A Night With Him � Episode 70


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 70


He had marked the date he slept with Irene because he wanted to taunt Harold with it and f**k! It’s precisely three months and days.

?Alex..you need to throw that damn poison away! She might be carrying my child!
?Yes, i freaking had her the night before she Harold did, It’s my baby for sure.” Ethan grinned.
?Wow! I overheard she took an antibiotic for an ear infection and it cancelled out the pills.
? Perfect! You need to throw that poison far away, and starting from now, don’t even try to hurt her.
?But Mr Harold had her too” Alex said.
?I’m sure it’s my baby, i know for sure” Ethan said.

?Well..I can use the poison for Mr Harold then” Alex said.
?No, i need to torment him. I finally got the chance to hurt him cause I’m so gonna fight for my baby” Ethan laughed.
?He really loves the damn Irene and taking her away from him would hurt him badly. Good plan boss” Alex smiled.

?I love that lady also, and i had my eyes on her even before Harold. She’s so beautiful and sweet that i told Madam Perse i wanted to have her again but the damn Harold was faster, now,i ain’t giving any chance”
?I’ll fill you in later boss, i need to go now.
?Alright Alex, thanks.

Ethan dropped the call, grinning broadly to himself.

“What’s going on? I heard you saying the poison should be thrown far away” Carrle said, walking out of the bathroom in a robe.
A towel was tied round her wet her too.

“Don’t tell me you’re planning on sparing that slut” She said.
“There’s a great news and this is gonna shatter Harold completely and make him yours”
“Really? I’m all ears” Carrle said eagerly.
“Irene is pregnant”
“What!” Carrle screamed. “Pregnant for who? How can you tell me Irene getting pregnant for Harold is a great news!”
“Chill Carrle, I’m not done yet. The pregnancy might be mine too” Ethan said.
“How? Is everyone going crazy?” Carrle paced the room.
“You know what she does before working as Ivory’s nanny right? Well…i slept with her a night before Harold did and..”
“What are you saying? Sluts use pills. How could she be pregnant?” Carrle asked.
“I was told she took antibiotics for an ear infection after spending nights with your baby’s father and i, so it cancelled out the pill”

“f**k! The baby might not be yours, I’m yet to get pregnant since i got married to you Ethan” Carrle said.
“I know you use pills after our sex Carrle.” Ethan smiled at Carrle’s shocked expression.
“Tons of pregnancy has been terminated for me,I’m fertile” He boasted.
“I..i im sorry Ethan,I’m not just ready to get pregnant again” Carrle said wondering how she had been so dumb to allow Ethan find out.

“It’s fine, I’m not bothered about that. I don’t want a baby also,it’s gonna spoil our fun” Ethan said.
“Exactly! We still gotta have so much fun but why do you want Irene’s baby?” Carrle asked.
“To torment Harold,I’m not so interested in the baby but I’m gonna drag it out with him and probably if the baby turns out to be mine,he’s gonna be shattered and you’re gonna come in from there, with Irene gone from his life, it’ll be so easy for you to go in”
“Oh..my! Thanks so much!” Carrle hugged Ethan happily.
She positioned herself on his legs smiling happily.
“I really hope the baby turns out to be yours” Carrle said.
“I do too,i really hope so and if it doesn’t there’s always a way around everything” Ethan grinned and Carrle smiled knowingly.

“But,you don’t know how old is the pregnancy,what if neither you nor Harold owns the baby, she’s a slut,she sleeps with everyone that’s ready to pay” Carrle scoffed.
“The pregnancy is three months and two weeks and that was so close to the time we had sex and i could remember before Madam Perse handed her to me, she made me know it’s been a month she got laid and urged me to be gentle with her” Ethan explained.
“Ohh…the baby is either for you or Harold then.” Carrle smiled.
“It is mine. I even marked the damn date we had sex in my table calendar”

“Y..you marked it? Did you know she was gonna get pregnant? I don’t seem to get what you’re saying” Carrle said.
“How would i have known she would be pregnant. I wanted to have her one more time and Madam Perse informed me she started working for Harold Marshall already,she started working for him the next day after they spent a night together. I wanted to brag to Harold that i fucked his baby’s nanny already! And i even fucked her before he did. I wanted to taunt him with it and that was why i jestingly marked the date. I’ve even long forgotten about it until after Alex told me how old the pregnancy is”
“Ohh! Thank goodness the date was marked” Carrle said.
“Of course, I’ve been so pissed not to be able to get on Harold’s nerves, it seemed like nothing unnerved him and I’m so damn sure this is gonna unnerve him” Ethan laughed happily.
“You have to make sure to fight for the custody of the damn pregnancy so Harold can make her leave!” Carrle said.

