A Night With Him � Episode 72


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 72


Oh..my.. God! Who’s making the mother of my baby cry?” She heard and raised up her head.
There stood Ethan with bodyguards around him like flies.
He stared softly at her stomach before turning to face her.
“How are you Irene?. It’s so nice to meet you again” He grinned.

“Who is the mother of your baby!” Irene yelled.
“I know about it already, you’re carrying my baby” Ethan said and it took all Irene’s might not to slap him.
“It’s not yours mother******! It’s Harold’s!” Irene said through gritted teeth and Ethan laughed.
“We’re both responsible for it for now but after the test, it’ll be confirmed that it’s mine.”
“In your dream..i guess” Irene said angrily.

“Please,I’m going to do anything for you, whatever Harold did to make you love him,I’ll do more than that. I don’t only want the baby,i want you too” Ethan said and it was Irene’s turn to laugh out loud.

“I don’t know whatever stunt you’re pulling but I’m not ready for it now and one doesn’t have to do anything to earn other people’s love. ” Irene said and walked away.
She was still so distraught over what Harold had done.
He’s obviously still pissed at her,he had refused to let her see him.

“I can drop you off at home” Ethan shouted after her but she ignored him and left.


“That’s not my son” Mrs Marshall cried and Mr Marshall sighed.
He couldn’t believe this too.

Harold had fully explained to them everything that had happened and they both felt so sorry for Irene.
She had gone through a lot.
Mr Marshall wished he had met her sooner but Travis Natalie Noris was so discreet about his family.

“But..was prostitution the only option left?” Mrs Marshall wondered loudly.
“She has no certificate for a job, and I’m sure if she had managed to secure one,the earning would have been meager. It won’t be enough to sustain them” Mr Marshall sighed.
Mrs Marshall shook her head in pity.
“I wonder how many people are out there going through hardship” She said sadly.

” I’m sure she would never have done that if they hadn’t almost starved to death. She dropped out to further her brother’s education! And to see her stepmom get back on her feet! She’s such a selfless charming lady. Harold mustn’t lose her” Mr Marshall said.
“And she’s so different from,her decency is something i so much admire, she’s hardworking, loving,not manipulative,humble, beautiful. Believe me,i started loving her after noticing those traits and i thought she’d be very good for Harold” Mrs Marshall said.

“What are we going to do?” Mr Marshall asked.
“I don’t know. There’s nothing we can do than leave them to sort it out themselves” Mrs Marshall said.
“You can see how adamant Harold is, that boy is so stubborn”
“Just like you. You can’t get him to do anything during this moment until he’s calm. Who wouldn’t be pissed off at such. Ethan Weston hijacked Carrle from him. You know how many years it took for him to accept it and now this is happening. Everything centred around Ethan again! If only i can get to twist his neck” Mrs Marshall said angrily.

“He didn’t hijacked Carrle, Carrle willingly and greedily left with him and i can vouch Irene won’t do so. Even a blind can see the love between her and Harold” Mr Marshall said.
“I hope he’ll be fine though,he looks pretty hurt” Mrs Marshall said worriedly.
“I thought you wanted to slap some senses into his head” Mr Marshall teased.
“I would never do that” Mrs Marshall said and they laughed.


“Call Tom to get Irene’s luggage ready and take it to her house” Harold said to Alex who nodded and went to carry out the order.

His head ached terribly and it was starting to bleed again because of the way he had yelled.

“And to think i trusted her” Harold said angrily.
How dare she enter his car!
That simply means she had truly called Ethan to inform him of the pregnancy,he hadn’t believed it when Ethan told him but now everything seems true.

He had thought she would never do that .
He thought Ethan was telling lies cause there’s no way Irene would have his contact,not to talk of informing him about the pregnancy.
Ethan always have his way around things,he might have found out through another source but Irene’s making it seems true!

Can he ever recover from the shock that Ethan might be responsible for the pregnancy?
He felt so bad for dropping her off in the rain but he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t hurt her cause he knew the way his hands were shaking while holding the wheel, he’ll end up ramming the car into something.

Irene would have probably never have survived if she was in the car with him.

