A Night With Him � Episode 74


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 74


“I’m sorry but you can’t go in with your bodyguards!” Robbins said sternly to Ethan.
“Says who?” Ethan asked.
“It’s not allowed, no one goes into my boss’s office with bodyguards ” Robbins said.
“Move out of the way” Ethan said menacingly.
“Ethan Weston, you really need to give yourself some respect. I’m sure your bodyguards do follow everything you tell them, you don’t expect me to disobey my boss too. Alex why aren’t you saying anything?!” Robbins asked, quite surprised by Alex sudden behavior.

They were both assigned to stay by Mr Harold’s door.

“Your boss wouldn’t dare tell me not to come in with my bodyguards. Move out of the way” Ethan said.
“I dare tell you Ethan Weston,not to come into my office with any bodyguard. If you insist, then you can take your leave” Harold said, appearing at the door.
“Ohh…i can see you gave your bodyguard the opportunity to stand before me and say thrash” Ethan said.
“You gave your bodyguards the freedom to glare at me too” Harold asked.
“Why do they look so malnourished? I bet Robbins can beat up the ten of them in just few minutes” Harold laughed.

Ethan looked annoyed “Are you mocking my bodyguards?”
“Of course not but you shouldn’t eat all the meals alone, make them feed well and work out, you know they are the ones meant to protect you whenever you’re in danger,they look so starved they could pass for gatekeepers and even my gatekeeper is not as malnourished as they are.” Harold said, wearing a mockery smile.

Ethan saw his bodyguards stare at their feet and he was so angry they had allowed Harold’s words get to them.
He gritted his teeth and glared hard at Harold who doesn’t even seem affected by anything.

“And why do you have to go out with ten bodyguards? Are your bad deeds that much that you need ten bodyguards to follow you wherever you go. You don’t feel safe cause you’ve hurt so many people and you’re afraid of being hurt too. I go out with just two bodyguards or none at all, don’t you feel choked with all these people around you?” Harold asked.
“Keep shut! Fool” Ethan barked angrily.
“Okay sir” Harold laughed and Robbins laughed too.
Ethan had initially thought he’d be the one to make mockery of Harold but tables are turned already.

“Damn! Look at that one at the back. Is he eighteen?” Harold asked pointing to a bodyguard who looked so thin and frail.
“Damien is seventeen boss” Robbins reminded Harold and they both bursted out laughing.
“Right! Damien is seventeen and he’s even more built than this guy. He looks matured,i think he only needs some diet.” Harold said feeling so sorry for him.
” Before they leave, make Anna write a cheque of $200,000 and give it to him secretly” Harold whispered to Robbins who nodded.

“I’m so sorry guards, i didn’t mean to mock you all” Harold apologized and they all stared in surprise.
“If you’re still insisting on coming in with your bodyguards,then you may leave” Harold said, making to close the door.
“Fine, I’ll come in alone” Ethan said through gritted teeth.
He was so mad his plan just got ruined.

Harold was seated comfortable on his seat when Ethan walked in.
“Sit” He offered.
“I don’t need to” Ethan said.
“You can stand then. Why are you here?” Harold asked,he wouldn’t allow Ethan threaten him and push him around like a bushbaby anymore.

“My baby” Ethan said and Harold bursted into a loud laughter.
“I’m not the one carrying the baby, does my stomach look that big?” Harold asked, touching his stomach dramatically.
“I’m not here to joke Harold!” Ethan yelled, banging the table.
He sent some files flying in the air and that almost pissed Harold off but he remained calm.

He picked his phone and placed a call across Robbins.
?Send one of Ethan bodyguards in now.
? Okay Mr Harold.

The door opened and a bodyguard walked in.

“Clean your boss’s mess” Harold said to him pointing to the files on the floor” Harold said and the bodyguard didn’t hesitate, he picked the files and arranged it neatly on Harold’s table.
He so much wished he was working for Harold.
“Thank you,you can leave” Harold smiled and the bodyguard left.
Ethan eyes dimmed with anger ” What did you just do?”
“You were not blind, you saw it all and didn’t stop me” Harold said.

“You do not have the right to order my bodyguard around” Ethan said.
“I did not, i only asked him to clean your mess. Isn’t it part of their duty?” Harold asked.
“Whatever! The baby Irene is carrying is mine and i do not only want the baby but her too” Ethan grinned.
“Okay, have you told her?” Harold asked, looking so unmoved that it pissed Ethan off.
He had wanted to see Harold look threatened and scared but the fool is looking otherwise.

