A Night With Him � Episode 76


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 76


“Start up hospital?” Irene laughed when Harold asked when they were going.
They were inside the house already,the bodyguards and driver is outside while Mrs Neave is cleaning up Irene’s room.

“Yeah,you said we will be conducting the test there right?” Harold asked.
“I’m not that dumb to say that in front of everyone especially when a spy has been confirmed. I’m not going to be using start up hospital, I’ll meet with Doc Fern to recommend another hospital for me, an hospital where they play free and fair and won’t accept any amount to change the result. Ethan is capable of anything” Irene said.
“Woah…you’re full of surprises” Harold smiled and dragged her cheeks playfully.

She laughed “of course, although Robbins doesn’t look like a spy and your driver looks pretty innocent too”
“What of Alex?” Harold asked, knowing the answer already.
“I don’t know” Irene shrugged.
“You really don’t like him, it’s unlike you to dislike anyone” Harold said thoughtfully.
“I’m only suspicious of him,ever since i started working in your house,there’s something about him that puts me off and I’m not the only one who feels that way. Tom also” Irene sighed.
“Yes and that was when i knew there was indeed something about him but i dont know what it is, he’s so discreet. You need to be very careful around him. Please” Irene said and Harold smiled.

“Okay, I’ll try to keep a close watch on him this time.” He said.
Mrs Neave walked back into the living room,done cleaning Irene’s room.
“Mum, come take a look at the sonogram” Irene smiled, passing the photo to Mrs Neave.
“Wow” Mrs Neave smiled, studying the photo.
She feels so proud to become a grandmother soon, she doesn’t have a child of her own but she doesn’t even think about it cause Irene and Damien are just like her children and now she’s going to be a grandma to a little tiny baby.

“What’s the sex?” Mrs Neave asked.
“I don’t want it to be revealed yet until after the result of the test is out” Irene said.
“Good and that guy is really bad as painted. He looks so mean and cruel. You both need to be very careful ” Mrs Neave said.
“We will be Mum” Irene said.
“And did i even told you that he came over to my office yesterday” Harold said.
“Yeah, He came to tell me to back off and i made him know I’m going to fight for what i want this time. It felt so good” Harold smiled and Irene pulled him into a warm embrace.

“Hey, what’s that?” He grinned hugging her back.
“For wanting to fight for what you want without minding the consequences. I’m proud of you boy” Irene rubbed his hair and they laughed.
He kissed her lightly on the lips and then glanced at his watch.

“Uhmm” He sighed.
“You are leaving?” Irene asked with a frown and he nodded.
“I was busy in the office” He said.
“I don’t want you to leave soon, it’s been so long we spent some time together”
“We did,few days ago”
“That was in the car”
“Ohh” Harold said.
“You can leave and I’m going to make sure i trip and fall again” Irene pouted.
“Geez…is that a threat” Harold groaned.
“Whatever you call it” She rolled her eyes.

“Okay…I’m staying” Harold said and started pulling his jacket.
He seemed more relaxed in the T-shirt that was brought for him by his driver.

Irene grinned and rested her head on his legs.
He glared at her playfully and she bursted into laughter.
“Shhh.. don’t startle the baby” He whispered softly to her.
Irene nodded remembering how the baby was moving so peacefully.
“My heart…it felt as though it was going to burst with joy when i saw my baby” Irene said slowly to Harold.
“I felt that way too but i do not want to get overjoyed yet” Harold said.

“You own the baby,i don’t want to think otherwise” Irene said firmly.
“What if the baby turns out to be Ethan’s?” Harold asked.
“No!” Irene yelled.
“You need to start considering that possibility too so you won’t be so disappointed at the end.” Harold said.
“Having the thought that the baby is yours kept me moving during those difficult times and i won’t stop having that thought. Let’s think positively Harold” Irene said.

“I think i should start begging the baby to be mine” Harold said and Irene laughed.

Mrs Neave walked into the living room with a heaping plate of steaming pizza rolls, with sauce and cheese oozing out of the seams.
Harold was salivating already.
“Mum” Irene sat up. “You shouldn’t have bothered yourself”
“You both need to eat, you’ve been through a lot today and I’m sure you’re starving”
“Thanks Mrs Neave” Harold smiled.
“My pleasure,which drink do you prefer?” She asked.
“I’m fine with just water” Harold said.
“Are you sure?”
“He mostly drinks wine and im not sure we have his favorite” Irene said.
“Ohh” Mrs Neave said.

