A Night With Him � Episode 69


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 69


Harold rushed into the hospital and headed for Doc Fern’s office.
He was called Irene went unconscious.

He opened the door and met his parents and Mrs Nola in there.
“How’s she?” He asked Doc Fern immediately.
“She’s asleep for now and the test result is yet to be out. She’ll be fine” Doc Fern said and Harold sighed in relief.
“What really happened?” He asked.
“Ivory came to me to tell me Irene collapsed and i actually noticed she has been looking pale for days now” Mrs Marshall said.
“I told her she needed rest, she seems to be over working herself” Mrs Nola said but Mr Marshall was quiet.

There seems to be something going on in his mind.
He looked more worried than everyone else.

“Can i see her now?” Harold asked.
“No, until she’s awake. Any disturbance now would affect her treatment” Doc Fern said.
“Doctor, could it be cancer?” Mr Marshall suddenly asked.
“Stanley! What the hell are you saying!” Mrs Marshall screamed at him. While Mrs Nola and Harold stared at him in surprise.
“I’m just worried” Mr Marshall said.
“That was an unfortunate choice of words” Mrs Marshall said.
“Irene’s mother and grandmother died of cancer!” Mr Marshall revealed and there was deafening silence.

Harold almost grabbed the chair for support.

“W..whe..when? H..ow d..id you know that?” Mrs Marshall stammered.
“I knew when Irene’s grandmother died, Travis told me then that she died of cancer and i was checking into Irene’s family when i saw her mother died of cancer too” Mr Marshall said.
“Oh..my..God!” Mrs Marshall exclaimed.
Mrs Nola covered her mouth with her palm.
Harold only stared into space, he knew her mother died of cancer but he didn’t know of her grandmother.

“Could i..t be that the cancer is hereditary?” Mrs Marshall asked.
“I don’t think Irene has cancer, she looked like she didn’t have enough rest when she was brought in” Doc Fern said.
“What if she does?” Mrs Marshall asked.
“Then we should hope it’s in the early stage so we can quickly cure it” Doc Fern said.
“I’ll give you any amount, I’ll pay anything. Just make sure she’s fine or I’m going to die with her!” Harold said and he looked like he meant everything he said.

Mrs Marshall panicked knowing Harold can do as he said.
“I still don’t think it’s cancer” Doc Fern was saying when the intercom buzzed.

He received the call..

“Why didn’t you tell me immediately you found out? ” Mrs Marshall queried, facing Mr Marshall.
“I found out not long ago” Mr Marshall said.
“Enough of this talk! She does not have cancer!!” Harold almost yelled at his parents .

He loosened the top button of his shirt and pulled the knot of his grey tie away from his collar.
He looks tired and worried.
He should have stayed with her and made sure she rests when he discovered how pale she was looking.
He should have made her come for check up.

“How’s Ivory?” He asked Mrs Nola.
“Allysia is with her at home” Mrs Nola answered.
“I hope Allysia isn’t gonna call Damien ” Harold said.
“I told her not to” Mrs Nola said.

“There’s a problem” Doc Fern said after dropping the call.
“Wh..at?” Harold asked with a shaky voice.
“The press are outside, i don’t know how they knew Mr Harold is here”
“f**k!” Mrs Marshall cursed, knowing there’s no way they’ll be able to go out there.
“You’ll need to leave through the back door”
“There’s a back door? Thank goodness!” They sighed.

“We should wait till the test result is out” Mrs Marshall said.
“It might not be out today, it’s getting late . Besides,i told them to carry out various tests on her,so it’s gonna take time” Doc Fern said.
“I would be with Irene, you all can leave. It’s getting late and i won’t want Ally and Ivory to be alone. Go home and assure them Irene would be fine” Harold said.

“Call us immediately the test result is out okay?” Mr Marshall said and Harold nodded .
He hated to admit it but he was damn scared for Irene.

“I’ll lead you through the back door” Doc Fern stood up.
“Bye Harold” They said in unison.
“We’ll be here tomorrow morning” Mrs Marshall said and all Harold could do was nod.

He blew out a breath immediately they left.
“Irene please be fine for me” He prayed silently.

