A Night With Him � Episode 71


Zeemah writes

Chapter 71


She watched his car till it was out of sight.
She stopped crying then and stared at the umbrella.
She noticed he had added some dollar notes to it…to take a cab home of course.
He hadn’t been so heartless after all.
At least he hadn’t thrown the money at her.

She sneezed, the rain was getting to her.
She just hoped she found a cab soon,she couldn’t even bring herself to use the umbrella.
Harold had left her hands trembling.
This was just a terrible nightmare and she’s gonna keep up with it until someone wakes her up.

She hailed an oncoming cab to a stop.
She got in after mentioning her home address to the cabman.
She hadn’t even noticed how her voice shook.

“Why didn’t you used the umbrella with you? Instead of getting this drenched? The cabman asked her, she didn’t respond and he noticed how far away her eyes looked.
He sighed, wondering what made her look this sad and scared.
She’s drenched and she shivered.

“He left because he was so pissed, he doesn’t want to hurt me right?” Irene asked no one in particular and the driver thought she was going crazy.
“U..uh? Miss?” He asked.
“Maybe i should have stayed there, he was going to drive back to pick me. Can you take me back to where you picked me?” Irene asked the cabman.

“It’s raining pretty heavily and whoever dropped you there isn’t coming back for you. I must say it’s quite irresponsible of him to drop you off in the rain” The cabman said and Irene’s eyes were filled with tears again.
“I understand if you don’t have any money to pay me, you’re probably stranded..” The cabman was saying.
“He left me some money, he’s not so heartless. He’s just pissed for now. He’s going go come back for me” Irene wiped her tears.
The cabman nodded and sighed.
He couldn’t believe she was defending someone who dropped her off in the rain.

Whoever the person is, he’s so lucky to have her.
“We’ve arrived your house miss” The cabman told her.
“Really?” She said, she wasn’t too familiar with the neighborhood and she was so lost in thought,she didn’t even know when the cab came to a stop.

She dropped all the dollar bills Harold left for her and stepped out of the cab.
“You should take care Miss” The cabman shouted after her before driving away.
She walked into the gate,it was still raining pretty heavily,she didn’t cared to use the umbrella as she dragged her feet to the door.
She knocked on the door, hoping Mrs Nola or any bodyguard will be the one to open it for her but Mrs Neave stood there, looking at her stepdaughter in shock.

“Oh..my..goodness!” She exclaimed in shock.
“What happened?” She asked and Irene walked in.
She dropped the umbrella and headed for the couch, her legs were shaking and she was feeling so cold.
Mrs Neave quickly closed the door and hurried after her.

“What happened?” She asked.
“I’m fine” Irene said, dropping on the couch.
“You don’t look fine! How come you’re drenched when you have an umbrella with you? And you’re supposed to be at your workplace” Mrs Neave said.
“I’m pregnant and fired” Irene laughed.
“What!” Mrs Neave exclaimed.

She knows for sure Harold is responsible for the pregnancy since things seems serious between him and Irene..but fired?
Ohh..He might not want her stressing herself.

“I understand all of it but how come you’re looking so dejected? Your eyes are so red and swollen like you’ve cried a lot. Irene what’s wrong?” Mrs Neave asked worriedly.
“Nothing is wrong mummy, it’s just a terrible nightmare that i will wake up from soon” Irene smiled, feeling this can’t be happening for real.
No. It can’t.

“You need to pull off your wears,have a warm bath, I’ll lit the fireplace for you” Mrs Neave said, she untied her apron and dropped it on the couch.
She had been making lunch before Irene knocked.

“Pull my dresses? A warm bath? Hell no” Irene laughed and Mrs Neave wondered if she was drunk.
“I’m going to bed” Irene got on her feet.
“You can’t go to bed in this wet clothes or you’re gonna wake up with a fever” Mrs Neave said.
“No,I’m going to wake up in Harold’s arms” Irene smiled, and walked to her room.


Mrs Neave toweled Irene’s body dry after getting her to take a warm shower.
Irene was ready to go to bed in that wet clothing and Mrs Neave had stopped her and forced her to have a warm bath.
She smiled when she noticed the small tight bump,she’s going to be a grandmother soon but she’s so confused with everything here, Irene is not explaining anything.

Mrs Neave made her put on a thick sweater and blue baggy jeans with socks…she needed everything to feel warm.
“You shouldn’t do this…this is just a dream” Irene ranted while Mrs Neave dried her hair.

Mrs Neave didn’t respond, knowing Irene would be in a better condition when she wakes up.
She put her in bed and draped her blanket over her.

