Partial Obedience – Episode three

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Episode 3

The Adigwes were still laughing and chatting over what transpired between Juliet and Samson, when they heard a sudden knock on the door, junior was the first to jerk up running to meet his mother out of fear, when they heard the knock the second time.

Who could that be, they were not expecting anyone that night, it’s was already 10:00pm. They were all scared to get up and open the door, staring at one another to see who will make the first move.

Samson, being the man of the house decided to be bold and check on the door.

“Everyone should keep quiet, let me check on the door and see who that could be” Samson said

“Haa, Bro. Samson, hope it’s not a ghost” junior whispered, already panicking

“Shuhh, quiet”

“Samson, please be careful” Juliet warned him

On getting to the door, Samson opened it slightly, which made it give a squeaky sound. He sighted Maria and gasp, releasing the breath he was holding.

“Maria, what are you doing here, what happened, anyway come inside first” giving way for her to enter before shutting the door

The family all stood up on seeing Maria, they knew what had happened already on seeing her expression and the scars on her body, with her swollen and red eyes. Eliza quickly went and hugged her, offering her a seat.

“My dear, it’s okay. I know that your stepmother is at it again, no need for explanations, okay, have you eaten? Eliza, get your friend some food “Juliet said, even before Maria could reply

“Okay ma, Maria I’m coming” Eliza said, dashing into the house to get the little food remaining in the pot.

“But why will Mama Nneka be so cruel to do this to you ehh, even if you do something bad, that does not mean that she will treat you this way.

 And your father is not doing anything about it, she has used her charms on him, turning him into a drunkard” Juliet said

“Thank you very much ma, for accepting me into your house again, I hope I have not been a burden with my problems” Maria said with croaky voice

“Not at all dear, but thank God that you are here , well I will like to discuss something with you, take this food and manage it with us, it is not much again” she collected the food and gave it to Maria, while Eliza dropped a cup of water beside her

Samson and junior who have been watching the scene later retire to their room, after biding the trio goodnight.

Maria later finished her food, took her bath in their little bathroom and change into one of Eliza’s clothes, because her clothes was already torn while she was being flogged. She retired to the table to hear what Juliet has to say to them.

“Thank you very much ma for the hospitality, I’m through already” Maria send

“You are welcome my dear”

“I actually did not want to tell you about this Maria, but after seeing your condition this night I think I have to say it while you are here. I have been thinking of something lately and I think it’s high time I tell you Eliza, but I want you friend to also be present, she might be interested.”

“I want to send you to the city” she dropped the bomb shell

“Haargh mother, the city? But why, I don’t know anyone or anywhere there, why do you think the city is the best place I should go” Eliza inquired

“Hmmm, Eliza, you won’t understand. But I think it’s time for you to leave this village and go out, the both of you have your SSCE certificate, although I will like to send you to study further but , as you can see, we are still struggling to feed how will I afford the fee for higher institution”

“Going to the city might open the door of opportunity for you, but you also have to struggle, remember that you have younger ones to take care of”

“But mother, who will I stay with over there, I can’t just go and be roaming the street like a beggar” Eliza chipped in

“I know, I have a friend actually who reside there in the city, I saw her the day I went to my hometown. She promised to take good care of you and get you a petty job to do, after I narrated our plight to her.

She is a good woman, and she will take you as her daughter, because she is actually childless

“Hmmm, okay mother, if you say so, then I have no choice, but want about Maria”

“I am coming to that, Maria, as you have listened to my story, will you also be interested in going, at least you will be free from your Stepmother wrath” she asked staring at Maria for a reply

“Ma, I will go, if it’s just to be free and apart from that I need to find my mother, I have a strong feeling that she is in the city, I know that” Maria replied

“Ok, no problem I will give you girls other details tomorrow, it’s late now. You girls should go to sleep” she stood up biding the girls good night.


On getting to Eliza’s room, she sets the bed for the both of them, smiling to herself

“Why are you smiling” Maria asked

“I’m just happy” Eliza squealed

“Happy for what? That we are leaving for the city in few days, or what?”

“Well, okay I’m happy because you are gonna sleep with me this night, like seriously I was scared of sleeping alone” she whispered, trying not to raise her voice

“Is it because of the trance you saw the other time, is your grandma ghost really tormenting you”

Eliza already explained the trance to her friend some days ago

“It’s not like it’s tormenting me, I have been dreaming bad dreams lately, and I don’t know what to do”

“Why didn’t you tell your mother about it” Maria said, rolling her eyes, she might have a solution

“I can’t, although I wanted to tell her this evening, but I noticed that anytime I want to make the move, something will distract that moment and I won’t be able to tell her, I have a feeling she knows about it”

“I don’t want any more problem, the city is the best place to run away from all this misery, it’s has been your dream to become rich, perhaps to  be a celebrity, I pray this priestess job of a thing won’t prevent that” Maria muttered

“God forbid, it won’t work, I will try to tell my mother about it before we embark on the journey


“Sleep well”





They are about going on  a journey, do you think she is doing the right thing?

One word for Mama Nkechi.


This is actually my first story, i just wanted to share it with us. It might not have the vibes of the last story, but trust me when i say that it has a very interesting story line. Do your best by commenting on each Epiosde and invite your friends to read the story too…Thanks


Love y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. With the ghost of her grandma disturbing her everytime,it will be hard because the woman's spirit is not ready to leave her any time soon, except on God's interventions
    Next please

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