Doc Fern walked back in few minutes later.
“They are gone?” Harold asked.
“Yeah,i watched them enter the car” Doc Fern said before sitting on his chair.
“Fernando, talk to me please. What do you think is wrong with her?” Harold asked.
“I didn’t want to say this in front of your parents but i think she’s pregnant” Doc Fern said and Harold stared at him like he was joking.
“I only think..I’m not sure but with my years of experience, my intuition might be right. ” Doc Fern said.

“Pregnant?” Harold furrowed his brows, he’s finding it hard to believe.
“No, we’re not sure about that yet till the result is out so we’re just gonna wait” Doc Fern said.
“But she’ll be fine right?” Harold asked.
“Of course, she will be.” Doc Fern said.

Harold settled on the couch in Doc Fern’s office.
Irene doesn’t look like she’s pregnant.
Nothing had changed in her body.
What if she’s indeed pregnant.
He’s sure he’s the last person she had sex with cause she resumed being ivory’s nanny the next day and they had unprotected sex, she told him she was on pills and..he had released into her and..
What if he isn’t the last person she slept with? He can’t be so sure.

He groaned,his head almost bursting with different thoughts.

“Is the test result seriously gonna be out tomorrow?” Harold asked.
“No, tonight. I didn’t want your parents to stay behind,that was why i said that” Fern said.
“Ohh” Harold sighed.

He couldn’t understand why he’s so scared.
He so much hoped it wasn’t cancer.
That’s gonna shatter him!

“I’m going to attend to other patients” Doc Fern grabbed his coat.
“Alright and you should tell your nurses not to disturb me in here” Harold said.
“Okay” Doc Fern smiled.

“And, my bodyguards… they’re in the reception. You should help me make them feel comfortable” Harold said and Doc Fern nodded.


“Don’t you think i should tell Damien about Irene?” Allysia asked worriedly as they ate breakfast.
She was prepared to go to school with Ivory.
“I don’t think it’s necessary to do so, Irene’s is fine, she only needs bedrest and i don’t think you should bother Damien over that, you know how worried he can be over his sister” Mrs Nola said.
“I’m glad she’s fine, she’ll be back home today right?” Ivory asked and Mrs Nola nodded.

Mr and Mrs Marshall were quiet over breakfast.
They both dreaded calling Harold this morning,they don’t want to confirm their fears of Irene having cancer and they are so worried he is yet to call.

“I’m sure he hasn’t called because the test result is not out yet” Mr Marshall had assured Veronica in their room earlier that morning.
“What if it’s out? But he doesn’t want to call us?”
“He wouldn’t do that, be rest assured” Mr Marshall said but he was damn scared himself.

“God mother are you okay?” Allysia asked noticing how lost Mrs Marshall looked over dinner.
“I’m fine, Ally” Mrs Marshall said.
“Is..is something wrong with Irene?” Allysia suspected.
“No, Irene’s perfectly fine.” Mrs Nola quickly said.
“Yeah” Mrs Marshall agreed.

They ate the rest of their breakfast in silence.

Allysia and Ivory left for school after bidding them bye.

“When are we leaving for the hospital? Harold is yet to call” Mrs Marshall said, greatly worried.
“If he doesn’t call in the next one hour,then we’ll leave for the hospital” Mr Marshall said.


Damien was waiting outside his gate by the time Eric drove there.
He hopped into the car and greeted everyone with smiles.

“Ivory” He dragged her cheeks playfully and she smiled.
“How was your night?” He asked Allysia.
“Great. ” She said and he noticed she looked troubled.
“How’s Blaine?” Ivory asked and Ally’s heart almost skipped a bit hearing his name.
She wished she had seen him this morning though.
“He left for school just now,we were standing outside together” Damien said and smiled, remembering how Blaine had wanted to see Allysia before leaving, but he was running late and had to leave.

“Where’s Alex?” Damien asked.
“He’s in the hospital” Ivory said.
‘damn!’ Allysia swore.
“Hospital? Who’s sick?” Damien asked worriedly.
“Him, Alex is the one sick” Allysia said and Ivory gave her a ‘you’re-a-badass’ look.
“Ohh” Damien sighed.