“What exactly do you want? Are you here to talk about a baby that’s yet to be confirmed as yours or you’re here for another reason? I have so many work to do” Harold said.
“Like i once said,I’m done with Carrle and now I’m moving to Irene”
“You must be a dunderhead to think you can win Irene over that easily. Do you know her at all? Even if you offer her the whole wealth in the world,she is going to remain on her stand. I should give you a hint, you can’t win Irene over with wealth, or material things” Harold smiled.

“What game are you trying to play Harold?” Ethan asked suspiciously.
“Game? I do not need to play any game, Irene’s mine already but you are free to ‘sh00t your shot’ though” Harold laughed.
“This was exactly how you claimed carrle was yours then before i took her away from you” Ethan laughed.
“I know right but can’t you see Irene’s different from Carrle, are you that foolish?” Harold groaned.
“You’re the foolish one here Harold. Whatever you say won’t make me stop fighting for my baby and you know how bloody my fights can be , it’ll be better for you to step down now” Ethan said.

“Oh..my.. God! I’m scared” Harold shivered dramatically before bursting into laughter.
“You should really desist from threatening people Ethan, you’ve been doing this for years now,i thought you’d be more matured by now. I’m so disappointed” Harold shook his head.
“Step down now Harold! Or you’ll face the consequences,you know how dangerous i am” Ethan said.
” You’re dangerous right? Then,you shouldn’t be so scared of a weakling like me…gosh” Harold said.
“Scared?” Ethan laughed. “I’m not scared, i just don’t want to hurt you or people close to you”

“I couldn’t fight for Carrle,but now i want to know how it feels to really fight for what you want. I’ll be fighting for Irene and the baby and i should warn you to get ready,I’ll not be so nice” Harold said and for the first time ever Ethan felt threatened.
“Okay, the battle line is drawn” Ethan said with all the courage he could muster.
“You’re so good in doing things like this right?” Harold asked.
“Of course, are you getting scared already?” Ethan laughed.
“Scared? Hell no but don’t be so relaxed thinking you’re going to win this time cause I’m going to make you taste my venom” Harold said,his eyes darkened to the deepest shade of Jade.
Ethan covered his fear with a scary laughter.
“Really? Then the best should throw the best pitch” Ethan said.
“And starting now, I’m gonna be pitching knives and spares” Harold smiled slowly and Ethan tightened his fist.

Harold made him scared for the first time in his life.

“If you have nothing more to say, you may leave. I was working before you came in here” Harold said.
“And if you dare hurt anyone close to me, I’ll wipe off your entire family and make you lose the huts you call companies, you know with just a word from me to the press, you’re ruined. The battle is between us, do not let it exceed to our close ones” Harold said.

Ethan gave him one last look before walking out of his office, Alex was surprised to see Ethan look that way as he walked away with his bodyguards.
What could Harold have said to him.

Robbins walked into Harold’s office after he summoned him.

“Did you give the bodyguard the cheque?” Harold asked.
“Yes Mr Harold,he was so grateful” Robbins said.
“He’s the worst looking of them all and i know he really needs the money” Harold said.
“I hope things went fine between you and Ethan Weston?” Robbins asked.
“Very fine! I’m so proud of myself,I’ve never felt this good” Harold smiled.
“I’m glad” Robbins smiled too.
“I’m starving already” Harold said.
“I’m going to order lunch right away sir” Robbins said and Harold nodded with a smile.


“OMG!” Irene laughed so hard at the movie she was watching with her stepmum.
Mrs Neave stared at her and smiled.
Irene has been so happy since Harold came around.
She smiled and laughed at everything, she even ate to her full, claiming she doesn’t want her baby to starve.
Damien was so happy too.

Harold’s presence really lit up Irene.
She even looks more beautiful now, she had worn a bright coloured dress today and packed her hair in her favorite style.
How she quickly changed after seeing Harold didn’t surprise Mrs Neave,she was once in love too.

Her only prayer now was for Harold to be the one responsible for the pregnancy,then everything can continue being rosy.
And she’s going to start knitting little wears for the baby.

Irene sniffed the bunch of flowers Harold has sent to her this morning,she smiled and continued watching the movie.

Mrs Neave chuckled softly knowing she can’t even count the amount of time Irene had sniffed the flowers.
Her daughter is so in love..

