cyril asked, unlocking the briefcase.
“Do not open it widely or you’re gonna cause a huge stir in here” Ethan said.
Doc Cyril peeped into the briefcase and gasped.
“OMG!” He exclaimed.

“That’s it” Ethan smiled.
“But why do you want to do this?” Cyril asked.
“I need to. I’d be at loss if Harold ends up owning the baby” Ethan said.
“What if the baby turns out to be yours?” Cyril asked.
“Then you can still keep the money” Ethan said.
“Really?” Cyril looked intrigued.
“Yes” Ethan smiled.

“So,are you going to do it or not?” Ethan asked.
“I’ll do it” Cyril said, without hesitating.
“Okay,so the baby is mine now, regardless of the result” Ethan said.
“Yes” Cyril confirmed.
“Make sure to keep to the deal or…you’ll be killed” Ethan said to Cyril in a whisper and he gasped.
“You should know Doctor Donovan,the head doctor of Start up hospital” Ethan said.
“Y..yes, so sad he was murdered” Cyril said.
“Well..” Ethan scanned the surrounding “i killed him” He grinned as he stared at the shocked expression of Cyril.

“So,you should know better than to play games with me” Ethan said.
“Okay Sir” Cyril said in a shaky voice.
“Good bye” Ethan said and left as quickly as he had came.


“Will you f****ng get out of that room! Ivory is sick and she’s not allowing Doc Fern touch her!” Mrs Marshall yelled, banging Harold’s door.
His door flagged open in seconds and he headed to his daughter’s room.

He opened the door and met her on the phone, smiling.
Mr Marshall and Mrs Nola were seated on the bed beside her and Doc Fern stood in a corner, Tom was crouched by her side.

“Didn’t you told me she was sick?” Harold asked his Mum who was looking surprised.
“She was,trust me. I don’t know what’s going on either” Mrs Marshall said, walking closer to them.
“Who’s on the phone with her?” Harold asked Tom.
“I..i irene” Tom said and Harold looked so pissed.

He cursed under his breath and patiently waited for the damn call to be over.

?Bye Irene,i promise I’m going to allow Doc Fern touch me.
?Good girl! I’ll be back soon okay?
?Okay Irene,bye” Ivory smiled.
?Bye” Irene said disconnecting the call.

“How could you allow her speak to Irene! Why the hell did you call her and made Ivory speak to her Are you crazy?” Harold yelled at Tom.
“I’m sorry Mr Harold,i didn’t call Irene,she called and… requested to speak to Ivory. I’m so sorry” Tom said.
“She called?” Harold asked and Tom nodded.
“She called my daughter in that thing house,this is just f****ng crazy” Harold laughed.

He was looking so terrible and he reeked of alcohol.
He had dark circles beneath his eyes and his eyes looked red and sad.
His hair was disheveled and he tried to make it look better by raking it with his fingers.

“Dad, Irene’s going to be back” Ivory said happily, rushing to him.
‘she’s f****ng deceiving you!’
“Okay” Harold said, putting on a smile for his daughter.
“I can’t believe this…she was feeling unwell before i left to get Harold” Mrs Marshall said.
“We were also surprised to see her recover while talking to Irene” Mr Marshall said.
“Unbelievable” Mrs Marshall sighed.
“I guess there’s no need to get her treated anymore, she’s looking fine now” Doc Fern said.

“Tom, don’t ever put my daughter on the phone with her ever again okay?” Harold said angrily.
“Okay,Mr Harold” Tom said.
“Harold,you really need to chill okay?” Mr Marshall said.
“And why are you looking so terrible! Will you get your a$$ into your bathroom and have a clean bath,resume work and live like the man you are” Mrs Marshall said sternly.
“Look at you, looking like you lost three people in a day. She left you,fine,let her go. It’s her loss,get yourself together and stop drinking and crying like a cry baby” Mr Marshall said.
“Ivory,tell your dad to go have his bath,he’s stinking.” Mrs Marshall said to ivory.

“Uhm…you’re stinking dad, go have your bath” Ivory said, pushing her dad out of her room with her little hands.
Harold laughed.


?Okay, I’m back” Tom said to Irene over the phone.
He was sitting in his room.
?I hope Ivory’s fine now?” Irene asked.
He had told her she was sick when she called to tell him she was fully settled into Ethan’s house.
?She’s fine now” Tom said.

?And how’s Harold also?” She asked.
?He’ll be fine, though he seems not to take the news well,he looks shattered.
?OMG! My baby” Irene said, blinking back tears.
She feels so sorry for him.
?Do not worry about him for now, you need to fully concentrate on what you’re in that house for okay?
?Okay” Irene said, keeping her emotions aside.

?I hope you’re in the toilet?” Tom asked.
?Yes, why do you insist i stay in the toilet to interact with you,i can stay in the room,no one’s going to hear me,besides they are both not home at the moment.
?Ethan is a f****ng d**k! He might have installed a camera in your room.
?Camera?” Irene asked.
?Of course, you do not think he’ll trust you that easily right?”
?I was wondering too” Irene sighed.
?Listen, do not panic. First, you need to check your room thoroughly, the four corners, behind the curtain,the drawer,your closet,the bedside lamp,check every damn place and see if you’ll find a camera. We need to be sure there’s no camera before proceeding with our plan”

?Okay,I’ll be back” Irene said and disconnected the call.

She walked back into her room and started searching like Tom had said.
She searched for minutes and didn’t find anything, she was about giving up when she decided to check her bedside lamp and there it was!


She dropped on the bed, pretending not to see it cause she definitely know they’ll be watching her now.

“Where the hell is my bracelet” She sighed loudly, making whoever is watching her right now think she’s searching for her bracelet.

‘I’m in deep sh*t’ she said inwardly.



  1. So Tom was also part of Irene's plans, hmmm…. interesting. Irene be careful please
    Dr Cyril shouldn't be intimated by Ethan's threat oo
    Thumbs up Zeemah
    Next please

  2. Hmmmm, Ethan and the devil are bedmates. I pray and hope things go well for Irene.
    Find Helena's chain.
    Get Alex and Marie exposed.
    Get some info from Ethan's bodyguard Harold helped.
    Move out with Christiana to Harold's house after everything.
    Best wishes, Irene.

    All the best.

  3. I knew irene has something up her sleeves and tom also knows about it, i hope your make it with your plan. Weldone AZEEMAH

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