She lit the fireplace in Irene’s room,watched her sleep before finally walking out of her room.
She was so worried, knowing something was wrong.


“Hi Mum” Damien smiled, walking into the kitchen.
“Dam, how are you?” Mrs Neave asked.
“I’m fine, starving” He groaned.
“Lunch is ready, I’m just cleaning the kitchen” Mrs Neave said.
“Thank goodness, i should go freshen up” Damien said.
“Irene is around” Mrs Neave announced and Damien smiled but he wondered why Mrs Neave is looking unhappy.
“She came to say hi to us. She’s in her room right?” He asked.
“She’s pregnant” Mrs Neave said slowly.
“Huh?” Damien asked in surprise.
But he was happy, knowing Mr Harold is responsible, that’ll make Irene finally become his.
“And…fired” Mrs Neave added.
“What!” Damien shouted.


Irene slept for hours and when she finally woke up, she dreaded opening her eyes.
She prayed everything had been a nightmare, she can’t possibly be in her house.
Pregnant and fired?
She sighed and her eyes finally flew open.

Tears rushed to her eyes, seeing this wasn’t her room in Harold’s mansion.
She could see Damien and Mrs Neave staring down at her and she knew everything she had thought to be a nightmare was real.
She was pregnant and she doesn’t even know who the father is between Harold and that monster.
And Harold had dropped her off in the rain and driven off after saying her luggage will be brought to her house.
She’s fired also!

“Why are you crying? Did someone hurt you?” Damien asked.
He was still in his school wears, he had refused to freshen up or eat after Mrs Neave told him Irene came home drenched and sad.

“I..is there really a bump down there?” Irene asked,her voice was low as she pointed to her stomach.
Damien pulled up her sweater and nodded with a smile.
He hasn’t seen anything more beautiful than this.
“A baby?” He asked in a voice almost close to whisper,he was intrigued and it took all his might not to cry.
“It’s not a baby yet” Mrs Neave said.
“Whatever it is, this is beautiful” Damien said and quickly wiped a tear that dropped from his eyes.

Irene sat up and kissed his forehead.
“I love you Irene” He said, hugging her tight,he loosened his grip,not wanting to hurt the tiny baby.

Irene, we’re having a baby! Harold’s words rang in her head and his happy face when he had said that flashed in her eyes.
He had looked like he just discovered a huge box filled with gemstones until she told him about Ethan.

Damien looks so intrigued too,she wondered how he’s going to feel when she tells him about Ethan.

Irene…my heart is broken. My happiness has always been cut short? I deserve to be happy too Harold’s words and sad face filled her mind and she bursted into tears.
He had looked so hurt and helpless.

“Why are you crying? I’m sure Mr Harold doesn’t want you to go through stress,that was why he made you stop your job” Damien said.
“Its not that…” Irene sniffed.
“It’s what?” Damien asked, his heart was breaking at seeing his sister cry. He hates it so much.
“I don’t know who is responsible for the pregnancy… between Harold and..” She paused.
“Ethan” She quickly added before resuming her tears.

“What the hell are you saying Irene!” Damien growled, getting to his feet.
Mrs Neave’s was startled also,she knew Ethan Weston to be a bad person. Damien had told her every single thing about him and the saga with Harold.

“Isn’t Mr Harold the father of the baby? I saw you go into his room that night! Why the f**k are you mentioning that beast name? Are you drunk? What’s going on?” Damien said in a rush, breathing fast.
He couldn’t wait for Irene to say she had made a mistake in mentioning Ethan’s name.

“We didn’t do anything that night, we only had a drink. I haven’t even had sex since i started working as Ivory’s nanny and the last two men i slept with were Harold and Ethan” Irene had to explain.
Mrs Neave’s mouth fell open.
“What? What did you just say?” Damien asked.
“It’s so hard to repeat myself. You heard it Damien” Irene said .
“f**k! f**k! f**k!” Damien yelled, banging Irene’s dressing table and making the things on it fall off.

He had remembered vividly that Ethan indeed slept with Irene and he had even told her how lucky she was with wealthy men.
He had freaking told her that!

“The two men, they didn’t use protection?” Mrs Neave asked and Irene shook her head.
“How could you allow that? You could have gotten infected with a disease or so!” Mrs Neave said.
“They do use protection! Everyone else had used protection except them. Madam Perse told me… Ethan isn’t going to use it and she had made sure he’s free of any disease whatsoever and… he was going to double the money. Same with Harold, i needed the money then and i was on pills so..i didn’t mind” Irene said, staring blankly into space.
She was so tired to continue crying.
Her head was aching and her eyes felt like it’s gonna fall out soon.