He wouldn’t deny that he’s pissed with her but he still wanted to see her badly and she had went off with him again!
What the f**k!
He’s just so pissed right now.
Perhaps she knows the baby is not his.

But could she have done such to him.
Knowing what Ethan once made him go through but Alex couldn’t have lied either.
She had indeed gone into Ethan’s car.

Why did everything had to change overnight!
This is so heart sickening.


“I can’t believe you refused to eat just because he didn’t allow you into his ward! What’s wrong with you Irene!” Mrs Neave shouted.
“I’m not ready to eat yet. I’m okay” Irene said, hugging her knees to her chest.
“You were ready to eat before going to the hospital Rene”
“I’m not ready anymore, I’m just gonna throw up if i eat anything. Let me be!” Irene said and Mrs Neave sighed.

“She still doesn’t want to eat?” Damien asked, walking out of his room.
“Irene, you can’t make decisions for yourself alone anymore,you have to consider your baby, it’s probably starving. I’m sure you won’t want the baby to develop unhealthily. Regardless of who owns the baby,it doesn’t deserve to starve Please Irene” Damien said calmly and Irene stared into space.
“Mum, please can you dish out the meal, she’s going to eat it” Damien said.
“Of course” Mrs Neave said and quickly went to.

“You need to stop thinking about Mr Harold,he didn’t let you in because he’s yet to absorb everything,it’s too hard for him. You know what he once went through, you can’t blame him,he’s going to get back to you when he’s calm. If you feel lonely here? I can skip school for some days and spend time with you”
“No, black a$$. I don’t need your company” Irene said and Damien laughed.
“Is my a$$ really black?” He asked with a playful frown.
“Very black” Irene widened her eyes dramatically and they laughed.

“You see Dam, I’m not so worried about him not allowing me into his ward, of course i understand him, I’m just worried about his health and i know Harold had probably dropped me off because he knew his hands couldn’t control the wheel for long anymore, he hadn’t wanted me to get hurt, he still cared about me even when he was blinded with rage” Irene said,close to tears.
“I just wonder how he’s feeling now, i want to see him, i want to know how much damage the accident had caused him. I want to see he’s fine,i want to…” Irene paused with a sigh.
“I understand you Irene. Everything will be fine soon” Damien assured.

Mrs Neave served Irene her lunch and they watched her eat..


They were watching a movie hours later when they heard a knock on the door.
“Come in” Damien said, thinking it was Blaine.
The door opened and Tom walked in.
Irene bursted into tears when she saw her luggage with him.


“Daddy!” Ivory squealed happily jumping into Harold’s arms.
He’s just getting discharged after three days and he had insisted he wanted to go home.
The only person he had allowed into his ward during the past three days was his daughter.
He was so pissed at everyone else.

“Son, how are you?” Mrs Marshall asked.
“I’m fine” He said weakly.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes” Harold replied, Ivory was still in his arms and she was massaging the plaster on his head and looking at him like a curious cat.
She knew he had accident and she do go check him in the hospital every day after school but he had bandage on his head then but now it’s plaster .

“Where’s the bandage.” She asked in confusion.
“It was replaced with plaster” Harold said.
“It’s of no use anymore”
“Are you still in pains?” Ivory asked sadly.
“No” He shook his head.
“You are looking sad,you don’t even smile at me anymore” Ivory complained, burying her head in the crook of his neck.
“I’m sorry princess,I’m so sorry” Harold said.
He couldn’t believe he had allowed the matter get to him to the extent of not smiling at his princess!
“I’m sorry” He kissed her cheeks and she nodded.
She grinned at him and he grinned back at her.
“Let’s go to my room, i have to go freshen up” He said.

She played with his hair as they proceeded to his room.
Mrs Marshall sighed, knowing this is not the best moment to talk to her son.
He’s still looking sad.


Harold met Ivory sobbing on his bed after he walked out of the bathroom.
He felt so relieved, having freshened up.

“Oh my God! What’s wrong?” He rushed to her.
“Irene…i..i miss her. Why did you make her leave? I want to see her, i want to talk to her” She cried .
“Damn!” Harold cursed.
“Just stop crying okay?” He said rubbing her hair.
“I want to talk to her” Ivory cried and Harold knew she won’t stop crying anytime soon if he doesn’t do something.
“Do you want me to call her for you, will you speak to her over the phone?” Harold asked and she nodded eagerly.

