A Night With Him � Episode 79


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 79


“Call my companies and inform them i won’t be coming till whenever i feel like, they should manage the company as they would when I’m present” Harold said to Alex who quickly went to carry out his order.
He walked into the living room and met everyone waiting.
They look so disappointed not to see Irene with him, they were all aware Irene would be coming back home with him.

“Where’s Irene?” Ivory asked.
“Is she still getting her luggage from the car?” Mrs Marshall asked.
“Didn’t she come with you?” Mr Marshall asked.
“She’s not coming into this house anymore” Harold said,as calmly as he could.
He couldn’t wait to get to his room and let out all the agony he was feeling right now.
He has never been this heartbroken, not even when he knew about Ethan probably owning the baby.

“What do you mean she’s not coming into this house anymore?” Mr Marshall asked.
“She left with Ethan to his just to make me go through the pain i caused her” Harold smiled sadly.
“What are you saying?” Mrs Marshall was shocked.
“Let me be! Everyone should just let me be!” Harold yelled loudly and they all saw the tears that dropped from his eyes before he walked away.

“She left him” Mrs Nola covered her mouth with her palm while Ivory bursted into tears.
“Oh..my, Ivory, your dad was only joking” Mrs Marshall quickly wiped her tears.
“He’s not, he doesn’t cry whenever he jokes” Ivory sobbed.
“What the hell is going on again! I thought they settled this” Mr Marshall sighed.
“Ethan is mum’s husband” Ivory said as Mrs Marshall consoled her.
“No..well, hundreds of people answer the name Ethan okay?” Mr Marshall said to Ivory and she nodded.

“Irene’s still going to come around okay? Stop crying” Mrs Nola said to Ivory.
“Dad said she’s not coming anymore. I don’t want any other nanny” Ivory cried kicking her legs in the air.
“What in the world went wrong again!” Mr Marshall said.

“I think you should go meet Alex and Robbins for some information” Mrs Marshall said, knowing Harold is not going to say anything for now.
She has never seen her son looked that hurt.
He looked so sad and broken like his source of happiness was gone.
Irene had indeed left him for Ethan! She hated her so much now!
How could she cause her son so much pain after making him feel so happy that she forgave him.
She never knew Irene was this heartless .
“What went wrong at the hospital?” Mr Marshall asked Robbins.
“Nothing, Mr Marshall” Robbins said.
“Will you stop pretending not to know anything and tell me the reason my son’s looking so sad. Or you’ll be fired!” Mr Marshall threatened sharply.
“I swear I’m not sure, Mr Marshall. We were not with them in the doctor’s office,we only stood by the door. I only noticed Irene left with Ethan Weston and Mr Harold came out looking so dejected” Robbins said.

“OMG! Could that means the baby belongs to Ethan!” Mr Marshall said to himself.
“No, Mr Marshall” Alex cut in and Mr Marshall turned to him.
“The result is going to be out in a week. Irene greedily left with Ethan Weston to cause Mr Harold pain,and she even told him she doesn’t care if the baby is his” Alex said.
“I..i don’t think Irene can do that” Mr Marshall said.
“She did just that Mr Marshall, im so disappointed and hurt she could do that to Mr Harold” Alex said, feigning sadness.

Mr Marshall walked back into the house and confirmed to Mrs Marshall that Irene had indeed left Harold for Ethan.

“I can’t believe this, Irene won’t do that” Mrs Nola said.
“But she did just that” Mrs Marshall said,pissed.
Ivory was laying asleep in her arms, she had cried herself to sleep and they have to call Doc Fern before she wakes cause she’s going to fall sick.

“Could it be that Ethan owns the baby” Mrs Marshall held her breath.
“No, the result is not going to be out until after a week.” Mr Marshall said.
“God!” Mrs Marshall sighed.

“She wants to make Harold feel the pain he made her felt. Revenge” Mr Marshall said,still shaken by the whole incident.
Could Irene really do that?
“I can’t believe she’s trying to revenge after acting all sweet, maybe Allysia was right about her all along” Mrs Marshall said.
“Harold indeed hurt her but she should understand the reason he acted that way, she knew about his history with Ethan,she knew about everything. Why would she do that!” Mr Marshall said.
“I think we should wait till Harold’s ready to talk and hear fully from him” Mrs Nola said.
“Harold talked already, he isn’t going to add to what he just said, i doubt if he’s going to come out of his room anytime soon. All thanks to Irene, he’s really hurt as she wants” Mrs Marshall said in contempt.
“I can’t even believe we were actually expecting that heartless thing!” She yelled, almost startling Ivory.

“Com’on Veronica, you don’t have to yell. I’ll go call Doc Fern now, he needs to be here before Ivory is awake ” Mr Marshall said and walked upstairs to his room.
His heart ached as he heard Harold cry while walking past his room.

This is just so crazy!!

?Ivy Royals?