Damien cried, knowing Irene had needed the money desperately then,to pay his school fees.
She hadn’t minded because she wanted to pay his school fees.
He felt so bad, knowing he was the cause of this.
Irene would never have agreed to such if she hadn’t needed to pay his fees.
This is just so heart wrenching,

“You used pills? Then you shouldn’t be pregnant” Mrs Neave said.
She was heartbroken too but she couldn’t possibly cry before them when she’s meant to console them.
“I used an antibiotics for an ear infection, it cancelled out the damn pills” Irene said.
“Damn!” Mrs Neave sighed, if she hadn’t been in that position, Irene wouldn’t have ventured into such job,they would have probably made a living together, Irene wouldn’t have had to do everything alone.
She couldn’t secure a better job because she is a school drop out, she had dropped out and allowed Damien continued with his education when things were tough.
And Irene had finally succumb to working for Mrs Perse when they almost died of hunger.

She has been through a lot to go through this again.
She had cared for them,not minding what she has to do to do it.

Mrs Neave wiped her tears,not able to hold it any longer.

“I’m sorry, i wasn’t a good mother” She said to Irene in tears.
“I’m sorry i made you do that Irene,I’m sorry i put you into this condition,I’m so sorry” Damien cried.

“Hey! What the heck is wrong with the both of you? I don’t regret working to care for you both. Mum, you cared for us when you could and Damien,i know you’re going to care for me when you get older and have the capacity to. None of you caused this, do not feel bad. It’s meant to happen and I’ll be terminating the pregnancy anyway” Irene said.
“What!” Mrs Neave exclaimed.
“Why? You shouldn’t do that please” Damien said.
“Harold didn’t take the news so well,he’s so heartbroken. He was once broken by Ethan and it took so long for him to recover from it, going through this again is just too much for him, i can’t bare to see him go through such pain again” Irene said.

“Irene, you are not terminating this pregnancy. Your life is at stake here! And whomever baby it is, deserves to live. ” Mrs Neave said and Damien nodded in agreement. He hates Ethan so much but he isn’t in support of Irene terminating the pregnancy.
“Harold is hurting so much” Irene said .
“What if the baby turns out to be his. You should consider that too.” Mrs Neave said and Irene reasoned along with it.

Here, she’s not so sure whose baby it is.
“What if it actually turns out to be Harold’s?” She said and smiled for the first time.
“He was so happy when the doctor announced i was pregnant and he told me he’s going to marry me” Irene blushed and Damien smiled, seeing her look so happy.
She’s crazily in love with Harold,he wonder why she had refused to date him.

“Im not going to terminate it ” Irene said.
“If it’s Harold’s” She added, looking so determined.
They knew it was better not to argue with her for now.
The thought of Harold being the father of her baby made her face brightened instantly.

“Did Mr Harold fire you?” Damien asked and Irene nodded.
“He left you in the rain?” He asked and Irene hesitated before nodding.
Damien fumed, brushing his hair back with his fingers angrily.
“He left me with an umbrella and dollars bills for cab, I’m to blame for not using the umbrella. I intentionally got drenched” Irene said.

“Whatever! It was so cruel of him to drop you off like that! he must have gone out of his mind, he’s so lucky to have taken advantage of my likeness for him,if it hadn’t been for that,i won’t spare him a bit” Damien said angrily.
“Wow, this is actually the first time you’ll be sparing someone that tries to hurt me” Irene smiled.
“I like Mr Harold, he’s just one of the most kind-hearted person i’ve met. I respect him a lot or i would never spare someone that dropped off my sister in the rain” Damien said.
“Harold isn’t in the best of mood, you should understand he would never do this on a normal day” Irene said.

“I want you to be positive Irene,just have it in mind that Harold is responsible for it and you’ll be fine” Mrs Neave said and Irene nodded.
“I’m sure he’s going to come get you back to his mansion once he’s calm” Damien said.
“Yeah” Irene hoped so but the look that had been on Harold’s face doesn’t assure her that he’s going to come back for her.

“Anyway, i need to introduce my friend to you ” Damien said.
“Ohh… does she stay around?” Irene asked, thinking it’s another female friend.
“His name is Blaine” Damien smiled.
“OMG! Finally”

?Two days later?

Irene checked her phone for the ten thousandth time.