He sighed and reached for his phone.
It was badly cracked due to the accident,he’s just so glad it’s still working fine,there are some important files on it that he should have transferred to his laptop and once he does that, he’s going to thrash it. He got a new one already.
He had seen the countless messages and calls from Irene and he was touched.
He almost felt bad but he didn’t allow it get to him, he was still so pissed she had went off with Ethan.
He was still burning with rage.

He clicked on Irene’s contact, his heart hasn’t raced this fast for days now but just seeing her name..gosh.

He placed the phone on his ear and waited for her to pick up.

? Harold” She said and his anger melted instantly.
He couldn’t believe how his heart pounded with love for her,he couldn’t speak for a moment,he only swallowed hard.
He really miss her.

?Are you fine? How are you feeling now? Are you okay? Do you want me to come?” She asked, getting on her feet already.

?I didn’t call to speak to you, Ivory wanted to hear from you” He said and quickly handed his phone to Ivory.
His heart raced fast and he felt like setting his eyes on her.

He couldn’t believe hearing her voice toned him down to this extent.
Why was he angry with her in the first place?
Not like it had been her fault, and why the hell is he acting like Ethan is the father of the baby already.
What if the baby is his?!
How could he have allowed Ethan get to him again! He had gotten away with Carrle and he’s about to with Irene!
No, he’s going to stop it.

He’s going to fight for the baby and not just the baby alone but Irene.
He loves her so much to lose her to Ethan! That son of a b***h.
What has he been thinking all this while! He couldn’t believe he almost submitted to Ethan again!
He hadn’t fought for Carrle but that won’t be the case with Irene.
He can’t live happily without her, he just can’t.
He had known what he went through without her in his life, he didn’t feel alive.

He suddenly feels so sorry for the way he had treated her, he really needs to apologise to her.
He watched as Ivory’s face lit up as she spoke to Irene, Ivory never cried for any of her nanny,she never wanted any of her nanny back but damn! Irene’s different.

He’s not only going to fight for Irene for his sake alone but for Ivory’s too.
She has been looking so dull for the past few days now and seeing her look so happy now filled his heart with joy.

“Ivory, I’m going to get Irene back” Harold said to her after she disconnected the call.
“Thanks Daddy” She flew into his arms and he smiled.

And..ohh,he really needs to apologise to his parents also.

?Next Day?

Irene walked out of the pharmacy in her street.
She had went to get some medications for her Mum,who was down with fever.

She couldn’t believe she had cried in the pharmacy, remembering Harold.
She had been so excited seeing his call yesterday but he only dashed her hope.
Though she was glad to have spoken to Ivory but she really misses Harold.
She’s starting to get pissed at him though.
She sniffed and wiped her tears as she stepped out of the pharmacy.

“Get in the car, I’ll take you home” She heard the voice,she would recognize even in her dream.
She looked up to see Harold, he was looking as handsome as ever even with the huge plaster on his forehead but she was so pissed at him! even though it took all her might not to hug him.
Her heart was reaching out to him and her body too.
But no!
She isn’t going to give in to that.
He had put all the blame on her and even shunned her out of his life, he made her cry and feel bad.

She hissed and tried to walk away.
“Do you really want to walk down the street with your make up smeared all over your face?” He asked with a grin and she badly wanted to kiss him.
“Yes, if the alternative is getting a lift from you!” She said curtly, trying to walk away again and before she could guess his intention,he stooped and snatched her off her feet to carry her across the street.
“Let go of me” She yelled but he ignored her completely.
She started thumping him so hard with her clenched fist.

“You’re a violent little thing, aren’t you? Fight all you want but don’t hurt my baby” He said, stuffing her in the backseat of a waiting limo.



    1. Zee,u impress me,IRENE DEAR,U DON SUFFER,U CNT GET DEFEATED BY D VILLAIN ANYWAYS,D INNOCENT AR ALWAYS D ONES HU LAFF D BEST,i av dz feelin dat bby z ur connectn 2 a new begining wid haroLd

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