“Should i make some pizza rolls for you?” Mrs Neave asked.
“No, you really need to rest so the medications can work and i just finished a bag of potato chips not long ago” Irene said.
“Oh.. okay” Mrs Neave smiled.
“Do you want something?” Irene asked.
“No, I’m okay” Mrs Neave said and Irene nodded before turning back to the movie.
“I should switch to another channel already, this movie is going to crack my ribs” Irene laughed hard and quickly grabbed the remote control.

?Ivy Royals?

“I’m so happy” Marlene grinned after Damien and Allysia told her the couple reconciled already.
“I still can’t believe how Irene changed after Mr Harold came around,it was so surprising. She ate everything she could lay her hands on yesterday and we even had to stop her at some point” Damien said and they laughed.
“This is a great news!” Marlene said.
“Yes it is. I’m so happy” Allysia said.
“And Mr Harold even sent flowers to her before i left for school this morning” Damien said.

“Awwwn” Marlene and Allysia said in unison.
“Geez! Ladies do have common traits. That was what Irene said after receiving the flower and i almost thought she had turned into a cat” Damien said and Allysia and Marlene laughed hard.
“Damn! You’re so funny” Allysia said.
“He is and he doesn’t even know it” Marlene said, staring lovingly at Damien.

“What’s stopping you both from dating already?” Allysia asked, resting her chins on her palms.
“Huh?” Marlene asked, blushing hard.
She quickly made her hair cover her cheeks and then stared at her fingers nervously.
Damn! Allysia shouldn’t have brought this up now.

“Uhh…” Damien scratched his hair, stealing glances at Marlene.
“You don’t have to say anything. Allysia was just joking. Right Allysia?” Marlene asked.
“No, I’m not” Allysia shrugged.


“Oh..my, see how flushed you both look” Allysia laughed and Marlene glared at her playfully.
“Okay, Damien,how’s Blaine? You’ve not talked about him recently” Allysia said and Damien laughed.
“Stop pretending already, you like him” Marlene said.
“I don’t” Allysia denied.
“You do” Damien said, it was their turn to see Allysia’s cheeks go red and they both laughed.

“I only asked cause i you haven’t talked about him for days now” Allysia said.
“That’s because of what happened. Blaine’s fine and he asks of you too” Damien said.
“Really?” Allysia asked.
“Yes, will you come over by weekend?” Damien asked.
“I will!” Allysia quickly said and realising she had said that too fast and eagerly.
“I will” She repeated very slowly and less eagerly. It made Marlene and Damien burst into laughter.

“Marl, will you come over too?” Damien asked and the idea sounded great to Marlene, she’ll get to meet Blaine and even Irene! But she doubt her father would allow her. He won’t allow her step out of the palace.
“Maybe next time” Marlene said.
“Why?” Allysia and Damien asked in unison.
“I don’t think my Dad will allow me” She said sadly.
“Why? He doesn’t allow you visit friends?” Allysia asked and Marl nodded.
“You said he knew about us,I’m sure he won’t mind if you want to hang out with us” Damien said.

“It’s not even that” Marlene said.
“It’s what?” Damien asked.
“Okay! You know what? I’ll try to cajole him into letting me come over, how about that?” Marlene asked with a smile.

They continued chatting and laughing as they ate.
Allysia was so glad to be part of them.
They were her best gift!


Harold sat in his office at ‘Harold’s construction’
He was busy with his laptop that the cup of coffee before him had turned cold.
So much is needed to be done and he needs to finish it up.

His phone started ringing and he almost ignored it but he couldn’t after staring at the screen.
It was Irene.
He smiled, he didn’t even inform her of Ethan’s visit.

?Hey babe” He said.
?Ha..rold” She said and he noticed how dull her voice sounded..
?What’s wrong?” He asked.
?T..the baby,i..j..ust fell. Bl..ood. I’m bleeding!” She said in tears.

“Oh my God!” Harold nearly dropped his laptop on the floor..
He rushed out of his office and Robbins and Alex hurried after him.
?Is Mrs Neave there?” Harold asked as he rushed to the parking lot.
?She went to the gr..ocery store. I don’t w..ant to lose my ba..by” Irene cried weakly.
?Just hold in there for me okay. I’ll be right there, stay on the call, do not disconnect” Harold said.

“Get the damn car ready!” Harold yelled at his driver.



  1. Pray nothing happen to Irene and her baby
    Thumbs up Harold for standing up to Ethan.
    Maybe Harold's kind gesture to Ethan bodyguard might yield something positive for him (just guessing ??)
    Next please

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