She had sent Harold tons of messages and thousands of call but he never responded.
She had wanted to go to his mansion but Mrs Neave had stopped her.
She was so sad and broken but the thought that Harold might be the father of the baby kept her going.
She can’t even bare to look at her stomach whenever she’s taking her bath.

Damien and his friend had kept her company during the weekend, and they had made her laughed during her sad moments but today is Monday,they had to go to school.

She’s sitting with Mrs Neave in the living room and a movie was playing but Irene wasn’t interested.
She missed Ivory so much.
She thought about her sweet moments with Harold and she was close to tears again.

She hope he’s fine,she knows he’s still gonna come around,she only needs to give him time to absorb everything.

“Mum, once it’s time to make lunch,come get me in my room” Irene said, preparing to stand up.
“Sit Irene, i won’t allow you go in there and start crying. You’ll be here with me” Mrs Neave said.
“But i want to sleep” Irene said.
“Then sleep on the couch, you can place your head on my laps” Mrs Neave said and Irene groaned.


Irene and Mrs Neave were setting the table when Damien arrived from school.

He approached them in the dining room, breathing hard.
“Are you that hungry?” Irene asked.
“Mr Harold has been in coma for two days, he had accident not long after he dropped you off on Friday!” Damien said with a shaky voice.


Irene rushed into the hospital reception and she luckily saw Doc Fern.

“Doctor Fern! How’s Harold?” She asked, panting.
“Slow down, you shouldn’t do things like this. It might hurt the baby”
“How’s Harold!” She half yelled.
“Ohh… Thankfully, Mr Harold got out of coma not quite long ago,just like a miracle” Doc Fern smiled.
“Ahhh” She sighed in relief, resting her body on the counter.
She had been so terrified.
“Can i see him?” She asked.
“Uh..I’ll have to inform him first. I’ll be right back” Doc Fern said and Irene nodded.
She sat on a chair and patiently waited.

Doc Fern approached her few minutes later.
She got to her feet,ready to follow him into Harold’s ward.
“I’m sorry…he doesn’t want to see you” Doc Fern said and Irene stared at him in disbelief.
“He doesn’t want to see me?” She confirmed in a shaky voice and Doc Fern nodded.

She swallowed hard and really tried holding her tears, coupled with another heartbreak.
“Okay..will he be fine?” She asked.
“Of course, he’s recovering rapidly. Thanks for checking on him” Doc Fern said.
“Can i drop my number in case he wants to see me” Irene said hopefully and Doc Fern shook his head.
“He’s going to call you if he wants to see you” Doc Fern said, he bid her bye and walked away.

She stood in the reception for a while before leaving.
Her eyes were filled with tears by the time she walked out.

“Oh..my.. God! Who’s making the mother of my baby cry?” She heard and raised up her head.
There stood Ethan with bodyguards around him like flies.
He stared softly at her stomach before turning to face her.
“How are you Irene?. It’s so nice to meet you again” He grinned.


“Where’s she?” Harold asked Alex .
He had told him to go call Irene back and now he’s returning without her.

“I..i..i saw her getting into Ethan Weston car, they left already” Alex said, grinning inwardly.

“You’re joking right?” Harold asked in disbelief or rather shock.
“No, Mr Harold,i saw them clearly” Alex said.
“Well..good for her” Harold said, looking unconcerned even though he was greatly bothered.
“Darn it! Harold if you lose that lady, i would never forgive you!” Mr Marshall yelled at him.
“If you didn’t had that bandage on your head,i would have slapped some senses into you! Why the hell would you behave this way when it isn’t even confirmed that the baby is that bas***d’s. I’m so disappointed in you” Mrs Marshall shouted at him.

“I want to be alone” Harold said.
“What?” Mr Marshall asked .
“Get out!” Harold yelled at them and they all marched out of his ward.

“That’s not my son” Mrs Marshall cried and Mr Marshall sighed.
He couldn’t believe this too.



  1. Alex! Alex! Alex! If harold get's to catch you redhanded as ethan weston spie, oh! I pitied your pathetic self you will live to ever reject working for ethan weston.

  2. Alex is sick, telling Harold such a thing at that moment. I can't wait for Alex's destruction when Harold gets to find out who he really is
    Next episode plssssssssssssssssss ??

  3. All these happening are making me Emotional ? can't blv felt my tears drop?

    All I pray for now,is for the baby to be Harold's own n Alex, Ethan together with carle to be dealt with ?

    Also make evil no blv the Marshall n Noris Family

    Thanks Zeemah ?

  4. I am so sad for Irene and Harold but I have hope that they will be together again and Alex be exposed by Carrle at least

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