A Night With Him � Episode 73


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 73


“You’re a violent little thing, aren’t you? Fight all you want but don’t hurt my baby” He said, stuffing her in the backseat of a waiting limo.

“Go out for a moment” Harold said to his driver.
Irene stopped fighting and stared at him in surprise..did he just say,his baby?
Finally he’s ready to fight for it.
Her stomach churned in excitement and a big smile lit up her face.

“Did you just say your baby?” She asked to confirm.
“Yes, my baby. The father is yet to be known though but for now, it’s mine and I’m going to fight for it” Harold said and Irene blinked back tears.
She knew he was going to come around.
She knew he was never going to abandon her.
She knew he was going to come back for her.
Harold loves her than to abandon her.

“Irene,I’m sorry. For everything” He said, holding her hands .
She looked like a baby herself as she stared into his eyes.
“Come here” She said, hugging him tightly.
No doubt her broken heart mended already, it’s starting to pound perfectly.
“I knew you were going to come back for me” She sobbed on his shoulders and he rubbed her back gently.
He kissed her hair ” I can never abandon you, i was so broken then that i didn’t even knew what i was doing”

“I understand you Harold, i know what Ethan once did to you,i know you’re still yet to heal from Helena’s death, everything is just so hard on you. Anyone would act the same way” Irene said, disengaging from the hug.
“Yeah and Irene,i hadn’t meant to drop you off in the rain…” Harold was saying.
“You did that cause you didn’t want me to get hurt with you, you knew your hands couldn’t control the wheel for long anymore” Irene completed his statement and he stared at her in awe.

“H..how could you understand me this much? You’ve only spent months with me and you’ve known so much about me.” Harold was touched deeply.
If he doesn’t end up with Irene,he’s just going to ki*ll himself.
“Of course i know you’re not that heartless.” Irene smiled.
She’s so happy he’s right here with her.
She had thought he wasn’t going to come back anymore but here he is making her heart beat faster than normal.

“I know how quickly you get emotional, you must have cried a lot” Harold said and she nodded with a pout.
“I’m sorry” He said cupping her cheeks in his palms.
“I know you are. Who were you on the call with before parking the car? Who made you so angry? You almost broke the wheel” Irene said.
“It was Ethan, telling me how he slept with you and how he’s coming to claim his baby” Harold said.
“Ohh” Irene said, understanding what has gotten Harold so worked up.
“But how did he found out so soon? How? We were just leaving the hospital when he called” Irene wondered aloud.

“Ethan always have his way around things. I told you before we left the hospital that he’s going to find out soon and come for the baby” Harold said.
“Yes you did but he can’t always have his way around things that easily, are you saying he was in the hospital when Doc Fern announced to us that i was pregnant” Irene said.
“He said you told him, though i didn’t believe cause i know there’s no way you could have gotten his contact,not to talk of calling him to inform him of your pregnancy,I’ve not know you for so long but i don’t think you’re someone like that”
“What the f**k! That sly fox! I didn’t tell him anything,i don’t even have his f****ng contact and even if i do,there’s no way I’m going to contact him. I can’t believe he lied” Irene was pissed.

“That’s expected of Ethan,you shouldn’t be surprised” Harold said.
“I didn’t tell him,he lied that i did, trying to cover the person who told him.” Irene said.
“Exactly!” Harold said.
“Then someone who was around us at that moment informed him, there’s no way he could have known” Irene said.

“Wait..i never thought of that, you might be right! ” Harold said.
“A spy… Who were those around us the moment Doc Fern announced it to us?” Irene asked.
“No one, except my bodyguards who stood by the door and were only doing their duty, i even doubt they overheard us cause Doc Fern wasn’t so loud” Harold said.
“Who are the bodyguards?” Irene asked.
“Hey! Stop being a detective” Harold teased and they smiled.
“Alex and Robbins” Harold said..
“Alex??” Irene asked, her mind giving her the answer already.

Could Alex be a spy?
Or was she thinking this way because she doesn’t like him.

“Listen Irene, i know you do not like Alex but there’s no way he would betray me,i trust him so much like i trust every of my bodyguards, everyone of them has been loyal to me for years now” Harold said.
“You never can tell, Harold! You don’t know what’s going on inside them,you do not know what they are doing behind you, don’t be so sure none of them can betray you,we live in a funny world” Irene said and Harold stared at her thoughtfully.

He truly shouldn’t trust people so deeply but he can vouch for his bodyguards especially Alex..