“Trust me to do so, give me Harold contact ASAP, i need to make him know he shouldn’t be so stupid thinking the baby is his alone ” Ethan said.


“Irene..why? Why did you do this to me” Harold asked,close to tears.
He was speaking up after a long silence.
He looked like he just lost something so precious to him,his eyes had turned gloomy and he looked so angry..

“I’m sorry, i..i didn’t even know this is going to happen,i took pills to prevent myself,i…i” Irene was lost for words.
“You never told me you slept with him” Harold said,his voice calm and full of pain.
“I couldn’t have told you that Harold, you’re not on good terms with Ethan. I know you would get pissed” Irene said.
“Why does he keep going after things i cherish?” Harold laughed,a sad laughter that didn’t reach his eyes.

“Why?” He asked again, raking his hands through his hair.
He quickly wiped the tear that rolled down his cheek.
His hands gripped the hospital bedspread.
“Harold,I’m sorry. This might be your baby”
“What if it isn’t? You’ll end up living in his house like Carrle had done and I’ll be all alone with my daughter once more” Harold smiled sadly.
He was so hurt than he could express, he felt like his life was being taken away from him.
“I’m not living in his damn house! I hate him! He’s not the father of my baby!” Irene yelled..
“Ethan is gonna know about this baby soon and come for you. Irene…my heart is broken. My happiness has always been cut short? I deserve to be happy too” Harold finally let out his tears and Irene heart felt like it was stabbed.

“I don’t want this baby,if it’s going to cause you so much pain,i don’t want it. It’s just three months,I’m going to terminate it” Irene said in tears.
“Don’t you dare” Harold said, he wiped his tears.
“I love you Harold,i don’t care about what people are going to say anymore,i want to be your wife,I’m carrying your baby,I’m not gonna do any goddamn test,you own the baby Harold,I’m going to ki*ll Ethan if he dares approach me” Irene said, breathing heavily.

Irene seeing her words didn’t even change his look.
“Let’s terminate this baby Harold, i don’t want it. We’ll have another baby” She said and he shook his head before walking out of the ward.

Someone should just slap her away from this damn sleep.


?Send her home address to me right now” Ethan said to Alex who was standing outside Doc Fern office.
Irene and Harold were in there.
?Okay boss” Alex said and quickly forwarded Irene’s home address to Ethan.
“You’re going to do a test called NIPP. Noninvasive test, it’s the most accurate way to establish paternity during pregnancy, we’re gonna take a blood sample from the alleged father and the mother to conduct a fetal cell analysis. A genetic profile compares the fetal cells present in the mother’s bloodstream to the alleged father’s and the results is always more than ninety-nine percent accurate and thankfully,it can be performed after the eighth week of pregnancy. Your pregnancy is fourteen weeks” Doc Fern explained to Harold and Irene.

She was ready to be discharged but Harold had insisted on hearing what Doc Fern has to say.
He wasn’t even looking at her or talking to her.

“Okay, thank you Fern” Harold said and stood up to leave.
Irene stood up after him.
“You need to limit the tears, any slightest thing can make you have miscarriage because it’s still at an early stage” Doc Fern said to Irene and she didn’t even respond before walking out with Harold.
Her eyes were twice the size it was and they looked so red .

Doc Fern shook his head sadly, he had initially thought Mr Harold owns the baby but it turns out partly wrong, Ethan Weston also, Mr Harold’s sworn enemy. He has never seen Harold look that way.
He looked like he wanted to murder someone.

Mr and Mrs Marshall had come around but he had told them it’s not cancer and had advised them to go home, Harold and Irene wasn’t obviously ready to see anyone then.
He really hoped the baby turns out to be Mr Harold’s.

This same Ethan had robbed him off his first wife! It won’t be so funny if it happens again.


“Catch a cab and go home” Harold threw dollar bills at his bodyguards.
Irene has never seen him do that but she isn’t going to be surprised at anything he does at this moment.
His bodyguards were astonished too but they knew better than to argue with him.

