A Night With Him � Episode 78


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 78


“Dad, Irene stole my strawberry muffins” Ivory whined to her Harold when he came to pick her the next day.
“Really?” He laughed.
“Why are you laughing too, she kept laughing also instead of apologising” Ivory frowned.
“It’s just so funny that she could steal your muffins” Harold grinned.

“Why the sudden urge for strawberry flavor, Irene do prefer vanilla” Ivory wondered aloud.
“Well…did you ask her?” Harold asked.
“Yes but i guess she forgot to answer me. I’ll go ask her again now” Ivory said, standing up to go meet Irene in the kitchen.
“No,she’s busy with Mrs Neave. You can ask her when she’s done” Harold said.
“Okay” Ivory said, sitting back on the couch
“So..Did you enjoy your time here?” Harold asked.
“Yes! Irene got to dress me up again after a long time and the bedtime stories were fascinating” Ivory grinned.
“I can’t wait for her to come back to our house” Ivory added with a frown. “Why don’t you ask her to come with us now”

“She’s going to be back to the house soon.. probably this week” Harold said.
“Yes” Harold said, they really need to go for the test soon.
Probably tomorrow,so Irene will get to return to the house.

“Mr Harold” Damien smiled in greeting as he walked into the living room.
He’s just waking up from his nap.
“Hey, how you?” Harold smiled back at him.
“I’m good, i didn’t even know you were here. You came to pick Ivory so soon” Damien said sitting on the couch.
“She needs to prepare for school tomorrow”
“Or you’re missing her already” Damien teased and Harold laughed.

“How’s Ally?” Damien asked.
“She’s fine and she didn’t come with me because she accompanied my mum to a jewelry store”
“It was so obvious you guys had a great time yesterday,she came home looking all happy” Harold smiled.
“We did and we’re looking forward to having more great times together” Damien smiled.

“Now..tell me, is there a guy she likes?” Harold asked in a whisper.
“Yes,his name is Blaine,a friend and neighbor” Damien grinned.
“Wow, really?”
“Yes” Damien said.
“You should tell him to come over while I’m here, i would love to see him” Harold said.
“He’s going to come in anytime soon, i chatted him up already and told him I’m awake” Damien said.

“What are you both whispering to each other?” Ivory asked.

“Strawberry muffins” Irene announced with a smile, walking into the living room with twelve strawberry cakes.
It was just brought out of the oven and it looked deliciously hot.
“Be careful,it’s hot” Irene said placing it on the table.
“Did Mrs Neave made some pizza rolls?” Harold asked.
“Ohh..yes, she made it specially for you and it’s ready also” Irene said.
“Ohh” Harold smiled.

Ivory and Damien took one strawberry muffin each and started blowing it.
“Should i help you put them in the freezer?” Irene asked already on the second cupcake,she ate it without even blowing it.
“Take it easy” Harold said and she nodded, fanning her mouth with her palm.
It was so hurt that it burned her tongue.

Damien bursted out laughing..
“Black a$$” Irene scoffed.
“Huh?” Ivory asked.
“It’s nothing” Damien quickly said to her and Irene laughed.
“My a$$ isn’t black!!” Damien yelled.
“Wow” Ivory glanced at her Dad who was starting to laugh.
“It is!” Irene rolled her eyes.
“Ahh” Damien sighed.

“Pizza rolls” Mrs Neave said walking into the living room .
“For Harold alone” She added and Harold sat up, smiling.
“Thanks Mrs Neave” He said.
“I want one too” Irene whined, going to sit beside Harold.
“Go make yours” Mrs Neave said.
“The baby wants it badly” Irene pouted.
“Baby?” Ivory asked and Irene nearly gasped realising what she just said.

They wanted to tell ivory when they were sure the baby is Harold’s.

A knock on the door broke the silence.
“Come in Blaine” Damien said and the door opened.
“Blaine” Ivory smiled,she seemed to have forgotten the question she asked.
Irene sighed in relief.
“Good afternoon everyone” Blaine smiled.
“Oh..my..God, Harold Marshall!” Blaine exclaimed.

Of course Damien had told him about their relationship with Harold Marshall and he even knew he was Ivory’s father and Allysia’s brother but he hadn’t expected to see him this easily even though he had been looking forward to seeing the top one billionaire in San Francisco!!!

“H..iii He..llo” Blaine stammered and Harold laughed.
“Com’on, it’s fine. Be free” Harold smiled.
“I don’t know what to say ” Blaine grinned,he was so happy to see Harold and did he just talked to him.
“It’s really nice to meet you. I admire you a lot Mr Harold” Blaine said.
“Thank you” Harold said.
“I’m Blaine, one of your biggest fans”
“Nice to meet you too” Harold stretched out his hand and Blaine stunningly took it.
Although Damien had told him how humble Harold was but he was still so stunned a billionaire could offer his hand to him.