“But i still think your dislike for Alex is clouding your judgement” Harold said.
“No..well, not really. Why did you say that?” She asked.
“Alex wasn’t the only one at the door. Robbins was too”
“Okay well..they are both suspects but i don’t know why Alex came to my mind first and trust me Harold,my intuitions are always right” Irene said.
“What if it’s neither Alex nor Robbins. What if it’s a nurse that agreed to always keep tab on us after Ethan probably promised to give her a whole lot of money. Ethan knows i don’t use any hospital asides Fern’s” Harold said.

“You might be right!. It could be that too, what are we going to do?” Irene sighed.
“I don’t know cause we’re not even sure about the suspect yet”
“We’re going to check the hospital’s CCTV footage!” Irene said.
“Hmm…good thought” Harold smiled,her smartness amazes him at times.
He hadn’t even thought of that.

“And after checking the footage, we’d know at least someone who seems suspicious, we’ll tell the detectives about it and investigation would begin” Irene said.
“Good but is that really necessary?” Harold asked.
“Yes! Harold,a spy can be dangerous, they mostly destroy things behind closed doors and whatever they are bent on destroying would have gone out of repair before the victim finds out. I don’t want anyone hurting you, please” Irene said and Harold nodded.
“I’m going to meet with the security department of Fern’s hospital” Harold said.

“How come you’re looking more pretty, is it my baby? ” Harold asked and she laughed.
For the first time,she was happy to be carrying a baby.
“I didn’t expect you to look this handsome too . I thought the accident would have left some ugly scratches on your face” Irene scoffed playfully.
“I protected my face, i wouldn’t want my baby to grow up to an ugly father” Harold said and if there was anything Irene wished for most, it’s for the baby to turn out to be Harold’s.
Seeing how happy he looks now with the thought of the baby being his, brought tears to her eyes.

“Com’on, you have to stop crying every now and then, you’re hurting the baby” Harold dabbed her tears with his handkerchief and then kissed her lightly on the lips.
She beamed brightly.

“Damn! You’re not trying to make my breath seize with your beauty,are you?” Harold groaned and she laughed.
She felt so at peace now.

Harold leaned forward to kiss her again and this time it was a long sizzling kiss.
They both stopped to catch their breath and they laughed seeing how flushed they both look.

“Geez! My mum’s medications. I have to go” Irene said.
“Wait…you didn’t even asked how i knew you were at the pharmacy.” Harold said.
“I need to get this medication to my mum first” Irene said worriedly.
“Doc Fern is in your house now, taking care of your mum” Harold.
“What? How?” Irene asked.
“I went to your house and Mrs Neave answered the door, i noticed she was down with fever and she confirmed it even though,i called Doc Fern immediy” Harold said.
“I forwarded your home address to him and i made sure he arrived before coming to find you”
“Ohh” Irene said, relieved her Mum is getting treatment.
“Thank you Harold” She smiled.
“So, how did you know i was at the pharmacy?” Irene asked.
“Your mum told me, even though she seemed angry with me” Harold smiled.

“Yeah she is” Irene sighed.
“I bet Damien must be angry with me too. He probably didn’t come to me because i was at the hospital” Harold laughed.
“Damien was not so angry and that was because he likes you so much, he understands you and he had even advised me to be patient,that you’re going to come around soon” Irene said.
“Really? Wow! ” Harold smiled.
“You won his heart already” Irene chuckled.
“Obviously” Harold said.

“Irene, I’m sorry to have not let you into my ward when you came to check on me. I was still pissed ” Harold said.
“It’s fine, I knew you weren’t ready to see me then” Irene said.
“I was still burning with rage then but i told Alex to come get you back but you already went out with Ethan” Harold hissed jealously.
“Went off with Ethan?” Irene asked.
“Yeah, Alex returned to me and said you went off with Ethan” Harold said.
“I met Ethan outside the hospital truly but i didn’t went off with me, did you actually believed i entered his car?” Irene asked.

“You mean,you didn’t?” Harold asked.
“I didn’t! He only said some thrash about wanting his baby and i didn’t even gave enough chance to have a long convo with me before walking away “.
“Uhhhh” Harold said slowly, wondering why Alex had told him a different thing.
“I seriously don’t know what sort of game Alex is trying to play, I’m starting to think he’s the suspect” Irene said.
“Com’on, i guess he was mistaken. You know how much Ethan womanizes,he might have made another lady get into his car after you left and Alex had thought it was you” Harold said.
“Oh… really?” Irene said thoughtfully.
“Yeah. I’m so relieved you hadn’t gotten into his car with him though” He said.