“I should get you water then and you, you don’t need to tell me what you want. I know it’s strawberry juice!” Mrs Neave said and Irene chuckled.
“Really? You don’t really like strawberry flavor” Harold said.
“I guess her baby likes it so much, she has been craving it for days now,she doesn’t drink any other juice asides that now,i went to get some from the store this morning when we ran out of it” Mrs Neave said.
“Ohh” Harold sighed.

“Ivory also likes strawberry flavor so much” Harold said.
“I know, how’s she? I hope she’s fine,you need to bring her over during weekend so she can spend some time with me” Irene said.
“Could it be that Ivory sibling is the one on the way?” Harold wondered loudly.
“I’m sure it is” Irene smiled.

“Let’s eat before it gets cold or we’re not going to enjoy it” Irene said.

Mrs Neave invited Harold’s workers in for some plates of steaming pizza rolls.
They ate at the dining while Harold and Irene had theirs in the living room, watching TV.

“I think I’m going to resume making Ivory and Allysia come with the driver to pick Damien, so you’ll get to see her everyday” Harold said.
He had stopped them from coming with the driver.
“That’ll be great and i miss Allysia also” Irene smiled.
“She kept telling me to bring you back because you promised her some dresses” Harold said and Irene laughed.
“Yeah i did and i was almost done with it before… everything. Make her come over during weekend with Ivory”
“Okay,i will” Harold said.

“Mrs Neave is a great cook” Harold smiled, greatly enjoying the meal.


Damien returned from school and was so surprised to see Harold.
He hadn’t even expected to see him there but damn! He was so happy .

He rushed to him for a hug.


“Papa, please I’m begging you” Marlene said to her dad.
She had come into his office after she finished freshening up.
She has been pleading with him to allow her go out with her friends on Saturday but he’s not having any of it.

“I can’t allow you do that Marlene,it’s dangerous for you” Prince Alexandre Louis said.
“It’s not! None of them knows I’m a princess! Not many people know i am”
“Someone might see you and recognize you”
“I’m going to wear my shades” Marlene said pleadingly and her Dad sighed,signifying he’s not ready to allow her.

“You never allowed me go out with my friends, except to go on important functions for King City, I’m tired! I’m tired of cutting ribbons for hospitals everytime. That’s not fun, and you won’t even allow me spend a day with my friends, have i ever asked for such favour? yet you’re refusing it the first time i asked. I’m so pissed right now” Marlene got on her feet and made to leave.
“Hey, princess” Her father called and she stopped walking.
“You know i hate seeing you sad and you want to use that against me huh? Well..You can go out with your friend, have fun ”
“Really?” Marlene’s face lit up.
“Thank you Papa” she screamed jumping into his arms.
“Ahhh, you now weigh alot” He groaned.
“Thank you Papa” Marl said again, looking so happy.

“But on one condition” He said.
“Two bodyguards are going to follow you”
“Dad!” Irene whined.
“I can’t let you go out there alone Marlene, you need someone to protect you”
“Having the bodyguards follow us everywhere won’t be fun and they’ll definitely ask me why bodyguards are all over me” Marlene said.
“The bodyguards would only stay at a reasonable distance,they won’t stop you guys from having fun,your friends won’t even know anything, the bodyguards will only keep a close watch on you from distance”
“Okay Papa, thank you” Marlene smiled.
“Let’s go have lunch”
“I will join you at the dinning,i need to go inform my friends first!” Marlene said bouncing happily to her room.

Her father smiled after her.


“When are you really going to make my dresses” Allysia said to Irene who laughed.
They were seated in the living room some minutes after Ivory and Allysia arrived.
Ivory was clinging to Irene and hadn’t let her go since they arrived.

“I promise I’m going to make your dresses soon and it’ll be more beautiful cause i just gained new and unique ideas” Irene said.
“I can’t wait” Allysia giggled.
“When are you coming back home?” Ivory asked.
“Soon.” Irene smiled at her.
“Is that a promise?”
“Yes baby girl. I miss dressing you up and all” Irene said.
“I miss that too but it’s going to happen again soon” Ivory smiled.
“Dad said i can spend the night with you and return home tomorrow”
“Oh..my..God! Really?” Irene asked.
“Yes, that took everyone by surprise. My brother rarely allow Ivory sleep out without him,he even takes her on business trips whenever he can. Well, i was not really surprised though” Allysia said.