“Come sit here” Harold said to Blaine patting the space beside him.
He was impressed with Blaine and he could see why Allysia liked him.
He knew very well that it was rare for Allysia to be over a guy .
Blaine gladly sat beside him.
“Have some cakes Blaine, the pizza rolls is for my Dad” Ivory said and Harold laughed.

“Yes,you can only have some cakes” Harold said.
He was starting to eat his pizza rolls.
“Quit looking shocked like you just sighted a ghost” Damien teased Blaine.
“You looked thrice as shocked when you also saw Harold” Irene said to Damien.
“I know right” Damien laughed.
“So Blaine,which school do you attend?” Harold asked beginning his question sessions just like he had done with Damien.


By the time Harold was done with his questions,he was greatly impressed with everything about Blaine,he’s intellectual and has a great plan for his future.
“I’m impressed” Harold said and Blaine smiled widely.
“Thank you Mr Harold and how’s Allysia?” Blaine asked shyly.
“Ohh, she’s fine. I guess you all had a great time yesterday” Harold said.
“Yes, it was fun” Blaine smiled.
“I wish my brother is home,he has been wanting to meet you too ” Blaine said.

“Ohh…and he’s not gonna be home anytime soon?” Harold asked.
Blaine shook his head.
“We’re going to see some other time then, i come here often,this place is just like a second home” Harold said to Blaine and Mrs Neave and Damien felt so proud.
“Can i take a picture with you,so kelly is going to believe i really saw you and even… touched you” Blaine said.
“Of course” Harold said and they took pictures together, Damien also joined.

“What’s Irene still doing in there?” Harold asked.
Irene’s has been in her room for some minutes now.
“I’m so sure she’s freshening up, the flour on her hair and body is enough to bake some cakes” Mrs Neave said.

Damien stood up and went to answer the knock on the door.

His eyes widened as he turned back to everyone.

“Mr Harold,you ordered these packs of strawberry juice!!!”


Harold walked into Irene’s room while Damien and Blaine took the packs of juice to the store.
She was blow-drying her hair when he walked in, she smiled on seeing him.
He walked to her and leaned closer,he closed his eyes as he inhaled her fresh scent.
He kissed her neck and went to sit on her bed,she turned the dressing table around to face him.

“What’s up?” She asked, unplugging the hair dryer.
“We really need to go get the test done. I want you back in my house” Harold said.
“We’ll be doing it tomorrow, Doc Fern recommended a hospital for me already. I was going to tell you before you leave. I booked an appointment for twelve pm”
“Ohh..” Harold smiled.
“I’m not going to inform Ethan till tomorrow, an hour to the doctor’s appointment” Irene said.
“He won’t have the time to try anything foolish”
“Even if he wants to, i doubt if he’ll be able to. Doc Fern recommended the hospital for you,that simply means no act of corruption will be tolerated there”
“Yeah but I’m seriously not going to contact that sly fox till it’s an hour to the appointment”
“As you wish, I’ll come pick you up” Harold said.

“Your lips keeps wanting to make me kiss you.” Irene smiled naughtily, walking to Harold on the bed.
She jumped on him..
“Be careful,the baby” Harold said before his lips was seized in a kiss.
He smiled, kissing her back.
She was sitting on top him as he caressed her body and they were really about tossing their clothes off when the door opened.
They quickly jumped apart, Mrs Neave stood there and sighed.
She had knew something was going on when it was taking too long for them to come out.

“I’m sorry but i heard Doc Fern told you both no make up sex for two weeks” Mrs Neave said.
“I’m coming back here if i don’t see you both in five seconds” She said walking out of the door and they both bursted into laughter.

??Next day??

“What’s wrong with her?” Marlene asked Damien.
Allysia hadn’t talked to them since morning and now it’s lunch break and she didn’t even come to join them for lunch,she just sat in her seat.

“I think you should go talk to her”Damien said and Marlene nodded.
She stood up and walked to Allysia’s desk.
“Hey what’s up?” She asked and Allysia looked at her in a way she has never done, it’s not a look of hate but hurt.

“What’s wrong?” Marlene asked worriedly.
“I thought we were friends” Allysia said.
“Yes, we…are” Marlene said.
“And we’re not supposed to keep things from each other right?”
“Ye..s” Marlene said slowly.
“Okay, Princess Marlene Louis of King City” Allysia said and Marlene went pale.