“Okay, Princess Marlene Louis of King City” Allysia said and Marlene went pale.
“Guys I’ll be back” Damien said to them before walking out of the classroom, he thought they were having girls talk and needed to excuse them plus the conversation seems to be pretty serious.

Allysia looked pretty upset, she had a fairly hot temper and even Marlene knew about it.
Marlene sighed, wiping the sweat off her forehead.

“Explain this” Allysia said, laying a magazine on the desk…
Marlene glanced across the page and there she saw it .

A photograph of herself,three months ago at a Royal wedding they had attended in England with her father and mother.
The caption simply read “Her Royal Highness Princess Marlene of King City with her father, reigning Prince Alexandre Louis and mother Queen Anastasia”

Allysia had seen the magazine in her godmother’s room yesterday, after they arrived from the jewelry store.

“I thought we were friends,it turns out i didn’t even know who you were” Allysia said.

“Ally…i didn’t mean to keep this from you guys” Marlene said,after a long silence.
She’s feeling so bad Allysia found out this way.
“Does Damien knows?” Allysia asked.
“He doesn’t” Marlene said with tears in her eyes.
“What! I thought he knew” Allysia said.
“No, I’m so sorry you found out this way Allysia, i didn’t mean to keep it from you guys. I just don’t like my identity getting revealed, everyone will start treating me differently! I hate that! I want to be treated like everyone else” Marlene wiped her tears and Allysia stood up to hug her.
She was glad everyone is out for lunch break.

“Look, i love you Allysia and you’re someone I’d love to tell everything about me but i had no choice, do you think i want everyone here kissing my a$$, waiting on me hand and foot, calling me your Royal Highness, preventing me from doing any worthwhile work. This is only where I’m normal and real,this is the only place people do not bow to me and believe me,i love it. Being in the palace, having people who are far older than me bow to me is just so miserable but there’s nothing i can do, whether i want it or not. Please understand me Ally,i hadn’t meant to keep this from you” Marlene said and Allysia sighed.

“Sit” Allysia said and they both sat.
“Believe me, you’re the first princess I’ve seen that hides her identity just because she wants to be treated like everyone else. I can’t believe i once called your father an infamous safecracker. I’m so sorry Marl” Allysia apologized and Marlene nodded.
“You’ve really taught me not to judge people based on appearance. Marl, no one knows you’re a princess,we all treated you badly and even when you had all the chance and power to punish us, you didn’t do a thing. I’m so sorry” Allysia said.
“I should apologize for keeping things from my friend instead” Marl said.
“No, there’s a reason you did that and i understand. Now i know why Mr Natalie gladly allows you eat in the class claiming you have this so called phobia! ” Allysia said and they both laughed.

“What are you going to do about Damien,are you going to tell him?”
“I have to but I’m not ready yet, it’ll ruin everything once he knows”
“Why? Maybe he’ll like the idea of being in love with a princess” Ally smiled.
“That’s the point, my father would never support our relationship because I’m not to be intimate with anyone that’s not of Royal birth.” Marlene said sadly, she loves Damien so much and she could feel it that he loves her too.

“Wow!” Allysia looked startled.
Damien would be so heartbroken.
“Do you need your father’s permission?” Allysia asked.
“Of course and not only his permission but his members of parliament as well,there are twenty of them and a hundred members of the family court,i have to do as I’m told,i have to follow the damn tradition” Marlene said miserably.
“Wow! Being a princess is not as fun as it looks” Allysia said.
“I bet it isn’t. Anyway, I’m sorry once again for keeping this from you”
“I’m sorry i got so mad, i just felt so hurt you hadn’t told me” Allysia reached out a hand and touched Marlene’s arm.

“I can’t believe i never suspected. Though i’ve always wondered why the daughter of an infamous safecracker is using such an expensive phone” Allysia teased and they both laughed.

“I guess it’s all settled. I’m starving,let’s eat” Damien said, walking into the class and smiling innocently at them.
Marlene felt her heart ache.

He deserves to know.


“What the hell are you doing Irene!” Mrs Neave yelled at Irene who was throwing her things into the suitcase.
“I’m going with Ethan Mum!” Irene repeated for the hundredth time.
“Are you going crazy? What are you saying! Have you been enchanted?” Mrs Neave asked, breathing heavily.
She couldn’t believe this.

“I clearly know what I’m doing Mum, you know how much pain Harold caused me, he’s going to get it back.” Irene said, zipping the suitcase aggressively.
“That’s lame, you knew the reason he did so. Harold would never hurt you” Mrs Neave said.
“He did! He even made you fall sick, I’m never going to forgive him for that,i can’t let that go. I still love him but he has to feel the pain i felt” Irene said.
“Irene, Harold wasn’t the one who made me sick,i was down with the flu because of cold” Mrs Neave said.
“No! You were down with fever because you were so busy consoling me and didn’t even have the time to rest” Irene said.
“That’s not so”
“I don’t care, you know I’m revengeful right” Irene said.