She smiled even though she hadn’t agreed to the excuse Harold gave.
Alex had lied!
But why??

“My parents are aware” Harold said and Irene’s eyes widened.
“Of everything” He added.
“Huh?” Irene asked, panicky.
“Yeah and they took it better than i thought, they are still okay with me getting married to you” Harold said.
“What! Are you being serious?” Irene asked and Harold nodded with a smile.
“I was surprised also” He said.
“With your Mum too?” Irene asked.
“Yes!” Harold said.
“Oh..my.. God!” Irene screamed,she was stunned!

The Marshalls accepted her even with her dirty past!
She was beyond happy.

Harold laughed “Com’on,even if they hadn’t accepted you,it wouldn’t have stopped me from taking things further with you. They won’t have any other choice than to respect my decision”
“But their approval really means a lot and I’m glad we got it already” Irene beamed, filled with happiness.
“Yeah right…so will you come back to the house please?” Harold asked.
“I would love to but i think the only reason Ethan hasn’t made a drastic move is because he thinks I’m carrying his baby and also because he knows things went sour between us. Ethan might hurt you if i go back with you Harold. You know how dangerous he is.” Irene said and Harold sighed sadly.
“Why don’t we do the test soon, it’ll be safe to return to your house after the test, he won’t want to hurt you then cause if the baby turns out to be his,he would definitely want you to be alive so he can taunt you with it” Irene said.

“You know him so much, Ethan loves to taunt people” Harold said.
“So..when are we doing the test?” He asked.

?Ivy Royals?

“I seriously don’t know what’s going on also” Allysia said to Damien during lunch break.

They’ve both been unhappy over what’s going on between Harold and Irene, Marlene was unhappy too cause neither Allysia nor Damien looks happy.

“She doesn’t eat until we have to force her,she cries all the time” Damien said worriedly.
Marlene sighed. “Do you want me to place a call through her and make her happy for at least a moment?”
“No Marl, thank you” Damien said.
“He was discharged yesterday and im not sure he came out of his room” Allysia sighed.

“Believe me guys, this is normal.” Marlene said.
She and Allysia was well aware of the whole story, Damien had told them, they were all unhappy.
“I don’t want to get angry at Mr Harold for making my sister go through all this,but one thing i hate so much is seeing her cry, it breaks my heart” Damien said pushing his lunch away.
Marlene rubbed his back. “Everything will be fine” She assured.
“Thank you” Damien said. He was so glad to have Marlene in his life.
She was always ready to comfort him and Allysia,she shared their sad moments with them like a good friend should.

His feelings for her didn’t falter for once, it keeps increasing to his surprise and he had planned to ask her out before all this happened.

“Okay…the both of you have to eat, you won’t want to look like broomsticks once they finally reconcile” Marlene said and they laughed.


Harold sat in his office, working.
He has not had a rest or eaten since morning.
He has to catch up on all the works that has been left behind for days.
His manager can do that but Harold loves doing things himself,he loves doing things to his own satisfaction.

And the great time he had spent with Irene yesterday,made him work happily.

The intercom buzzed and he picked it up.

?Hey” He said.
? Mr Harold, Ethan Weston is here to see you” His secretary said.
?Ohh… really?” Harold asked,not surprised a bit.
?But i told him there’s no way he can,he refused to leave but the securities are on their way to lead him out. I just wanted to inform you.
?Let him in” Harold said.
?Let him in” Harold repeated.
?Ohh…okay sir”

The call disconnected and the secretary turned to face Ethan and his multiple bodyguards.

“Uhh..He said you can come in” She said and Ethan gave her a one sided smiled.
“I told you he won’t dare refuse to let me in.” Ethan grinned.
“You’ll be led to his office” She said.
“I know my way” Ethan said and then walked to the elevator with his bodyguards.
He was friends with Harold for years and even though hates to admit it, Harold had a hand in making him this successful today.

“Have you gotten that stuff ready?” Ethan whispered to one of his bodyguards.
“Yes boss” The bodyguard bowed and Ethan laughed as he got into the elevator.




  1. I'm happy they sort things out.
    This Ethan never give up
    What is he planning again? I believe Harold will be more than ready for him
    Thank you Zeemah
    Next please

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