“Damn! I can’t believe she’s just contacting me an hour before the appointment” Ethan said as he hurriedly dress up.
“I can’t even believe Alex had lied to you! He said it was start up hospital and you had even paid the head doctor a huge sum of money” Carrle said,pissed.
“I’m so gonna deal with him and the head doctor is going to be killed after i get my money back from him” Ethan said, selecting a pair of black shoes.
“Yeah, he might go to the press” Carrle said.
“Exactly! He was such a blabbermouth when i met him” Ethan said.

“I guess the result won’t be out immediately,you can still get the chance to talk to the head doctor of ATC hospital before then” Carrle said.
“Yes, i have to go now” Ethan pecked her on both cheeks before hurrying out of the room.


Ethan was led into the head doctor’s office and his bodyguards stood by the door while he walked in.
Harold and Irene was seated already.

“Why are you just contacting me an hour before the appointment!” He almost yelled.
“Let’s begin the test” Doctor Cyril said gently.


They all returned back to Doc Cyril’s office after they were done with the test.
Harold was so nervous that his hands shook.
“The result will be out in a week” Doc Cyril said and he felt partly relieved.

“I guess i didn’t get to introduce myself. I’m billionaire Ethan Weston” Ethan smiled at the doctor.
“Doctor Cyril” Cyril said,less interested in whatever relation Ethan was trying to form.
“Can we get to know ourselves better?” Ethan asked,with a smile that didn’t even reach his face.
“I’m sorry,I’m not up for that. I appreciate you wanting to get to know me but that’ll be after the result is out. I’m not meant to maintain a close relation with you till then” Doc Cyril said and Ethan couldn’t believe he was just shunned!

He looked at Cyril, gritting his teeth hard.
He’s going to get back to him.
He turned to Harold and Irene.

“Do not plan to return to his house with my baby! I know of your plan” Ethan said to them.
“It’s not confirmed its your baby yet!” Harold said.
“It is!” Ethan yelled.
“It’s not!”
“It is!”
“Enough! Imagine what the gutter press would make of you both yelling at eachother in a hospital environment. Till the result is out,she’s allowed to stay with anyone she wants” Doc Cyril said.
“Well…she’ll be staying with me” Harold said.

“I’ll be staying with Ethan Weston” Irene said and there was silence.
Harold laughed, breaking the strained silence.
“You are joking right?” He smiled.
“No and I’m not mistaken either,I’ll be staying with Ethan” Irene said, walking to Ethan whose face was almost bursted with a grin.

“Com’on, i know you’re pranking me but let’s go home. Ivory and everyone else is expecting you” Harold said, making to take her hand.
“Let go of me!” Irene jerked her hand away.
“I’m damn serious! I’m going with Ethan and go ahead and think I’m joking until you see me get into his car!” Irene said and Harold held on to a chair for support, he looked as shocked as he felt.
Irene was damn serious,he could see it in her eyes.
“OMG!” Ethan laughed so hard.
“I’ve always knew no one wants to be with a dumbass like you” He added with a mockery laugh.

“Irene.. please” Harold said with a shaky voice.
“Do you how much you hurt me? I’m sure you don’t even know the amount of pain you made me went through, you dropped me off in the rain like a homeless person and you were even so glad when i made excuses for you” Irene laughed. “You came back like nothing was wrong after causing me so much pain,i bet you must have been so happy to see a dumb Irene welcome you with open arms, no! i had my plans. I don’t care if you own the baby Harold or maybe i still love you, you’ll have to go through the pain i went through. Have i ever told you I’m revengeful? I guess I’ve never” Irene laughed.
A pain sharper than a rapier seared through Harold’s stomach at her words,it took every ounce of will power not to cry out at the agony it caused.
Her eyes had turned dark and gloomy,he had never seen her look this way.
This was another side he hadn’t seen with her.

“I’m going with Ethan,just to cause you pain,not for any other reason. You must feel what i felt. I can’t just let it go and damn..my mum even fell sick because of you. I hate you so much!!” Irene screamed.
“It’s okay, you’re going to hurt our baby” Ethan held her.
“Let’s leave here,i still need to get my things from home” Irene said.

Harold refused to believe all that was happening until the office door was slammed and he realized Irene was really gone..

With Ethan.

Just to make him feel the pain he had made her felt.

He deserves it.



  1. chilax man,she wanna make sure mr ethan doesnt make a sly move,nd also dat ur preciour chain…gosh!,if only u'll undastand her tricks against ethan

  2. Harold by now should have known Irene better. I believe she has a biiiig plan and surprise for Ethan. Let's just sit and watch out. By the time Irene finishes with Ethan, I'm sure he would not remember his name.
    I trust Irene
    And I think Allysia has found out about Marlene's identity
    Next please

  3. Harold just calm down am sure Irene has a bigger plan to reveal ethan bad act.
    Marlene nothing can be hidden forever your secret is out

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