“I’m so excited! Why didn’t you tell me immediately you arrived” Irene said hugging Ivory to her chest.
“You were chatting with Allysia” Ivory said .
“Ohh and is that the reason you brought this huge backpack ?” Irene bursted out laughing and Allysia joined her.
Ivory frowned at the both of them and they laughed harder.

“Laugh all you want” She scoffed playfully.
” I’m so glad I’ll get to dress you up,comb your hair and style it again ” Irene smiled.
“I brought my pajamas, hair comb,two dresses,flip flops,body lotion,hair cream and…a dozen of strawberry muffins” Ivory grinned.
“Woah…I can see why you brought this huge backpack. Where are the muffins,let me store them in the fridge for you” Irene said.
Ivory opened her backpack and brought it out, it was in a small plastic container.

“Wow” Irene salivated.
“Can i have one please?” She asked.
“Of course but you don’t really like strawberry flavor” ivory said.
“I crave it this days” Irene said, chewing the cake already.
“Why?” Irene asked.
“Huh?” Irene turned to her with a mouthful.
“I mean why do you suddenly crave strawberries…” Ivory said.
“Well…uhmm” Irene smiled.
“I’ll help you take the cakes to the kitchen and I’m going to help Mrs Neave and Damien in the kitchen also” Allysia said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irene said.

“I want you to tell me the bedtime stories” Ivory said.
“Ivory…” Irene groaned.
“She still doesn’t know Marlene is coming?” Allysia whispered to Damien who nodded.

They were watching Irene narrate bedtime stories to Ivory.
They heard a knock on the door.
“Is she here already?” Allysia asked.
“Nah,I’m sure it’s Blaine” Damien said and Blaine walked in.
He was dressed simply in a white T-shirt and blue jeans,he couldn’t hide his smile as he saw Allysia who had turned to the TV, blushing terribly.
Damien smiled.
Blaine said hi to Ivory and Irene and went to sit with Allysia and Damien.

“Hey buddy” He patted Damien’s back.
“Blaine” Damien smiled.
Allysia almost melted on the couch,he was seating so close to her that she could feel his warmth.
She nearly cursed her cheeks for going so hot and red.
“Hi” Blaine said to her and her palms turned sweaty.
She swallowed hard before turning to face him and his eyes sent her to the moon and back.
“Hi” She said slowly.
“I’m Blaine” Blaine said stretching his hand forward for a handshake.
“Allysia” Allysia said accepting his handshake.
His palm was one of the warmest ever and she wanted to hold on to it forever.
“You look so beautiful” Blaine complimented.
“Thank you” Allysia found herself smiling and blushing hard.

?I’m outside your house” Damien read Marlene’s text.
His face were suddenly lit with smiles.

“She’s outside” He said to Allysia.
“Marlene?” Blaine asked and Damien nodded.
“I will go bring her” Allysia offered and she got to her feet before Damien could disagree.

“You want to do something outside?” Mrs Neave asked Allysia as she walked into the living room.
“Yes ma’am,I’ll be right back” Allysia said before walking out of the door.
Blaine said hi to Mrs Neave and she responded before sitting.

“Ivory and i will be going into the room” Irene said.
“No..wait” Damien said.
“Why?” Irene asked.
“Wait till Allysia’s back”
“Why?” Irene asked curiously.
“Just wait, she’ll be back soon” Damien said.
“Okay” Irene sighed and sat back.

The door opened and everyone turned like they were ordered to.

Marlene stepped in, wearing a beautiful and simple scarlet gown with a thin necklace with an emerald pendant.
She wore black sandals that wrapped their leather straps up to her knees and a black plain bag hung on her shoulder.
Damien was stunned, he has never seen her in house wears and she looks so breathtaking in it.
Even if Irene had no idea who she was,the way Marlene had styled her hair into a bun with tendrils framing her face told Irene who it was.


“Oh..my..God. Marlene?” Irene asked, getting to her feet.
“Irene” Marlene smiled and they both screamed and jumped into each other’s arms.

Mrs Neave recognized Marlene instantly but not as Marlene alone but Princess Marlene Louis of King City…



  1. I'm happy everyone is happy now.
    I said it that Irene intentionally mention that hospital to distract Ethan and his spy

  2. Wow!
    I'm so happy. This is the best episode so far. I'm glad everything is going well for them.
    Zeemah, the best.

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