“By the way,why do you look so troubled? Did you probably wanted to see Blaine this morning?” Damien teased.
“f**k you” Allysia hit him and they laughed.


“Oh..my” Harold yawned loudly..
He realized he was in Doc Fern’s office when his eyes got clear and everything came rushing back to him.
He had been waiting for the test result before he fell asleep

He stood up and the door opened just then.
Doc Fern walked in.
“You’re awake. Good morning” Fern said.
“How’s irene?” Harold asked.
“She’s fine” Doc Fern smiled
“She’s awake, waiting for you”
“Really?” Harold smiled, almost pushing Doc Fern out of the way.

“Hold on, you need to freshen up. Some toiletries have been provided for you in my personal bathroom” Doc Fern said.
“Ohh” Harold said, pulling his shirt already.
“How are my bodyguards? I hope they were comfortable” Harold said.
“Yes, i made sure they were. One of them left to bring you some fresh wears, he’ll be back soon”
“Ohh.. okay” Harold said, he hurried into the bathroom. He couldn’t wait to see Irene.
He had even forgotten to ask for the test result.


?She just collapsed…” Alex said to Ethan over the phone.
He was driving back to the hospital after picking Harold’s wears.

?Really? Are you sure you’ve not used the poison?” Ethan asked.
?I didn’t,i planned to put it in her drink after she’s done caring for Ivory but she fainted.
?Woah… how’s she now?”
?She’s awake already and fine”

?You have no idea what happened to her?” Ethan asked.
?Not really but i overhead Mr Marshall say Irene’s grandmother and mother died of cancer, it might be hereditary”
?Wow! If she has cancer, we don’t have to use the poison again” Ethan grinned.
? Yeah but the test result is yet to be announced, i need to rush to the hospital so i won’t miss it” Alex said.

?Alright and do not forget to plant the tape recorder in his car” Ethan said.
?I’m going to do that after dropping this call”

Alex parked Harold’s car and quickly planted a tape recorder in it.

He smiled before zooming off.


“Irene” Harold rushed to pull her into a hug immediately he walked into her ward.
She smiled and hugged him back tightly.

“I told you to rest, why didn’t you?” Harold asked.
“I’m fine now” Irene said.
“Are you sure?” Harold asked and she nodded.
The hospital wear didn’t even made her look less beautiful.
He kissed her cheeks…”I was scared. Everyone was”
“I’m sorry i made everyone worried” Irene said.
“Did Doc Fern say anything is wrong with me? I just need bed rest right?” She asked and Harold’s smile faded slowly.

He’s yet to receive the test result but he really hoped it’s not cancer.

“The result is not out yet..” Harold was saying when Doc Fern walked into the ward.
“The result is out” Doc Fern said and Harold’s heart skipped a beat.
Alex stood by the door, stylishly placing his ear on the door.
“It’s not cancer” Doc Fern said and Harold couldn’t explain how relieved he felt.

“Thank goodness!” He almost screamed.
He hugged Irene tightly and she looked confused.

“Cancer?” She asked,confused.
“Err..you know your grandmother and mother died of cancer so..”
“You thought it might be hereditary?” Irene completed and Harold nodded.
“It’s not, my grandmother and mum was just unlucky” Irene said.

“There’s no trace of cancer in Irene’s body system but we discovered something else” Doc Fern smiled.
“What?” Harold asked.
“Irene is fourteen weeks pregnant” Doc Fern announced.
“You must be joking” Irene laughed.
“I’m not” Doc Fern said.
“Sorry to say but you must be crazy” Irene said, breathing heavily.
“Iren…” Harold was saying.
“That’s not my test result! You must be mistaken!!” She screamed.
Doc Fern was a bit shaken by her behavior.

“Irene Noris, I’m not mistaken. This is your test result. You’re fourteen weeks pregnant. Why are you being like this, you’re not too young” Doc Fern said and Irene refused to believe him but..
Doc Fern is damn serious!

Fourteen weeks?
Exactly three months and two weeks.