“I do but i thought you forgave Harold already”
“That easily? Hell no! I had my plans” Irene laughed.
“Irene please,you can’t do this to him,you can’t do this to us” Mrs Neave said.
“I can’t be stopped Mum, i made up my mind already,it felt so great to see that pain in his eyes, i want him to feel more of it. I’m not going to Ethan’s house for any other reason,i don’t even love him one bit but Harold must get back the pain i felt” Irene said, determinedly.

“Are you crazy! This devil of a guy is married!” Mrs Neave yelled.
“I know and i don’t care about anything at the moment. Bye Mum, I’ll be back in a week” Irene grabbed her suitcase.
“What am i going to tell Damien?” Mrs Neave asked in voice that shook slightly.
“The truth. Bye” Irene pecked her cheeks.
Mrs Neave watched her leave in disbelief, this can only be a dream.

Irene walked out of the door and one of Ethan’s bodyguards was there,ready to help her with her luggage.

They both headed outside and Ethan willingly opened the car door for her.
“Thank you” She said with a smile, getting into the car.
Ethan got in beside her.
A bodyguard got in the front and the driver started driving .

Two more cars consisting of bodyguards followed them from behind.
“Irene, you don’t know how happy i am to have you choose me over him, i didn’t expect that” Ethan grinned broadly.
“Does that mean you’ve been admiring me secretly?” Ethan asked, licking his lips.
“No” Irene replied bluntly.
“Ohh” Ethan covered his disappointment with a smile.
“They why did you choose to come with me?” Ethan asked.
“I only chose to come with you to hurt him. Nothing else” Irene said.
“Anyway, there’s still some hope you’ll get to love me during your stay in my house, I’m a very sweet person, I’ll have the maids attend to your every need and have them refer to you as ‘Queen Irene’ ” Ethan said.
“You don’t have to do that ” Irene smiled shyly.
“Why not? You’re my queen and you’re carrying my baby. I’d do anything for you”
“You’re as sweet as you said” Irene said.
“I told you” Ethan said, his head feeling like it would burst soon.
He felt he’s starting to win her heart.

“If only i knew you’d be coming with me, i would have had the maids set up your room like a Queen’s. I guess you’ll have to sleep in my room tonight till the room’s set up because i won’t have you stay in that room, it doesn’t befit the mother of my child” Ethan said.
“How’s Carrle going to take this? I cant believe i hadn’t even thought of her,i was only thinking of hurting Harold back” Irene sighed.
“Carrle is going to welcome you with open arms, she’ll be so happy to have you in the house” Ethan said.
“Yes” Ethan smiled.


“Hell no! I’m not going to allow this, get out of this house in a minute” Carrle yelled at Irene who surveyed the living room.
It was a beautiful house, though not as exquisite as Harold’s mansion.
She had been stunned when the maids rushed to collect her luggage and bow to her.
Harold never allows bowing.

“Carrle, you need to chill” Ethan whispered to her.
“She hates Harold already and she left him. This is your chance to get him”
“Really? She left him?” Carrle asked.
“Yes” Ethan said.

“Oh..my, you’re welcome Irene” Carrle smiled sweetly.
“Huh?” Irene asked.
“I’m sorry to have behaved that way,i was upset by something before you came in, you’re highly welcome in here. Come with me,I’ll show you to your room” Carrle said, grabbing her hand.
Irene was surprised.

“No, she’ll be staying with me in my room tonight till her room is completely set up” Ethan said.
“Perfect! I should show her round the house then and introduce her to the staff” Carrle said, smiling.
“Would you like to eat first?” Ethan asked Irene who nodded.
“I would love to eat and freshen up first” Irene said.
“Alright,go freshen up while i tell the cooks to prepare a special delicacy for you” Carrle beamed.

Ethan took Irene’s hand and led her towards the stairs to his room.
Every worker bowed as they walked passed them and Irene was greatly impressed.



  1. Sorry Harold, but I know Irene's reasons will be revealed soon. She only said those hurtful words to deceive Ethan. I believe within that her one week stay in Ethan's house, so many secrets will be unraveled
    Next please

  2. I know she wants to make sure that Ethan does not do any nonsense and Ethan feeling that irene chose him over harold will make him slack back in trying to bribe the Doctor

  3. Hmmmm, Ethan, you are digging your own downfall.

    Harold, it's painful to lose a loved one in this manner but time will tell.

    Irene, I hope your plans work to perfection. Look for Helena's chain and bring it back to Harold.

  4. Irene, hope you know what you are doing. Hope Harold is okay. Hope nothing goes wrong in this your silly plans

  5. girl's a joy killer,kai!!!,she wan ki*ll harold wit hear ache….she shud atleast tel som1 abt her plans so dat harold wunt die of heart ache

  6. Have been following since but my phone is faulty that is y have not been commenting @zeemah Weldon
    Bolanle I love you
    And for irene she want to make a distraction for Ethan not to hurt harold and Alex too will be in Xposed.

  7. This is bullshit! I'm sure irene is gonna hurt ethan weston really bad if her plan would hatch real good on ethan.

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