He got into the driver seat of his car and Irene got in beside him .
They were both silent as he drove out of the hospital.
He was driving so rough and fast that Irene panicked.
He didn’t seem to know what he’s doing,he just drove on, bumping into potholes he should have avoided.

He felt like screaming and destroy things,he wanted to cry till he could no longer cry anymore,he wanted to ki*ll the son of a b***h.

“Ha..rold, please slow down” Irene said, rubbing his back.
“Don’t touch me Irene. Please” he said and she withdrew her hand looking so hurt.
“Harold,I’m going to terminate the pregnancy, can you just look act normally, Ethan can’t have me! Like he had Carrle..you know that” Irene said.
He didn’t seem to listen to her words,his expression didn’t change a bit.
It only hardened.

It was starting to drizzle.
Irene was scared at the rate he was driving.
She started crying silently, she couldn’t believe the monster she had turned him into.
Those eyes were monstrous,they could only belong to a monster, those were not Harold’s loving eyes.

He slowed down when his phone started ringing.
He stared at the screen, it was an unknown number. Normally he doesn’t pick unknown numbers but he needed everything to distract him from his thoughts now.

?Hello” Ethan said into the phone and Harold pulled over to a corner of the street.
He knows who it is.
?What do you want?” Harold asked through clenched teeth.
?My baby” Ethan laughed.
Irene didn’t know who it was but she could see Harold’s hands tightening on the wheel,those hands gripped the wheel so hard that she could see his veins pop out.

He doesn’t deserve this, he has gone through a lot to experience this sh*t all over again,she really felt sorry for him and she was really mad at herself.
She’s going to terminate the pregnancy,she knows Harold dreads the thought of the baby not being his.
She isn’t gonna make him go through that pain.

?I must admit the night i spent with her was remarkable, she was incredibly good. Every part of her body was mesmerizing..like wow!” Ethan chuckled.

“Harold..the wheels” Irene said to him but he seemed like he was in another world.
He didn’t say a word but he looked like he was listening keenly to whomever was on the phone.

? I heard you had your share not long after that too, you must be so relaxed and excited at the thought that it’s your baby. No, it’s mine. I’m so sure of that. Though i hadn’t meant to release into her but damn, her moans rendered me helpless”

?You’re not going to say anything?” Ethan laughed.
You should say something, i don’t want to tell you this but i just have to, she informed me about the pregnancy herself,she told me you weren’t in the ward at that moment and made me promise not to tell you. It’s so sad no one wants to be with a weakling like you” Ethan taunted and Harold indeed went weak with what he just heard.

?Well..we need to fix a date for the NIPP test. Which hospital do you suggest we go to and when is it going to be. I’m so eager to claim my wife and my baby. And yes,I’m going to marry her. I’m done using Carrle” Ethan said and Harold disconnected the call.

He’s going to do something he might regret if he keeps listening to Ethan.

“Irene get out of my car” He said slowly.
“Harold what are you saying?” Irene asked, her eyes ache terribly.
“Please, get out. I don’t want to hurt you” He said, looking straight ahead, he hadn’t even turned to look at her.
“Get out!” He yelled, slamming his hand on the wheel.

She unfastened her seatbelt and slowly opened the car door, hoping he’ll tell her to stay back.
“Harold,it’s raining” She said,her gaze was getting blurry with tears.
He grabbed an umbrella from the backseat and handed it to her without a word.
She finally alighted from the car, not even bothering to use the damn umbrella. He slammed the door.

“Your luggage will be brought to your house” He said before driving off.



  1. Harold, don't allow Ethan to make you do something you will later regret, because that's what he planned to achieve. Don't give Ethan chance to win over you again
    Conduct a NIPP test privately before Ethan could bribe his way
    But I have the feeling that the baby is Harold's
    Take heart Irene and be strong, Harold does not mean all that he is doing now, just give him time to get over this,he is coming back for you, all is going to end well
    Thank you Zeemah
    Next please

  2. Like what the f**k, who take such drastic step when test has not been taken to know the real owner of the pregnancy huh?

  3. Oh no! Their love has been so strong prior to this.
    Harold, please don�t do this, although I understand how he feels with the lies he�s being told. Like he can�t trust her at all

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