“No! I take contraceptive pills after sex!” Irene yelled.
“Did you checked the expiry date of the pills the last time you used it?” Doc Fern asked.
“No, i didn’t. I..i took an antibiotic for an ear infection, could it have cancelled out my pills?” Irene said and tears filled her eyes when realisation dawned on her.
“It did!” Doc Fern confirmed.
“No! There a mistake somewhere,i still see my menstrual period” Irene said desperately hoping she wasn’t pregnant.
“That’s completely normal, it happens.” Doc Fern said and Irene knew that was true.
“My stomach…it’s still damn flat. No baby is in here!” Irene pulled the hospital gown, revealing her stomach.
Harold looked at it closely and noticed a very small bump.
“Irene look…a baby is in there” He smiled and Irene looked closely at it too.

How couldn’t she have noticed…

“No, it was probably something i ate” She cried.
“I’m not pregnant Doc Fern, i never had morning sickness,i didn’t even threw up for once, no symptoms at all. You need to do the test again” Irene said.
“The test was done twice and Irene, women have different symptoms, some doesn’t even feel anything at all, your baby bump is yet to be obvious because the pregnancy is just three months and two weeks and i think you have a flat stomach right from the start. Even if your pregnancy clocks nine months,the bump is gonna look like a five month’s” Doc Fern explained.

“Wait…is that why..my breasts are fuller?” Irene asked.
“Exactly!” Doc Fern said.
“Oh..no” Irene cried, she’s indeed pregnant.

“Irene,we had sex three months ago right?” Harold asked and she nodded.
“I’ll leave now” Doc Fern walked out of the room.
“I..was the last person you had sex with right?” Harold asked and she nodded again.

“Irene we’re having a baby!” Harold screamed in excitement and she was touched deeply.

Tears filled her eyes as she remembered she had sex with Ethan Weston a night before sleeping with Harold and she took an antibiotic for an ear infection before sleeping with Ethan’s also.
That simply means the pills had been ineffective before her sex with Ethan and Harold.
Her heart almost shattered at the thought that Ethan might be responsible for the pregnancy.

“Irene, com’on I’m ready to accept the baby. I’ll gladly accept it. I love you Irene and be rest assured, im going to marry you before you give birth” Harold smiled and kissed her fully on the lips.
“Harold..i don’t want the baby” she bursted into tears.
“What! Why? Don’t you love me? Ivory would be happy about it and my parents too. You know how much my dad likes you, I’m going to take care of everything sweetheart.” Harold assured.

“No,it’s not that” Irene wiped her tears.
“It’s what? Wait…did you sleep with someone else before the night we were together?” Harold asked and he sighed when Irene went quiet.

“I didn’t sleep with anyone a month before i met you and..” Irene was saying.
“Then the baby is mine” Harold said.
“I slept with Ethan Weston the night before i..i slept with you and i used the antibiotics before sleeping with him also. I’m so sorry Harold” Irene bursted into fresh tears while Harold looked as though he has been struck by lightning.


? She’s pregnant!?” Ethan asked.
?Yes boss, three months and two weeks. I think Mr Harold had something with her exactly three months and two weeks ago..looks like he’s responsible for the pregnancy .
?Wow! Wait..did you just said three months and…” Ethan flipped the pages of his table calendar and there it is!

He had marked the date he slept with Irene because he wanted to taunt Harold with it and f**k! It’s precisely three months and two weeks ago.




  1. This is not a good news at all. I was happy thinking the baby is Harold's. Now Ethan has another reason to disturb Harold. They should just go for DNA, and the result must be in Harold's favour oo
    Just calm down Irene, you won't be disgraced
    Please Zeemah ????, give us 2 episodes par day, plssssssssssssssssss
    Next please

  2. I'm not happy at all if the baby is for ethan weston and not harold then i pray irene have a miscarriage to keep ethan weston plan shattered.

  3. Everything go just spoil if the baby is Ethan's.

    Hmmmmm Wahala dey ooo???
    Irene and Harold must really be in pain.
    Omoooo authoress you have the power to change the story for better

    Thanks for this episode authoress ???

  4. I think this is one of the best online stories I have ever read if not the best.
    Please next episode oh, this is not good at all but we have been winning from the on start and we are gonna win this one too.????

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